Dear children,

While the doors to transmutation remain open in many parts of the world, on the other hand, on a planetary level, a relief is generated by the voices that give themselves to the path of prayer, both in their families and in the nations of the world.

Thus, the doors to transmutation liberate, by themselves, the weight of the degenerated facts and the faults committed by humanity on a spiritual and material level.

In this way, whenever groups of souls come together to pray, new possibilities to liberate the planet are presented; and this is a service that hearts can only donate when there is a true openness within them.

It is not an easy or pleasant task to enter through the doors of transmutation, to offer a service of love and surrender for humanity; but the Heavenly Father considers this work of transmutation as one of the most important in order to carry forward the redemption and conversion of humanity.

For the majority, this function will be new, but it is one of the deepest services of love that the servants are invited to live in this time.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children:

On this day, I invite you to contemplate the Plan of God and its Purpose in each action of life, in each service, in the accomplishment of His Divine Will.

Today I invite you to love this Plan unconditionally and not to reject it, as does the majority of Humanity.

Dear children, in this way, by loving the Purpose above everything, you will always be in the correct path and in the right direction, and you will never stop attending to the needs that present themselves in your life.

To love God’s Plan unconditionally so that it fulfills itself, means to renounce without understanding and accepting with all the inner openness of your hearts.

Millions of souls seek, through different paths, to know about their purpose in this life, and this leads them to lose themselves on paths foreign to their capabilities.

I would like, My children, that you understand that their still exist consciences that, having received the call in their lives, decided on their own to separate from the Divine Purpose of the father.

I ask all of you that, conscience of the path of prayer that you are realizing in these times, just seek to lovingly fulfill with what is asked of you, without any criticism or judgement.

The Greater Good is very great and you still do not know it because humanity is always immersed in the laws of matter.

So that your hearts are consistent with the Plan of God, I invite you to adopt it and live it so that this experience multiplies in you the absolute confidence that everything that you are living is part of a wise and infinite Greater Will.

Today I leave you this instruction, dear children, because there is no time to lose, only faith will suffice and by faith walk forward.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Making you aware of the Superior Life,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

My Immaculate Heart ardently aspires that the Plan of God be fulfilled in the heart of each creature of this world and, in consequence, in each nation and in each people. But My aspiration, even being divine, is not enough because the beings of the Earth need to say "yes" to Me and follow the steps which, day by day, month by month, I dictate to all.

My beloved children, today I want My Peace to enter in your hearts and confirm My presence to your minds. I am here to transform you entirely, but if you do not open yourselves before Me, how will I be able to make Myself felt in your hearts?

Many ask Me for confirmations that I am here. Others ask Me for miracles so that their families and friends may believe in My Apparitions but few, very few, are those who make of themselves My greatest miracle in this world.

My dear ones, I have already made many miracles in other times and keep doing it so that those most incredulous hearts may open themselves, at least a little bit, to My Love, but humanity has not learned to value what I have given you and has not recognized that the miracles that I have made were the last way out for those souls that would have completely lost their evolution in a short time.

I summon this group to growth, to effort and to persistence. I want to see in your faces more than the reflection of beings converted to the path of prayer, because I am not here only to give one last opportunity to the consciousnesses that have never accepted redemption, I am congregating those who have committed themselves to Me since the beginning of this Plan of Love and planetary rescue, consciousnesses that will impel others to transformation and that will be able to give their own lives, if it is necessary, so that a new humanity may be born in this world.

I ask you to develop faith in your own hearts – far beyond phenomena and miracles – and to forge, with the Fire of the Spirit of God, your own transformation, because in this way you will awaken in your hearts the Living Christ which, as a potentiality, inhabits in the depths of your essences.

It is for this reason, children of Mine, that I ask you to give the most of yourself, that I correct you and that tell you the truth so many times, despite of it being painful to that part of your consciousnesses that has got attached to material life and that has little interest in the matters of the spirit.


Discover purity and its fount in the heart and reach it through the path of prayer.

Do not look towards the abysses of the consciousness, go ahead in the search for the fountain of the heart’s purity.  Do not detain yourself in the paths of thought.  Do not drown in the lakes of sentiment.

Go ahead in the search for the source of the heart’s purity, there you will be free.  Keep on walking in confidence; prayer is the torch that guides you towards the fountain of the heart’s purity.

If you fall on the stony path of your own faults, an angel will extend His hand to you; trust and go ahead searching for the fountain the heart’s purity.  Walk without fear, may no evil invade you, remember the resplendent fire of prayer that guides you to the fountain of the of the heart’s purity.

Do you see it at the distance? It is not so far, that is the source of the heart’s purity.  Look how it shines.  It is fresh and pure water, it is chaste and clean, it is the fountain of the heart’s purity.

Do not discourage yourself, there are few steps left; may your feet be very firm to get to the fountain of the heart’s purity.

Do you see Me sitting in front of the fountain? I am the Guardian of all fountains of purity in the hearts.  There, exist no debts, only love reigns; let this love transform the sins of your consciousness.

Feel free, you are already in front of it, get to closely know the fountain of the heart’s purity.  Let your Mother from Heaven cleanse you completely, let Her purify your stains through Her Grace.

I am the Mother of the Most Pure Fountain of the Heart of God.  Now you are clean by the rays of My Grace.  Surrender to My arms and sleep on My lap, I am the fountain that cures the heart.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who guides you to the Fountain of the Love of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Let Me know your inner world, I Am You Pious Mother, the One who knows the secret corners of your mind and of your heart.

In trust give Me that which you are and that which you have done wrong; accept in return the source of Mercy that My Heart wants to pour as light over your being; in this way, united as only one, I will be able to purify the stains that darken your heart and I will give it the perfect shine of a pure heart.

Seek without delay the Divine Purity, begin day by day to observe your acts, feelings and thoughts.  Permit that the prayer of the heart may renew your cells and atoms.  Permit that the miracle of prayer may occur, which will be to transfigure your mistakes by means of the efforts realized.

The universe is constant harmony and equilibrium, for this seek that prayer may attune you with the greater principles of Heaven, those principles of brotherhood that are beyond this world.  And a way to be able to achieve this is the bridge of prayer, which will rapidly unite you to My Heart, a Heart that waits with joy that you may unite to the fundamental principle of love.

When you can feel true love in your heart, this will be the moment in which you will be able to begin to forgive the mistakes committed against yourself or others.  Love will always bring the praying soul to encounter the path of forgiveness.  For this, the world of today is against the purpose of God, because of the lack of love and of forgiveness.

In this time of crisis for all My children, I come to the aid of all of those who want to accept Me as the Regent of their hearts and of their lives; I come to those who want to accept Me as the Universal Mother.

The world needs urgently to live precious acts of forgiveness and of love, those that are born from the souls that pray to the Celestial Father asking Him and clamoring for Mercy.

No child of Mine will be able to take an important step in consecration and in the emptiness of self, without first living the path that I propose, which is the path of the prayer of the heart.   Prayer will give you enough inner strength to love and forgive as God expects.

I do not want that your hearts offend anymore, but that they love and forgive; this will be the only means that will permit you to seek Grace and Mercy.


My children,

Before the beginning of a war between chaos and the worldly forces you must strengthen your spirits with the power of prayer.

I prepare you in this time, as I prepared the apostles of Christ in a past time, to proclaim without fear the Good News of the Kingdom of the Heavens in any type of darkness.

The life of the apostles of Christ was worth the salvation of many souls and it gestated in that time the possibility of the awakening of many who live today.

For this I come today to the world to prepare those who will offer the possibility of life to others and who will sacrifice their own existence so that others may be able to awaken to the Truths of God.

My children, My offer is clear, sincere and it comes from the Heart of God.  I know that for many it will seem to be something painful, but for the heart that summons itself there will  be no greater merit than the sacrifice for others and there will be no greater victory than the defeat of its own will to definitively surrender itself in the hands of the Creator.

Many will think they are ready to live this surrender and millions will put their feet on this path but few will be the ones who will persist after the first step, after recognizing that to live the Plans of God they will have to totally leave their own plans, including the aspiration to live in order to materialize the Divine Will.

My beloveds, My words will not be encouraging for many but they will bring many others to the strength that they need in order to go ahead, because the brave spirits are strengthened in the adversities and they grow in the tests that are sent to them.

From the heart of the Universe today I come to your encounter because, in the name of Jesus, my Maternal Soul comes to heal and restore hearts.

For this, dear children, today I invite you again to enter inside of My Immaculate Heart so that your dwellings above all may encounter, see and feel the Omnipotent Presence of God. If only you enter into My Immaculate and Maternal Heart your little lives will be quenching the great thirst that My Son has for all souls.

For this My children, may today your hearts be the fountain that emanates love and devotion to the sacred heart of Jesus. Dear children, may your essences be as the unceasing water that transforms into in rivers of mercy through services, quenching the thirst for love and for peace of all the souls of the world.

As the Mother of the Universe and of the Earth today I come to manifest to you My Love, before a time of great changes in the consciousnesses and in the life of all My children.

Little children, facing the great mistakes that are committed day by day by humanity, today I invite you to consider your lives of prayer as an exercise that repairs the Kingdom of Heaven. For this, may your lives never forget to encounter the inner child, because in this way My Son will pour over you the gifts and graces of Redemption and Mercy.

If the world would only pray a little more the Light of the Highest will be as another fount that will calm the thirst of all of His children. But, meanwhile hearts exist that are closed to my Maternal Call to My Children.

Yet it is only necessary to grow as grows a seed from the inner of the earth. But for this seed there must not be lack of the Water of Life, the unceasing fountain that will cause to emerge the true hearts in the creatures.

My esteemed children, I am here to teach you to walk under the Love of God and so that your eyes do not lose the view of Mercy on the horizon.

Dear children, today I invite you to love the Creation as God has manifested it for all, and this will start through your love of the magnificence of the Kingdoms of the Lord.

Pray with fervor for this world. I call you so that during this day you remain in My Maternal Kingdom of Love, because you will need it, and also humanity. For this today we will invade with love the empty hearts that are without God.

You are on time to change from the heart! For this I am with you!

I thank you for responding to My call!

The great suffering that My Maternal Heart observes in this humanity is the lack of love in the heart. For that, dear children, to be in the love of God, to live in the love of God and to work in the love of God is what will allow at the end of time for wisdom to blossom in humanity.

Dear Children: a path to find the love of God is to open your hearts to prayer, because it is the mediator, it is the new light that is arriving to the consciousness of all of My children.

My children, as a Mother I am here among you to teach you to walk in the art of prayer, in the life of prayer that all My little children need to awaken to, and to realize it for these moments.

You can count on My Son Jesus, who is the living expression of prayer of the perpetual union with the God Creator. When I invite you to pray for peace and for light in humanity, I call you so your hearts may become merciful, so it may imitate the way of humility and of the total donation to the Creator.

Dear children, for this walk, walk and do not detain your steps in the life of prayer, because this way, My Immaculate Heart will accompany you, and God will make use of your prayers.

The work of God for this time is the redemption of all the souls, and the prayer that is born from the heart, will be the great key of salvation for the most humble ones as well as for the ones most in  need of peace.

Answer to My call and remember that these are My last words for this cycle in the humanity. Prepare your hearts in the consistency through prayer.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Thank you for answering My call for Peace and for the conversion of the hearts that every day distance themselves from the love of the Creator.

My children, do you really know why you are My dear children?

Because I want to teach you to love above every circumstance.

Because I want to open your Inner Temple to the Glory of God.

Because I want you to open your eyes to the Light of God.

Because I want to erase conflict and lack of Peace in all My children.

Because I want you to pray with Me and to remember how important it is to be united in prayer.

Because I want to recognize your hearts and recognize, as a Mother, the Heart of My Son.

Because I want the souls to be one, as My Son and I are one with God.

You are My dear children because Jesus has trusted Me with your path from the beginning.

Because I want the world to be a Kingdom of Peace.

You are My dear children so that you learn to forgive, reconcile and live in the love of God.

Because I need your sincere answer in prayer as in the communion with Christ.

Because I want to consecrate your lives so that humanity is consecrated.

Because I want you to be humble in life to quench the thirst of those who are alone.

You are My dear children because I want you to live in Peace, because in Peace you will always find light and shelter in the Heart of God.

Because it is necessary to liberate the causes of the past for the light of the new to be born.

Because I want you to be in God.

Because I want you to live as souls and let go of all control.

You are My dear children because I want to reveal the only truth to you, the truth of love, which will allow you to be able to forgive and thus reconcile your hearts.

Dear children, all My intentions are joined together through prayer; it is the path that will lead you to the truth and the life that Jesus represents.

You are My dear children because I love you as hearts and as essences, because God watches the beauty He created in you through the power of His Love.

My children, when you are empty God will fill you with His Eternal Love and your faith will become strong as iron. Nothing will stop your life from being joy, even in the arduous trials.

When you are in God nothing will separate you from Him because Jesus, His Kind Heart and My Maternal Heart will be with you, illuminating your path to eternity.

Firmly embrace the call to the conversion that My Immaculate Heart announces to each of your lives. Dear children, recognize that the conversion will happen through the exercise of the prayer of the heart. Always live in the aspiration of a life inside the laws of the Lord. May your spirit, your little soul, remain in this Kingdom and may nothing allow you to descend from It.

Dear children, My Maternal Voice calls you month by month to remind you how important is the conversion that must be manifested in your thoughts, feelings and above all in your essential life, and this will start in the path of prayer.

I want to make you live in the divine presence in the heart that is called Love. My little ones, to receive this Celestial Grace of Divine Love you must feel and act in the name of love so that strengthened through prayer you can help many of My children who lose this essence of God.

Dear children, in this way you will see the world in the way it is seen from the Universe of God and you will see the great separation that exists between the souls and My Son. My Son shows you the way to the new, the sacred and the divine. Pray and do not stop praying to help all those who need to live this love in this time of definition.

My children, expect and beg to live in the essence of this love because your life will be in God, being repaired and any pain will be erased from your hearts.

My children, in joy, purify the feelings and accept My arms so that the light of My Maternal Heart illuminates your path to redemption. The Love of God must be the premise of prayer for all My children because in the love you will find celestial peace.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

As Mary of Nazareth I give you all today the love of My Immaculate Heart of Mother.

Dear children,

It has been six months of daily messages that have been spoken with immense gratitude and joy to you. With this I want to tell you that the path of prayer is infinite for your lives, but it is on this path where you may find peace and faith for the heart.

I accompany you today as I have in these six months for this definitive cycle in the life of My children in the world. For this your perseverance will permit the awakening of the spiritual motivation of prayer on the part of other children. Each action that is done with the heart is a glorification of God the Father, because thus you will be inside the Kingdom of His Love and Will.

So that your lives may take the certain steps to the Lord, you may imitate the path of humility and obedience that Christ, My Reborn Son, who lived before the presence of the Heart of the Father. This exercise of obedience and of humility will awaken in you the trust in the merciful decisions of God and so your hearts may be strengthened in the path.

Remember little children, that the good works that are born from the heart not only please the Heart of the Father but also have repercussions on the redeeming mission for humanity, a mission that My Son will bring forth in His return to Earth.

For these moments your hearts must be in prayer and awaken before the real needs of the world, so that your eyes, the eyes of souls in service to God, may recognize the presence of My Son among you.

Know dear children, that in the same way that He was among His followers, after the Glorious Resurrection, again He will be in the world, especially with the new disciples that await Him with an open and surrendered heart.

The will of the Father may be fulfilled for this last cycle through your response. My Will of Mother comes from this Supreme Will.

Let us celebrate in prayer these six months of daily meetings with Me, with the Mother of Peace.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

When a flower opens up it expresses the love of the Creation, thus dear children, your lives must be manifested in beauty and purity as the flowers.

Dear children, with immense trust I place you all close to My Immaculate Heart so that you may take the steps towards the Heart of My Son.  Know children, that in the path of prayer your lives will approach the consecration of your souls before the kingdom of God.

The fruits that My Son has entrusted you with such a long time ago and that are called talents must be awakened by the imperious exercise of prayer.  But, My children, so that these sacred fruits of the talents awaken in each one of you, first the soul must renounce and die to itself so that it may be born under the Grace of the Holy Spirit.

Each path that My children pass through brings to them big and hard lessons that in some cases strengthen the spirit and give firmness to keep going through the path of consecration.

I want to tell you dear children that this is a special time of Graces such as Conversion for each one of My children of this humanity.  For this today I invite you to remain in the joy of donation and service to God the Father because thus your lives will be led to the sacred feet of Christ.

Your hearts are true little lights that at each moment must be lit up again to shine in this world through peace.

For all this know that My merciful love day by day wants to help the hearts of this world.

So, your hearts must be persevering and firm as the trees that elevate themselves to God.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

My dear children, in Jesus Christ is found the path that humanity has lost. For this today I invite you so that through the act of prayer, many souls may be led to My Son’s Heart.

The true prayer made with the heart will reveal to you the path that you must tirelessly follow towards God, walking through trials, learnings and teachings that permit your spirits to mature.

My children, the path to My Son will bring you to the Kingdom of God. For this dear children, keep in your hearts the flame of persistence, to be able to reach redemption as a humanity.

Dear children, the constant state of the prayer made with the heart will build in you a temple of love and peace, a temple that is strengthened in the experience of service and charity.

Little children, My call announces to you that humanity is at the time of forgiveness with the heart, but if the souls do not live this state of forgiveness, how will the hearts receive the absolution of all the faults?

For this, dear children, prayer will bring you to find My Son Who awaits you to share His Bread of Life and Redemption.

Know that the state of redemption starts with the opening of the heart. I want that you build a simple heart so that inside of you may live God, the Beloved Father of all creatures.

I accompany you for this day with My Heart of Faith and Love. Rejoice your lives in My Son; He loves you infinitely.

Thank you, children, for perseverating in answering My call.


Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Through My Son you may come to the adoration of God and in this adoration, made with the heart, you may find love and peace.

Dear children rejoice your hearts again because the Kingdom of My Father is coming to aid all the hearts that are open themselves to receive the law of love.

For this My children be in vigil with My Son today, in His Heart of Peace, so that God may show you the need of all souls and how big is the thirst for love in many lives.  For this reason dear children, you must pray, pray a lot with the heart, so that your lives answer the great call from the Heavens for the redemption of humanity.

In this way little children, from your hearts you will help in My Plans of Peace and Salvation that My Immaculate Heart weaves as a mantel of light for the world.

Dear children perseverance in prayer will be the inner key that will allow you day by day to be near to My Immaculate Heart.   My merciful eyes want to illuminate the path of each child, a path that with the heart must be offered to God, also for your complete consecration to My Immaculate Heart.

For this dear children the surrender of each one of you represents a celestial victory of eternal praise.  In this way the angels elevate all souls to the Kingdom of My immaculate Heart.

Children, God waits from you for an infinite opening that is born from your little hearts, an opening that brings you to donate yourselves in charity and in humility so that you are able to see the face of My Son in each of your brothers and sisters.

Thus you will be able to live the fraternity that is needed for the conversion of the world and especially, of all the souls that have distanced themselves from the love of God.

Dear children today I contemplate all of you in My Maternal Love, because, always remember, I want to bring you to God.

Thank you for answering My call.

Peace for all.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children:

Remember with humility that I Am the Universal Mother of all your hearts and that I share especially the path with you by means of prayer.

For this time, you will find the strengths and the shelter in each one of your lives in the spirit of prayer.  They will lead you to a correct path of encounter with My Son the Redeemer of souls.  For this today I invite you to meet again the Kind Heart of My Son in prayer, in this way you will be able to see the mercies that will be radiated from His Most Beloved Heart to each one of you.

Dear children: while many souls walk in desperation from the lack of light and peace, I call you to conversion through prayer.  I need you as faithful servants to My call, because each moment of prayer can save a soul that is lost.

My little children: the world is in the apex of its own test, and the time of the human abundances is ending.  If the souls do not convert by means of My call to Peace and to the conversion of the heart, what more can the Heavens do?

God the Father loves you profoundly and contemplates you from the Heights.

Dear children: the world is in an emergency as the Earth and for the souls that live on it.  For this, do not waste even a moment of life without being invaded by the fire of prayer.  I want to make you recognize the new coming of the Holy Spirit, which will touch some hearts.

The souls need prayer from all of you, so that they may have the courage to pray.  The souls need a divine and sincere love, so that they can return to trust.  The world needs prayer, so that Mercy may be a reality for all the hearts.

Beloved children: I Am true with each one of your hearts: this already is My last call to the consciousness.  God has granted Me the Grace of Faith for all those who listen to Me.  You will be able to feel me in the depth of your hearts.  I will be there.

Thank you for answering to My call.

Peace for all. Peace!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


These are the times in which two realities will meet, the inner reality and the material reality. They will emerge spontaneously through the revealing impulse that the truth will bring, and nobody will be able to escape this event because it will be brought forward by the Universe itself.

And so, these two realities will meet in the light of each consciousness to bring them to a profound decision. And those consciousnesses that have already come to know both realities, but wasted the opportunity of growing, must account for this great waste.

For this reason, I encourage you to live in the constructive thought of God so that, when this moment comes, you may be neutral and peaceful and you may simply be moved by the impulse to help, by means of the path of prayer, all those who will need it; because they did not avail themselves of the path that I had asked them to tread.

Thus, companions, remain in unity with Me so that at the key moment I may help you and guide you, showing you the way out.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


While your prayers rise up to the Heavens and touch the Heart of God, with their praise, the choirs of angels and archangels proclaim the redemption of souls, the past of the nations, the history of the continents, held within the human consciousness.

The love with which you pronounce your prayers to the Father builds the path to the Heavens, and the doors of the Kingdom of God open, not only to receive the lost souls, but to pour out upon the world the Grace and the Mercy that it so much needs. The renewal which comes from the Grace of God touches the Earth and transforms it, making the ground on which beings walk sacred.

Each moment of prayer is unique and, for the companions of Christ, must be that which is most important in their lives, because it is there where a New Earth and a New Time begins to be instituted in this world.

Continue praying with love, continue crying out for peace.

Your prayers are being heard in Heaven by the Compassionate Heart of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Go and walk the paths that God traced for your heart. Strengthen your spirit through prayer, transmute and transform your being through service and sacrifice. Overcome the comforts that imprison humanity and look for the sense of your existence within the infinite.

Do not surrender your heart, your body and your spirit to human superficialities. Do not let your thoughts wander into the abysses as if you could never to fall in their depths. Let your mind rise. 

Love the experience of transformation. Let your heart consecrate and re-consecrate every day.

Find your strength in the altitudes of Cavalry, as in the depths of the Infinite; there will be the Heart of God. 

Wake up, child, every day in a different way:  willing to give your human condition an opportunity to go deeper into the Truth and not to submerge within illusion.

Free yourself from fears, in prayer. Free yourself from vices, surrendering your heart to God. Free yourself of the abysses, letting your spirit conduct you to the path of evolution that God calls you to live.

Let the world scream the "sound of perdition" and let your soul only listen to the celestial melodies.

Do not let the temptations shake you, but rather the fear of being far from God.

Pray and meditate on what I tell you, so that your heart may always find peace. 

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Enter into your heart and strengthen your faith and unity with God so that the things of the world and of humanity do not shake you, but only what comes from the Father may move your inner world, transforming you and molding you according to the Divine Will.

Pray and unite to the sacrifice of Christ, to know how to silence when it is necessary and pronounce only words of Love and Truth, when it has to be.

Learn to love humility, sacrifice and surrender and, above all, allow your heart to experience all these things without any recognition from others.

Pray and create a bridge of love between your heart and the Heart of God so that you learn to communicate with Him and receive from Him the impulses and the Gifts to think, feel and act, to live.

Do not be distracted by the things of the world, but let yourself be overwhelmed by the things of God. May your heart be a door to Infinity and your being as the beginning of a new life.

Let go of what belongs to human life and embrace what comes from the Universe, fruit of the Love and renewal of the Father, because what must be manifested on this Earth has never been known; it in no way resembles what has been experienced up until today, upon the world and beyond it.

God calls you to be the precursor of a new existence. Therefore, child, pray and let everything in your being be renewed: body, soul, mind and heart. May every space of your being be reborn for a new life.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph




Contemplate, in the center of the Universe, in the heart of Creation, the Creator Father in His silence. Source of all sources, Light that generated all the Lights, silence from where all sounds are born. The Heart of the Father observes the Earth, waiting for the awakening of humanity, which in majority lives indifferent to God.

The Heart of the Father silences with Love, a Love that you do not know in this world but that you are called to live.

In order to find the Love of God you need to seek It beyond your human lives; you need to stop and look within for the bridge to the Heart of Life, which is God.

Know that His silence has more meaning than all words because, even if they were uttered altogether, they would not express what the Father is.

Know that the silence of God expresses something unique for each being. It is not enough that God speaks to your brothers; He aspires to utter His silence to each heart so that they feel Him, live Him and know the existence of God and His Love through their own experience with Him.

To live God transforms you, heals you and renews you in the true sense of your existence. Therefore, children, rather than seeking philosophies and sciences, before anything, seek God. In the humility of prayer and in the truth of inner silence, you will find Him. And thus, Face to face, you will fulfil with His Will and you will receive from Him the Love that you must express on Earth.

Who inspires you to seek God,

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.