Friday, August 10 of 2012

Daily messages

Keep praying every day because humanity’s supplication is being heard.

My children, with all of you in the center of My Immaculate Heart, today I call you to the preparation of the heart through the praying vigil that all My children are being called to do on August 11 of 2012.

Dear children, God is receiving true impulses of love from all of you, for this I invite you to continue praying for the world. My Immaculate Heart elevates the supplications of all My children and God in His infinite Mercy contemplates the love of all His children.

Dear children, go ahead, go ahead! And do not stop the victorious art of prayer. This is the time to share, your prayer is equivalent to the charity of many hands. Through the coming of My Son everyone can be touched by the mercy of the Redeemer.

It is time to spread the importance of praying for love and for the redemption of all My children. You, My little ones, have received the greatest instrument from the Universe of God and this instrument is called the prayer of the heart.

For this reason, extending My Merciful Arms and My Mantle of Light on all who need it, today I ask you to continue on the Christian path that is being built from your hearts.

My Son, under the High Glory of God, contemplates you with His Eyes of compassion. He invites you to work for Celestial Peace and in the name of Celestial Peace it is time to help the world, the kingdoms and humanity.

May the Holy Spirit be the flame of wisdom in the hearts of all My children. Always, and whenever you allow Me to, I will accompany you because I love you.

In the Merciful Love: praised be the Redeemer!

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.