While the Lord was in the desert, preparing His Heart for the surrender that He would experience by means of the Cross, His Mother Mary was already gathering together the disciples and the holy women and informing them about the Kingdom of God, about higher truths and about the path that is trodden to reach them, which is through humility, service, surrender and, above all, the love for God and for life.

At the same time that Christ was defeating the temptations in the desert, He was tested in His most human part and thus, He would take refuge in the Divine Heart of His Father; the souls that had committed to Him from the beginning of their existence were also led inwardly to the inner desert. At that moment, they recognized their weaknesses and were preparing for something greater, even if it was unknown.

The triumph of the Messiah was not understood by the majority of humanity, because the Will of God had no likeness to the ideas of humankind; but those who spiritually committed to Christ were ready and, sooner or later, they would be able to unite with the essence of the surrender of the Lord, to follow in His footsteps.

I tell you this, children, because as the spiritual time of Lent goes by, your hearts must go deeper into the meaning of the cross, you must observe the temptations and defeat them with silence and prayer, with the awakening of faith.

Let not your attention be on the laughter of the enemy, but rather on the Word of God. Hear His Voice and walk closer to Him, within yourselves.

Lent ends with a profound definition of the souls that are willing to accompany Christ and, in each cycle, in each new Lent, a greater, broader and more complete definition draws closer, until the day comes for entering Jerusalem, not to be acclaimed, but to experience absolute surrender.

Thus, do not forget the depths of what you are called upon to live; do not forget about the inner and divine greatness that you have committed to participate in.

The day of the cross is known only to God. Until this time comes, it is a cycle for walking more and more toward the Father, to merge into Him and to be One with Him so that the surrender of your lives may be fruitful, in Heaven as on Earth.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


From My Heart emerges the Blood of redemption and of life, because in My Heart the Wound still exists, that which had was once opened on the Cross. A Wound which at that moment nobody knew. Only My Mother and the Holy Women, as well as John, the Apostle; they knew about the emergence of this material and spiritual Wound.

That Wound was the last and great spiritual, mental and moral surrender of your Lord.

In truth, more than the Wounds of the hands and of the feet, it was the Wound that up until these times justifies the errors of humanity and it is the Wound that allows Me to still be here, among you, to announce and proclaim the Kingdom of God within each being and in the entire Universal Creation.

This is the Wound that testified to the Love of God for humankind, although they were mistaken or were in the greatest and most absolute darkness.

This is the Wound that is still to be alleviated, which is caused by the ignorance of those who do not experience God and by the indifference of those who turn their backs on Him and leave, abandoning the Love of the Redeemer.

This is the Wound of Your Master that is still to be healed for a long while. And what will close it someday will be the love of those who are blessed and have no preconceptions of the Universal and Divine Work of Your Lord.

This Wound will be healed through those who help and surrender to a silent transmutation.

This Wound will be healed through all those who blindly trust in Me, beyond what happens to them, what they go through or purify, because if I still carry the Wound of the pain and the ignorance of the world in My Heart, be means of those who are Mine, it will be possible for that sorrowful Wound to be alleviated, as it is in each moment of adoration, of prayer and of communion with Me.

Because when everything happens and when My Wound is healed, you will only find refuge in My Heart, in My Divine Life and in My Presence.

Never cease to be generous with others, loving with those who are unwell and suffer.

Never cease to serve and to surrender to Me, because the day will come in which, in the Glory of the Father, you will be seated at My table and I will crown each one for their efforts and inner merits.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Learn to let yourself be sustained and renewed by the love of your brothers and sisters, just as Christ renewed Himself on the way to Calvary by observing the presence of His Divine Mother, the holy women and some of His companions.

In this time, although each one will carry their own cross, you will only arrive to Calvary and to Christification with the help of one another, with the love and support of your fellow being. Because the Plan of God manifests through unity; this is the vehicle for the awakening of love.

Therefore, walking with your cross, let yourself be helped, besides helping. Allow yourself to be loved, besides loving. Receive the service and the surrender of your brothers and sisters, besides serving. Understand that it is together with your brothers and sisters that you will live the renewal in love.

These are the keys so that you may tread this path and also learn from the essence of humility which comes from the Heart of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Follow the steps of the holy women and also take with you the oils that will anoint the Divine Body of the Lord. Walk beside them, decided to find, within you, the Beloved Lord.

Follow the steps of the holy women, feel in them the redemptive love that ravishes them, the constant resignation to live in God and the absolute trust in the First Born.

Follow the steps of the holy women who go to encounter the Sepulcher, draw near, together with them, to the Sacred Body of the Lord, the one that rests among canvases and flowers that honor His Sacrifice of Love.

Prostrate yourself on the ground like the holy women, relive this encounter with Christ as it were for the first time.

Feel the decided fervor of the holy women, the unchangeable bravery of their hearts adoring the Lord and stay on your knees before the Highest Son.

Look at Him with devotion and joy. He will soon rise from the dead and songs of "Hallelujah" will be heard.

Anoint with your hands the Divine Body of the Lord and clean His wounds.

Wash with water the Body of the Lord and wrap Him in the sacred cloth of Restoration.

Stay by His side, in vigil, and affirm the victory of the Lord above all.

Leave the Sepulcher with the holy women and, in the garden, enter into prayer to await the Resurrection of the Savior.

This time is approaching, in which the inner Christ will have an everlasting place in the life of His disciples.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

While My beloved Son was preparing to face the most cruel moment of His sacrifice for humanity, the holy women spiritually entered into seclusion and prayer to accompany their Holy Lord in their heart.

The sufferings and sadness that My beloved Son would face for an ungrateful humanity, would help to uplift it to a level of consciousness it had never reached up to that time.

Jesus came to the world to renew everything and make of this race a rescuable project, in order that the New Christs would awaken, throughout the ages, to continue the Work of the change and redemption of humanity.

My Son came to surrender Himself completely, so that humanity could learn to truly love and be free of expectations and results.

Jesus opened the door of humility to the world through His Sacred Passion. What He experienced in that time allowed other spiritual realities to manifest in this period.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

After Jesus entered Jerusalem, the Father sent hundreds of angels to serve His Firstborn so that they would accompany Him during His entry into the Temple, the place where Our Lord would demonstrate to humanity the level of consciousness and precariousness in which it found itself.

It was the Purpose of our Eternal Father that Jesus count on the strength and the power of hundreds of angels to knock down the old spiritual structures of human consciousnesses, which manifested through commerce and businesses.

When Jesus entered the Temple and saw that the House of His Celestial Father was surrounded by low and mundane energies, His Heart gave the order to expel all the materialistic idols that were venerated.

The Son of the Father wished to declare to everybody the existence of the One God, the God of Love.

With the entry of Jesus into the Temple of Jerusalem, My beloved Son knew that, from that moment, He would be repudiated for having taken away the materialistic and ambitious life from the House of His Father and for having expelled all those who, through the Temple, took advantage and were unfaithful.

That day, the Lord already knew that His hour was approaching; meanwhile, the holy women were in Jerusalem waiting for the great event after the Last Supper of the Lord.

In dreams to those simple of heart, the angels were announcing that the defeat of the kingdom of darkness was near because the Firstborn would give His Holy Life for the absolute liberation of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


While the holy women were already near Jerusalem, on the other hand, the Divine Son was also approaching the town in which He would be repudiated and would die for all.

By an act of infinite love and incomprehensible for the human mind, My Beloved Son would surrender all His Life and Divinity for the salvation of humanity and of the planet.

During the trip to Jerusalem, which My Beloved Son took with His apostles, Peter asked Him why He, being the Messiah and the Savior of Israel, should have to go through this experience.

Jesus, attentive to the movement of His adversary, declared viva voce that the Will of God would be fulfilled in this Universe and on this planet and that nothing nor nobody could tempt or alter this Divine Will.

In this way, Jesus awoke in His apostles the fortress and the faith so that in the difficult moments of the Passion of Christ their consciousnesses might stay serene and not full of fear for believing that all had been a failure.

The surrender of Jesus made it possible to test the trust of His followers in something that is Greater and Divine. The Passion of Jesus allowed to reveal to the world its inferior condition, at that time, of all of human consciousness.

Jesus, before entering Jerusalem, shed upon His people the most elevated luminescent codes so that at the crucial moment the apostles might guard themselves spiritually from all the forces and energies that would be moved.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


After Jesus healed the blindness of a poor and simple woman, He arranged with the twelve holy women who were accompanying My Divine Consciousness that they would meet on Sunday evening in the home of one of them, to finish preparing the great task that He would undertake for humanity: His Divine Passion.

The twelve holy women, after espousing Jesus in Bethany, left in pilgrimage along another path that led them to Jerusalem. With prayers, fasting and sacrifices, the holy women, together with Mary and during the path to Jerusalem, began to experience inexplicable ecstasies that made them more conscious of the Passion that their Holy Spiritual Spouse would experience.

Throughout the pilgrimage, My Divine Consciousness reported the visions that the Eternal Father was sending to me through Archangel Gabriel about the difficult moment and about the agony that Christ would experience.

Without knowing it, the twelve holy women, who were walking while praying and fasting towards Jerusalem, began to experience the Passion of Jesus in advance.

On Sunday evening, they received from Jesus Himself and through the legacy that My Divine Consciousness would leave, all the details about the preparation for the Last Supper. They perceived the indications for this ceremony by means of dreams and by direct guidance of their guardian angels.

This allowed them to be in perpetual communion with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a fact that, in the end of times, would affect the whole feminine gender.

Before arriving in Jerusalem, the holy women declared to Mary the inner union to Her Heart of Mother and they confirmed that they would share, with Her and for Her, all martyrdom and pain that the Holy Mother would live in order to relieve Her Most Beloved Son.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who unifies you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


After Jesus was in Bethany together with the twelve holy women, Our Lord departed towards Jerusalem, accompanied by some of His apostles. That was the moment in which He, as a man, would face His great spiritual task for humanity.

On that journey, the Master visited other places that were on the way, where He placed more codes of Light, in order that humanity would use them in the future and through the following generations that would come after Him.

For the last time, and in the inner presence of the Father, My Son went through some cities and villages, accompanied by His apostles, to teach them how to cure, heal, release the possessed, and above all, to teach and proclaim the Good News.

The Holy Lord sought to leave engraved in the consciousness of humanity the importance of His presence on Earth and the expected moment of His second Return to the world.

In this sense, Jesus, who would after be recognized as the Christ, revealed to souls the highest degrees of love in order that they, despite any circumstance or situation, would never forget that the Love of God is present in all that is created.

In this way, My Beloved Son travelled through several places of the Holy Land before entering Jerusalem on the Sunday, when Easter would begin; the moment in which the lamb would be slain and sacrificed by the very hands of those who had delivered Him up by deceit and by error.

During His visit to the villages of the region of Israel, My Beloved Son left spiritual keys there so that, after He was condemned to the Cross of the world, souls would remember who indeed He had been.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


A week before Easter began, with the entry of My Son in Jerusalem, the place chosen by God for Him to live His sacrifice, Jesus, My Beloved Lord, was in Bethany gathering with the twelve holy women and, with them, My Divine Consciousness; there, at this moment, they united spiritually to the Master with the blessed aim of accompanying Him in silence during His Sacred Passion. In that time and on that occasion, these twelve women received from the Divine Master the inner initiation so that, no matter where they might be, they would receive in spirit the pungent warning that the Master was being handed over.

In this meeting also present was Joseph of Arimathea, who made the commitment, at the request of Jesus, to be the one who would recover His Sacred Body after being crucified, from the hands of Pontius Pilate.

On this day, the holy women, who were sitting at the feet of their sweet Master, received from Jesus Himself, the blessing of the Holy Spirit, and Joseph of Arimathea, with a simple wooden alliance, espoused them with Jesus, so that they could be, in the future, the witnesses of the history of the Nazarene.

Because of this, a week before Jesus entered Jerusalem, to be recognized for a moment as the Messiah, and then to be repudiated and crucified, the holy women joined Him in spirit and were the first souls, in the whole history of humanity, who married Christ through a simple alliance.

This story will continue.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Feel My presence as a balm that calms you and brings you hope and renewal.

Feel My Divine Spirit as a Source of Peace for your lives.

Feel in My presence the possibility of forgiving the past and restarting.

I come as the sun that rises in the morning, to give the world a new opportunity of seeing the Light. I come to kindle this Light in your lives.

I come as the water that springs from a new source, giving nature the hope of the renewal of life. Today I renew your lives.

I come to open one more cycle and a new door to redemption.

I come so that all may know Me, and through Me, may know God; because My words do not come from Me, but from His Holy Will.

I come to unite what humankind has separated and to demonstrate that all religions, all cultures, all lines of true wisdom are to be found in an unusual search: the living of Love. As the carrier of this Love, I come to open the doors to unity among beings.

No longer separate what must be united. My Son did not come to the world to create religions. It was the inability of humankind to live His words that caused religions to be created, so that each one would follow the path that would allow them to understand them, until one day they could discover Love and Unity, when all that was separated unites again.

Children, I come to open the doors of this house so that it may be My house, in which you can seek help. Come and learn to pray with Me, just as the women of Nazareth and Jerusalem learned.

Come without distinction of creeds and races, so that My Love may unite you.

Come seeking forgiveness and the doors to redemption that I have opened here for your souls.

Come to reconcile yourselves with God and to find in His Servant a path to imitate and follow.

This is not a new church; this is the House of Your Holy Mother, the Mother of all the poor, the Mother of all those who lack something.

Humanity needs to understand that while it is in this world and attached to it, it will be poor, because the true riches are to be found in the Kingdom of God, where, renouncing all things, beings experience a real freedom and are filled by the greatest treasure of Creation: the unity with the Divine.

Children, allow yourselves to restart your lives and to hold new principles, new goals, new aspirations. Open the doors of your houses and of your hearts to Me.

I do not come to bring you anything but Peace. I come to have you know My Love, so that in this way I may liberate your lives from the evil that oppresses them.

With the Holiness of My presence, I come to consecrate this city and all those who say “yes” to Me. And, in the same way as the Sacred Family, with Its simple life in Nazareth transformed the perdition of that small city and prepared the path for the public life of Christ, I now return in Divine Spirit so that, together with My children, we may spiritually liberate and transform this small city, to prepare the return of My Son and for things not to happen as in Nazareth, where in spite of everything, many could not receive Him.

Open yourselves from the heart, My children, so that this cycle may renew your lives.

Recognize the poverty and the need of your hearts and allow Me to show you the path to true fullness.

Consecrate your lives to prayer. Set for yourselves goals of Peace and no longer deny the Love of the Redeemer, for He comes to make you worthy of looking into His eyes, of touching His Heart, of laying your head on His chest, and of feeling His Majesty, relieved because the time of Redemption will have come.

I love you and I invite you to enter with Me into a new cycle of Peace.

With My hands I bless you. With My love I free you. With My support I protect you and I call you to recognize yourselves as My children.

Come and pray with Me. Create unity among religions and hearts in this house. May the search for Peace and the perpetual prayer unify you in God.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Two Final Witnesses and the Love of Error

A not so distant day will come when, through His holy angels, the Lord will send the two final witnesses to the court of the world to declare before humanity the whole truth that very few knew.

The Holy Spirit of God will inspire them to speak the words, one by one, and so that the disbelievers wearing red caps may no longer deny the truth.

And the Universe, which is holy, knows that the final hour of the two witnesses will come after they have declared, with divine inspiration, that the coming of the Redeemer is close. In that hour, the two last witnesses will know that they will be fulfilling the prophecy and it will be their task to give their lives to unmask those who indoctrinated the belief into a materialistic god.

At that moment, and before the hands of those with red gloves place the two witnesses in the main square facing the crowd, to be unjustly judged, the angel of the Lord will make a great roar from east to west, and a cosmic light, like thousands of golden ribbons flying in the wind, will mark the definitive sign that the last Judgment of humankind has been established on Earth.

The angel, who will only be able to be seen by the pure of heart, will ask that the strong and momentous winds of the Atlantic deactivate the fortresses of sand that those in the red caps have built through their own idolatry.

No one will be able to deny that after they have condemned the two final witnesses of Christ, humanity will be purified. Therefore, before the blood of martyrs of the two witnesses is shed, as if poured out into a thousand temporal chalices, another sign of the Universe will appear, and the truth will come to light because nobody will be able to hide from their fellow beings.

The Lord will give knowledge and understanding to the pure of heart so that they too may reveal the hidden actions of those with red gloves; in that hour, humanity will become aware of its age-old deception and at that moment the final and unknown Judgment will begin.

Until the last hour, the two witnesses silenced by the Divine Spirit will be in deep prayer, and with their surrender, which will fulfill the final prophecy of John the Apostle, they will save thousands of those spiritually condemned.

The cry of the same women of ancient Jerusalem will be heard when those with red gloves have declared their death sentence. In that hour, a powerful fleeting spirit, brighter than the sun and all the stars, will descend upon the two witnesses who will be chained for having spoken pure truth, and many will be able to open their eyes and awaken because of the intense and Christic light that will illuminate them.

Humanity will declare death for the two final witnesses of Christ, those of His Celestial and not earthly Church, and this event will be broadcast and communicated.

Thousands of ridicules, which will be the cause for offense against the two witnesses, will immediately turn into a plague of thousands of locusts, and in that moment the sky, which before was bright, will darken.

Those who were not deaf, will be so. Those who blasphemed will become mute, and an inexplicable silence, generated by the blowing of the trumpet of the second angel, will leave the entire Earth hypnotized. It will be in that hour and at that moment that the nations will become aware of all the ways they failed God; and thus the new time will be constituted after all has passed.

In the last minute of life, the two witnesses will ask God for forgiveness for their fellow beings, just as Christ taught. It will be in this way that the two witnesses will teach by example the love that loves all error. As it was on Mount Calvary, those with red gloves will become aware of their wickedness and their hearts closed to the truth of the Universe.

Children, the two witnesses are already on their way toward that moment, to fulfill the sacred scripture. Repent while there is time and ask God for His Mercy so that those most deaf and blind of spirit can be saved.

Today I reveal to you the Book of the Apocalypse because you are already prepared to understand it.

I thank you for accompanying Me!

Who prays for the two witnesses,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children:

With joy and gratitude in the heart, today remember the Resurrection of the Lord and the great victory that He achieved, in His Holy Humility, for each one of you.

It is time that you keep peace in your hearts and that you live the principles of brotherhood that He taught everyone since the beginning.

Let us celebrate, with chants of hallelujah, the Resurrection of the Redeemer in the hearts that, in this Sacred Week, opened themselves to receive the balm of peace and mercy.

My children, let us see the Sepulcher of the Lord glowing in light, awakening love and truth in the hearts that have never experienced it. Let us see the essence of this great mystery of transcending and overcoming death for love and for the salvation of humanity.

Be as the holy women were, waiting for the great moment in which Your Lord reappeared to show the infinite Love of God and to bring the Good News of redemption to everyone.

Have your hearts open to receive the mystery of love that has surrendered everything for you until today, and that will come again among the clouds to release the world from captivity and to liberate it from all evil.

Be apostles of Christ, be followers and examples of His holy word.

Be witnesses of His Mercy so that those who still sleep may have the fortune of knowing the glory of My Son.

I thank you for responding My call!

Who elevates you to the Kingdom of God in celebration and peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of Glory


Contemplate today the mystery of the death of Christ and the solitude felt by all of His apostles and disciples, by all of His followers, since very few were able to understand the greatness of His Crucifixion.

Contemplate in your heart the withdrawing of Christ, His silence and the uncertainty that this silence caused within His ones.

Those who were waiting for Him were facing a test of faith: were synthetizing in their own interior everything they had received and everything they had learned, to put into practice to help others.

This Holy Saturday will be similar to the test humanity will live in the future times. For now you are still in the presence of Christ, of the Most Holy Mary and of My Chaste Heart; now you still count on the instruction and guide of Those who were sent by the Lord to represent Him in matter and to lead His flock to the encounter with Him. But time will come when each one will have to confirm themselves and affirm their own faith. Each one will have to share the bread and be a bridge with God for those who are empty in spirit. Each apostle and each disciple of Christ will have to announce the awakening that will come after the dark days and thus, make those who will persevere to the end keep standing and with faith in their heart because they have made a commitment with God.

Contemplate the faith of the holy women of Jerusalem and how they overcame the pain they felt in order to live the pure love that the Lord had taught them.

Contemplate the devotion of these holy devotees of Christ, who not only persevered in the Calvary but also anointed the Body of Christ, saw Him resurrected, traveled through the continents announcing His Victory and, throughout the centuries, returned to the world, still as holy women to perpetuate the Work of the Savior.

Take your strength from the mysteries of the Calvary, from the victory over death, from faith during the days of darkness and from the glory of resurrection.

Relive the history of your Lord and multiply His Grace and goodness, being yourself the living word of Christ and the fulfillment of His promises.

Do greater things than He did and so accomplish His words,

Renew the Church of Christ that is not kept in a religion, but is in the heart of everyone who has faith and disposition to follow the steps of the Lord.

The one who guides you to the Savior,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear children:

Let us be today at the foot of the Tomb in the internal silence of the holy women, contemplating the corporal and spiritual restoration of Our Lord and, consequently, of all of humanity.

Let us be in vigil and prayer, waiting for the great moment of the Resurrection of Christ in the hearts of the world.

Let us remember and honor My Beloved Son, together with the angels of Christ, so that once more His infinite Mercy and Piety will save the lost ones.

Let us live the mystery of Redemption not only through the Cross, but also through the Tomb and internal union with Jesus.

Open your arms in donation and receive in your hearts the restorative healing of Christ on this Holy Saturday, in which the hosts of the Father gather in adoration and glory to bless the Beloved Son.

In this act of piety and of mercy, those who want to know nothing about Christ will come to know Him in some moment of their lives and will recognize in Him the great universe of love that His meek Heart of Love holds.

I thank you for responding My call!

In adoration at the foot of the tomb,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Calvary


Dear children,

While Jesus prepares Himself again to resurrect in spirit into the consciousness of every being that opens itself to live redemption, your Heavenly Mother is already beside the sepulcher, waiting in prayer and vigil, for the Redeemer and King of kings to liberate the souls that are prisoners of condemnation and martyrdom.

For this, children, I invite you today to imitate the holy women of Jerusalem, those who were absolutely and unconditionally faithful to the Master, so that in the moments in which humanity lives its worst hell, may exist inside and outside of you, a spark of light and hope, the essence that will strengthen the spirit of the self summoned.

The Master rests on His bed, surrounded by incense and violet flowers and anointed by the oils of light that restore His martyred Body.  His Spirit, on these times, works extensively and combats, together with the angelic armies, all the expressions of evil.

Children, prepare yourselves, keep vigil and keep on praying so that the Redeemer of souls, outside of the sepulcher, may find you quite awake and then, may put an end to human captivity.

Dear children, such as the holy women, wait for the resurrection of your interior Christ, the one which, over the years, has been oppressed, denied, judged and subjected to the forces of distraction, of lack of control, of desire and of the superficial materialistic life, preventing Him from awakening.  Act intelligently and abandon the prison in which you placed yourselves.

Your internal Christ will resurrect for the second time, after having borne all the horrors of a life of illusion, empty of spirit and of love.

For this, children, prepare yourselves before the great moment of self purification comes, when your internal spirits must be already strengthened by the fire of prayer, of service and by the permanent confirmation to the Plan of God.

There is no longer anything else to be done, only to wait for the resurrection of Christ within the sepulcher of your beings.

Attentive to His arrival, you will sing alleluia giving thanks to God for having become aware of how much time you wasted on the material life.  And for those who are still trapped between the chains of the unrestrained temptation and lust, pray, because through your acts and offer of love, Christ will also try to go to the encounter of the lost.

Today is Saturday of Alleluia, the angels sing: the Savior has resurrected!

¡I thank you for answering to My call!

Who waits for you outside of the sepulcher for the resurrection of the Lord,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My beloveds,

While the world agonizes and many souls suffer the consequences of their actions others are blessed by the Grace of My presence.

To the ones who sleep I give My Mercy so that one day they may be able to awaken and become worthy children of God the Father and the Savior.   To those who are awake I give My Grace so that they may be able to become soldiers of My Marian army.

Today My dears, I return to this city because I wish to find here more than the spirit of Devotion.  Here must beat the active heart of this nation, so beloved to the Lord and to My Immaculate Heart.

I still see much illusion in the world, I still see that the souls do not understand My Call because they do not allow My Word to completely transform them. 

My dears, the moment has come for My presence to become alive in the hearts of those who listen to Me. Up until this moment I have been building a union of your hearts with Mine in order to lead them to the Most Sacred Heart of My Son.  But now My dears, is the moment for this Grace that you receive of being with Me to not only be the reason for the relief of your anguishes and fears, because the world is in need of beings who are awake, of soldiers who are willing to surrender all out of Love of God and for the salvation of the souls.

My dears, I want to tell you that I do not come to the world only to find you in devotion and in faith.  I want to find the hearts more conscious of the time in which they live because much has been said and little that you could truly understand.

Those who have listened to Me did not truly believe in My words because if they had their lives would already be other lives and in their inner would dwell another strength that is not of the world.

I want that My words get to the hearts in order to touch them with Celestial Love and that they also get to the depths of your beings in order to transform you into instruments of the Heart of God.

For all the Graces that I have given to you I ask you to truly listen to My Call.   Doubt no longer about My presence because My Heart has made you feel and has touched your souls, dissipating the fear of encountering the Divine.  Now is the moment to grow up and to wait for My arrival, as a companion of Christ, the one who waits for Him so that together with Him they may be able to manifest the Will of the Father.

My dears, there was a time in which the men and women of Jerusalem listened with attention to the words of their Master.  They awakened the devotion and the trust in His Divine Word, they accompanied Him in His Passion, they cried for His death and they glorified Him in His Resurrection and after His Sacred ascension, they became His eternal Apostles, companions of His Divine Love and, for all eternity, they awaited His presence, surrendering the life so that other souls could achieve the awakening.

Now My dears, these men and women of Jerusalem must reemerge in order to wait, to sit at the table of Redemption, for the Glorious return of Christ and reconfirm the commitment that as humanity they made with His Divine Heart.

These men and women of Jerusalem must sit again at the table of My Son, share the bread and the wine, and commune with His Living presence for the renovation of this world.

Today I tell you that if in another time there were those who surrendered all to God out of love for His Son, after 2014 years this love must have matured so that in the face of the tests of these times, these men and women may overcome the fear of losing the world and of losing themselves, in order to live in Christ and for Christ eternally, proclaiming His return, His resurgence in Glory and Divinity.

I thank those who listen to Me and those who will make My words alive, who I summon to walk by My side.

Who loves you eternally, your Mother and Queen of Peace,

Most Holy Mary

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more