Wednesday, August 29 of 2018

Daily messages

The Passion of Jesus meant and represented many occurrences for humanity. Some of these facts were known, but others are still unknown.

Many realities and situations took place, mostly in other planes of consciousness, something that was beyond the material and also the spiritual.

The Passion of the Lord was the true testimony that He, above all, had reincarnated to accomplish this mission, and there would be nothing that could modify or alter this event.

When Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane, the hour and the moment had come, as an incarnated man, for Him to render the human condition to the Father so that, through Him, that sacrifice would be transformed for the good of humanity, although humanity itself did not deserve such Grace.

The father, through His Son, knew that if such surrender and sacrifice did not happen, the human race would destroy itself.

Christ's fundamental reason, during His thirty-three years of life, was to be able to live and accomplish, beyond Himself, the Divine Will.

Jesus was a man born with evident Gifts from God, but He had to know, like every human being, the human condition; He went through temptations and tests so that His Spirit would emanate, all the time, the reason for His existence.

This immediate attainment of Jesus to the Will of His Father enabled Him not to perish.

Let us remember that Jesus arrived in a moment of humanity in which the perversion and the abuse of power were the abysses for which humanity was being condemned.

Jesus maintained the momentum of His Love for the Father. He Believed, above all, in the realization of the Divine Will, as it was written.

His Purpose was to reach the goal that His Father had given Him, in spite of all the difficulties that the Master would face.

His confidence in the manifestation of that Plan and, above all, His Love for it, made Him a spiritually free Being, capable of overcoming duality and the adversity that the human beings had created.

To Love that Will was the main spiritual objective of the life of Jesus. He knew that nothing and nobody could change the destiny that the Father had showed Him for His Mission upon Earth.

Living that Will was an imperative necessity of the Master, although sometimes, despite the sensory and mystical development of His Consciousness, He did not know how far this Will would take Him within His personal and Global Mission.

There were inextinguishable keys that protected and supported the accomplishment of all the work in the Life of Jesus, as in souls, which were humility and the selfless surrender of His Being. In that school no streak of pride and no sign of selfishness could prevail.

The communion that Jesus constantly lived with the Heights made Him truly free, and beyond Him, the Laws of universal Mercy and Grace could act and perform miracles.

What was fundamental in the Life of Jesus was the Love He brought as the Son of God and the teachings that His Consciousness left, that the sincere and true love would be able to transform and sublimate human corruption.

I Thank you for imitating the Will and the Love of the Lord!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus