Wednesday, September 16 of 2015

Daily messages

The world does not comprehend yet what is to live without the Love of God, the Love that heals, liberates and renews all things.

This full Love is rejected by some souls of the world that have only placed their eyes on their own fulfillment, on the conquest of peoples and entire regions on the Earth.

This has brought the separation of the spirit from the earthly being as consequence, breaking the true fusion that the Love of God promotes.

For this reason, My eyes do not stop crying and begging to the Celestial Father for His Divine Mercy because it will be through those who answer to My call that the Work of Peace will be concretized at least in one part of the world.

My spiritual wish is that everyday there may be souls in prayer that are capable of helping to change the events that humanity itself generates through the ambition of having more and more each day.  In this way, My dear children, My sorrow is not for the tests that are difficult to overcome, My maternal anguish is for the serious destiny that the humans are suddenly creating in many nations.

The Grace of God will purify their debts and soon they will be liberated from all.   But now, those called by Christ for the end of times must be willing and determined to carry out unexpected missions and rhythms of prayer increasingly wider; in this way the beast will not place its claws on some nations, those which must be guarded by the Light of My Maternal Heart.

Thus, My beloved children, aspire to be nothing, aspire to be in God and to follow His designs.  Many religious and lay people are surrounded by the influences of this current world, which diverts their attention from God.

One of the reasons why I have asked for the mysteries of the Holy Rosary is to take away from illusion and hypnotism whoever engages in all those things.  I hope that in face of the seriousness of the times of Armageddon My praying children, after the thirty-three days of prayer, do not lose the inner impulse of pleasing and relieving My injured Heart.

For your sincere help, even though it is a very small answer, My Immaculate Heart will triumph in the sinful souls.  The cup has not been broken yet by the ray of the Angel of God´s Justice; you and I are preventing it.

I thank you for answering to My urgent requests!

Who encourages you to walk in faith,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace