Tuesday, September 22 of 2015

Daily Messages

Dear children,

In urgent times do not get tired of searching for the purity of the heart, because it will be purity that will embrace you and protect you.

You, My dear children, must purify yourselves in order to reach this state of Grace, and the Mercy of God will be the sustenance that will help you cross this time of definition, purification and spiritual war.

Every day, through the prayer of the holy rosary and by the interior effort, you will find the path towards the original purity that each one of your beings keeps in the depths of the soul.

Dear children, do not get discourage by finding difficulties, it is part of your constant transition to see and get to know the deepest secrets of the unconscious world, something to which humanity does not pay much attention.

With My love and Maternal Grace, My children, I will help you to conquer the kingdom of the purity of the heart.  Do not fear falling and rising many times, the love of your spirits will be the driving force which will remove the obstacles and will make you transcend yourselves every day, until you have finally reached redemption.

God needs the purity of your hearts to transmute the evil of the planet and the grave errors of the adversary.  When your hearts pray with Me they are able to triumph, and in the times to come, be the living example of an immediate conversion.

Dear children, let us work to reach peace and purity, the scale is already unbalanced and there is no one to repair it.  I am with you and I pray for your prompt sanctity.

I thank you for answering to My call for Peace!

Who loves you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace