Dear children,

A soul that prays with the heart is, for Me, favorite, because I will call it intercessor between God and the humans.

A soul that consecrates itself to a life of prayer is, for Me, favorite, because I will call it instrument of God in the world, door of His Mercy for the most needy ones.

A soul that seeks, thirsty and tireless, the Source of the Universal Life is, for Me, favorite, because I will call it precursor of the New Race, seed of the New Humanity which will live peace, forgiveness and redemption.

A soul that seeks redemption and walks towards the Infinite, without losing sight of the return to the Celestial Origin is, for Me, favorite, because I will call it light in the world, guide of the lost ones, safe path, an example to be followed.

A lost soul that extends its arms to Me is, for Me, favorite, because it represents My possibility of helping many more.  I will call it reason of My coming to the world.

A sinful soul that repents of heart and seeks the forgiveness of God is, for Me, favorite, because it indicates to the Universe that this humanity is still rescuable. I will call it Divine Hope in the human heart.

A soul that does not believe in God, that does not seek Him, that does not repent of its sins and carries on causing evil in the world will also be, for Me, favorite, because this soul will impel Me to be tireless and My Heart will not leave this world until the last one of them has been rescued.  I will call it Victory of Christ in the world and in the Universe because someday this Victory will happen.

My beloved, I wish with these words to say to you that all of the souls of this world are favorite before My Heart, each one of them will impel Me to pour over humanity a different Grace of God.

With the same love, perseverance and joy I will seek those who accompany Me and those who deny Me everyday because My maternal eyes know what they represent to God and just see, in each soul, its Divine Origin.

When My Eyes contemplate the world, they find in each being a possibility of the living manifestation of the Love of God, as well as it happened with My beloved Son Jesus because God Himself lives inside of each being, as well as He lives inside of Christ.


Dear children,

In the eyes of God, the soul always loves.

In the eyes of God, the soul lives its faith.

In the eyes of God, the soul walks and ascends.

In the eyes of God, the soul is in God.

In the eyes of God, the soul recognizes the path towards Christ.

In the eyes of God, the soul drinks from the Fount of the Love of God.

In the eyes of God, the soul grows and finds strength in the Heart of God.

In the eyes of God, all souls are equal and all of them are united to the Creating Principle of God, because in the eyes of God one lives the great mysteries of the Heart of God.

Dear children, today I invite you all to remain under the merciful gaze of God, because in the eyes of God your hearts will become inseparable from the life of prayer, and the Great and Divine Spirit of God will allow you to know the humility that you need in order to fulfill His One and Only Will.

My children, when I invite you to be under the gaze of God, it is for you to recognize that you are not walking alone and that, united to His heart, you will be guided by Love and by the Holy Spirit.

Little children, many hearts still are not under the kind gaze of God. The Father is close to each one of His beloved children and you, in the name of Love, can help so that the whole world may be under His gaze.

Each child of this humanity must open the treasury of the heart in order to reach the gaze of God.

My Father, the Most High, is in your hearts and therefore I invite you to search for Him within your beings because many children easily forget God in the heart. Your attention to be in God will alleviate the martyrdom that He receives from the constant offenses of humanity.

If humanity were in the Mercy of God, it would be a merciful humanity. You are still in time to find the Source of the Love of God in your hearts, because My Maternal Aspiration is that you learn to love as Jesus loved.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Daily Message received in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

If you have eyes to see Me in your brothers and sisters, if you have ears to hear Me in your brothers and sisters, if you feel My Love radiate through your brothers and sisters, why do you doubt I am here?

My Omnipresence is unknown to the world. My Omnipotence has not yet been fully revealed to humanity. 

I am present and silent in all places where two or more gather in My Name, to recognize Me and call Me as Shepherd of souls.

I contemplate, I accompany and I pray for each one of the inner situations of My apostles, in the same way that I prayed for the apostles in the Garden of Gethsemane.

I see and I observe all the needs. I take into My Heart all the situations of life.

Receive, then, My absolution on this blessed day so that, from My Love and My Compassion, you may learn to live. In this way, you will have the courage to face your own miseries without defiance, and without rejecting them or denying them. You must transform them with the patience that faith gives you and the wisdom that love gives you.

Continue, every day, to live the path of redemption for Me, your faithful Friend.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


You who despair, look at Me in My eyes!

You who are perturbed, look at Me in My eyes!

You who live the Calvary of the worldly life, look at Me in My eyes!

You who feel that all is lost, look at Me in My eyes!

You who think that you will not be saved by Me, look at Me in My eyes!

You who lose strength and courage to follow Me, look at Me in My eyes!

You who are on the path of transformation, look at Me in My eyes!

Do not stop contemplating Me, and look at Me in My eyes!

Confirm your permanence in Me, and look at Me in My eyes!

Satiate the thirst of your spirit in My Heart and look at Me in My Eyes, because I will comfort you, and with you I will support the cross that you must carry until the end of the goal.

Always seek Me and look at Me in My eyes!

I am here, look at Me in My eyes!

Strengthen your faith, and lose your fears, look at Me in My eyes! And always say yes to Me, in spite of your loneliness, of your tiredness, of your restlessness.

Look at Me in My eyes! Because you will know the power of My Mercy for you.

Look at Me in My eyes! And do not forget Me.

Look at Me in My eyes! And find the Saving Light of My Heart.

Look at Me in My eyes! And confess yourself with Me, I know you very well.

Look at Me in My eyes! And abandon yourself in Me!

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus


May your heart not bet ashamed and may your eyes not cease to look at Me because I know where you come from, to where you will go and from where you will come towards Me.

In this time of great changes for the consciousnesses of the entire world the enemy articulates its cunning plans to remove from the path those who may be resuming the reconciliation with God through My Sacred Heart.

For this My Mercy in this time demonstrates Its power to the humble ones, Its Grace to the little of heart, and Its infinite Piety to the simple and empty hearts. Never cease to look at Me in the eyes because it is through them that I know the history that is guarded in you from the origins.

The power of My Mercy does not only come to call those who have made a commitment with Me, but it also comes to liberate those who have fallen and who have offended the God of Love.

Be in humility as a result of the Spiritual Grace that in My Full Name you are receiving because thus I will be able to arrive as a source of healing and of restoration to all of the shepherds, to those that I have chosen so that they may proclaim My Word of Life and of Eternity.

Pray for your shepherds, pray for My ones, they also need a warm support of prayer and love for the co-redeemer task that it is up to them to realize with all of the souls for this time of spiritual crisis in humanity. I guide you towards the greatness of My Heart and now, in this time, I ask you that in everything you are one so that the wave of purification that will remove the world its place will be able to be sustained by the apostles that My Heart is calling.

Aspire to live for My Good News because the time of peace will come for those who have stopped looking at God the Creator.

Under the Glorious Love of the Father, be blessed of heart.

Thank you for meditating on My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, the one of yesterday and the one of today. 


Dear ones,

Praised be your hearts because you will be able to be in My Glory when you just follow My Saving Path.

Through My Holy Cross, I redeemed the world and I liberated from hell many essences that were condemned to eternal suffering. Today I no longer carry the heavy cross of your world, but I will return to give Eternal Life to that which seems to be dead in life. I will come to give My Spirit to that which seems to be empty.

With Me, in Me and together with Me, you will never lose the light that I provide to you from the Kingdom of My Father. Who lives in Me, I promise that they will not suffer, not even in the hour of the death, as your humble heart will find the eternal light that you have searched for so much.

For this, My dears, today do not only meditate upon what I gave for you. I ask you that you see My Sacrifice for the world as the victory of redemption over evil. Meditate upon My Passion as a Glory of the Spirit and of the Will of My Father so that, united as one flock, you may find the Doors of Paradise open.

I only ask you to serve Me, to love Me and to love the neighbor as I loved you, even in My last moments. Now My Love is strong, powerful and unfathomable for those who just renounce to themselves so that My Divine Spirit may be able to enter.

Dear ones, may this Holy Friday be honored and confirmed by all of you as the definite return of your lives to My Celestial Life, of your hearts to My Sacred Heart, of your missions to My Sacred Planetary Mission.

May no one lose the devotion of having Me by their side because, in truth, I tell you, that before I come in Spirit to your encounter during this day, I already knew each one of your consciousnesses.

With this be partakers of My Omnipresence in Heaven and on Earth.

Dear ones, I make you walk by My side, remembering My Passion, because today you will relieve the burden that the world places in My Poor Heart. Look at Me! See the resplendence of My Eyes, wise eyes of kindness that in love want to bring you the Light and to the Eternal Love of My Father.

May today emanate from you the consecration and confirmation of your souls to My Heart.


Wherever you are, unite your heart with God to fulfill His Will and manifest His Plan.

The Will and the Plan of God are much greater and vast than your little mind can conceive of. Meanwhile, it is through the simple things where your heart finds the path to live this Will and fulfill this Plan.

The Creation of God is vast and broad within the dimensions, both in Heaven and on Earth. However, to remember it and recognize it today, being able to access these sublime realities, all you need is to be simple of heart, pure of intention and ready to love and serve more and better, each day.

Even though your physical eyes cannot see extraordinary existences and manifestations of life, your heart may participate in what is invisible and your soul may travel though the eternal realities when you are united with God.

Humanity was created for much more than just seeing and feeling the realities of life. Human beings were created to unite these realities, live them and be within them at the same time.

Because just like the Heart of the Celestial Father, the hearts of His children have the possibility of uniting within themselves all Life, of being united with everything and participating in all dimensions of existence.

Thus, before perceptively seeing, feeling or experiencing Divine Truth, seek, child, to surrender your heart to God and, through the yielding of your spirit and of each part of your consciousness, become one with all Creation.

The dimensions dwell in you and your heart can dwell in all of them, and experience them when you are simple and true.

You have My blessing for this. 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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