Monday, December 12 of 2016

Daily messages

I Am The Virginal Chalice

I am the Sacred Virginal Chalice that holds within itself the redeeming and divine codes of the Most Precious Son.

I am the Chalice that pours out all the Graces on the souls that open to receive within themselves the Mysteries of God.

I am the Chalice that holds within itself the essence of the Divine Life of Christ.

I am that Sacred Chalice that with Its Immaculate Spirit, attracts all the Laws of the Mercy of God, so that souls may find their liberation and their peace in these times.

I am the Sacred Chalice that carries in the Universe the principles of the new life and of redemption.

I am She Who brings in Her Virginal Chalice the Most Pure Love of God so that souls may recognize It by means of My presence in the world.

I am the Sacred Chalice of humility that travels throughout the nations carrying to all spirits the most precious experience of Christ on Earth.

I give to drink to as many as cry out for pity, and I pour out on souls the gifts of rehabilitation.

From the beginning of everything I am that Sacred Chalice that gestates spiritual and non-material life.

Through My pure womb I create the redeeming spirit in each heart that opens every day to come to know My maternal love.

I am the Sacred Chalice of the Ark of the Holy Covenant.

I am the instrument that clothes the Precious Son with all glory, love, and divinity.

I am the Chalice that protects and holds the precious codes attained by Christ, and I am the Chalice that pours them out over the planetary consciousness.

In that Sacred Chalice are kept the most important memories of the redemption experienced by humanity.

I am the Divine Chalice that, by means of the Divine Blood of Christ, refracts the subtle Mirror of Redemption for the world, in order that souls may awaken to their moment of redemption.

I am the Sacred Chalice that gestates rehabilitation in the consciousness, opening the doors to the Compassion of the Father.

I am that sacred instrument of God that day by day pours out the Graces of the Universe into all hearts of the Earth.

I am that Sacred Chalice that holds the essence of forgiveness for the creatures that need to live inner peace.

Today your Heavenly Mother presents Herself as the Virginal Sacred Chalice, so that souls may drink of the Fount of My Graces, for the purpose of alleviating hearts and of resurrecting the spiritual life of consciousnesses.

Thus, dear children, the Mother of the Almighty will accompany you today from the Marian Center of Figueira, so that souls may feel that I Am Omnipresent and Omniscient on the whole planet; that I only seek unity among the peoples and the nations so that love may triumph, and that evil may be defeated by peace.

Dear children, on this day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, your Mother blesses all of Mexico and all of its people, with the mission that sincere hearts embrace the Grace that they will receive today.

The Sanctuary of Guadalupe is today clothed in the presence of Heaven, and in the essence of each soul leaves the experiencing of divine communion with Christ, your Lord.

May the humble smile of the Mother of God and of the always Virgin Mary, Mother of Guadalupe and Lady of the peoples, be today reflect on all faces.

May all the nations of the Americas today feel united under the light of the Servant and Slave of God.

May peace be established in each human heart now and forever. Amen

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who unifies you and consecrates you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace