Friday, April 3 of 2015

Daily messages

On this great day in which the world remembers the crucifixion of My Son, I wish that no soul may be martyrized by the hands of their own brothers and sisters, because this has led to the lost of the inner innocence of the beings.

Dear children, in order to be able to detain this wave of scourge, outrage and martyrdoms of siblings against siblings, today I invite you to consciously relive the sacrifice of Our Lord as an act that must never be repeated again in this civilization.

And as this keeps on happening in other ways that are concealed from the eyes of many, I come to beg you to detain yourselves and to no longer injure.  Nor subject the life that is being generated in the wombs of the mothers because there, a chosen soul must be born to the light that calls it.

Children, pray, pray a lot and offer your actions and daily exercises to God as a precious prayer, thus you will help to spiritually rebuild all that which has been destroyed by the hands of the ungrateful humans.

Children, your Heavenly Mother accompanies the whole world, which faces, more than a passion, a consequence that in some cases seems irreversible.   For this, with maternal love I invite you to live today the crucifixion of Jesus as a part and essence of your lives because, your little souls, by achieving this inner union, will allow that the codes of Heaven be poured over the planetary sphere under the intervention of the celestial angels.

Dear children, although your own cross seems heavy and unbearable to carry, remember that My Beloved Son carried on His back the greatest sin and the greatest denial that you can imagine.  For this, in absolute and immediate surrender, enter the Calvary and accompany the Celestial Messengers in this transition that has not finished yet.

Children of Mine, it will be through the unconditional acceptance of your own cross that all of the crosses of the ungrateful will be relieved and thus one day they will resurrect to the spiritual conversion.

Many remember the Friday of the crucifixion, but few are able to penetrate this sacred mystery of love that My Son lived.

You, more conscious about the Passion of Christ, help to renew this moment with your faith and with the same enthusiasm as always, accompany the Lord wherever.  In this way the whole humanity will revere this day as something sacred and will not consider it to be a common day as it has done so far.

This is so due to lack of consciousness and of love for what My Son offered for all.

For this, year after year you are called to live and to review the Passion of the Lord.  Only through Him you will find the inner strength necessary to overcome the end of times for which very few are prepared.

I thank you for answering to my call.

Who accompanies you in the beginning of this inner Calvary,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace