Sunday, September 20 of 2015

Daily Messages

Dear children,

In these moments, the voice of the Heart of God is proclaimed through the Sacred Hearts in order to ask for peace throughout the entire Earth.  God wishes you to no longer harm the hearts but reestablish love in this world.

In the Universe, we know that it is difficult, but we count on the help of all those who pray so that at least evil may be erased from the cruel hearts.

My children, the Universe is present in all these events of the planet; many souls are suffering the result of a conquest without limit, which embraces many nations.  They flaunt gaining a kingdom that does not belong to them, and they really forget that life is the most precious of all.

This endless war must finalize; for this reason, the sources of prayer that can spring from your hearts will allow the angels of Heaven to intervene for this humanity.  The values of life have been lost and many innocent beings are living the consequences of the actions generated by others.  In this way, everyone makes the Heart of God tremble, by losing the consciousness and the true sense of that which is sacred and pure.

For this reason, I come every day to ask My children for prayers; it will be through your true offering that the Celestial Father will pour Mercy out upon the hearts most in need.

Dear children, Your Heavenly Mother is already found working upon the planet.  I have come in Glory and Divinity in order to prevent the errors from spreading like poison within the hearts of humanity.

As you will see, My dearest children, we are in times of emergency, in which your purpose and path must be very clear; in this way, you will help Me, out of love, so that everything passes as soon as possible.  Universal Justice will not fail to act and humanity does not know about this.

I thank you for being with Me in times of emergency!

For Peace in the world,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace,

After the daily message Our Lady transmitted to all the following spiritual exercise of praying.  She said:

“To prevent the Wrath of God upon the world and to intercede for the souls of the innocent children, for the Celestial Peace to be established in the poor hearts of the world, I give you the Rosary for the Peace of the Children in War”.

By request of Our Lady this Rosary must be prayed during the next three years.

With love, you shall implore to God.

Union bead
Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Source of all prodigies,
pour Your Mercy over the conflicts of the world.

First decade
For the Angel of Peace,
we implore to God,
calm the suffering of the little ones.

Second decade
For the Angel of Love,
we implore to God,
satisfy the hunger of the orphans.

Third decade
For the Angel of Healing,
we implore to God,
restore the wounds of the innocent.

Fourth decade
For the Angel of Light,  
we implore to God,
illuminate the paths of the children of the world
so that they may find the Love of the Mother of God.

Fifth decade
For the Angel of Mercy,
we implore to God,
keep in Your Heart, Lord,
the emigrants and those missing.

Supplication to the Sacred Hearts
Prayer to be recited three times at the end of the Rosary

Most Pure Heart of Mary,
Mother and Queen of Peace,
Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph,
Worker and Custodian of souls,
Sacred and Divine Heart of Jesus,
we implore to You, in the name of humanity,
may the Kingdom of God be established
until the one thousand years of peace are fulfilled.


This rosary will permit Your Heavenly Mother to intercede, together with Saint Joseph, for the conflicts of the world, and especially for the souls of the innocent beings and for the children in war.

Peace and Prayer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace