Saturday, April 4 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear children,

While Jesus prepares Himself again to resurrect in spirit into the consciousness of every being that opens itself to live redemption, your Heavenly Mother is already beside the sepulcher, waiting in prayer and vigil, for the Redeemer and King of kings to liberate the souls that are prisoners of condemnation and martyrdom.

For this, children, I invite you today to imitate the holy women of Jerusalem, those who were absolutely and unconditionally faithful to the Master, so that in the moments in which humanity lives its worst hell, may exist inside and outside of you, a spark of light and hope, the essence that will strengthen the spirit of the self summoned.

The Master rests on His bed, surrounded by incense and violet flowers and anointed by the oils of light that restore His martyred Body.  His Spirit, on these times, works extensively and combats, together with the angelic armies, all the expressions of evil.

Children, prepare yourselves, keep vigil and keep on praying so that the Redeemer of souls, outside of the sepulcher, may find you quite awake and then, may put an end to human captivity.

Dear children, such as the holy women, wait for the resurrection of your interior Christ, the one which, over the years, has been oppressed, denied, judged and subjected to the forces of distraction, of lack of control, of desire and of the superficial materialistic life, preventing Him from awakening.  Act intelligently and abandon the prison in which you placed yourselves.

Your internal Christ will resurrect for the second time, after having borne all the horrors of a life of illusion, empty of spirit and of love.

For this, children, prepare yourselves before the great moment of self purification comes, when your internal spirits must be already strengthened by the fire of prayer, of service and by the permanent confirmation to the Plan of God.

There is no longer anything else to be done, only to wait for the resurrection of Christ within the sepulcher of your beings.

Attentive to His arrival, you will sing alleluia giving thanks to God for having become aware of how much time you wasted on the material life.  And for those who are still trapped between the chains of the unrestrained temptation and lust, pray, because through your acts and offer of love, Christ will also try to go to the encounter of the lost.

Today is Saturday of Alleluia, the angels sing: the Savior has resurrected!

¡I thank you for answering to My call!

Who waits for you outside of the sepulcher for the resurrection of the Lord,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace