In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

It is in the silence of My Heart where I can listen to your prayers.

It is in this moment, in which all My children are in My Heart, not only because of the situation of the planet and that of humanity, but because it is now time for the preparation of the return of My Son, the Christ.

I come to meet you with a Message of peace, healing and reconciliation. The world has not yet understood the Message of the Heavens.

Tirelessly, I come to My children to take them towards the Peace of My Son, towards the spiritual communion with God. In this exercise, the souls will be renewed and will find the internal strength to go forward.

Even though I am withdrawing in this time, My children, My Presence will not be erased from your hearts and lives.

You must watch, within you, every moment shared with Me, every opportunity in which I have taught you about love and forgiveness.

I always want to take you to this path, so that love and forgiveness may unite hearts, reconcile lives and bring peace. 

Behind Me on this day, I bring the Universe, that Universe which you must aspire to find within yourselves: the Universe of the Love of God, a Love that always renews itself, a Love that never dies, a Love that is immortal.

It is this Love of the Universe of God that brought My Son to Earth, from His Birth until His Ascension, while passing through His painful and difficult Passion.

It is in this triumphant Love, My children, that I want to see you, a Love that always says yes, a Love that is unconditional and alive and that understands and comprehends the Plan of God.

His Work manifests one of so many aspects of the Love of God, this is why it is alive and never dies.  It is a Work that will always give an impulse to renovation, to the change of consciousness and to peace: in this way, many more hearts will be healed. And, in spite of not being here, even at a distance you will feel the strength and the power of this Love which My Son, Christ, brings to you, by means of His Presence and His Sacraments 

Today, in a special and loving manner, I am anointing you with My Light, so that you may place your miseries and imperfections at My Feet, and so that, within you, there may remain only the truth of the Love of God, all that He has conceived within you since the beginning up to the present.

Today, I share with My children the beauty of the Love of God through creation and through nature. Thus, renew yourselves and, at this moment, find the opportunity to receive My Grace.

Today, I dedicate these words, in this way, because I have found a special place, a special reception that I have always felt and recognized.

Thus, I continue inviting you to live in My simplicity and humility, knowing that the challenge in this time will be greater than it has been before, but in the Silence of My Heart and My life, I will be here with you so that in prayer you may keep on strengthening yourselves and fulfilling the Plan of God.

My first aspiration is that the triumph of My Immaculate Heart be in your lives to then be in the lives of your brothers and sisters. 

Continue to aspire for this moment in which the victory of the Love of the Mother of God will be concretized with the redemption of all souls.

Be a testimony of My Message, of My Word and, above all, of My unconditional Love that will always nurture you and lead you to live the Will of the Father, just as His Servant had lived It in the past.

Today, I not only consecrate this image of the Virgin of Guadalupe which is at the foot of this sacred tree, the jacaranda, but I also consecrate this monastery, which will promote and welcome My call in the Community of the Virgin Mary.

Thus, this Marian Center, despite these difficult times, will be able to shine with all the Light that God has deposited within it by means of His Grace.

This must be the Community of the heart, of the heart that feels, of the heart that recognizes, the heart that serves, the unconditional heart, of the heart that proclaims peace and tirelessly lives it.

In this way, in the Community of Mary, everyone will be able to be in My Heart, not only those who live here, but also those who are not here. My Heart is the maternal home to all My children. I have a special place for each one of them. 

My Heart is what I can offer and grant to you, it is the testimony that God is here, by means of His faithful, tireless and eternal Servant. 

Divine Father who art in Heaven and on Earth, who lives and perpetuates Yourself in the hearts of Your children, grant My children, those who are here today, the Grace and the strength of carrying forward this task, which will be filled by My Love so that, each day, they may all feel more like worthy children of God and of Mine, children of My Immaculate Heart, children of life, of redemption.

May Your Light, beloved father, make Itself present at this moment, and may Your Peace embrace hearts so that they may feel to be in the refuge of Your Love forever. Amen.

With simplicity and austerity, I thank you for responding to My call.

I Would like a humble chapel of prayer here, in this location, where the Virgin of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima can silently work for Her children of the Community of Mary and of all the Communities so that, through this chapel, the energy and the principle of consecration may be alive in the hearts that offer to surrender to God. 

By means of this humble chapel of prayer, I will sanctify the disciples of My Son. It will be a chapel of thanksgiving of this Order to the Mother of God and on behalf of all the religious orders of the world.

My Heart will always lead you to God.

I thank you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen


Here, in the Presence of My Son, this Pilgrimage for Peace is coming to an end, which has left Graces, treasures, and spiritual fruits in the most simple consciousnesses of the world.

So that all of this spiritual impulse may have continuity in the nations of Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, the Children of Mary must continue to work so that the Work of the Mother of God reach more hearts, promoting meetings of prayer, of service, and of union with the Kingdoms of Nature.

If this is maintained and continues to move forward in the loving and unconditional company of the members of the Light-Network, more conditions will be generated, in a next stage of the Pilgrimage, for the Work in this part of the world to be mature and to embrace more children, as God expects.

Through the visit of the Pilgrimage Virgin to the homes, hospitals, homes for the elderly, and institutions for minors, as well as jails, your Heavenly Mother will be able to be instilling Graces of conversion and of love in more hearts.

Ecuador will be the heart of this task, so it therefore must have arms fully open in order to disseminate the Work in the other nations.

For this, I come to ask for unity among the nations, in order to conceive in these peoples the sacred values of faith and of a commitment to the Plan of God.

I am grateful for all that has happened and I hope that all of My children accompany Me to establish the triumph of My Immaculate Heart in the Americas.

I thank you for having received Me!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I Am The Virginal Chalice

I am the Sacred Virginal Chalice that holds within itself the redeeming and divine codes of the Most Precious Son.

I am the Chalice that pours out all the Graces on the souls that open to receive within themselves the Mysteries of God.

I am the Chalice that holds within itself the essence of the Divine Life of Christ.

I am that Sacred Chalice that with Its Immaculate Spirit, attracts all the Laws of the Mercy of God, so that souls may find their liberation and their peace in these times.

I am the Sacred Chalice that carries in the Universe the principles of the new life and of redemption.

I am She Who brings in Her Virginal Chalice the Most Pure Love of God so that souls may recognize It by means of My presence in the world.

I am the Sacred Chalice of humility that travels throughout the nations carrying to all spirits the most precious experience of Christ on Earth.

I give to drink to as many as cry out for pity, and I pour out on souls the gifts of rehabilitation.

From the beginning of everything I am that Sacred Chalice that gestates spiritual and non-material life.

Through My pure womb I create the redeeming spirit in each heart that opens every day to come to know My maternal love.

I am the Sacred Chalice of the Ark of the Holy Covenant.

I am the instrument that clothes the Precious Son with all glory, love, and divinity.

I am the Chalice that protects and holds the precious codes attained by Christ, and I am the Chalice that pours them out over the planetary consciousness.

In that Sacred Chalice are kept the most important memories of the redemption experienced by humanity.

I am the Divine Chalice that, by means of the Divine Blood of Christ, refracts the subtle Mirror of Redemption for the world, in order that souls may awaken to their moment of redemption.

I am the Sacred Chalice that gestates rehabilitation in the consciousness, opening the doors to the Compassion of the Father.

I am that sacred instrument of God that day by day pours out the Graces of the Universe into all hearts of the Earth.

I am that Sacred Chalice that holds the essence of forgiveness for the creatures that need to live inner peace.

Today your Heavenly Mother presents Herself as the Virginal Sacred Chalice, so that souls may drink of the Fount of My Graces, for the purpose of alleviating hearts and of resurrecting the spiritual life of consciousnesses.

Thus, dear children, the Mother of the Almighty will accompany you today from the Marian Center of Figueira, so that souls may feel that I Am Omnipresent and Omniscient on the whole planet; that I only seek unity among the peoples and the nations so that love may triumph, and that evil may be defeated by peace.

Dear children, on this day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, your Mother blesses all of Mexico and all of its people, with the mission that sincere hearts embrace the Grace that they will receive today.

The Sanctuary of Guadalupe is today clothed in the presence of Heaven, and in the essence of each soul leaves the experiencing of divine communion with Christ, your Lord.

May the humble smile of the Mother of God and of the always Virgin Mary, Mother of Guadalupe and Lady of the peoples, be today reflect on all faces.

May all the nations of the Americas today feel united under the light of the Servant and Slave of God.

May peace be established in each human heart now and forever. Amen

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who unifies you and consecrates you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Today I present Myself before your hearts as the Mother of Guadalupe and Mother of all your Aztec spirits.

I come on this day to Mexico to bless it again and to remind you about your essential purity, because in spite of all you have experienced over the centuries, that purity has not yet been dissipated by My enemy.

By opening your hearts to Mine, My children, I wish you to feel that in this moment your nation must be protected from the influences of other nations.

With this I want to tell you that, for your hearts and lives to be protected from all things, you must keep alive the devotion and the love that characterize you as a nation and as a people.

In the simplicity of your heart, I wanted all of you to recover the values of faith and of purity, so that all the descendants of the Aztecs who live today in Mexico may be able to express the inner love that you achieved in times past.

It is through the spiritual union that your original peoples had with the Universe that the key is to be found which will open the new doors to the future, and where all of your souls will recover the sense of being present and collaborating in this planetary cycle.

I have come as Guadalupe to unite what the white man was decimating in the indigenous consciousness.

For this reason, children, today is the day in which your Aztec consciousnesses, in the name of that incalculable love that you have built inside of yourselves as a people, must forgive the consciousness of the Europeans for having destroyed an entire millenary culture.

In you, My children of Mexico, is the potential for being able to live and express the Mercy of God.

It is in this way that your Mother of Guadalupe, surrounded by all the stars of the Universe, returns to your nation to establish this definite act of forgiveness and of reconciliation as an important moment for liberating all of the past.

Your devotion to the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe has generated an intimate and beautiful filiation of all your people in the Mexican nation with the Mother of God.

Because of this, My children, thanks to the Celestial Father and to all of My children that have collaborated so that this sacred mission could be fulfilled, I was able to return today to your land to fill it again with the codes of love and of pity.

Through this special Vigil of Prayer for Peace in the nations that most suffer from chaos, may your hearts be exalted with the joy and delight of participating in the spiritual triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you from Mount Tepeyac,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of Mexico


To all the choirs present in the Meeting of Music for the Healing and Upliftment of Humanity:

My dear children present at the Marian Center of Figueira,

Today, with all the light and love that flows out from your hearts from the singing, I wish to ask that, under a spirit of humility and simplicity, you offer this meeting for the divine cause of making the Love of God triumph in humanity.

For this, My children, your Heavenly Mother will today accompany you from Mexico through the sacred face of the Virgin of Guadalupe, and, with all My angels, from this side of the planet, I will wait for that moment in which your voices will start to sing and to proclaim peace for the world and the healing of hearts.

In this offering of today, dear singers of My Heart, I want you to lovingly dedicate this meeting to the whole serious situation that your planet is facing, especially for what My children of Central America are suffering, who are going through the climatic effects and the intense movement of the elements of nature.

For this sacred mission that you Heavenly Mother has been carrying out, I ask you, dear singers of God, that you keep yourselves united to the great angels of the different regions of the planet, especially the angels of Central America, so that through the supplications of your voices, they may calm the furor of nature.

It is in this way, dear children, that the whole of humanity and the part of it most asleep are facing the first and acute steps of the purification of the planet.

Through your artistic offering to God, beloved children, we will be able to open the doors to Grace, so that it may be poured out again through My Immaculate Heart in all the spaces and in the consciousnesses of the planet that are not yet prepared to live the last cycle of the transition.

From the Sanctuary of Guadalupe in Mexico, at the top of mount Tepeyac, your Heavenly Mother will wait for the musical and instrumental pieces that will be offered today in a heartfelt way by each one of you, so that in this way, a little more peace is established in the consciousness of humanity that has never experienced a final transition.

As from now, I thank all those who pray for accompanying your Divine Mother on this mission through Central America and Mexico.

It is thus that I still invite you to keep collaborating with the work that the Divine Messengers will continue to expand through other places of the world.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who sings with the voice of the Heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

The reason for expanding this sacred mission throughout the world is to embrace and meet the spiritual needs that some nations are experiencing in these times; humanitarian and social situations that must maintain balance so that peace not be lost.

It is in this way that My intention of reaching the United States, even if just one state, is an ardent and divine aspiration because, there, many children live there deep sleep of these times, and, most of all, they do not find the real God, but rather the god of material life and of modernity.

Through this pilgrimage that we have carried out up to now, dear children, I wish with all My Heart and Soul that the United States may not lose the little spirituality that it has left.

It is for this purpose that, through the Lady of Guadalupe, I will enter with all My legions of angels into the United States so that the most important spiritual part of this country, which is the region of Mount Shasta, may not be erased from the mental or spiritual consciousness of the North Americans.

On another occasion, and through other apparitions, I announced Myself in New York to warn the North American people that if they did not change, their destiny would be one of unhappiness.

Today, with all the fruits achieved through the love of the Central Americans, your Heavenly Mother, in this inexplicable spiritual respite, will enter the State of California, specifically the city of San Francisco so that from there a social and human collapse may be avoided.

 It will be from San Francisco where Our Sacred Hearts will finish this sacred mission and from where everything will be fulfilled.

As from now, and in confidence, I will thank all the pilgrims of the world that will allow Me to reach the United States through their prayers and donations.

In this way, the borders between the nations and the peoples will not be closed, and, at least among the simplest children of North America, bridges will exist that will unite that which the surface humankind wants to separate.

As of now, I thank you for accompanying Me.

Who blesses you on this mission,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Mexico City, Mexico, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear and beloved children of Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and the United States:

In the name of Peace, today Our Sacred Hearts descend, opening the door of the hearts that were once closed to Our pure Love.

That is how, dear children, your Celestial Mother, Guadalupana, presents Herself again here in Mexico, to remind you of your spiritual filiation with God, and, especially, with all the redemptive Work of My Son.

Today, I wish that your hearts may shine before My maternal Light, which guides you in silence, every day, towards the Purpose of God.

This is why, finally, My children, I am among you to bring to this nation the light of My Grace and My Love.

Dear children, today your Celestial Mother descended from Tepeyac, to bring to humanity the reminder that it must reincarnate the purity of heart so that the "powerful" nations of the world do not provoke the Wrath of God.

Wanting to bring Peace to the world, I invite you, My beloved children, to persevere in Christ, in this way you will collaborate so that nothing becomes lost, not even the nations that compromise themselves every day with the forces of evil and chaos.

But before the time of the great purification is fulfilled, we come to open the doors of your hearts so that many more souls may enter the mystery of the Love of God through purity, service and charity, for the suffering planet.

Dear children, your Celestial Mother approaches your human reality so that you, in faith, may again find the purity that you experienced in other times, and radiated to the Kingdoms of Nature and to the whole universe.

This is how, My children, through experiencing your original purity, the Eternal Father and all His angels will have permission for many things, which are already lost in the abysses of humanity and of the consciousness, to be rescued.

I again come to Mexico to consecrate it once more to My maternal Immaculate Heart, for, in this way, I will be able to reach, through your hearts, the most chaotic situations that this beloved planet experiences.

Today, I bring you an impulse to the consciousness, for you to accept the Call of God that resonates for this final time throughout all of humanity.

Beyond yourselves, spread the holy Word of the Hierarchy, for those most asleep and distracted, to be touched by My maternal Love.

I thank you for being the proclaimers of the Message from Heaven.

I thank you, children of Mexico, because you opened your arms to receive us in simplicity and love.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who loves you eternally,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


With the trust deserved by God, dear children, today I bring you to Mexico the Divine Compassion so that It will touch the hearts of the most in need of inner healing and peace.

Opening the doors to the Love of God, I place each one of your little hearts in the Source of Unity so that you and the world will strengthen yourselves in it and in this way the world indifference will end soon.

It is therefore that as your Mother of Guadalupe I bring you today the Primordial Source for you to recognize it as a filiation within you.

Dear children, with the joy that brings Me here today to Mexico City, I show you how it is possible in spite of everything to fulfill the Will of God, and thus establish the principle of peace that does not exist in many hearts.

By showing you all My Immaculate Heart, today I leave you the possibility to be reborn every day in God and thus live in His Love so that your faith will be unwavering.

My children, I give you thanks for all the efforts performed and I ask you to trust in My Holy Spirit because It will always be for you the source of manifestation of the Work of the Highest.

I thank you all for following Me in this sacred mission.

Who blesses you under the Spirit of Peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from Managua, Nicaragua, to Mexico City, Mexico, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Feel the trust, for in My Heart all will always be well, because it is the Will of the Eternal Father.

On this day, My Divine Consciousness rests over Mexico so that it may once again be blessed by My Grace and My Love, on finding devoted hearts open to praise Me in love and in simplicity.

It is in this way that your Heavenly Mother prepares you for this third part of the mission, with the purpose of offering Mexico and the world the inner relief that they need so much.

I will call you one by one so that you, My missionaries, may stand before the sacred Face of the Mother of Guadalupe. This gesture of gratitude and thankfulness on your part for all that has been possible in this Marian pilgrimage, dear children, will spiritually allow your hearts and those of your brothers and sisters to receive My Graces when the last part of the pilgrimage to Honduras is accomplished, thus closing a cycle of great spiritual and planetary balance for Central America.

With My open arms I receive you, dear children, and I thank you for once again responding to My call.

Who protects you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

My dear children,

Today I would like you to remember Me as the Mother and Queen of Chiquinquirá, as the kind Servant who promises all Her children of Colombia a consecration to the Almighty God.

After many pilgrims have visited My holy image in the Sanctuary, on this day I would like the Mother of Chiquinquirá to be the patroness and pilgrim of the prayer groups of Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Nicaragua. Through the Mother of Chiquinquirá, the peoples will be able to achieve reconciliation with God and union among themselves.

Dear children, may the holy image that will be blessed in Venezuela, together with the Lady of Coromoto at the end of this month, be the principal bridge of union among cultures to establish peace.

The Virgin of Chiquinquirá is the reflection of the purest aspect of the simplicity of the Mother of God, just as Our Lady of Cobre is for Central America.

The Virgin of Chiquinquirá, together with the Virgin of Guadalupe, brings reconciliation among nations and consciousnesses. For this reason, the Virgin of Fatima will go on pilgrimage through the Andean countries to offer the purity so necessary and fundamental in humanity.

Dear children, when the Virgin of Chiquinquirá begins Her pilgrimage through Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Nicaragua, a special devotion between the peoples and the phases of the Divine Mother will be established in the internal planes.

Finally, when the Little Virgin of Guadalupe goes on pilgrimage through the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador, a cycle of this work will be completed that today My dear children are carrying out in the pilgrimage in Colombia.

In honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the holy image of the Virgin of Chiquinquirá will be taken to the Sanctuary by My missionary children, so that it may be blessed in the Holy Mass on Friday.

From that moment on, an absolution from the errors of the past will be granted when the holy image begins its pilgrimage through each city of Colombia and, afterwards, through the neighboring countries of the region.

Dear children, I give you My thanks for everything.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Colombia, as an Andean and indigenous nation, holds one of the most important original legacies of the primitive and wise peoples.

For Creation, the Andes as a whole represents the spiritual elevation of the consciousness of humanity.

All the original peoples who developed there managed to spiritually maintain a union with the Divinity of the Eternal Father.

When the peoples were decimated and enslaved by the white man, a great spiritual and inner wound remained in the last descendants.

This unforgettable wound, which expanded throughout all the Americas, from the peoples of North America, going through the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas, left a pending debt to be resolved.

This is one of the many causes of what can be seen in this time, a consequence of what happened in other times.

It is this wound that your Mother of Grace wishes to heal and dissolve through the power of restorative love.

For this reason, Colombia is the cradle to be able to again awaken reverence and devotion for the principles of sacred and divine life.

In Bogota, your Heavenly Mother will try to open a celestial doorway of Mercy, and this will be possible especially because of the help of all the groups of prayer present there, during the days of the meetings with your Divine Mother.

For this reason, children, one of the just causes, for which all the groups of prayer of the Americas, especially of Central America and the Caribbean, pray for this Marian objective, is so that as from now, the Law of Divine Mercy may be established on this debt caused by Europe. 

Thus, your Mother of Guadalupe will be the patroness of the mission in Colombia and the United States. I will return, as in Tepeyac, to call humanity to a profound reconciliation, for in this way, through forgiveness and communion with My Son Jesus, the Andes and Europe will close a cycle of suffering and cruelty generated in the primitive indigenous civilizations.

Dear children of Mine, for this reason, from now on I prepare you in consciousness, revealing the real story of humanity to you, for God hopes that the same errors will not be repeated.

For this, your Lady of Guadalupe will return to the heights of the mountains of the Americas, so that the Bird of the Sun may emit the voice of redemption and forgiveness.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses and unites you with Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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