Tuesday, July 12 of 2016

Daily messages

The Two Final Witnesses and the Love of Error

A not so distant day will come when, through His holy angels, the Lord will send the two final witnesses to the court of the world to declare before humanity the whole truth that very few knew.

The Holy Spirit of God will inspire them to speak the words, one by one, and so that the disbelievers wearing red caps may no longer deny the truth.

And the Universe, which is holy, knows that the final hour of the two witnesses will come after they have declared, with divine inspiration, that the coming of the Redeemer is close. In that hour, the two last witnesses will know that they will be fulfilling the prophecy and it will be their task to give their lives to unmask those who indoctrinated the belief into a materialistic god.

At that moment, and before the hands of those with red gloves place the two witnesses in the main square facing the crowd, to be unjustly judged, the angel of the Lord will make a great roar from east to west, and a cosmic light, like thousands of golden ribbons flying in the wind, will mark the definitive sign that the last Judgment of humankind has been established on Earth.

The angel, who will only be able to be seen by the pure of heart, will ask that the strong and momentous winds of the Atlantic deactivate the fortresses of sand that those in the red caps have built through their own idolatry.

No one will be able to deny that after they have condemned the two final witnesses of Christ, humanity will be purified. Therefore, before the blood of martyrs of the two witnesses is shed, as if poured out into a thousand temporal chalices, another sign of the Universe will appear, and the truth will come to light because nobody will be able to hide from their fellow beings.

The Lord will give knowledge and understanding to the pure of heart so that they too may reveal the hidden actions of those with red gloves; in that hour, humanity will become aware of its age-old deception and at that moment the final and unknown Judgment will begin.

Until the last hour, the two witnesses silenced by the Divine Spirit will be in deep prayer, and with their surrender, which will fulfill the final prophecy of John the Apostle, they will save thousands of those spiritually condemned.

The cry of the same women of ancient Jerusalem will be heard when those with red gloves have declared their death sentence. In that hour, a powerful fleeting spirit, brighter than the sun and all the stars, will descend upon the two witnesses who will be chained for having spoken pure truth, and many will be able to open their eyes and awaken because of the intense and Christic light that will illuminate them.

Humanity will declare death for the two final witnesses of Christ, those of His Celestial and not earthly Church, and this event will be broadcast and communicated.

Thousands of ridicules, which will be the cause for offense against the two witnesses, will immediately turn into a plague of thousands of locusts, and in that moment the sky, which before was bright, will darken.

Those who were not deaf, will be so. Those who blasphemed will become mute, and an inexplicable silence, generated by the blowing of the trumpet of the second angel, will leave the entire Earth hypnotized. It will be in that hour and at that moment that the nations will become aware of all the ways they failed God; and thus the new time will be constituted after all has passed.

In the last minute of life, the two witnesses will ask God for forgiveness for their fellow beings, just as Christ taught. It will be in this way that the two witnesses will teach by example the love that loves all error. As it was on Mount Calvary, those with red gloves will become aware of their wickedness and their hearts closed to the truth of the Universe.

Children, the two witnesses are already on their way toward that moment, to fulfill the sacred scripture. Repent while there is time and ask God for His Mercy so that those most deaf and blind of spirit can be saved.

Today I reveal to you the Book of the Apocalypse because you are already prepared to understand it.

I thank you for accompanying Me!

Who prays for the two witnesses,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace