Sunday, June 5 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children:

When the triumph of My Heart is near, the corrupt structures of the world shake, and in the hells of Earth, cries of defeat are heard. Although it is a tough battle, the heart that unites itself to Me also triumphs in its life, in love, in charity and in unity, and there is nothing nor anybody who can break the alliance of My children with My Immaculate Heart.

Therefore, children, when the triumph of My plan is about to materialize, do not fear. My hands will lift you from the ground and I will place you between My arms to hand you My sweet and loving consolation. It is so, dear children, how I take care and protect My Marian soldiers.

When My plans of peace are about to materialize nothing can oppose itself to the potent stream of My spiritual energy; it is a principle that comes from the Celestial Father and that can impregnate consciousnesses.

When everything becomes more difficult remember, My children, it is the sign that My triumph is near and that many souls will liberate themselves from the chain of thousands of mistakes.

My Heart will always be your strength, My mantle will be the universe that will shelter you from all evil and My prayer will be the powerful current that will placate any fury and evil.

The triumph of My plan materializes itself with all those who say “yes” to Me today.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In union and protection,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace