Tuesday, March 13 of 2018

Daily Messages

Time to confirm the Commitment – Part II

It is time to confirm the commitment for the planet, for the civilization and for the future of the New Humanity.

In these critical times, the confirmation of the commitment to the Plan of God will be the master key that will open other doors for inexplicable opportunities to present themselves, but it will also be the master key for other events not to happen.

The time of confirmation of the commitment has come for all, because humanity is in a phase where everything is allowed, for the souls to define themselves and to choose, from their intimate freedom, the Kingdom of God or other paths.

The time of confirmation of the commitment has come, because this confirmation will bring you more consciousness and, from now on, souls will know the repercussion of the consequences of each decision in the life of every being.

Nothing will be kept hidden any longer, the choice will be determinant because one’s own consciousness will delineate its next step, depending on the confirmation of the commitment before the Plan of the Creator.

In this phase of the planet, the confirmation of the commitment will bring with it many more events and humanity will be immersed within two realities. First, the reality of those who will confirm themselves and will go forward, and second, the reality of those who will condemn themselves and will not realize it because they will not have placed interest and love in the Word of the Hierarchy.

For this reason, the time of confirmation of each being and for the life of each being will mark a before and an afterwards. This will generate great movements in the inner consciousness of the creatures.

The time of confirmation will generate a response, but, at the same time, a sign that will remain imprinted in the consciousness.

The time of confirmation will delimitate the cycles, the times and the events on the planet; for this reason, it is important that, at the time of living the confirmation before God, there be a discernment and that hurried decisions, empty of wisdom may not be taken.

This time of confirmation will promise important changes in the planetary consciousness, thus also the degree of its importance at the spiritual level, since this time of confirmation will define the next steps of the present humanity.

This time of confirmation will gather self-summoned, will strengthen servers and may build in the consciousnesses the true spirit of unity, to be able to leave behind the division and the mean competition of centuries.

In truth, the time of confirmation will develop new principles, will conceive new understandings, and those who will confirm themselves to the Plan of God for life, will have the inner Grace of understanding it all someday.

For this reason, when time comes for the inner confirmation before the Plan of God, you must be attentive not to be distracted, but rather receive the help of the Gift of Wisdom. Because you will be defining your lives for the next stages of the future spiritual life, which will not be like the present moment of the human race, and will be impregnated by Christic codes and expressed by new degrees of love.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace