To those who once awakened to God

Look at yourself and with faith observe what has happened in your life after these last and long years.

Look with love and fervor at everything that, little by little, has changed, how many things have already been dissolved and how much there is still to be sublimated and surrendered.

Recognize that you are a miracle of God and that your consciousness was blessed by the Heavenly Father.

After so many efforts, trials and challenges look with gratitude where you are today and who surrounds you. They are your friends, your companions and your apostles, the apostles of the path.

Do not lose hope and glimpse with joy the wonders that the Lord has done in your life.

Look at the past transformed and converted, and contemplate the present consecrated to the Will of God.

Everything in life has a reason. Everything in life has a meaning and a goal. Everything that happens has a reason and is part of an infinite and eternal principle.

Rejoice and confirm yourself again in the path of love, of constancy, of perseverance, and of faith.

The world needs a valuable soul such as yours, which can be a receptacle of all the Graces and encouragement for those who suffer the most.

Listen, listen again to the call of the Lord and let Him be the one to guide your life until the next stage.

The time has come for you to recognize the divinity within you, as a poor soul, divested and free, at the feet of the Redeemer.

Remember, day and  night, all the things the Lord of Life has done in your life.

Penetrate, finally, the Great Mystery and be a part of Creation, being in inner communion with Heaven and Earth.

Only give thanks, again and again, give thanks so that the spirit of gratitude may rebuild the planet and, above all, humanity. May gratitude bring you to understand everything and to love everything, without conditions and without expectations.

And now, after so many years of blessings and instructions, celebrate with Heaven the victory of the King in your tiny life.

In my arms I take the world. In My Heart I keep humanity. In My Prayer I help humanity and so I aid all souls. With My eyes I contemplate the happiness of the hearts and the pain of the wounded hearts.

For this My Mission is to bring the Heaven to the Earth through prayers from My soldiers. My Graces are spilled hour by hour, second by second over this needed world. My hands pray perpetually for you. My Immaculate Heart elevates itself to the Celestial Throne of God to ask as the mediator for all humanity.

Meanwhile the time, the changes and the events pass so quickly in the life of all souls, My Heart wants to take you to a deeper state of peace. I want to reveal to My little ones the essence of the Divine Mercy of Jesus. I want that My little ones learn to be with My Son without fearing anything and then walk with happiness towards the encounter with His Compassionate Heart.

As a Mother I guard hearts, I awake the power and the faith for life. As the morning I bring the hope, the renovation in Jesus, the beginning of a new path to God.

Day by day I contemplate more the needs of humanity, for this the Heavens of God, the Highest sends Me to My children to help them to encounter the Love of Creator.

Dear souls of God Father,

Today as a Mother of the Divine Mercy I spill one more time the ray of forgiveness and of reparation for your hearts. But so that your lives feel unfathomable fountain of reconciliation, you must say Yes to God, the Father of Love and of Compassion.

Dear children, today I am calling you to convert your lives in forgiveness, in peace, in eternal mercy for all.

Today I am calling you to do something for humanity, because humanity for its own actions is separating itself from the peace of God.

Today I am calling you to reinforce the power of prayer in your lives.

Today I am calling you to fast, to meditate into the mysteries of the Saint Rosary.

Today I ask you to have a compassionate and humble hearts, so that Jesus manifest Himself in each one of His disciples.

Today I am calling you to be active servers of God for your neighbor, for your families, for your most dear friends,  for all humanity.

Because today My Heart calls you to be in Christ, the Savior so that the Grace of God aid the world.

Today I call you to open your eyes to reality in humanity and to put yourself in perpetual prayer for all causes that need Mercy from the Redeemer.

Dear children,

Blessed be Jesus in your hearts for all eternity!

Today I invite you to contemplate in gratitude the Sacred Heart of my Son, because He will give you the necessary strength to convert your hearts into precious instruments of love and truth.

For this dear children, always keep in your hearts and in your lives a moment of prayer, to talk to God Almighty, so that your souls may be participants of the Mercy of the Redeemer.

Today My arms of pity and My Light of Love are extended to irradiate you deep in your spirits.  For this to go on happening, My children, you must live the sincere and true act of the prayer of the heart, because in this way you will find out how the spirit of the prayer of the heart will help you to forgive and reconcile your own hearts with God and especially among your dear family members, friends and acquaintances.

For this My little ones, it is time to live the act of the prayer of reconciliation so that all My children may be participants in the promises of Christ.  Your little hearts’ commitment, the ones that are over this Earth, is to vigil in prayer, vigil for those who do not and for those who are distracted in the modern world.

In this way My little children, your hearts will be as the hearts of My Cherub Angels, the ones that vigil in the essence of love, for all those who day by day easily withdraw from God Creator.

For this the task of the groups consecrated in prayer to My Immaculate Heart will be to vigil at the end of this time, in constant prayer, because in this way the strength in My children will be the verb of love, guided by the Holy Spirit.

I thank you, My children!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity..


I always like to return to the home of My good friends, because in spite of what happens, they never lose their favored place in My Heart.

As in the past, today I visit My old friends, friends of the path, friends and companions in service, in charity and in the fidelity that must be achieved through faith and persistence.

When I visited the families, during past times, it was in those places where I felt better, in the home of My friends, in the households of My apostles, because with them I could share the depths of my heart.

In the house of My friends, My Heart overflowed with an immense and immeasurable love that was capable of freeing and redeeming all things.

In the house of My friends I shared My Peace, and I left this peace so that they would always remember me because, as I said to you once, I could not stay any longer on Earth because I would be returning to the House of My Father.

That is why, today, I return and visit one of the homes of My old and well-known friends to feel My Heart and the ardor of the devotion of My Soul for those who have walked with Me from the beginning.

I thank you for keeping My words in your heart!

Who blesses you and fills you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Finally somebody places their gaze on this, on My Church and chapel of the people.

Finally somebody comes to visit me in the Sanctuary so that I can pour My Graces, the Graces of a meek Heart, that cannot do it without having a place and a space to pour My Love.

But today I have found this place in the heart of Mine who, in spite of everything, comes to Me and visits Me.

I am present and attentive in all the Sanctuaries on Earth, there I can attend to their supplications.

My Heart is sorry when the souls forget Me and leave Me aside, because then I cannot do anything, I cannot give anything while the souls are distracted with the world and do not visit the Blessed Sacrament.

I encourage you to remind your brothers and sisters of this and, in spite of how empty the Churches are, to call and invite your friends to visit the Silent Blessed Sacrament at the altar.

Thus, I will give you all the treasures that I have and I will be able to pour the Fountain of My Mercy on those who most need it, and also on those who search for it in their heart.

I thank you for keeping My Words in the heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Jesus Christ


As a Carpenter, I gradually molded the raw wood of you heart, so that you could discover the treasure that is within you.

As a Shepherd, I gradually conducted your paths, just as My Son taught Me, so that you could reach His Sacred Heart.

As a Father, I gradually polished your more human aspects, showing you what you are not, so that you could know the truth about yourself.

As a Friend, I was ever present, making Myself felt in each trial and bringing peace to your heart, to calm your anguishes and illuminate your abysses.

As a Companion, I gradually opened the doors of Heaven for you, pointing to the rocks on the path and accompanying your steps, so that you could make the Love of God triumph within your heart.

Now, child, I come, as a Servant of God, to show you a broader and deeper path, albeit invisible and hidden.

I come to show the path so that you may live My words, experience My instructions and thus, you may not only see how My Heart reaches the world, every day, but you may come with Me, enter the Portals and find your Celestial Father, Your Creator and Creator of all things.

I am Your Servant. He is your Lord. I have come here for you, so that you may accompany Me toward His Heart, and this path is trodden in silence, in the depth of your inner world, crossing the door of your essence that leads you to God.

Come, for the hour has arrived. Hear My silence and follow My walk. I come to make room for the voice of God within your heart.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.