Monday, September 21 of 2015

Daily Messages

Dear children,

As the flowers that reopen under the spring sun, I hope that your hearts keep transforming themselves like precious roses in the maternal garden of My Heart.  In this way, My children, you will help the whole world to recover the beauty with witch it was created.

Ignorance, mistreatment and imposition have made of this world a deserted garden, in which not even the Water of Life can spring in the hearts of humans.  I come to recover in humanity the feeling of loving life and respecting it above all.

Children, your prayers can please God and at the same time, help in the liberation of the cruel and unfaithful world.  The light of My powerful rays ignites the lost souls and conduces them until they find the way towards the Celestial Father.

Day and night, without time or delay, Your Heavenly Mother prays for you so that humanity and the hearts do not lose the path towards the reencounter with love and the supreme truth.

For this, children, I wish to have you in My arms, I hope to see you mature to begin to traverse the path which will take you to a total consecration of life and spirit before the Eyes of the Creator.

Dear children, I hope to have you by My side all the time, I hope to see you prepared so that together with Your Mother from Heaven, we may live the final challenges of consecrating the planet to the Blessed Heart of God, in this way everything will change.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who elevates you to the Heart of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace