Daily Message received in the city of Zagreb, Croatia, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Today there are now more souls that enter the Universe of the Light of your Lord so that the deep nuclei may merge with the Nonmaterial Source.

Today there are now more souls of Croatia that in a coming cycle will feel encouraged to know My redeeming Love and the maternal Love of My Mother. This will help in continuing to dissolve the thoughtform about the misfortune and the oppression of these beloved people.

Croatia has a place, has a space in My Merciful Heart. And just today, the first steps are being taken within the beginning of a Work on the inner planes, which will assist and encourage the souls of Croatia to rediscover the path of faith and of love.

So, to make known the arrival of the Divine Messengers is to open the door of sleeping and hypnotized consciousnesses so that they may step out of the illusion and the vices that make good souls corrode, trapped in the prisons of materialism and excessive consumerism.

Thus, Croatia today will move toward an encounter with an inner opportunity that, for decades, has been hoped for by the Croatian people.

Open your arms, open your hearts, because the Light of Christ will shine and illuminate all the abysses.

Go ahead, inner Croatia!

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus



Dear children:

Each day that goes by is an inner opportunity to renew the vows of union and compromise for this new Nativity that is approaching, a moment in which the attention of humanity will be placed absolutely on something external and material and not on something internal and profound.

For this reason, to all those who are more conscious and are within the spiritual path, My children, will be responsible for supporting and sustaining all of the opposite that humanity will do during this month so that at least the Codes of the Divinity of Christ may be present in the majority of the souls on Earth, so that the consciousnesses feel and perceive that it is no longer necessary to submerge themselves in the superfluous life, but to go within the life of the spirit.

This is the time of the great definitions and of great steps.

I invite you, My children, to be builders of the new time for the emergence of a New Humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Songs of Figueira -  "Ascension"

This canticle places us consciously before higher realities, and in a especial way, reveals to us the existence of aspects of the human being that still are unknown to the majority.

This canticle brings us closer to a truth that already exists in the Universe, something that is part of the principle of universal life and that is conducted through inner levels that already know where our next cosmic destiny will be.

This canticle reminds us of the basic conformation of our being, that we are not only matter that is born, lives, and dies, but that all the experiences, which occur on Earth, including the daily ones, are part of a great chain of learning marked by acts of love, of forgiveness, of redemption and of reconciliation.

The Holy Spirit is revealed in this canticle as this powerful flow of divine energy that can express its Gifts through the terrestrial, as well as the spiritual, consciousness.

The Holy Spirit of God helps to gather all experiences, so that, lived on the different levels of the consciousness, they may serve as a legacy and learning for the New Humanity, as well as for the remembrance and knowledge of the universal Dwelling Places.

At a universal level, certain Solar Regents are the ones who take care of and protect the evolution of these learning experiences that cause the human consciousness to awaken to the fulfillment of its purpose and its mission.

These Regents gather together all the evolutionary and spiritual legacy that a consciousness has been able to experience on Earth so that it may serve as knowledge for the awakening of new inner virtues.

This is the reason why the experiences of life unavoidably lead the human being to achieve the meaning and the reason for their having come here to this world.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


When souls sleep the dream of this world, their eyes close to all Truth and their spirits become susceptible to all the influences of illusion and planetary chaos. Because of this, today My hands are raised before My children, to remove from their eyes the blindfolds that cause them to fall into a deep and permanent sleep.

I come to remove you from inertia and the indifference produced by a life of amenities, which you oftentimes live, without even perceiving it.

I come to remove you from the vanity and pride that make you always desire more in the world of matter, placing the goals of your lives in a material conquest, in pleasure and in human power.

My children, those of you who live here were attracted to this nation to heal something deeply rooted within the consciousness of the country, to bring from the peoples who are more open to God, in a heart-felt manner, the fervor, the devotion and the simplicity that keeps you within the divine purpose.

And those who were born here in these times have the mission of overcoming the false tendencies to which the enemy calls you, to then reestablish the divine purpose here in this nation, which must become a model of conversion, and not of decay for humanity.

The Divine Messengers have come here, beloved children, to warn you that the moment to awaken has come, because all false strongholds will collapse, and the foundations of illusion will be broken by the Power of Divine Justice. If the inner temple is not built and supported by faith, you will fall like all those who are weak in spirit, and you will have no way of rebuilding your own lives within this world.

Children, this country has chosen to live the test which will show that, before God, without power and without possessions, it is nothing.

Souls are confused and their values are inverted. The search that they have come to live in this world is not that of material conquest, it was not an experience of pleasure and power, children, that you have come to live here.

If you spend all your lives struggling against Divine Will for yourselves, only attentive to the illusions of this world, what will you take from here? What experience of unconditional and Christic love have you lived? What have you imitated from the example of Christ? How did you experience the Divine Presence? Did you give anything of yourselves to others? Or did you just conquer for yourselves something that will be buried with your ignorance in this world?

My children, humanity is not perceiving the urgency of these times, and it is very far from true divine purpose. You are not interested in true love, you are not interested in giving of yourselves to others, but rather just demanding of your brothers and sisters that which brings you outer power and goods. It does not matter to you if your own benefit results in the suffering of many of your brothers and sisters throughout the world. It does not matter to you that your comfortable life is the result of an age-old imbalance, which enriches a few and impoverishes many of My children, who suffer in matter and in spirit due to those imbalances.

Children, I would like to have you at least reflect on the meaning of your lives, that you at least question yourselves on why and for what you are in this world, on what you are building in it and in yourselves with everything that you live? On what fills your souls each day? And on how you contribute to the evolution of humanity?

I come to invite you to the simple exercise of prayer, not only for yourselves, but for the whole planet. I come to invite you to have a consciousness that encompasses Life, the Kingdoms of Nature and your most distant brothers and sisters, and, may you feel that you are not alone, and that there are many in the world who suffer and need your help. In this way, you may live to bring balance to what you have so far generated as humanity, and you may renounce the poor pleasure and constant distraction so that those who suffer may receive relief and hope from God.

I invite you, children, to have a divine purpose in life, and not a material one. Understand that this world is just the beginning, it is a temporary school which defines the evolution of souls. Here you must learn to serve, to renounce and to be a conscious part of the Divine Plan.

I look at this country and I find many of My children distracted. Those who committed themselves to Christ at the beginning have forgotten that it is through renunciation and through sacrifice that God is reached. They have forgotten that it is by giving to one’s fellow beings that one receives from the Father what is needed. They have forgotten that it is through emptying oneself that one learns to love, that it is through accepting differences that it is possible to be transformed.

My children, I am here to remind you that this is the final time for Graces, that this is the time for the awakening of faith, because only in faith will your strength reside.

I humbly ask you to open your eyes, that you pray, that you serve and that you definitely wake up, because the test of this nation is imminent, it is right before you.

Those who know they respond to God do not need to fear, and those who are far from Him simply need to awaken.

I warn you, I show you the path, and I give you My blessings and Graces so that you may walk. Take your steps.

I love you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

The reason for My coming to the United States is also to try to spiritually recover the essence of the families in the face of the facts of indifference and disharmony, which are experienced in this nation.

I will try, by all inner means possible, for the souls of this country of North America to remember that, in essence, they must recover the values of Christianity and peace so that the families from here may stop being artificial and influenced by materialism.

Thus, by the power of prayer and the perseverance of all of you, your Heavenly Mother will try to awaken the consciousnesses and, even more, the inner hearts of those who have them closed to the Love of God and those who have them open to indifference and continuous modernity.

As your Mother, I will try so that at least a small group of souls, in representation of many more, may be the depositories of the Gift of wisdom and science so that these spirits, these North American and age-old consciousnesses, may awaken to their inner truth and to the source of love among beings.

My purpose will be to pour out light and love where it no longer exists, for different material as well as spiritual reasons.

To recover the consciousness of a nation may take some time, especially when the nation itself has been condemned through its own actions.

Dear children, let us pray for love to be what will reign within all these hearts, so that truth may show itself, and the souls that await it may redeem themselves.

All of this will be possible with the loving help of all My prayerful armies.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who restores you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of São Paulo, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

While your Heavenly Mother is still in vigil and prayer over the city of São Paulo, I wanted to tell you that the inner and intense work that My beloved Son performed within you, was very profound and transforming.

Furthermore, your Holy Mother waits patiently for some souls of this nation to become aware and to feel pity for the Lady of Heaven, opening their pockets and helping like good guardians so that the mission to Central America may be carried out.

My intention is not to take anything from you, but rather to have you become aware of planetary fellowship, for the common good of all of humanity and all nations.

Here in the city of São Paulo, there are souls that could, from time to time, impel and concretize all the divine projects of your Heavenly Mother.

Thus, on this Saturday, I bring you this revelation so that the majority truly know that everything belongs to the Creator and His Creation.

For this reason, My children, My aspiration as a Mother is that Brazil, as well as other nations of the Americas, may be able to stand in solidarity and unite, to seek beyond everything, the harmony and Mercy that all the peoples of the world need.

On this day, I come to awaken you to a faithful brotherhood, chastity in material things and austerity in spiritual assets.

I come to teach you to share, just like the Sacred Family shared everything it had.

I invite each Brazilian to weave My Mantle of Light in the world through charity and sharing; thus, you will make the planet a place of equality rather than of imbalance and great poverty.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Message for the Apparition of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

Just as more than two thousand years ago, the prophecies will once again be fulfilled. The Sacred Books will no longer be only sacred, but become alive again before the eyes of the human beings.

My children, when Jesus arrived in the world and manifested, in a human expression, the Words of God and of the prophets, those who were apparently waiting for Him did not want to see Him, because He came to remove from the hands of the human beings the false power over the souls and over the temples; for they should become sacred again, so that the pure of heart and those who really were searching for God could find Him.

The doctors of the law did not want to recognize Him. They preferred to remain with their false power and humiliate the Son of God rather than surrender to Him and to the new Gospel that He was bringing. They did not want to renew their faith with the living Scripture, because it was easier to subject souls to waiting for a Messiah who never arrived.

Humanity at that time, My beloveds, feared to renew its own faith and to complete the Scriptures with what Jesus wrote with His arrival in the world. In spite of everything, My Son tore down the power of the hypocrites and the arrogant with His humility, because the smaller He was before the human beings, the more filled He was with God and His Love.

Children, I tell this because, in spite of so many wars, so many persecutions, so much denial, My Son rewrote the history and left the world a new Gospel, which renewed the Scriptures and brought souls even closer to God. Now, again the time has come to fulfill His prophecies, to renew the Gospel of Christ with life. The time has come to see His return, because those who, two thousand years ago, thought they had accepted His Presence among the human beings are clothed in false power again, taking control over the faith of the souls and hearts for themselves. They know that My Son will come, but they will not proclaim Him and will deny His Spirit, just as they denied His Body and His Blood so many centuries ago.

But this will not prevent Christ from returning to the world and demonstrating an even deeper union and likeness to God. He will come resplendent and will blind the eyes of those who thought they saw the light, but were in darkness.

As the prophet John warned humanity to repent because the Kingdom of God was near, now My Children, I tell you through My visionaries, to repent again, to ask for pardon and to renounce, before the crucified Christ, every false power you think you  have in your hands.

May all souls prepare their homes! May the churches repair their faults and renounce the material and spiritual accumulations that they hold so carefully in their homes.

The Redeemer will come and demand that those who call themselves His apostles live His Gospel. It was not He, children, who put on His garments like the garments of a king.

Christ came among the poor and divested His disciples and apostles of everything and, above all, of themselves. However, the human being once more adorned themselves and filled themselves with gold and stones, in the name of Christ, without understanding why the Messiah came into the world in a manger and not in a palace.

My beloveds, I do not tell you these things to hurt your hearts, but for you to review your lives. May all renew their vows before Christ, because only the simple of heart will recognize Him.

Will you be ready, My children, to divest of everything in the name of the resplendent Christ and see Him rewrite the Sacred Books with teachings that transcend human existence? Or will you hold the gold and the false power tightly in your hands, and  prefer to wait for the temple of this world to be destroyed in order to understand that the Son of God has returned to Earth?

Truly sanctify your lives. One who is pure and transparent before God does not need to fear anything. Therefore, children, do not say that I come to threaten you or to cause you fear. I come to warn those who are deaf and blind in their vanities and believe they serve Christ.

Recover the purity of your hearts. Pray with Me so that I may show you the Truth and the Path. Let Me wash your eyes and show you the Light, preparing you to be once again before My Son, and now, in surrender and with a sincere disposition, to follow Him.

I love you and tell you all of this so that you do not get lost. I wish that even the last living soul would recognize the arrival of My Son. His Spirit is now among you, but many deny Him.

I leave you My Peace, so that with it, you may reflect and renew your commitments to God.

I thank you.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


The Two Final Witnesses and the Love of Error

A not so distant day will come when, through His holy angels, the Lord will send the two final witnesses to the court of the world to declare before humanity the whole truth that very few knew.

The Holy Spirit of God will inspire them to speak the words, one by one, and so that the disbelievers wearing red caps may no longer deny the truth.

And the Universe, which is holy, knows that the final hour of the two witnesses will come after they have declared, with divine inspiration, that the coming of the Redeemer is close. In that hour, the two last witnesses will know that they will be fulfilling the prophecy and it will be their task to give their lives to unmask those who indoctrinated the belief into a materialistic god.

At that moment, and before the hands of those with red gloves place the two witnesses in the main square facing the crowd, to be unjustly judged, the angel of the Lord will make a great roar from east to west, and a cosmic light, like thousands of golden ribbons flying in the wind, will mark the definitive sign that the last Judgment of humankind has been established on Earth.

The angel, who will only be able to be seen by the pure of heart, will ask that the strong and momentous winds of the Atlantic deactivate the fortresses of sand that those in the red caps have built through their own idolatry.

No one will be able to deny that after they have condemned the two final witnesses of Christ, humanity will be purified. Therefore, before the blood of martyrs of the two witnesses is shed, as if poured out into a thousand temporal chalices, another sign of the Universe will appear, and the truth will come to light because nobody will be able to hide from their fellow beings.

The Lord will give knowledge and understanding to the pure of heart so that they too may reveal the hidden actions of those with red gloves; in that hour, humanity will become aware of its age-old deception and at that moment the final and unknown Judgment will begin.

Until the last hour, the two witnesses silenced by the Divine Spirit will be in deep prayer, and with their surrender, which will fulfill the final prophecy of John the Apostle, they will save thousands of those spiritually condemned.

The cry of the same women of ancient Jerusalem will be heard when those with red gloves have declared their death sentence. In that hour, a powerful fleeting spirit, brighter than the sun and all the stars, will descend upon the two witnesses who will be chained for having spoken pure truth, and many will be able to open their eyes and awaken because of the intense and Christic light that will illuminate them.

Humanity will declare death for the two final witnesses of Christ, those of His Celestial and not earthly Church, and this event will be broadcast and communicated.

Thousands of ridicules, which will be the cause for offense against the two witnesses, will immediately turn into a plague of thousands of locusts, and in that moment the sky, which before was bright, will darken.

Those who were not deaf, will be so. Those who blasphemed will become mute, and an inexplicable silence, generated by the blowing of the trumpet of the second angel, will leave the entire Earth hypnotized. It will be in that hour and at that moment that the nations will become aware of all the ways they failed God; and thus the new time will be constituted after all has passed.

In the last minute of life, the two witnesses will ask God for forgiveness for their fellow beings, just as Christ taught. It will be in this way that the two witnesses will teach by example the love that loves all error. As it was on Mount Calvary, those with red gloves will become aware of their wickedness and their hearts closed to the truth of the Universe.

Children, the two witnesses are already on their way toward that moment, to fulfill the sacred scripture. Repent while there is time and ask God for His Mercy so that those most deaf and blind of spirit can be saved.

Today I reveal to you the Book of the Apocalypse because you are already prepared to understand it.

I thank you for accompanying Me!

Who prays for the two witnesses,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Contemplate the world where you live and, for an instant, silence the thoughts of your mind and the emotions of your being.

Observe how your inner world recognizes that the life which expresses itself on Earth does not resemble the Thought of God.

See how within you inhabits the archetype for humanity and the expression of the planet as a whole.

Feel how your heart has the yearning of living fraternity and of knowing true love, that One who makes you give your life for your friends and to forgive the enemies, loving them as if they were part of you.

What will you do with this which dwells within you? Will you shut your heart – as most of the human beings do – or will you renounce worldly views to institute new life on the planet, even if it seems crazy in the eyes of the world?

Child, the age of the Armageddon has come to the planet, but most of your brothers are seeking scientific, philosophical and spiritualist concepts which place a pattern of normality in what is happening in the world today. These are the human minds trying to silence the heart.

Those who listen to the voice of God in their own interior know that a final time has begun in the world and that, without the establishment of peace in the human heart, chaos will establish its reign and govern the minds and spirits of those who did not open themselves to the truth.

Those who unite themselves to God and silence their minds, in order to let the wisdom of the essences arise, do not fear to know the truth and do not want to silence the Will of God. They know that, at the end of all this battle, the good will triumph. For this reason, they recognize the urgency of the need for transformation, recognize the imperious inner will of renouncing the old man and its tendencies and to open themselves so that the New dismisses the reign of the outdated human addictions, even though, for the human mind, these retrograde and degenerated energies, when manifested in matter, sometimes are called technologies.

Child, the path to retrocession is known by the human mind as a progress. Those who follow the trends of these so-called “advancements” do not perceive that the path to evolution was left behind when the human consciousness rejected simplicity, fraternity and love and in the industrial age, that marked a spiritual retrocession of humankind, opened itself to competition, slavery, the obsessive usufruct and the almost absolute denial of spiritual life.

In other eras of decadence, as in the end of Atlantis and Lemuria, it was the eagerness for manipulation of the spiritual power that lead man to lose its path of purity and unity. Now, again, false power takes control of the mind and of the aspiration of men who believe they can place themselves above the Creator with their free will.

The degenerated man believes it has the power over life and over the Kingdoms of Nature. That is why, by sending His Son, Who conquered death and perpetuated His Resurrection, the Creator wanted to demonstrate to humanity that only He has the Power and that all that exists under His Power belongs to the force, which is the one that loses itself and vanishes like dust before the fire of the Glory of God.

I tell you, beloved child, that many of your brothers did not learn from the example of Christ and chose an even greater suffering, a learning that would transcend the experience of only one man and would involve in himself all humanity and all the Kingdoms of Nature. The Armageddon is the Passion of the planetary consciousness.

You might be in this Passion in three different ways, as Christ and the crucified thieves next to Him: both the thieves were thinking only about themselves; however, in the end of all, one of them accepted the Will of God and converted himself in time. The other decided to keep his pride and not even with all the suffering did he surrender himself to the forgiveness of God. Or you might be like Christ, being this one who will live the same steps of the Passion of all the beings on the Earth, but not with the spirit of punishment, guilt, anger, frustration or of pain, but only offering to the Father each step with the cross of the world, so that a new redeemed race can appear from your offer of love and of forgiveness.

Child, you must choose, right away, the path which you will follow: if your footprints will be over the footprints of Christ, confirming the victory of God; if you will choose to suffer in the ignorance and remain in your own opinion, to surrender yourself in the last hour; or if you will remain in your boundless pride and even in the presence of God, you will choose the path of the abyss.

The cross will be given to you in every way. Hold it tight and take your steps.

The first steps in the planetary Passion will dictate the destiny of humanity. For this reason, from now on, in your inner Gethsemane, renounce temptations and accept redemption. God will be with you, the angels will support you and you will carry your cross, only contemplating the victory of your Most High Father.

After all, peace will reign.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, this one who comes to open the eyes of humanity


While the world sleeps a deep sleep of illusion, I call you to a true awakening.

While many see the hells opening up and burn in the fire of eternal suffering, I come to show you the Kingdom of the Heaven and give you simple keys that lead you to the Eternity of God.

While the world demands efforts from human beings to win in competition with others, I ask you to struggle to overcome yourselves and to be defeated by the Power of My Son.

While the world asks you to suffer in order to acquire material goods and that you give every last drop of sweat from your brows to build your own material kingdom, I come from Heaven to tell you that nothing that you accumulate in this world will enter My Kingdom, and whoever wants to follow in My footsteps must divest themselves of everything and leave to the life of illusion what comes from it and belongs only to it.

I come to the world to change the laws and reform human concepts. I come as Queen of Heaven, the Mother and Lady of Creation, to place you once again on the path that leads you to the Consciousness of God.

I am here to make you unlearn, die to the world and be reborn to the life of the spirit. But many prefer to continue holding on to their own will and tendencies rather than following the Voice of God, manifested on Earth through His Messengers.

Many believe they are following the path dictated by God by the simple fact of listening to My voice, and I come to tell you that until you live My Words, in the path is being trodden, and you will be deceiving yourselves when being in My presence and believing it is enough to come to Me.

Children, today I tell you that, throughout the history of humanity, many stood before Me, but the urgent need to follow their own aspirations was greater than the willingness to follow in My footsteps, and until today, after so many centuries of existence, humanity continues to run the risk of not accomplishing the Plans of God, and the majority of humankind does not fear losing their evolution, because they do not even recognize the existence of that evolutionary path.

With all of this, I want to tell you that I do not just look forward to seeing you before Me, because that is not enough. What is gained by coming to meet Me if after a few minutes, you will again be submerged in the energies of this world and are not capable of choosing brotherhood in the face of competition, understanding in the face of anger, love and forgiveness in the face of indignation?

To live My words, My beloved ones, is not to accomplish great heroic deeds of sacrifice and of conversion.

I want to see you choosing the Path of God when the adversary tries to convince you to follow its steps of dissociation. I want to see you saying 'no' to the illusions of this world, and 'yes' to the fulfillment of the Plans of God. I want to find you searching with all your strength for the path of Light, being a beacon for those who dwell in the darkness and not falling into the same abysses as your fellow beings.

My voice will not echo in the world for very long. God asks Me to announce the coming of the times of transition to beings, a moment when humanity will have to choose, by itself, to follow the Plans of God rather than their own. It will be only in that moment, when the power of love for the Creator is greater than the forces of chaos within the self, that His Son will cross the Heavens and will descend from the clouds, announcing His definite victory.

My beloved ones, do not play anymore with the path of evolution, because there is no more time. It is time to define yourselves.

I love you, I guide you and awaken you to the manifestation of the Plans of the Most High.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Queen of the Divine Word


Dear children,

Everything you see in the world, in this time, is the grave result of the self-destruction of spiritual life in humanity. Few are the things spiritually preserved today in the conscious awareness of humanity; for this reason, the aid of Heaven for the planet is immediate and urgent, to avoid more consciousnesses going on the path of error.

Thus, children, with Eyes of Compassion and Mercy, Your Heavenly Mother contemplates all these situations, and prays, hoping that someday your consciousnesses awaken to the Call of God.

Dear children, in light of the immensity of the universe that surrounds you, Your Heavenly Mother implores of Her Son to pour out His Infinite Mercy, so that at least the essences and souls may be freed from the sea of confusion and blindness, the effects of a materialistic and scot-free life.

But now, the Universe sends the Mother of the World as spiritual Mediator, so hearts may receive the last Grace of entering the Kingdom of Adonai and do not miss knowing the grandeur of His Fatherly Love.

Children, that Love is what has, through the invincible Grace of My Son, allowed the influences of My adversary to be banished from many souls.

For those who get lost, it is enough to pray and wait for a touch of Divine Grace to reach their hearts.

Remember, the opportunity is for all My children.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who keeps you in Her Lap of Light,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

While Jesus prepares Himself again to resurrect in spirit into the consciousness of every being that opens itself to live redemption, your Heavenly Mother is already beside the sepulcher, waiting in prayer and vigil, for the Redeemer and King of kings to liberate the souls that are prisoners of condemnation and martyrdom.

For this, children, I invite you today to imitate the holy women of Jerusalem, those who were absolutely and unconditionally faithful to the Master, so that in the moments in which humanity lives its worst hell, may exist inside and outside of you, a spark of light and hope, the essence that will strengthen the spirit of the self summoned.

The Master rests on His bed, surrounded by incense and violet flowers and anointed by the oils of light that restore His martyred Body.  His Spirit, on these times, works extensively and combats, together with the angelic armies, all the expressions of evil.

Children, prepare yourselves, keep vigil and keep on praying so that the Redeemer of souls, outside of the sepulcher, may find you quite awake and then, may put an end to human captivity.

Dear children, such as the holy women, wait for the resurrection of your interior Christ, the one which, over the years, has been oppressed, denied, judged and subjected to the forces of distraction, of lack of control, of desire and of the superficial materialistic life, preventing Him from awakening.  Act intelligently and abandon the prison in which you placed yourselves.

Your internal Christ will resurrect for the second time, after having borne all the horrors of a life of illusion, empty of spirit and of love.

For this, children, prepare yourselves before the great moment of self purification comes, when your internal spirits must be already strengthened by the fire of prayer, of service and by the permanent confirmation to the Plan of God.

There is no longer anything else to be done, only to wait for the resurrection of Christ within the sepulcher of your beings.

Attentive to His arrival, you will sing alleluia giving thanks to God for having become aware of how much time you wasted on the material life.  And for those who are still trapped between the chains of the unrestrained temptation and lust, pray, because through your acts and offer of love, Christ will also try to go to the encounter of the lost.

Today is Saturday of Alleluia, the angels sing: the Savior has resurrected!

¡I thank you for answering to My call!

Who waits for you outside of the sepulcher for the resurrection of the Lord,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Message of Mary, Queen of Peace and of humanity, transmitted in the city of Santo Tomé, Santa Fe, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón, on the occasion of the anniversary of the monthly Messages

My dear children,

With Grace and Mercy, I raise your hearts to Heaven, to offer the Celestial Father the loveliness and the beauty of your lives.

Today, for the last time, I send My Messages of Peace to the world. Today a cycle closes in which humanity should have heeded My call and listened to My warning Message.

On this evening of Graces and redemptions, I have prayed for all of you and have received your essences upon My lap, which are truly important from an evolutionary point of view to your Celestial Father.

While the world places its attention on the things of material life, I come here with the objective and with the divine mission that you take Me into your homes as co-redeemer and Mother of all hearts. In this way, you, My dear children, will allow Me to intercede for your peers so that they too may achieve the redemption of the heart.

In the name of the blessed Love of God, I ask you to carry My sacred Word to all the places you go; in this way, I too will be able to carry out My plans in the souls that day and night become lost in this world of illusion.

As Mother of the Divine Word, I announce Myself to all of you as I once announced Myself in Fatima, in Lourdes, and recently, in Medjugorje, because God has allowed Me to appear in all the places where is a real spiritual risk.  

With this aim, on this evening I open My arms, I lift them up to Heaven, and I plead for all of humanity and for all Kingdoms of Nature, which are ravaged by this race. I come to remove the blindness from your eyes so that through My universal healing and My Motherhood, you can awaken to the Return of Christ, Our Lord.

My eyes will illumine your paths when you simply pray with Me for the priests and the consecrated, so that they are able to be the luminous mirror of the Face of My Son Jesus; because, beloved children, this humanity is closed to hearing what comes from Heaven to correct you and place you on the path of peace.

As Queen of the Holy Rosary, I ask you to pray with Me for My plans, before the enemy manages to convince you to live a life of material illusion.

My children, My desire is that here, as in the whole world, the apostles of love and redemption be born who will be able to bear faithful witness to the return of Christ.

Thus, I ask that you be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart so you may be protected and safeguarded from all evil, because when all of you manage to open the doors of your hearts, God will be able to give you His restorative and merciful Love.

You are in a time to take up the rosary and begin to pray for peace, a peace that does not exist in humankind nor in any soul. You hold the truth in your hands. Pray with devotion, ask for forgiveness, reconcile in time and you will be worthy of experiencing the redeeming supper with My Son, the Higher Priest.

Through My Immaculate Heart, I open the doors of the Kingdom of God to you so you may quickly be elevated in spirit and dispel the codes of evil from your lives.

Through your 'yes,' My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I am grateful for the great companionship of all My children during these last three years of Graces and of conversions.

Who loves you and blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Queen of Peace and of all humanity



Trust in My Heart that I will shelter you. Do not fear for that which you still have not overcome. Rejoice in My Immaculate Heart so that My Love may echo within you.

Dear children,

Today I call you to the daily contemplation of prayers. This will allow, My little ones, that the requests that are pronounced from the Earth by each one of the souls, be heard by our Most Beloved Lord of the Heavens. Today I invite you, My dear ones, to the meditation of prayers that elevate the spirit and the soul. Raise your voices to the Heavens so that I, the Queen of Peace, may intercede for all the souls that in this final time lose themselves in materialism and ambition.

Therefore, My little soldiers, ignite the praying inner fire so that, together with My Immaculate Heart, you may help Me in the liberation and in the forgiveness of the whole world. I listen daily to your prayers and My Immaculate Heart will respond to your requests according to the Will of the Lord.

I love your hearts very much, I contemplate you moment by moment. Thank you for responding to My daily call. My Heart protects you; we are united in prayer and in Mercy.

The Kingdom of My Peace in your hearts.

Who protects you from everything, in the Celestial Light, Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more