IV - To Defeat the World

A soul that aspired to live the Christic path and imitate the Lord struggled every day again human temptations and tendencies. Feeling that they were always defeated by the world, the soul questioned God, asking Him:  "Lord, how will I be able to defeat the temptations of the world and overcome the vices of the flesh, which seem to be the masters of my human condition?"

And responding also with a question, the Lord said:  "Little soul, did I not give you the example for overcoming the human condition? Did I not defeat the vices and tendencies of humanity, while in fragile and mortal flesh, through My Son? So contemplate the Cross of Christ, for there you will find the answers to your deepest questions; there, your body, mind and your feelings will be moved to experience transformation. Through the Love of Christ, you will find the key and the momentum so that in each situation of life in which temptations are presented to you, you may choose Christic life rather than the world.

The Passion of Christ must be your refuge, where you must run to each time the world seeks your heart. When you are tempted to choose the things of the world, place your eyes upon the Cross and contemplate each injury and wound of the Lord. All this was for you, so that today you could choose Love rather than illusion, so that today you could discover who you are, and you would not remain with veils upon your face. 

Human vices are only defeated when your consciousness is taken by a higher Love that leads you to walk toward Christ, and this Love is to be found on the Cross. Therefore, every day, contemplate the Lord of Calvary, and there you will find peace."

I tell you this story so that you may know how to defeat the world that is stirred within you, in that constant battle between the old and the new human that is fought within your hearts.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Each day, hold within your heart each small or large understanding, each key that the Creator gives you so that you may open doors and deeper chambers within yourself.

Be like a heart that cultivates all the impulses that it receives and thus builds the gardens of your own redemption.

Into these gardens, child, many souls will come, poor and empty, to be inspired by the perfume of your flowers, to remember their own inner beauty by means of the beauty and the expression of the flowers of redemption, cultivated by you with love.

Know, in this way, how great the service is of the one who, in spite of difficulties within themselves, continues to go deeper, continues offering to God their own surrender.

Great is the service of those who walk, even in the void, of those who seek God in solitude and who remain standing, simply through the certainty of His silent and hidden Presence.

In your heart, take each small and great sign and open a deeper door within yourself. If you understand something, meditate upon that and enter there with all that you are. Love unravelling your own mysteries, because it will be in this search for the unknown and deep universe that is within you that one day you will know the true dweller of your heart.

And as it is said in the sacred books, the Truth shall set you free, child, because the Truth is the unity with God, beyond errors, beyond paths, beyond illusions. But it is not enough that I tell you all these things. The Truth will make you free when you experience meeting with it in your own heart.

For this reason, go on more profoundly.

Do not get tired of searching, even if it is in darkness. Do not get tired of continuing onward and of cultivating the seeds of the divine impulses within your heart. Be a gardener of the new time.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Today, I come from Heaven, uniting the faces of the Rose of Peace and of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, to offer to the world that which is most pure in My Heart, that which God deposited in My Consciousness and in My Essence when He created Me, as a part of His part, emanation and extension of His Divine Spirit.

With this, My children, I prepare your hearts for the times that will come because, in the year that will come, your spirits must be strengthened in humility, made one in service, founded in sacrifice, confirmed in surrender and renewed in love. These are the keys that I bring to you today, so that you may not only support the transition of the times, but that you may triumph in Calvary, a victory in the cross of these times.

Today, beloved children, I open My Heart, and from this Heart I let you know about the purity of the origin, the essence of life, the first Love that gave an impulse to its Creator to manifest life, so that in this way you may be filled with the true essence of the existence, not only of humanity, but of all life.

I tell you today that your stories were already written in the Thought and the Heart of God from the origin. The Creator contemplates, with eyes of compassion and hope, each lesson that you live, each error and each triumph, each step and each retrogression.

All the beings of the Earth have upon their paths dual options to choose, because this is the learning of this planet, as of this Universe. You must learn to choose Divine Light, Love and Divine Will, in spite of all stimuli and impulses that lead you to live the opposite.

All the beings of this Universe, when their essences were created, received from the Archangels the Plan of God, the perfect Plan of the Creator for this new life. And they received from the Lords of the Law and from the Angels of Justice and Universal Evolution the path that represented the opposite of their evolutionary steps, a path that is written not to be lived, but to be overcome.

This is so, My children, because before the existence of material creatures, before your lives, even as essences, in the beginning of Creation, there existed spiritual, universal and solar consciousnesses that, with their errors, manifested duality.

This Universe, as a living consciousness and as a part of Divine Creation, must reverse a very ancient error, which today your small minds cannot understand but, even so, you must be conscious of the triumph that you must generate, by means of the renewal of love in your essences.

Your evolution, My children, is similar to a vast beach, where a mere speck of sand can change the destiny of all life that dwells within it. Mysteriously, human evolution is like this, and in this way you must understand that the mystery that dwells in your essences is so immense, profound and with such a great a potential to reverse the errors of the past, that your hearts get lost within it and do not realize it.

Today, My children, I come to talk to your souls, those which are capable of understanding what I tell you, those which know that, although they are small, hold in themselves a bridge to an Eternal God.

With this, I just want to lead you to an understanding of the vastness of life, so that you do not stay in what is small and superficial in this cycle that comes, but that you enter this definitive year with consciousness, My children, consciousness of the responsibility that you have towards life, not only of this planet, but also in this Universe and beyond it.

It is for this reason that I today deliver to you My Rose of Peace, and I place it in the depths of your hearts. Today, I deliver to you the gifts of My Divine Conception, so that all may awaken to what you were created for, conceived in the depths of Divine Love, and so that you may be consequent with the missions that God gave to you from the beginning.

I love you, with My Spirit I bless you and with My Heart I thank you for responding to My call.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


While the world and the nations get involved in chaos, My children, I call you to enter into My Heart and find peace. I call you to cross the thresholds of human indifference that exists within you, as upon the whole planet. I call you to lose fear of what is true and unknown so that, in this way, you can look at your own inner world and find what you truly are.

May you contemplate the infinite and know that this very infinite dwells within you. And just as the stars hold in their shine a great mystery that seems to be distant from your lives, within you there is also a divine essence, whose shine, My children, holds not only the mysteries about yourselves, but about that of all life, about the Plan and the perfect Thought of God for humanity and for all creatures.

In spite of all conflicts and sufferings, in spite of all stimuli that you receive, day by day, causing one to suffer, to lose hope, to live indignation and to feel the pain of injustice, I call you today to go beyond all appearances and find that which is true, although it was nearly always hidden from human eyes.

In these times, My children, nothing else will be hidden from you, and in your hearts the divine mysteries and gifts can become unveiled, you can discover your true potentials, you can know what you were created for, what is the purpose of your lives; a purpose that is beyond the experience of forgiveness and redemption, and that is held in the expression and in the manifestation of love, in that which Christic Love awakens within you, and in everything.

These are times to be conscious of the urgency of the planet, to know and perceive that the chaos announces the Apocalypse and the Laws are being fulfilled, and they manifest that which was written. But it is also time to know the correct way to deal with the planetary situation, and this, beloved children, is not written in any Sacred Book, because it is part of the Revelation of these times; it is part of that which you must live and experience in this evolutionary stage of humanity, which you were not ready to live, and not even to know about in other times.

The Keys to cross the thresholds, that separate you from the Truth and divide the cycles of the old and new human being, are found in Our words; they are found in the state that the Divine Word places you within.

Therefore, do not only listen to that which we tell you, but let yourselves be elevated. Go deep and seek within that which only silence is capable of showing you and, with this strength, you will be ready to deepen within yourself.

It is by praying and uniting your own heart to God, and to the Divine Messengers, that you will be worthy to know what makes you like your Creator. And in this way, My children, you write with your own lives the Gospel of these times; the Gospel that is the concretion of the end, but also the beginning of the new.

I leave you My blessings so that you may be beyond every internal or external conflict; so that you may be held within My Heart and, by elevating your own spirit, you may help humanity to also be freed from the ties to the slavery of ignorance and illusion.

I love you, support you and with My Love I guide you so that you may be in God.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



I taught Saint Camillus of Lellis to bring love and charity to the most ill.

Today, I teach you the same so that this love may be present in the servers and collaborators of the Service Nuclei.

May it reach all souls that will be in this acute moment of humanity. Many souls still need this love that I give you, in each new meeting, so that the life and heart of those who suffer may be relieved.

This is the time to give spiritual, mental and material relief. It is no longer time to complain nor judge, it is time to bring Greater Love to the sick and suffering world.

Therefore, Saint Camillus loyally followed My inner Inspiration, until Saint Camilus and his work of service for the sick gave birth to the Red Cross, which to this day gives an impulse to millions of souls at the service of the neediest.

Saint Camillus of Lellis had within him certain spiritual rules and keys, which will help you when welcoming and giving love to those who suffer in this time of various inexplicable diseases.

Saint Camillus felt within his heart that love should always come first, before action, because in this way the action of charity and service would be filled with the Greater Love and then the Law of inner Healing would be established.

Saint Camillus felt that to serve selflessly, one should first give of themselves completely, without making any requisites nor conditions at the moment of offering to serve.

Saint Camillus felt that to spiritually help the one who was sick and suffering, the server should enter the suffering of the other to be able to understand on a deep level what their neighbor was experiencing.

And lastly, it was fundamental for Saint Camillus to see in the other the living Christ, the Christ who suffers and agonizes from human indifference and ignorance.

This was what gave an impulse to Saint Camillus to live entirely for others, beyond limits.

May these impulses help all servers of healing to bring the Presence of the Lord to those who suffer, so that forgiveness may be established in the consciousness of those who need it.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus 


Contemplate the Kingdom of God within you and discover that the Father, with all His Power and infinite Light, dwells within you.

Let Christ reveal Himself, always alive at the center of your heart, so that you may realize, child, that you do not need to die in order to be in God, but rather to discover the true life, the revelation that God is within you.

The Christs of the New Time are those who seek the Truth within their own hearts and find it; they are the ones who know the Kingdom of God dwells within them as well as within their neighbors, and that the key of love and of humility is enough to open the doors that keep It in their hearts.

The Christs of the New Time do not seek the revelation of the Kingdom beyond the stars, looking toward the sky. The Christs of the New Time revere the stars and their mysteries; however, they know themselves as mirrors of the infinite Cosmos; they know that that which they seek so much is within them.  

Thus, experience your search, child, from the inside out. Contemplate the Cosmos that exists within you; value the power of virtues and of love, and love to know that the Kingdom is within you. Be that living Kingdom to the world. Be a mirror that reveals to your neighbor that all that lives and breathes is part of God, dwelling of His Kingdom.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



See, the Origin of all life is also in you. The infinite Universe and the One and Omnipotent God are reflected in those who were created to express the likeness with the Father and to renew His Creation.

See how great of a mystery is hidden from humanity because the science of the awakening of love begins in the essence of humility. The one who is in all things, to be what He Is, lives in the emptiness of Self and allows His Heart to be shaped to the hearts of His children, so as to dwell in all of them.

Perceive then, that in spite of the great mystery of Creation being within you, God made you the least of creatures, apparently the weakest, and with the least scientific and spiritual resources. This is the great key of the revelation of the Love of God; He is delivered to the lesser and reveals Himself to the most humble.

See that Infinity is kept within you, because just as the Father manifested life and the Universes, through the essence of His Love, someday, child, from the essence of love that is awakening today on Earth, the seed of a new life, of new dimensions, of new Universes, of a new Creation, must emerge.

I know that what I tell you seems distant and incomprehensible, but when My Word pronounces truths, it awakens within you what is dormant and which must begin to express itself. 

Love is the principle from which life emerges, in all of its expressions. In it is to be found the mystery of your existence, the reason for which God manifested this humanity, and in it, Himself.

Just meditate upon what I tell you and allow My words, on their own, to inspire you to love more than to understand all these things.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Through My Love, I give you the keys to expand and open the consciousness toward all the knowledge of the divine and the cosmic.

These keys which I give you will help in the concretization of the aspirations of God, which must be fulfilled through the unconditional surrender of the followers and those close to Christ.

To open the consciousness and to expand it means to be able to recognize within the self, the Plan of God, which is to be designed and formed with the unconditional dedication of each being that risks living an unknown Will, which goes beyond forms or the movements of the consciousness.

This is the time of definition so that the doors may open and souls may recognize that it is now time to take on the Plan and, mainly, the moment to live a transformation of consciousness which will be the means to manifest the Divine Plan within humanity.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Listen to the Voice of God within you and from His Supreme Heart receive all the impulses so that you can transform.

Through God, receive the keys that you need to be able to go through the times.

Drink from that fountain of knowledge that the Heart of God emanates time and again.

Open to be able to recognize, within yourself, His majestic Presence, and set aside everything that distresses your heart.

Receive from the Universe everything that you need within the Law of Equilibrium and of Harmony.

Live a greater learning in each cycle.

In each step, experience the opportunity to love and to forgive.

Do not cease to look toward Heaven and to feel the Presence of the Father; let His Spirit fill you. Participate in Sacred Unity, feeling yourself to be a creature of God, a part of the Universe.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Songs of Figueira - "Come brothers"

In this song we find several keys that reveal to the consciousness the correct procedure to be able to access, in an appropriate way, the subtle vibrations of the Cosmos.

Beyond being a procedure itself, the song "Come brothers" represents an inner invocation, a call of the souls of the Earth that aspire to reach that union with the infinite and with all of its spheres.

In order for that to be possible, the song points out a few basic rules to be able to contact all that exists and all that inhabits the Greater Universes.

The first key is to change the attitude, to say "yes" through prayer, alignment and elevated singing; to change the vibration in order to be in the correct attunement and on the correct plane.

That door will open through the channel of devotion, because devotion will take us to express what we truly are, beyond appearances and methods.

When the consciousness manages to change plane and vibration through prayer or elevated singing, it is from that point that other Laws, attributes and principles, held in the inner world of each being, begin to be visible and available for the materialization of the Divine Will. Because on changing planes, the consciousness distances from errors and their consequences.

The second key presented in the song is the act of sharing, from inner world to inner world, all the good that each consciousness has, transcending the limits of their own provisioning and the distrust that may exist.

In that sense, dying to self, at each moment, the soul incarnated on Earth will be able to serve with joy to the inner siblings, and thus, the consciousness will be granted the cosmic grace of freeing itself from debts, breaking the ties and the limitations of matter, attaining, little by little, the phases of inner transcendence.

This awakens in the consciousness a sense for the reverent and for the sacred, merging its spirit into the song and into the honor to the inner siblings, creating in this way, an alliance with the Universal Brotherhood and opening the spaces to continue towards the infinite.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


The Passion of Jesus meant and represented many occurrences for humanity. Some of these facts were known, but others are still unknown.

Many realities and situations took place, mostly in other planes of consciousness, something that was beyond the material and also the spiritual.

The Passion of the Lord was the true testimony that He, above all, had reincarnated to accomplish this mission, and there would be nothing that could modify or alter this event.

When Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane, the hour and the moment had come, as an incarnated man, for Him to render the human condition to the Father so that, through Him, that sacrifice would be transformed for the good of humanity, although humanity itself did not deserve such Grace.

The father, through His Son, knew that if such surrender and sacrifice did not happen, the human race would destroy itself.

Christ's fundamental reason, during His thirty-three years of life, was to be able to live and accomplish, beyond Himself, the Divine Will.

Jesus was a man born with evident Gifts from God, but He had to know, like every human being, the human condition; He went through temptations and tests so that His Spirit would emanate, all the time, the reason for His existence.

This immediate attainment of Jesus to the Will of His Father enabled Him not to perish.

Let us remember that Jesus arrived in a moment of humanity in which the perversion and the abuse of power were the abysses for which humanity was being condemned.

Jesus maintained the momentum of His Love for the Father. He Believed, above all, in the realization of the Divine Will, as it was written.

His Purpose was to reach the goal that His Father had given Him, in spite of all the difficulties that the Master would face.

His confidence in the manifestation of that Plan and, above all, His Love for it, made Him a spiritually free Being, capable of overcoming duality and the adversity that the human beings had created.

To Love that Will was the main spiritual objective of the life of Jesus. He knew that nothing and nobody could change the destiny that the Father had showed Him for His Mission upon Earth.

Living that Will was an imperative necessity of the Master, although sometimes, despite the sensory and mystical development of His Consciousness, He did not know how far this Will would take Him within His personal and Global Mission.

There were inextinguishable keys that protected and supported the accomplishment of all the work in the Life of Jesus, as in souls, which were humility and the selfless surrender of His Being. In that school no streak of pride and no sign of selfishness could prevail.

The communion that Jesus constantly lived with the Heights made Him truly free, and beyond Him, the Laws of universal Mercy and Grace could act and perform miracles.

What was fundamental in the Life of Jesus was the Love He brought as the Son of God and the teachings that His Consciousness left, that the sincere and true love would be able to transform and sublimate human corruption.

I Thank you for imitating the Will and the Love of the Lord!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


First Message

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

By express Will of My Father, today I Am here to announce you that I Am the Lord of the Eclipse, the One who, through the phenomena of the end of times, announces the definitive times for humanity.

I have come especially to bring you this announcement.

I have descended here from the House of My Father to share with you My Word and My Message of the end of times.

By means of My Heart, I announce you the Truth and I open the ears of the consciousness for those who want to listen.

The last phenomenon that happened was not only physical, but also spiritual and universal; and although not everyone participated in it, the planet is inside of that context and that reality.

What the eclipse announces is the change of a cycle, the passage to a new state of consciousness and to a new time of purification.

The last eclipse announces the end of the end of times. There will be nothing more to expect, everything will unleash quickly.

This is why I come tonight to announce it to you, because at night the Celestial Governments act more deeply and the Spiritual Universe approaches to give this revelation.

I do not want you to feel disquiet about what I am revealing to you.

Each announcement that I make is to strengthen your commitment with Me and to testify to the return of the Lord to the world, for the second time.

The phenomena of the Universe are reflected in the inner phenomena.

Everything that happens in the Universe also happens inside of beings. There is nothing disconnected.

It is time to cross this doorway towards the new cycle. Because the commitments will transform into responsibilitie,s and if your responsibility is firm, the Master and the Lord of the Eclipse will be able to count on you in an unconditionally way.

After the eclipse comes a new time, a new reality, and the Universe expects that humanity realizes what that means.

The events no longer will be abstract, neither for only a few consciousnesses.

The last eclipse announces global events that will impact all over the Earth and specially in its humanity.

Thus, for this special Marathon in Aurora, the moment has come for each server to make his synthesis, meditate, contemplate and reflect about everything that they have received during the previous sixty meetings.

I have given, in each moment, a special key for each being, for each server, so that each one may learn to open the correct door and find the meaning of evolution in the end of these times.

Now the moment has come to give everything for the planet; this is why the first impulse of this cycle of purification will be the definition and the absolute union with My Divine Consciousness.

By means of My Sacred Heart, I offer you the perfect refuge for the difficult and acute moments of humanity; in this place that I offer you, only God and My Mother will find you.

In My Heart there is no fear, but rather the trust that God fulfils His Will,  time and again.

Unite to this Principle and make it part of your lives, thus you will be able to accompany My steps, thus you will be able to follow My commands, thus you will be able to help to carry out the Plan, from the place that corresponds to each one and within the duty that each one must live, because what I need is something very simple. All this will help to prepare My Return.

I need that you write, with Me, a new history, which is the beginning of a New Humanity.

For this reason, the events of the end of times will be very intense, inside and outside of the beings, and will take to the souls to give big steps in their awakening.

But who does not manage to take these steps will move backwards, and I need everyone to walk by My side.

Because the Lord of the East is approaching by means of the announcement of the eclipse, where universal conjunctures have congregated and astronomic movements have united, to announce to humanity that the hour and the moment has come to redeem humanity and to restore the planet, after its time of purification and its transition.

May no one be surprised by what they will see.

May no one focus on the events, but rather in the need to love more and more, carrying in heart the Trust of God and the daily work of communion with Me, which will be important bases for learning how to survive in these times.

But today My Hand extends to you and to the world.

Today My Arms are open to embrace humanity and the planet.

The phenomena of the end of times are sudden changes for consciousnesses, because they will come, little by little, but they will be fast and they will demand a total change in humanity.

Who stays inside of the cosmic movements will be inside of the Law.

It is to follow the movements, unite to them and understand them, even though there is not full knowledge of what this means, for this final time.

The Lord of the Eclipse announces a very sudden change in the humanity that everybody will feel and that, from the next 8th of August, will be finally concretized.

I repeat to you again, do not stay in the events, perceive in your inner worlds what this will mean and the expansion of consciousness that this will bring.

Because these are the last Rays of the Universe that will descend to the Earth, by means of immaterial and cosmic Laws, with the aim of preparing humanity for the coming final time that is very close.

Everything will be visible, everything. Inside and outside of the beings.

There will be no more deceit, because the deceit will be seen.

There will be no more lies, because the lies will be revealed.

There will be no more secrets, because the secrets will be unveiled.

It is time to internally absorb the strength that comes from the Universe, by means of the luminous currents that come to the planet through astronomic and cosmic phenomena.

The planet has changed state after the last eclipse and the planet of Mars has been the governor in all this. Humanities of other times have participated in this and the Universe has contemplated this phenomenon, beyond the physical, within the spiritual plane.

And after this event, that has been seen in the world, today the Lord of the Eclipse, the Lord of the East, comes to you.

Because His Greater Fire is coming in large electrical waves of light to remove the dust of the lost humanity and to bring the last impulse of the Light of the Universe, which will open the portal toward the new time.

I will not be able to tell you everything that this event meant, but believe that it was very important.

Today you have conscience of one part of what has happened, but when everything unchains in humanity, you will understand it better and you will remember this day, because what I say is not wasted.

The Word of God is alive and eternal.

The Verb of God, through His Son, is unalterable and inextinguishable, it reverberates time and again by means of vibration and sound.

Commune of this moment and receive the macrocosm in your inner worlds so that it resonates in the depths of the consciousness and does its work in all souls.

May this Marathon represent the definite fusion with the Brotherhood and that, finally, its foundations of love be manifested on the surface.

After everyone has understood the meaning of the Hierarchy, receive My solar impulse for this meeting and may the first glimpses of the Light of Aurora emerge from your spirits so that you become like Mirrors that reflect the Love of the Universe to humanity.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Beyond the Universes – Part 1

Through the Names of God, the creatures of this material Universe find the possibility of connecting and of accessing higher and unknown states of consciousness.

The unknown for the souls of the Earth could seem a mystery, but behind this higher and cosmic mystery, lies a revelation.

Through the Names of God we access the revelation of a knowledge, that is, of an aspect or form which was projected to contribute as an idea with all Creation.

The different Names of the Eternal Father allow the creatures, which He created, to contact sublime and positive Sources of information, which help the awakening of the virtues of soul and the fulfillment of the mission of the different spirits of the Earth.

In the case of this local Universe, the different keys facilitated by the Names of God build in the Material, Mental and Spiritual Universes, this interrelationship between the planes of consciousness and the creatures.

In the Names of God we find divine aspects of the Creation, and we unite ourselves to them to attract to terrestrial life the principle of everything God has thought, which is what we know as the Purpose.

In each Name of God there is kept, not only one code, but also a key of access to Principles of the Creation, which still wait to show and reveal themselves to current humanity.

When we unite to one of the Names of God, we are spiritually communicating with a Virtue of God represented in a creative aspect.

A creative aspect is one of the many Principles of the Source that is revealed in high voltages of energy, vibration and spaces. It is as if we entered the fundamental epicenter of the Creative Energy, which feeds itself through the cosmic impulses that the Primordial Source constantly emanates from the Spiritual Universe.

In this sense, by contacting just one of the various Names of God, the creatures manage, by their own means, to unite essentially with a supreme network of spiritual energy that is emanated from the Source of the Creation, which at all times generates the evolution and the re-creation of life by means of experiences, schools and learnings.

By means of the revelation of the Names of God, humanity could again conceive, in the bosom of its race, the fundamental attributes that, once established in human consciousness, will allow to gestate the future bases of a new civilization, which will be mainly based on the life of the spirit and not on life of matter.

This transition, which the current humanity is going through, will awaken a great inner definition in the whole planet and this will take place in the most culminating moment, when the race defines itself to remain in love, or in indifference.

If the human beings would take this cosmic leap toward the divine conception of love that exists within each being, the Earth would be repopulated by new Laws of the Source, which to this day have not been able to descend in order to transfigure and sublimate the human consciousness.

From this definition of being in God and of evoking His sacred Names, the necessary condition will be created in order to learn to overcome the final and definitive times.

The choice will lie in the human beings, creatures that hold within themselves the infinite potential of knowing and of communicating with God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Time to confirm the Commitment – Part II

It is time to confirm the commitment for the planet, for the civilization and for the future of the New Humanity.

In these critical times, the confirmation of the commitment to the Plan of God will be the master key that will open other doors for inexplicable opportunities to present themselves, but it will also be the master key for other events not to happen.

The time of confirmation of the commitment has come for all, because humanity is in a phase where everything is allowed, for the souls to define themselves and to choose, from their intimate freedom, the Kingdom of God or other paths.

The time of confirmation of the commitment has come, because this confirmation will bring you more consciousness and, from now on, souls will know the repercussion of the consequences of each decision in the life of every being.

Nothing will be kept hidden any longer, the choice will be determinant because one’s own consciousness will delineate its next step, depending on the confirmation of the commitment before the Plan of the Creator.

In this phase of the planet, the confirmation of the commitment will bring with it many more events and humanity will be immersed within two realities. First, the reality of those who will confirm themselves and will go forward, and second, the reality of those who will condemn themselves and will not realize it because they will not have placed interest and love in the Word of the Hierarchy.

For this reason, the time of confirmation of each being and for the life of each being will mark a before and an afterwards. This will generate great movements in the inner consciousness of the creatures.

The time of confirmation will generate a response, but, at the same time, a sign that will remain imprinted in the consciousness.

The time of confirmation will delimitate the cycles, the times and the events on the planet; for this reason, it is important that, at the time of living the confirmation before God, there be a discernment and that hurried decisions, empty of wisdom may not be taken.

This time of confirmation will promise important changes in the planetary consciousness, thus also the degree of its importance at the spiritual level, since this time of confirmation will define the next steps of the present humanity.

This time of confirmation will gather self-summoned, will strengthen servers and may build in the consciousnesses the true spirit of unity, to be able to leave behind the division and the mean competition of centuries.

In truth, the time of confirmation will develop new principles, will conceive new understandings, and those who will confirm themselves to the Plan of God for life, will have the inner Grace of understanding it all someday.

For this reason, when time comes for the inner confirmation before the Plan of God, you must be attentive not to be distracted, but rather receive the help of the Gift of Wisdom. Because you will be defining your lives for the next stages of the future spiritual life, which will not be like the present moment of the human race, and will be impregnated by Christic codes and expressed by new degrees of love.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Before the Light of the Sacred Centers of the planet, humanity receives the keys that open the doors to ancient knowledge, and the mysteries are unveiled for everyone.

The consciousness sets aside ignorance and the inner worlds of the creatures of God awaken under the principles of new codes.

All the secrets of yore are unveiled so that the terrestrial consciousness is able to take the step, and in this way, achieve freedom from its spiritual captivity.

The Sacred Centers of the planet, places in which Divine Wisdom circles and dwells, unconditionally offer themselves so that this surface humanity may abandon its precarious lifestyle and awaken to its true inner reality.

For this, all the tools of God manifest themselves from the invisible Creative Universe, in order that open hearts may perceive that the time has changed.

The most critical moment of purification is approaching in order that this humanity abandon the path that has always led to its downfall.

The Light of the Sacred Centers is ignited and souls feel themselves called to enter into a greater experience.

Thus, the consciousness, which before was imprisoned in its forms, finds the sense in being here, on this planet and in this humanity.

What before was hidden from the arrogant, is now revealed to the simple of heart, and in this way, the Plan of the Creator fulfills all its stages.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Science of Superior Love

Dear children,

I come from a dimension that you do not know, a Divine Universe where you have never been as material creatures, but only as a unique part of the Consciousness of the Father, before your lives manifested themselves. And it was there, in the origin of your existence, that you experienced and felt the Science of true Superior Love.

Today I speak to you about the Love that comes from the Heart of God, a Love that transcends all that has already been experienced by His creatures in this Universe and in all of the others.

With My Divine and Celestial Word, I come to make you feel that which is concealed, hidden within your hearts.

Today I bring in My Hands the seven keys that open the doors of your chests and in this way, places you before an unknown reality, even though it comes to something, children, that is within each one of you.

Today I want to teach you the Science of Superior Love, which in truth is the science of the return to the Heart of God; the path that you must begin to tread still in this life, so that, crossing the portals of Eternity, you find a safe space, where you will be able to continue your own redemption.

The Science of Superior Love begins to be lived when the being emits their “yes” to the Universe, recognizing their limited human condition and their great need of God.

It is there, children, where emerges in the interior the Principle of humility, which little by little breaks down the false fortress of arrogance, of haughtiness and of human pride.

Before recognizing oneself as small and poor, with sincerity of the heart, there is no way of giving place for this Superior Love to develop within you.

When the being recognizes themselves as miserable, they are capable of seeking the healing for their miseries in service, in forgiveness of their failures, and of the failures committed by their brothers and sisters. Because upon recognizing their imperfections and allowing to be born in their own interior the Principle of humility, no matter how small it is, the being can also comprehend the imperfection and the misery of others.

The more you serve and find within you the spirit of abnegation, the more you will live in the Science of Superior Love and you will let universal chemistry take place in your spirits and, above all, in your personalities, which so many times impede your walk to the return to the Origin.

Discover on this path the power of prayer, the selfless prayer, which seeks no other thing but the redemption of the world.

Let your anxieties for getting this or that convert into a possibility of union with the Divine Word, for the redemption of Life, for the forgiveness of human errors, which did not begin in this world.

Little by little, you will discover that the roots of your miseries cannot be found only in what you know about yourselves, but that they enter mysteries of human consciousness that seem unreachable for you.

But when you reach this moment, when it seems impossible for you to be healed, because it escapes your possibilities of comprehension, it is there, My children, that God will make you know something more about yourselves, something beyond your miseries and imperfections.

This is Superior Love, which is also beyond what you know of this world, and at the same time, has as dwelling the depth of your hearts. Place that is hidden from you today and which you do not know, even if you think you know how to love.

It is when the being gradually unravels their miseries and breaks down the barriers of their ignorance that the Science of Superior Love is revealed, because you become meek and humble, before the One who Is the Only One that can help you: God Most High.

The Creator will then strengthen you and encourage you to go beyond, to unite yourselves to His Spirit and to Universal Life.

And to find in the true meaning of the existence of the Earth your strength, not only to live your own purification and the purification of the planet, but also to give testimony in the Universe of the redemption of your spirits.

All that I tell you today, My children, is for you to raise from the abyss of ignorance and of resistance, and to open yourselves to the living of Superior Love.

In this way, I will lead you to the awakening of greater truths and you will discover that today I did not only speak to your souls and to your hearts, I spoke to your spirits, to your old Warriors and universal Commanders, to your essences and to this which you do not know and which comes from God, to awaken today the Science of Superior Love in your lives.

Encourage yourselves to comprehend what I tell you with your own experience. Take a step in trust and in faith, in service and in abnegation, in redemption and in the purification of your miseries and live the Science of Superior Love.

I bless you and guide you on this path and I thank you for coming to meet Me and for trusting that, from today on, your lives will never be the same.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


I Am the Doorkeeper of the Universe and in My Immaculate Heart I keep the keys to the Heavens, the same keys that Peter received as an inner and spiritual legacy from My Beloved Son.

These keys, which are bathed in the Love of My Heart for all the children of the world, are the ones that allow Me, as Mother and Mediator, to intercede for the salvation of souls and for the redemption of hearts.

In the same way, with My own Hands I can undo the knots and the most hard bindings of humanity, and simply with the opening of a brave heart, I can intercede for that consciousness and liberate it from its constant captivity.

Today I come as the Doorkeeper of the Heavens because at sometime of your lives you will face this mystery, which will be revealed and will need your attention for you to be able to recognize it.

I Am the Doorkeeper of the Heavens, because I desire that many more hearts may be able to enter into the Kingdom of the Heavens and thus live in Communion with the Highest so that redemption may finally be established.

I Am the Doorkeeper of the Heavens and I try to lead My children towards the truth of the heart.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Free your heart from all the tiredness and surrender with confidence into My arms, so that your tireless spirit may rest in Me.

Leave behind all bitterness and detach from within you all that is not love, because by my beloved Son having suffered all the martyrdoms, the Lord has shown you the unconditional path to find fortitude.

I come to ask you to surrender to Me and allow My Heart to work through you, for I still have to calm the despair of the world.

Submerge yourself promptly in the ocean of My Grace and you will be able to be near My Son, feeling His unfathomable Heart and fully living His Divine Consciousness.

Surrender into My arms, and you will know what to do, with wisdom and discernment.

Withdraw from fear, and day by day draw closer to the Love that is born in the Primordial Source.

The triumph of My Son is in the redemption of your life and in the conquest of your heart, so that He may dwell within you.

Cultivate a spirit of meekness and, in this way, you will receive from Above the keys of Heaven, just as Peter received them when he trustingly surrendered his life into the Hands of the Lord. And you will not only be a part of the Fisher of people, but also a part of a fraternal community formed by the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Go forward! And leave discouragement behind, do it for Me. Hope is possible.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Avila, Castilla y León, Spain, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

If souls could recognize that in the Instruction of the Sacred Hearts lies the keys to experience the long-awaited inner transformation, maybe consciousnesses would avoid making hasty decisions and committing errors.

Instruction is a source of wisdom and encourages discernment. At the same time, it tries to not only correct and improve, but also to awaken and deepen the principles of a life consecrated to the Plan of God.

When the Instruction of the Divinity is not correctly assimilated and contemplated, the consciousness runs the spiritual risk that its lower aspects govern its life and make it dependent on their actions.

Instruction tries to remedy human attitudes and elevate the consciousness from the rudimentary levels where it is usually found.

Instruction, united with prayer, causes the need to change soon to blossom more quickly in the consciousness, in order to become an instrument in the Hands of God, in service to His Divine Will.

In these times, one who does not bring instruction and prayer together as one teaching could be left behind in the last steps of the awakening.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


After Jesus was in Bethany together with the twelve holy women, Our Lord departed towards Jerusalem, accompanied by some of His apostles. That was the moment in which He, as a man, would face His great spiritual task for humanity.

On that journey, the Master visited other places that were on the way, where He placed more codes of Light, in order that humanity would use them in the future and through the following generations that would come after Him.

For the last time, and in the inner presence of the Father, My Son went through some cities and villages, accompanied by His apostles, to teach them how to cure, heal, release the possessed, and above all, to teach and proclaim the Good News.

The Holy Lord sought to leave engraved in the consciousness of humanity the importance of His presence on Earth and the expected moment of His second Return to the world.

In this sense, Jesus, who would after be recognized as the Christ, revealed to souls the highest degrees of love in order that they, despite any circumstance or situation, would never forget that the Love of God is present in all that is created.

In this way, My Beloved Son travelled through several places of the Holy Land before entering Jerusalem on the Sunday, when Easter would begin; the moment in which the lamb would be slain and sacrificed by the very hands of those who had delivered Him up by deceit and by error.

During His visit to the villages of the region of Israel, My Beloved Son left spiritual keys there so that, after He was condemned to the Cross of the world, souls would remember who indeed He had been.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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