Since His crucifixion, and for eternity, from the Heart of Christ emerge Blood and Water, dripping little by little over the world and over Creation. For as long as you pray to His Divine Mercy, for as long as you live under that Law, being merciful, those drops of Blood and Water will touch souls, cleansing their eyes so that they may see a new path, and cleansing their hearts so that they may be worthy of walking upon it.

In these times, children, you need to learn to contemplate and love the signs of your salvation, as are the Blood and Water that emerge from the Heart of Christ.

To remain with your hearts in balance, growing in the spiritual life, with true foundations, it is not enough to live by your own efforts and knowledge or from all the Grace received; you also need to experience the yielding and the love that the contemplation of the sacrifice of Christ leads you into experiencing.

There is a unique power in the Blood of Christ: the power to restore, heal and redeem that which is impossible. The Blood of Christ is the foundation for all redemption, it is the meaning of spirituality in this world, it is the secret to holiness, the doorway toward yielding, the revelation of the deepest mysteries of Love for all Creation. And to enter into this mystery, it is enough that you sincerely cry out for Mercy, that you spiritually contemplate the Cross of Christ, always elevated to the inner levels of the human consciousness, and reliving His Passion repeatedly, to again find the meaning of your lives.

Contemplating the Blood of Christ, you will find the Gifts of His Spirit, the unity of a Triune God, Who surrenders out of love in each instant; you will relive the humility of knowing yourselves to be small in front of such an immense love, and at the same time, the Grace of knowing yourselves to be called to imitate that love.

Pray for Mercy and live the bases of all true spirituality. Within the Blood of Christ lies the foundation for all religious life. Pray for one another, contemplating the Blood of Christ and, above all, yield at the foot of His Cross and you will understand what I tell  you.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Thirty-second Poem

Lady of Calvary,
alleviate the weight of our cross,
help us to live Your Son’s Mystery of Love.

Lady of Calvary,
may we contemplate and live the Agony of Jesus
as a moment to strengthen our faith
and trust in the Eternal Father.

May we contemplate the Flagellation of Jesus
as the deepest testimony
of His redeeming Love for each one of us.

May we contemplate the Crowning of Jesus
as the triumph of Divine Wisdom
over our ignorance,
as the moment in which our consciousnesses
expand through the knowledge of Love received.

May we contemplate the Path of Calvary
as the opportunity for us to live our cross
and make of our lives a victorious cross,
wining through love
and through the transformation of the human heart.

May we contemplate the Crucifixion of Christ
as the coming time of liberation
from our spiritual slavery,
a liberation given by Jesus
in the last moments upon the wood of the Cross,
a liberation granted through the work of Divine Mercy.

Lady of Calvary,
may we learn to imitate Your Son
on the path of unconditional service.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


God came down from Heaven and became a man among humankind to be crucified, humiliated and abused by those who received His miracles and blessings.

God poured out every drop of His Blood, through His Son, and that very Blood redeemed and is redeeming, up until today, all those who invoke It so as to be purified.

God poured out His Water, through His Son, so that humanity could be newly blessed by the Consoling Holy Spirit, and then His Spirit descended at Pentecost.

Only so great, patient, humble and merciful a Love could have done what was done and, in this time, it is done again, because God loves His children through Christ.

Thus, in these days, the Crucified One again endures and suffers, this time through the sacrifice of His Spirit for humanity, so that souls may again find the path of return to the Celestial Father.

And by means of this path that Christ offers, by means of the Sacraments, let hearts reconsider and see that without fraternity or solidarity it will be impossible to continue onward with this beloved Project of Creation that is the human race.

The awareness and the faith of those who believe in Christ will allow them to live this change, and the doors of Grace will be held open so that what is written and foreseen can occur.

Thus, children, let the Passion of Christ make you understand the passion that the planet is living today and, in this way, the majority may manage to bring about the relief that the whole planet cries out for.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages


Through His Wounds, you were healed.

Through His martyrdom, you were liberated.

Through His pains, you were redeemed.

Through His agony, you were reconciled.

Through His three falls, you were converted.

Through His loneliness, you were unified.

Through His silence, you were absolved.

And through His Crucifixion, you found peace again.

On the eve of this Sacred Week, may your hearts ignite with love and devotion for Jesus, so that the merits of His Passion and Death may be the bridge toward the conversion of sinners.

Through your union with Christ, children, may the legacy of His Passion be valued. May each act of the life of My Son be contemplated as the opportunity of reconciling with life and with God.

In the face of all events that humanity goes through, and taking into account the time of perdition that souls experience today, by the merits attained by Christ, may the souls on the Earth receive the grace of reconsideration and conversion for their paths so that they may meet the Love of God.

Children, now that you will have the spiritual grace of reliving the Passion of My Son, may your lives testify the triumph of the Love of Christ in your hearts. And may this testimony help you in the elevation of consciousness and in the reparation of all that happened.

Dear children, during the next Sacred Week, may you again go through the mystery of what the surrender of the Love of My Son meant for the world. And may this mystery, filled with profound compassion, help the world to live its purification as a preparatory path to receive the Redeemer for the second time.

Make each moment of the Passion of Christ a part of yourselves, and may this reflect within your daily lives, in the sharing with brothers and sisters, in the Works of charity and of peace; thus you will be able to be witnesses of the Love of the Lord and carry it wherever you go.

I encourage you, My children, to have the Divine Passion of My Son transform you into His Instruments of Peace in these critical times.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Second Series of Poems
Third Poem of a Soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

I affirm it, Lord:
I know You can do everything in me,
although sometimes indifference or arrogance
may make me fall.

I know that You, Lord, can do everything,
and someday You will break
with Your own Hands
this hard stone of the human condition,
and on this day Your Glory, Lord,
will liberate me from all evil.

Meanwhile, Lord,
You, who know our
deepest miseries and errors,
I ask You, my Beloved,
make me a partaker of Your eternal Grace
so that I may be reborn
through the intercession of Your Sacred Heart.

Do not fail to show me the truth, Jesus.
However painful it may be, it will not be similar to
the pain of the nails that You endured
in Your most pure Hands.

Make me small
among the smallest,
make me invisible, Lord,
so that my arrogance
and my pride may disappear.

Hide me, Lord,
within Your luminous Wounds
and redeem
this whole imperfect being,
inside and out.

Because I know, my Jesus,
that someday You will triumph
and You will place me with all authority
where You most need me.

The hour has come, Lord,
for me to no longer be the one who lives
wishes, aspires or hopes,
but rather, dear Jesus,
the moment has come
for You to be in me.

Let me
die within, Lord,
just as Your humble Mother
died with You in each moment
at the foot of the Cross.

Reveal to me, Lord,
the incalculable value of Your Love
so that divested of everything
I may always say “yes” to You.



I thank you for keeping the words of this Soul in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Through the meditation of the Sorrowful Mysteries, what does the agony of Jesus in the Garden mean to you? What does the flagellation of Jesus mean to you?

What does the sorrowful crowning of thorns mean to you?

What do the three falls of Jesus with the Cross mean to you?

What is the value of the crucifixion and death of Christ to you? And the moment in which the spear thrust His side and poured out Water and Blood?

Have you understood the greatness of these merits?

In some part of your being and of your consciousness, all these facts and true experiences of Christ may be resonating.

Why should they resonate?

Because in communion with these mysteries, you will be in perfect communion with Christ, and you will allow all the merits of the Redeemer to replace, in your consciousness, all that must someday be transformed.

Therefore, live the Sorrowful Mysteries as a triumph, at each step, and experience surrendered by Christ.

Live each Sorrowful Mystery as the deepest demonstration of the Love of God that forgives all and can do all.

This is the essence of the experience of Love of My Son: to leave His legacy to the world so that humanity may avail itself of this legacy.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Deepen yourself in the ocean of Divine Mercy, so that, as you pray, this fountain that descends to the world may flow through your being and transform your entire consciousness first and then the whole world.

Consciously deepen yourself in the existence of Divine Mercy and recognize that you are a miracle of this Divine Power; your awakening is a fruit of its action.

Meditate on what this Sacred Mercy means to you and the entire Creation, poured from the Heart of Christ on the cross, emanated by the power of the forgiveness of His Most Sacred Heart. Meditate on this unfathomable source that does not give humankind what it deserves, that acts beyond Justice and transcends this Law that also comes from God.

Meditate on the Forgiveness of Christ, the one that opened the door to this fountain unknown to the human heart until then. It was by forgiving each of His wounds and all outrages committed towards Him that the Lord raised Himself beyond Divine Justice and gave humankind His Love and His Piety, which together were converted into the Sacred and Divine Mercy.

So many centuries have passed and humanity still ignores this powerful fountain. The hearts still have not learned to be merciful, or to ask for Mercy.

Clamor, child, for mercy for the ignorant and ask for the Grace of being merciful as was the One who is, for you, the Path, the Truth and the Life

Let the Mercy for which you clamor convert you into an imitation of Christ and thus make it worth each drop of His shed blood; make it worth each of His wounds, His Cross and the Love that made Him reemerge after death.

Show the universe that the Plan of the Creator is fulfilled in you and, by the merits achieved by Christ on the Cross, live His Divine Mercy.

The one Who teaches you to be merciful and to clamor for Mercy,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph 


When Jesus was on the Cross and said: “Father, why hast thou forsaken Me?”, it was His humanity that proclaimed those words; it was His Cells, sustained until then by Divine Power, that in the depths, feared the hour of being alone with their pain and their suffering.

After that question of His human heart, Jesus recognized in all the spaces of His Consciousness, from matter to spirit, His filiation and unity with God. He understood, at His core, the essence of love and of the human project, and experienced the fullness of being in likeness to the Father.

The fear of His Cells dissipated through the power of the love and forgiveness that emanated from Him. Jesus understood the Will of His Father and why He abandoned Him in that hour that seemed to be the most difficult when He had always accompanied Him. He discovered that the Father wanted Him to feel and experience the love He had within and which made Him in likeness to God and united to Him; and that, in truth, the Creator had not abandoned Him. He allowed Him to discover that the Father was in Him, as He was in the Father, through the love, forgiveness and mercy which, at that moment, were poured upon the Earth.

The Virgin Mary and John understood the Will of God when they saw Jesus on the Cross asking for forgiveness for those who crucified Him, and together with Christ, they learned this unfathomable love, which unites matter with spirit, which divinizes humankind.

That was how the Virgin Mary and John also experienced that profound union with God, by the simple fact of observing Christ. That union was later experienced by the apostles and disciples of Jesus and Mary through the Grace of the Holy Spirit, and in this way, all overcame the fear of death and loneliness; all filled their spirits with the courage that was born of the certainty that God was in them because they were a living part of the Divine Consciousness.

It was because of that certainty and of that courage that the Church of Christ was consolidated on Earth. But throughout the centuries, not all human beings understood the Passion of Jesus and meditated on His example to the point where they allowed themselves to be divinized by Him; not all found the certainty of the likeness to God; not all sought fortitude in the living God within themselves.

Children, today the Creator speaks to you and instructs you through His Messengers. The Most High Lord accompanies each one in their steps and renews the story, awakening New Christs. But just as He “abandoned” Jesus on the Cross, the moment will also come to each one of you to discover, in solitude, the union with God. And for an instant, it may seem unjust, painful or incomprehensible to you that the Creator abandons you when you have the most need of Him. However, if you overcome human fear and seek that union with God in spirit, you will understand that the Father, whom you always sought in the heights, is living within every being, in their essence, in their inner universe.

When the time comes for the trial of humanity, remember what I have said to you and do not fear, but rather, love and live forgiveness, like the One Who loved and forgave before you, leaving you the example.

Your father and friend, Who prepares your paths for divine union,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear children,

When souls pray, the doors to rehabilitation open and everything that seems impossible to resolve and is impregnated with error is dissolved as it receives the Light of the Spirit of God. This rehabilitation offers humanity the chance of living its conversion and of rediscovering the path towards the Heart of the Celestial Father.

In this time, My children, the Sacred Hearts open the doors of the Universe of love so that souls can enter and rehabilitate their lives and consciousnesses. This present opportunity is the last one of this cycle; this is why I ask you, children, to be aware of this Grace so you can be part of it during the time remaining.

May your rehabilitation in this cycle help the rehabilitation of the planet and of humanity so that finally, the errors will be corrected and everything moves toward the path of the light and of redemption; also, live it for all the Kingdoms of Nature so that they also may be participants in this important spiritual rehabilitation that Heaven is offering to all souls of this world.

In this way, dear children, the age-old errors will be corrected and new opportunities will be given to those consciousnesses that do not deserve them in these times.

Your inner rehabilitation will begin through love, the giving of self, and through the absolute surrender that you can give to the Celestial Father; in this way, the promised and awaited Earth will manifest after the cycle of purification of the planet and of humanity.

That spiritual rehabilitation was granted by Christ Himself when He died on the Cross for each one of you.

My children, accept this call. Redeem your lives in Christ and for Christ; thus the planet will be liberated.

I thank you for responding to My call!

For the rehabilitation of humanity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Contemplate today the mystery of the death of Christ and the solitude felt by all of His apostles and disciples, by all of His followers, since very few were able to understand the greatness of His Crucifixion.

Contemplate in your heart the withdrawing of Christ, His silence and the uncertainty that this silence caused within His ones.

Those who were waiting for Him were facing a test of faith: were synthetizing in their own interior everything they had received and everything they had learned, to put into practice to help others.

This Holy Saturday will be similar to the test humanity will live in the future times. For now you are still in the presence of Christ, of the Most Holy Mary and of My Chaste Heart; now you still count on the instruction and guide of Those who were sent by the Lord to represent Him in matter and to lead His flock to the encounter with Him. But time will come when each one will have to confirm themselves and affirm their own faith. Each one will have to share the bread and be a bridge with God for those who are empty in spirit. Each apostle and each disciple of Christ will have to announce the awakening that will come after the dark days and thus, make those who will persevere to the end keep standing and with faith in their heart because they have made a commitment with God.

Contemplate the faith of the holy women of Jerusalem and how they overcame the pain they felt in order to live the pure love that the Lord had taught them.

Contemplate the devotion of these holy devotees of Christ, who not only persevered in the Calvary but also anointed the Body of Christ, saw Him resurrected, traveled through the continents announcing His Victory and, throughout the centuries, returned to the world, still as holy women to perpetuate the Work of the Savior.

Take your strength from the mysteries of the Calvary, from the victory over death, from faith during the days of darkness and from the glory of resurrection.

Relive the history of your Lord and multiply His Grace and goodness, being yourself the living word of Christ and the fulfillment of His promises.

Do greater things than He did and so accomplish His words,

Renew the Church of Christ that is not kept in a religion, but is in the heart of everyone who has faith and disposition to follow the steps of the Lord.

The one who guides you to the Savior,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Contemplate the world where you live and, for an instant, silence the thoughts of your mind and the emotions of your being.

Observe how your inner world recognizes that the life which expresses itself on Earth does not resemble the Thought of God.

See how within you inhabits the archetype for humanity and the expression of the planet as a whole.

Feel how your heart has the yearning of living fraternity and of knowing true love, that One who makes you give your life for your friends and to forgive the enemies, loving them as if they were part of you.

What will you do with this which dwells within you? Will you shut your heart – as most of the human beings do – or will you renounce worldly views to institute new life on the planet, even if it seems crazy in the eyes of the world?

Child, the age of the Armageddon has come to the planet, but most of your brothers are seeking scientific, philosophical and spiritualist concepts which place a pattern of normality in what is happening in the world today. These are the human minds trying to silence the heart.

Those who listen to the voice of God in their own interior know that a final time has begun in the world and that, without the establishment of peace in the human heart, chaos will establish its reign and govern the minds and spirits of those who did not open themselves to the truth.

Those who unite themselves to God and silence their minds, in order to let the wisdom of the essences arise, do not fear to know the truth and do not want to silence the Will of God. They know that, at the end of all this battle, the good will triumph. For this reason, they recognize the urgency of the need for transformation, recognize the imperious inner will of renouncing the old man and its tendencies and to open themselves so that the New dismisses the reign of the outdated human addictions, even though, for the human mind, these retrograde and degenerated energies, when manifested in matter, sometimes are called technologies.

Child, the path to retrocession is known by the human mind as a progress. Those who follow the trends of these so-called “advancements” do not perceive that the path to evolution was left behind when the human consciousness rejected simplicity, fraternity and love and in the industrial age, that marked a spiritual retrocession of humankind, opened itself to competition, slavery, the obsessive usufruct and the almost absolute denial of spiritual life.

In other eras of decadence, as in the end of Atlantis and Lemuria, it was the eagerness for manipulation of the spiritual power that lead man to lose its path of purity and unity. Now, again, false power takes control of the mind and of the aspiration of men who believe they can place themselves above the Creator with their free will.

The degenerated man believes it has the power over life and over the Kingdoms of Nature. That is why, by sending His Son, Who conquered death and perpetuated His Resurrection, the Creator wanted to demonstrate to humanity that only He has the Power and that all that exists under His Power belongs to the force, which is the one that loses itself and vanishes like dust before the fire of the Glory of God.

I tell you, beloved child, that many of your brothers did not learn from the example of Christ and chose an even greater suffering, a learning that would transcend the experience of only one man and would involve in himself all humanity and all the Kingdoms of Nature. The Armageddon is the Passion of the planetary consciousness.

You might be in this Passion in three different ways, as Christ and the crucified thieves next to Him: both the thieves were thinking only about themselves; however, in the end of all, one of them accepted the Will of God and converted himself in time. The other decided to keep his pride and not even with all the suffering did he surrender himself to the forgiveness of God. Or you might be like Christ, being this one who will live the same steps of the Passion of all the beings on the Earth, but not with the spirit of punishment, guilt, anger, frustration or of pain, but only offering to the Father each step with the cross of the world, so that a new redeemed race can appear from your offer of love and of forgiveness.

Child, you must choose, right away, the path which you will follow: if your footprints will be over the footprints of Christ, confirming the victory of God; if you will choose to suffer in the ignorance and remain in your own opinion, to surrender yourself in the last hour; or if you will remain in your boundless pride and even in the presence of God, you will choose the path of the abyss.

The cross will be given to you in every way. Hold it tight and take your steps.

The first steps in the planetary Passion will dictate the destiny of humanity. For this reason, from now on, in your inner Gethsemane, renounce temptations and accept redemption. God will be with you, the angels will support you and you will carry your cross, only contemplating the victory of your Most High Father.

After all, peace will reign.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, this one who comes to open the eyes of humanity

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

In decisive times such as these, the spiritual war will have its respite, but this will be possible when your hearts, ready to serve the Plan of God, live the path of true prayer, which we teach you every day out of love for Creation.

Dear children, the souls of the world are assembled for redemption and peace so that you not lose sight of the path toward the Purpose of the Celestial Father.

The difficult time you are experiencing is called the Armageddon and, as Celestial Hierarchies, we know that many of you do not know how to face the traversing of the times. This is not the first time that the planet has experienced this; humanity has already gone through various times, and one of them was when Jesus incarnated in Israel.

Humanity was faced with its errors after the Crucifixion of Jesus, and even more so after His Resurrection. This brought about consequences up until today, and only a small part of the race adopted the call of Christ as faithful and true. It is for this reason that My Son, minutes before dying, gave Me to you; and as from that moment, Heaven, the Will of God, and the Earth, which is to say, the experience of redemption of souls, were fused so as to allow Forgiveness and Mercy to awaken.

Now that Our Most Pure Divinity descends from the universe to bring the world a new warning, humanity is at a greater turning point than it seems. This generates insecurity in the spiritual life of souls because they do not know how to find God in the middle of the chaos. 

The chaos is generated by humanity; it is a deviant current that triggers fear, panic and apprehension. But the principles of Love and of Truth are the gifts that the Divine Messengers are pouring out meeting after meeting, as a last lifeline. In this way, in redeemed hearts, the Celestial Hierarchy generates the possibility of again finding the path of the sacred and the pure among the horrors that many souls are living today.

God wants the world to not self-destruct and lose the Grace of being reborn in the Promised New Earth. The doors are open for those that want to submerge in the ocean of the Mercy of God. For this to be possible, and so the codes of the Most Holy Divinity may be sown in your spirits, you cannot keep the vows or commitments made with the realities of these times.

My beloved children, you must be collaborators in a magnificent work that is being done through your essences rather than through your skills. That attitude of true surrender and of a profound union with the Purpose of God will be the difference between being close to or far from Universal Will.

All are called to rebuild the Earth. All are assembled to prepare for the glorious second Coming of Christ in their inner beings and on the whole planet. It is for this reason that Our divine words will not tire of being poured out in your lives and consciousnesses until somebody manages to represent, in soul and body, the Kingdom of God. This will prevent the Project from failing through malice, folly and sorrow.

We thank you from Heaven for praying together with the Spokespersons of the Universe!

Who blesses you now and always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace, in the sacred presence of Her Chaste husband Saint Joseph, Laborer of God and of all souls

Extraordinary daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

The principle of the universal Sacred Family

Once upon a time there was a humble family of Nazareth, who in their spirit cultivated sacred obedience to the Divine Laws.

From a most pure womb was born the Supreme Mercy named Jesus, and in those very difficult times, the Three Sacred Hearts accomplished a task in support of the spiritual salvation of humanity.

From Saint Joseph emerged the humility to serve God. In Mary was expressed the obedience and the love for souls, and in the little Child Jesus was manifested the Grace and Mercy of the Greater Universe.

It was this project of Sacred Family that should be cultivated in all non-redeemed creatures. It was this well-thought-out project that would transcend the barriers of evil and of pain through the Love professed by the little Jesus.

This triune project ended when the Master fulfilled the Will of God on allowing Himself to be nailed to the Cross, and it was there that Sacred Mercy was poured out once again over the world.

It is this project that is still latent in the Divine Messengers, and it is for this that They work tirelessly, so that the greatest work of planetary redemption may be fulfilled in humanity.

Let the inner ears of creatures be opened so that they may listen to the celestial call, for the Will of the Heavenly Messengers, which encompasses all things, is that all creatures of the Earth be a universal sacred family. And it will be during the time of purification, My children, that this sacred and divine desire of God will be able to be concretized.

Do not cease to work for your redemption. Do not rest until you are completely empty of yourselves; it will be in this way that My Son will find new clay to mold the archetype of a family divinized by God and by the Most Holy Trinity.

It is this sacred creative project that must be fulfilled in at least a part of humanity. When somebody manages to live the principles of unity and love, it will be the sign for the Divine Messengers that the Sacred Work has been completed.

It will be on that day that the angels will sing Hallelujah, for they will have seen the promise of the universal sacred family fulfilled, which must be formed by each one of you; thus, evil will be liberated from the planet.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unifies you in the Most Holy Trinity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


On this great day in which the world remembers the crucifixion of My Son, I wish that no soul may be martyrized by the hands of their own brothers and sisters, because this has led to the lost of the inner innocence of the beings.

Dear children, in order to be able to detain this wave of scourge, outrage and martyrdoms of siblings against siblings, today I invite you to consciously relive the sacrifice of Our Lord as an act that must never be repeated again in this civilization.

And as this keeps on happening in other ways that are concealed from the eyes of many, I come to beg you to detain yourselves and to no longer injure.  Nor subject the life that is being generated in the wombs of the mothers because there, a chosen soul must be born to the light that calls it.

Children, pray, pray a lot and offer your actions and daily exercises to God as a precious prayer, thus you will help to spiritually rebuild all that which has been destroyed by the hands of the ungrateful humans.

Children, your Heavenly Mother accompanies the whole world, which faces, more than a passion, a consequence that in some cases seems irreversible.   For this, with maternal love I invite you to live today the crucifixion of Jesus as a part and essence of your lives because, your little souls, by achieving this inner union, will allow that the codes of Heaven be poured over the planetary sphere under the intervention of the celestial angels.

Dear children, although your own cross seems heavy and unbearable to carry, remember that My Beloved Son carried on His back the greatest sin and the greatest denial that you can imagine.  For this, in absolute and immediate surrender, enter the Calvary and accompany the Celestial Messengers in this transition that has not finished yet.

Children of Mine, it will be through the unconditional acceptance of your own cross that all of the crosses of the ungrateful will be relieved and thus one day they will resurrect to the spiritual conversion.

Many remember the Friday of the crucifixion, but few are able to penetrate this sacred mystery of love that My Son lived.

You, more conscious about the Passion of Christ, help to renew this moment with your faith and with the same enthusiasm as always, accompany the Lord wherever.  In this way the whole humanity will revere this day as something sacred and will not consider it to be a common day as it has done so far.

This is so due to lack of consciousness and of love for what My Son offered for all.

For this, year after year you are called to live and to review the Passion of the Lord.  Only through Him you will find the inner strength necessary to overcome the end of times for which very few are prepared.

I thank you for answering to my call.

Who accompanies you in the beginning of this inner Calvary,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children:

Do not fear for anything anymore!  Because behind every circumstance or difficulty is found the supreme support of My Heart.  See this time as a moment of sacrifice and of permanent effort to accomplish the Plan of God on Earth.

Despite the fact that the Marian soldiers are very few, on them falls the greater degree of service and responsibility; through these servers who are not indifferent, but helpful and abnegated, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I want on this day to encourage you to continue on the path of faith and renunciation.  In this way, My little ones, you will permit that the Lord of the Universe may accomplish His great works through His children, especially those who live the apostolate of Christ.

By means of constant prayer, nothing that is outside the light will disturb you.  Know that My Mantle is over you daily, and that only I may permit that in this time of chaos your souls may know the judgment is being lived by the evil.

God wants to establish over Latin America the true devotion to My Immaculate Heart; if this gesture of love and devotion were exercised by all My children through the Holy Rosary, future social, political and family confrontations would be avoided.

Those who do not pray with heart and soul in this time, will not be able to stand the involutionary game that the enemy intends to create in the hearts, such as discord, lack of unity and, above all, the absence of love.

But humanity still does not want to recognize that the end of the times is happening and that the Woman Dressed of the Sun and crowned with the twelve stars of salvation is proclaiming to the world the last saving and redeeming call; a call that Christ will be accomplishing before the great judgment.

It is time, dear children for your eyes to see a little more beyond the normal life, because while some nations of the Americas open the doors to chaos and to the plans of the enemy, I beg of you: Pray! Pray! and only pray!  Be mediators between the world and God, because over the course of this time I have already taught you how to open the Doors of Heaven through holy prayer.

If the Americas do not achieve a praying, fervent action, many families will suffer the subjugation of those who believe that they make good works.  I want to say today, before anything, that I do not come to instill fear, but I come from Heaven having decided to rescue and save those who are submerged in the abysses and in the illusions of this world.

Pray, My dear devotees, so that vices and consumerism that deteriorate the souls of the Earth, may be liberated by the Mercy of Jesus.

It has already been some centuries since My Immaculate Heart descended in Mexico, over Mount Tepeyac, to announce through Saint Juan Diego, a time of peace and reconciliation between the indigenous civilization and the white civilization; this stopped the continuous slavery of good souls and permitted that this human slavery did not continue from generation to generation.

A long time ago the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe brought between Her hands the perfect revelation of union between the peoples and God.

Today, the Queen of Peace cries out so that Her children may awaken in consciousness to that which is happening in the whole world.

Dear children, whoever truly lives prayer will have the shield of My Mantle upon their being.  Whoever lives the prayer of the heart in truth will be able to protect themselves and their families; God has given them an instrument of elevation that is much feared by the enemy.

For this today I say to you that it is already time to grow and to mature; I beg you to support Me, and that you dedicate to Me the help that I need from you, to go on pilgrimage throughout the countries of the Americas.  Even though God granted the Faithful Servant the power of manifestation, Mother Mary today gives you the opportunity to dedicate a part of your lives to the Plan of God.

Now redemption of the world must be brought forward by the effort of all; My Son will not be crucified again by human cruelty because He will return victorious for the second time to pour His Mercy over the world.

Accept the offer and the call that I give you, forever and forever I will be eternally grateful to you!

Your Most Holy Mother Mary, Queen of Peace and Protector of hearts

At the end of the strong revelation that the Virgin Mary today announced to us through the message, She gave us the following prayer dedicated especially to the Indigenous Consciousness; for this day of December 12 of 2013, on which the date of the Apparitions of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico is celebrated.


Saving Prayer to the Virgin of Guadalupe for the Indigenous Consciousness

Dear Mother of all the races,
Sacred Mirror of the Divine Justice,
Virginal Chalice that pours out
upon us the Most Precious
Redeeming Blood of Christ.

We now beg of You,
of mind, soul and heart,
Mother and Queen of Guadalupe:
unite that which is separated between our consciousnesses,
liberate the human condition with Your celestial rays.

O Holy Mother of the New Race!
open the Doors to the Sacred Heart of God for us
so that, in the times to come,
all of humanity may see the Promised Land
be born for the absolute good of all.

In Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.



Who truly and without rush prays the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy will be able to receive the precious and glorified codes of light that My Consciousness achieved on the Mount of the Olives in My agony. It also achieved them during the flagellation and with the Blood poured during the painful crowning of thorns and when I carried your cross to the Calvary and also during My Crucifixion on the Cross.

All those codes will enter in the soul that at three in the afternoon may use correctly and with devotion to the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, because at this hour it will not only pray with the heart but I will let it know the power of My Sublime Grace and in this way your hearts will get to know the passages of My Passion step by step such as I lived it.

Enter from this moment on in the science of My Mercy and be thankful for being able to understand in these times of chaos each one of the infinite mysteries that guards My Sacred Heart. If you accept, with consciousness, to learn to live the life of prayer your superior consciousness will be available to help in My Plan of Salvation and, consequently, your more earthly beings will count on the aid of the greater spirit of your true beings.

In this way I prepare hearts so that they may be workers of the Plan and consciousnesses that may be servers of My Eternal Father. Today I pour to you the wisdom that guards My Christified Consciousness so that you may understand that it is possible to be consecrated to My Lord when you simply say yes, because in this way your will will be surrendered so that may awaken in your hearts the Divine Will.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for understanding My words with the spirit of the heart!

Christ Jesus.


I want you to celebrate on this Saturday the supper with My Son, Jesus. Remember that Saturdays are days of special reparation and Grace for all those children that, united to Christ, commune with Him in His Heart and His Divine Spirit.

The day of Saturday helps you to meditate on the mystery of communion that My Son instituted in the Last Supper. This precious act that Jesus performed with the apostles allowed the great liberation of humanity in the sacrifice of the crucifixion of Jesus. The whole passion that Jesus lived invites you, during the day of Saturday, to contemplate the acts as sacred and as the beginning of the victory of the Kingdom of God on Earth, through the Merciful Love of Jesus.

With this, dear children, today I invite you to keep in your hearts the fact that the day of Saturday, with fasting and prayer in community, will be able to detain irreparable worldwide effects with the simple act of giving oneself to God, for love of those who still do not give themselves, do not love Him and do not adore Him.

Over the course of time, all this exercise will demand more effort from you. Therefore your hearts must be in constant prayer, to be able to comply with My call.

My children, know that the children of Fatima cultivated purity and surrender by being very innocent. Today I only ask you to remember the inner child that each one of you holds in the heart, which will allow you to take the steps towards the Light of the Creator.

May the days of Saturday be like a feast of Mercy for your hearts. Even though not all are able to fulfill My requests, remember the importance of this day of the week; this alone will help in the conversion of the world.

May you find in Jesus the joy of serving God, the Love.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

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