Saturday, September 19 of 2015

Daily Messages
Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

In decisive times such as these, the spiritual war will have its respite, but this will be possible when your hearts, ready to serve the Plan of God, live the path of true prayer, which we teach you every day out of love for Creation.

Dear children, the souls of the world are assembled for redemption and peace so that you not lose sight of the path toward the Purpose of the Celestial Father.

The difficult time you are experiencing is called the Armageddon and, as Celestial Hierarchies, we know that many of you do not know how to face the traversing of the times. This is not the first time that the planet has experienced this; humanity has already gone through various times, and one of them was when Jesus incarnated in Israel.

Humanity was faced with its errors after the Crucifixion of Jesus, and even more so after His Resurrection. This brought about consequences up until today, and only a small part of the race adopted the call of Christ as faithful and true. It is for this reason that My Son, minutes before dying, gave Me to you; and as from that moment, Heaven, the Will of God, and the Earth, which is to say, the experience of redemption of souls, were fused so as to allow Forgiveness and Mercy to awaken.

Now that Our Most Pure Divinity descends from the universe to bring the world a new warning, humanity is at a greater turning point than it seems. This generates insecurity in the spiritual life of souls because they do not know how to find God in the middle of the chaos. 

The chaos is generated by humanity; it is a deviant current that triggers fear, panic and apprehension. But the principles of Love and of Truth are the gifts that the Divine Messengers are pouring out meeting after meeting, as a last lifeline. In this way, in redeemed hearts, the Celestial Hierarchy generates the possibility of again finding the path of the sacred and the pure among the horrors that many souls are living today.

God wants the world to not self-destruct and lose the Grace of being reborn in the Promised New Earth. The doors are open for those that want to submerge in the ocean of the Mercy of God. For this to be possible, and so the codes of the Most Holy Divinity may be sown in your spirits, you cannot keep the vows or commitments made with the realities of these times.

My beloved children, you must be collaborators in a magnificent work that is being done through your essences rather than through your skills. That attitude of true surrender and of a profound union with the Purpose of God will be the difference between being close to or far from Universal Will.

All are called to rebuild the Earth. All are assembled to prepare for the glorious second Coming of Christ in their inner beings and on the whole planet. It is for this reason that Our divine words will not tire of being poured out in your lives and consciousnesses until somebody manages to represent, in soul and body, the Kingdom of God. This will prevent the Project from failing through malice, folly and sorrow.

We thank you from Heaven for praying together with the Spokespersons of the Universe!

Who blesses you now and always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace, in the sacred presence of Her Chaste husband Saint Joseph, Laborer of God and of all souls