Dear children:

Charity leads you to a fast sanctity, because the doors to help and to collaborate with the ones in most need and also with the Kingdoms, is opened through service.

Children, in this time, all that you do must be done in the name of charity, so that in this way the human consciousness may not lose the impulse of giving itself to others without conditions.

It is charity that allows peace between nations and peoples to be established because charity is moved especially by the essence of the Love of God.

In each act of charity, as in each new service, it is possible to take steps inside the Plan of God and His great work.

Charity, as essence of the spiritual life of the apostles of Christ, represents the possibility of giving oneself through service to the others and of being constantly pouring out the Love of Christ.

The pacification of the consciousness is established in charity because a soul that lives permanent charity is attracting the Christic codes of piety and of mercy to itself.

Charity is a direct source of transformation for all hearts because it generates in souls and in the planet a highly positive effect for all that still must be redeemed.

The path of charity leads you at some point to embrace the divine sacrifice because after a long walk through charity the soul learns to renounce for the others and for the good of the Divine Plan.

Charity is an impulse to live inner redemption.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who fills you,

Your Mother Mary Rose of Peace


Listen attentively: love will always triumph and no matter how difficult living or manifesting it seems to be, it exists inside each being.

This divine love can do all things; it forgives all things, it endures all things, just as My Son lived it on behalf of all.

There is no other formula of this love that understands all, comprehends all, resists all in the most absolute silence.

In this acute time for the planet, love may be expressed openly in beings.

It is this love that acts above all and that, at the same time, can redeem what would seem impossible.

Love triumphs in the life of those who yield, of those who surrender, of those who accept that which perhaps they would not have deserved, because this love is so great and victorious that it can be intensified and expanded under three strands: in gratitude, in joy, and in hope.

Besides these three pillars, love also has its expression in goodness, in mercy, in compassion, in humility, in unity, in Grace, and in charity.

May this love bring to all the remembrance that any human or spiritual error or evil is defeated, because love is an unknown essence that vivifies the soul.

Risk living all for love and you will be able to recognize in yourselves the potentials that you must live, because in love peace is always present, and not conflict.

Who encourages you to live in the Greater Love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When a spiritual and divine door opens in consciousnesses that had been asleep, other doors open through the universal impulse that the first door delivers.

At that moment the principle of purification begins to manifest, and consciousnesses are led to know the process that they will have to face in its entirety.

Thus, everything that is a part of the debts is drawn towards the consciousness of those who at last have decided to tread the path of the spirit so that, in this way, everything may be liberated.

In this sense, when the consciousnesses that already serve in a continuous manner undergo this experience, they are led to face the process of their purification in a universal way.

When the scales of life and debts is out of balance, it means that consciousnesses will go through an intense experience, which will lead them into defining themselves within the Plan of Love and of Light.

At this time, the Hierarchy offers humanity the opportunity of balancing its paths and of following the only path of the evolution of consciousness.

This will cause all to be exposed within a consciousness. We must therefore pray and become more peaceful.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unifies you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Divine Power of Unity

Not even the apparently most powerful beast will be able to attack My children to the point of destroying in them what I have built with My holy hands. A fortress erected by God is eternal and there is no wind or darkness that can break it down. The basis of this fortress is the living of what I have taught you. Each one of My words consolidates in you the principle of unity with one another and with God.

Unity, children, when lived in fullness, is the greatest shield of these and of all times. Even if the ground shakes under your feet, and the forces of your body seem to weaken, if there is unity, there will be no fear and there will be no defeat.

If you are united in heart, you will keep eyes open and will not let yourselves be deceived when the adversary blind the eyes of many with fear and illusion. Those who live in unity will know the truth and will know that false is the power of those who rise over darkness; these will fall and disappear like powder, at the arising of the Christic Light.

If you live unity, you will sustain not only your own spirit, but you will be columns of a great temple that in the moment of the tempest will shelter in it, those who were lost, but who still brought within the hope of finding themselves someday.

The fortress of unity will keep you in neutrality and balance when the forthcoming happenings unbalance the unbelievers and the humankind of little faith, because they do not believe that after the night the sun will shine and that the support of God will always be over those who recognize themselves as His children.

Unity will make you understand which happenings come to you as harassment, which are tests and which are apprenticeships needed for your evolution. In the spirit of unity among all, you will be able to overcome all these instances in a correct way and with maturity.

Because of this, children, the great learning of unity must be lived in this time. This is the moment of overcoming the resistances within yourselves, which prevent you from living in fraternity, love and unity with your neighbor.

Learn that those whom you judge so much or whom you cannot love nor accept in their paths may be the pillar that will be lacking in your inner temple to sustain you firm in the times that will come.


Not to want your own will, and to love the Divine Will

This race in the beginning was designed by God to obey and to follow one only Purpose. But since My adversary, in antiquity, awoke the temptation and the free will in the humankind of surface, the original Project was distorted, straying from the path of the Divine Will.

There duality entered into the primitive consciousness of humanity, the free election and the disobedience to all higher Laws that would rule humanity in times to come until it would be a sacred humanity.

From the moment in which Adam and Eve were tempted in Eden to decide on their own life and thus part from the Hand of the Creator, what we call own will entered into the essence of the human being.

This will, lacking of spiritual principles and impregnated with codes of corruptibility, was the action that strayed the new humanity from the path; in the beginning of everything, the first race was the wise Project of a new humanity for the surface.

At the moment in which the first Adam decided to survive on the planet transgressing the natural Laws, Eve awoke the first signs of the capital sins.

My adversary obtained what he wanted so much: to make this an inert humanity and without self-consciousness.

After so many eras gone by, the culminating moment has arrived in which the first stage would end the decadence of humanity, and it would be through the apparition of Christ in the world, as the Firstborn Son of God, incarnated to rescue the essence of this thought human project.

Later on, when Christ was present, the whole race, which was already in the abyss of its perdition, was deviated from its own hell through the Passion of Jesus.

The coming of the Messiah of Israel was delicately prepared by the Creating Fathers, by the Holy Archangels. Each one brought and bore in the most pure womb of the Virgin Mother the light cells of transubstantiation and redemption, higher Laws that later on allowed to liberate humanity from evil.


I give you My Peace and I deliver to you the Peace of God.

The time of your resistance shall end so that the true self and the true consciousness may finally emerge.  Keep praying with the heart, invoking the Celestial Father and asking Him for your redemption.  Thus, once the soul humiliates itself and recognizes that it is the smallest of all, you will be able to take the steps.

Children, I give you to know the essence of humility of your Celestial Mother.  For this, the hour has come: imitate Me! Just as the apostles did in the past.  Do not try to force yourselves into humility because it is not born from conflicts or from the constant struggles.  Humility springs like a font, which gives all to drink from its pure and fresh water.

Dear children, may the dedication and the effort of seeking the holy humility never end.  Pray with the heart, and openly ask My Son to transfigure you.  If in this way many souls were truly humble, facing these critical times you are living today, much greater will be the possibilities for the Divine Mercy to widely pour itself over those who condemn entire lives and entire peoples.

Become bearers and searchers of this humility, My children.  Your first step will be to recognize yourself as the smallest of all, but also as the one who is ready and available to serve, without distinctions nor rewards.

The science of the Divine Humility has, as its foundations, faith and perseverance in the moments of transcending the obstacles, falls and even the deceptions of the being.  Humility is gestated by means of the truth and the detachment from one's own principles and ideas, those which feed My adversary.

The school of humility is the first path for the new apostles of My Son, and is Jesus Christ who shall always remind you that the holy humility has the self-renunciation, the forgetfulness of your own preferences and needs, as its primordial foundation.

While gazing into your hearts, your Celestial Mother invites you all to meditate on this message.  To some, humility seems to not be the school for all, but the learning of a few.

In truth I tell you, My children, that if there is no permanent work with the holy humility in this world, and specially in this humanity, you will not be able to recover the innocence that you have already lost.


Dear children,

In the eyes of God, the soul always loves.

In the eyes of God, the soul lives its faith.

In the eyes of God, the soul walks and ascends.

In the eyes of God, the soul is in God.

In the eyes of God, the soul recognizes the path towards Christ.

In the eyes of God, the soul drinks from the Fount of the Love of God.

In the eyes of God, the soul grows and finds strength in the Heart of God.

In the eyes of God, all souls are equal and all of them are united to the Creating Principle of God, because in the eyes of God one lives the great mysteries of the Heart of God.

Dear children, today I invite you all to remain under the merciful gaze of God, because in the eyes of God your hearts will become inseparable from the life of prayer, and the Great and Divine Spirit of God will allow you to know the humility that you need in order to fulfill His One and Only Will.

My children, when I invite you to be under the gaze of God, it is for you to recognize that you are not walking alone and that, united to His heart, you will be guided by Love and by the Holy Spirit.

Little children, many hearts still are not under the kind gaze of God. The Father is close to each one of His beloved children and you, in the name of Love, can help so that the whole world may be under His gaze.

Each child of this humanity must open the treasury of the heart in order to reach the gaze of God.

My Father, the Most High, is in your hearts and therefore I invite you to search for Him within your beings because many children easily forget God in the heart. Your attention to be in God will alleviate the martyrdom that He receives from the constant offenses of humanity.

If humanity were in the Mercy of God, it would be a merciful humanity. You are still in time to find the Source of the Love of God in your hearts, because My Maternal Aspiration is that you learn to love as Jesus loved.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


When you open your hearts to God, you will open them in love to your brothers and sisters. There you will begin to understand the science of compassion and your hearts will be touched by the supreme radiance of the Humility of God.

When you open your hearts by means of the exercise of prayer, the darkness of confusion will fade, and on the path you will manage to see the Merciful Horizon of God.

When you open your hearts, it will be humanity that will open itself to the Will of God. Souls will find themselves sincere and pure before the Creator, and with an Immense Love, His Grace will be poured over all.

When you live in My Immaculate Heart, I promise you that peace will surround the beauty of your souls as an extensive garden of roses because there will shine the One and Only God.

When you are in the Heart of My Son, your souls will be pacified and will live in the Law of the Holy Spirit; the essence of love and truth will be revealed to you in life.

If humanity opened the heart to My call, much pain would already have ended, peace would reign in the homes and no child of God would have their life in danger. But still very few are those who, spontaneously, open the heart to the call of My voice.

Many are the soldiers who must be in vigil. The Shepherd must look after His flock. Remember that everyone is called to constant prayer.

Today I invite you to open your hearts and let yourselves be conducted by the new maternal guidance. Whoever accepts to be My child will be well received in the Kingdom of Peace and, in a true act, the hearts of those who still have it closed to God will be opened.

This is what is essential for today: to open the heart so that the Love of My Son may reign among you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Thank you for responding to My call for peace and for the conversion of the hearts that each day distance themselves from the Love of the Creator.

My children, do you really know why you are My dear children?

Because I want to teach you to love no matter what the circumstance.

Because I want to open your Inner Temple to the Glory of God.

Because I want you to open your eyes to the Light of God.

Because I want to erase conflict and lack of peace in all My children.

Because I want you to pray with Me and to remember how important it is to unite to one another in prayer.

Because I want to recognize your hearts as I recognize, as Mother, the Heart of My Son.

Because I want the souls to be one, as My Son and I are one with God.

You are My dear children because Jesus entrusted your path to Me from the beginning.

Because I want the world to be a Kingdom of Peace.

You are My dear children so that you may learn to forgive, to reconcile and to live in the Love of God.

Because I need your sincere response in prayer as in the communion with Christ.

Because I want to consecrate your lives so that humanity may be consecrated.

Because I want you to be humility in life to quench the thirst of those that are alone.

You are My dear children because I want you to live in Peace, because in Peace you will always find Light and shelter in the Heart of God.

Because it is necessary to liberate the causes of the past to be born under the Light of the new.

Because I want you to be in God.

Because I want you to live as souls and to let go of all control.

You are My dear children because I want to reveal to you the only truth, the truth of love, which will lead you to be able to forgive and thus reconcile your hearts.

Dear children, all My intentions are united by means of prayer; it is the path that will lead you towards the Truth and the Life that Jesus represents.

My little sons, My little daughters.  A soul donated to the Living God, the soul that prays is with Me. The soul that prays lives the promise of the New Kingdom.  The soul that prays frees itself from its own pain and gives relief to its brothers and sisters through its prayers.  The soul that prays transcends fear because it is a soul that is in the delight and mercy of God.

The soul that prays is working as a living heart for Peace.  The soul that prays is in the promise of the coming Heavens, which will come to the aid of humanity.  The soul that prays will know the Holy Spirit because God will protect it with His Love.

The soul that prays receives wisdom from My Son and in the prayer of the heart awakens the consciousness for the Plan of God on Earth so that this Plan of Love is fulfilled.  For this, the soul that prays may in prayer, help the world because it is a peaceful soul that accepts the Will of God.

The soul that prays has become part of the Marian army that through Christ Resurrected and Glorified aspires to be day by day in God the Father.  The soul that prays is a companion of love and is the wife of the Divine Truth because this soul is united to the Laws of the Highest.

The soul that prays will work more for this world, for all souls that do not pray, do not adore and do not await God.  Thus, dear children, the soul that prays will be in the sacrifice and in the prayer of the heart and this will be its shield and strength to be in the world.

Today, My children, I invite you to convert yourselves into a praying soul so that the Grace of God may be in each of your hearts and in the celestial horizon you may see the truth and guidance of God.

For this the souls that pray must be in My Son, the Redeemer.  The soul that prays may be in the arms of Christ.

I will be with My Immaculate Heart guiding the souls that pray to God, our eternal inner aspiration.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Embrace My Immaculate Heart; I will do you no harm. I am the Lady that descends from the Heavens to announce in your hearts the Divine Peace of the Lord. Do not fear. I bring you My Eternal Light from the Heart of God.

I am the Mother and Queen of the Divine Love. I am the Messenger Bird of Peace that saves the children that are without light and peace in the world. I appear before your eyes, before your hearts, so that you may recognize My message and My call to prayer.

Today I say to you, My little ones, that the Lord sends to Earth from Heaven and from the Universe, large groups of souls that fulfill His will in a mission of prayer and of peace.

For this reason, My little ones, the first step for souls is to unite in fraternity and in love; this will be able to happen through giving and in service. See thus, My little ones, that the Lord gathers you so that all souls may carry out, in honor to His Will, the works of love and peace that He proposes for each heart.

When souls are in group, there exists a mission of Love and Redemption that is gestated through service and prayer, to God. For this reason, My children, you must not sadden your hearts if you have not yet found the group of souls for the mission.

The Lord, who is kind, places hearts before His Works of Peace, a Peace that His Heart radiates to the life of souls. All the Purposes of God are permeated with giving and with the selfless action of all groups of souls. The stronghold for these groups that serve the works of God is the constant spirit of prayer.

This is why, My dear children, I invite you to pray so that your hearts, in this final time, may recognize the group of souls to which they belong. The first path will be, My little ones, the reconciliation and the union with Our Celestial Father. From then the path of the groups of souls will be guided by His Greater Will and thus, they will respond to the Greater Call that comes from the Heavens and all the hearts will act for love and service towards fraternity.

Prayer prepares the path for the time that will come. United to My Immaculate Heart, the pathway of peace will be able to be followed by all hearts.

The Eternal Light is the Divine Purpose for life and for the redemption of all hearts.


Series – Manifestation of Aurora – Part IV

Within the lands granted to the Center of Aurora, on the surface, in the areas of Redención 1 and of Redención 2, the system of cultivation must be expanded.

First, within the spaces that will be dedicated for this conclusion, a process of preparation of the land must be generated through a plan of agroforestry, a method of recovery and of increasing awareness about the care of the soil so that, in a true ecosystem, the water may find a channel and a way to nourish the land.

It is already time for the members of the Light-Community and the Monasteries, as well as the collaborators, to learn about the care of the soil and the preparation of the land for future cultivation.

In this sense, bringing in new knowledge and applying it to an awareness of group life, the role of the Light-Community, in its mission and purpose of self-sustainability, will expand and be strengthened.

Natural and organic cultivation within the Light-Communities will be the main basis for survival during the most critical cycle of the planet since 90% of humanity makes use of and digests toxic plant foods which, in current times, represent the reason for an 80% lack of health and low quality of life.

In Aurora, it will be necessary to organize a space and an infrastructure to keep a seed bank that can provide 95% of the living food which comes from vegetables and fruit trees.

In order for that aspiration of the Hierarchy to become a reality, amongst the residents, the consecrated and the collaborators, a group of support and work must be created to gradually bring this aspiration into materialization, term by term.

It is important that all members of the Light-Community and of the consecrated life of Aurora learn about the agroforestry system and about the cultivation since, at the end of times, it will be essential that any brother or sister know how to recognize the conditions of the soil in order to be able to sow and later to harvest.

Organic and non-genetically modified food is a mission of the Light-Communities in order to preserve not only a quality of life but also the natural principle through which foods were created.


In spite of the thresholds that you must cross, always keep ignited the eternal light of the heart so that nothing external to My Kingdom of Love may extinguish it.

It is necessary to radiate a peaceful and loving heart in face of unpredictable circumstances. In this way the enemy will not disturb you and you will encounter inner strengths by means of the presence of My Merciful Heart.

The hour of the Divine Mercy is only for the brave ones because from three in the afternoon My Disciples help Me to tear hells and evils that the consciousnesses live in the different parts of the world. For this the disciple must hold on to My Tunic and walk between the wolves and the darkness without fearing to fall into the abysses that this humanity creates because from three in the afternoon your beings must become invisible before the wiles that My eternal rival articulates.

Without waiting for anything, without aspiring for any results, always pray with fervor. Fight so that your eyes may not sleep but that in truth your spirits may wake up to the redeeming work that all of the people who pray are accompanying Me to realize. In this way you will always know through the intuition of the heart which part of the reality of the world and of humanity is receiving My Merciful Liberation from the evil that oppresses you.

For this, for those who are willing to pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, may you remember that you will be doing it for your own salvation and for the salvation of all of the Earth. You will do it principally for the permanence of the life of all of the Kingdoms created by the Kind Hands of My Father.

I invite you to pray with faith and conviction so that the project that was drawn in the heart of the universe may remain amongst you always and for all eternity in this My Beloved Blue Planet of Light.

And something else I tell you: listen with attention to My Words every Wednesday, the day of study and reflection about My Message, because My Presence will be by means of the heart of My Disciple Jose. Listen with attention to all that I have told you with so much Love and every Wednesday you will receive the gift of My Eternal Grace.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the love of your hearts!

Christ Jesus, who returns to your lives. 


In this time, develop neutrality as a primary principle, so that peace remains in your interior. Do not confuse this with indifference, contempt or lack of interest with what happens in the world.

Neutrality is a gift that is born in the hearts of those who seek the truth and in their quest can contemplate the hidden face of the facts that are manifested in the world.

Neutrality is an attribute that permeates the spirit of the meek and of those who have faith in the fulfillment of the Plans of God in the world and in themselves, and no matter what great disasters and disorganization that will happen on the planet, they never lose the axis and goal of their spirits.

In order to reach neutrality, you must have an interest to know and be aware of the Plan of God, you must seek to live according to the principles of the Father and instill in your interior the certainty of the perfection of His Will.

When you know the Plan of God, by observing the manifestation of that Plan, you will understand that the Lord uses several paths sometimes, never thought by us for the realization of His Works, but He always manifests them, because His Will is the Law.

With this certainty infused into the heart, the spirit attains neutrality and remains firm in fullfilling its part of the Plan, obeying and walking independently of what happens around it, because it knows that some day, on one of the curves of this path, God will manifest His Will.

The heart that lives in the neutrality does not worry so much about the means used by the Lord to reach the expected purpose, because this heart simply continues with fidelity and peace the indications of the Creator, and even so it is always aware of what the neighbor lives and is ready to help them when necessary, this heart is not shaken and does not disintegrate internally by what happens around it.

Do you understand now what God expects from His Soldiers? Helpful, loving, meek spirits and ready for donating all of themselves, but also righteous, immutable and obedient to the Divine Purpose.

Seek to find the gift of the neutrality from now on and live it in your own interior.


From the Supreme Consciousness of the Creator, the Ray of Will is born. This ray is a principle of creation, used by God to manifest His greatest works in the world, in the universe and in the interior of all creatures.

The Ray of Will unites the wills of creatures to the Supreme Will of God. He allows beings to transcend force and to act on the basis of Power, which – for a matter of Divine Creation – exists latent in all the essences manifested by the Father.

The Ray of the Will of God is the one that opens the door to the other Rays that unite life manifested in matter to universal life, such as, for example, the Ray of Transcendence, the Ray of the Liberation, and the Ray of Transmutation.

It is the Ray of Will that allows creatures to pierce the layers of illusion and to find the truth.

Why do I tell you this? Because, in times of spiritual inertia in humanity, so that you do not remain stuck in evolution, and even, so that you do not backtrack, you need to know the Ray of Will, which in no way resembles your personal will.

The Ray of Will is the possibility of living in your own hearts the Will of God and, thus, of being as He expects of His creatures.

Treading the spiritual path is like climbing a large spiral staircase and, on every turn you take in this climb, you find an obstacle imposed by your own consciousness.

The staircase is the representation of the being in evolution. It has, within itself, the possibility of rising. All the steps it needs to climb are present in its own constitution, as a creature of God. It just needs to figure it out to get out of illusion and open up to its true inner potential.

The beings of Earth clung to the human way of life and, in the confusion of all energies that direct the third dimension of the planet, they held on more to pleasure than to the unique learning of Christic love, which only in this world they can live.

When the consciousness awakens to the true purpose of its existence, it must overcome all the aspects acquired by life on Earth that are part of its human composition, but which have not adhered to the purpose of its consciousnesses. Then, constantly, you enter a network of conflicts with yourselves, because you want and do not want to live the spiritual life.


Be simple of heart, so that you may discover in simplicity the greatness of all things.

Be simple of heart, so that the celestial mysteries may not be inaccessible to you, for in your simplicity Divine Wisdom will be within your reach.

Be simple of heart, to learn to be humble. Through simplicity, accept graces and adversities as a singular Gift of God, directed to your life to help you and to shape your consciousness according the Superior Will.

Be simple of heart, so that you mind may also know simplicity and can flow in the rays of the Will of God and live according what the universal laws indicate.

Be simple of heart, so that the transition passes within you not as a punishment, but as a great opportunity to finally be what God expects for humanity.

Be simple of heart, so that life can be a gift to you and death can be the beginning of an even greater gift. Thus, there will be no fear within

your consciousness.

Be simple of heart, so that comfort and suffering may be, to you, vehicles of God’s providence, so that you may fulfill your part in His Plan.

Be simple of heart, so that prayer may be service, so that service may be prayer and so that service and prayer may be life, just as life, in all its instants and circumstances, may be service and prayer.

Be simple of heart, so that you may find in the complex the simplicity and, in the simplicity, all the wealth and the complexities that your mind seeks by its nature.

Be simple of heart, so that God may have you as He needs and, thus, He may count on you as a complete servant, who He will be able to use at any time, at any place and for any mission. You will become, thus, an instrument of God.

Be simple of heart, because in simplicity you will find the answer to all your questions. You will discover therefore, that within yourself inhabits The One who is in all things and you will see that everything is in you just as simply as these words are.

Seek in yourselves what you seek far away.

Seek in these words the wisdom, for here I have deposited My Divine Simplicity.

Happy and blessed are the simple of heart, because they will inherit the wisdom of God for the rise of the New Race.

Your Beloved Companion, simple and humble, the Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear servants of the Most High God,

On this day I tell you that, in order that you may yet live in this world, the Superior Laws that are lived in the universe, you must find the sacred again.

The sacred is the gift of knowing the presence of God in all things. The sacred fulfills the soul and approaches the spirit to the corrupted matter, so that it can make it pure and clear.

To find the sacred is a simple way to say that the consciousness is walking the path of the Universal Laws. And the key to discover the sacred in all things is reverence.

Every day, the forces of opposition to the Plan of God try to destroy the sacred as a concept in the human life, and this begins from childhood, degenerating the family relationships.

It is for this reason that My Chaste Heart descends to the world, in order to make a special plea to the families. As well as I could live the sacred, together with the Holy Family of Nazareth, today I ask you to look after the sacred within your families.

That, from childhood, children may come to know love, reverence for God, as well as for their neighbor; reverence for ceremonies, for prayer, for the Kingdoms of Nature, for life.

The purity that the little ones bring, may it not be lost from their hearts. Beware of the influences that they receive; give preference to the contact with the Kingdoms of Nature rather than the contact with technologies. Do not seek only to distract your children, siblings, grandchildren, nephews and nieces; but instead assume these little souls and be the example for them to follow. May they find, in the life of spirit, the joy of being in life, and this will happen through your example.

A life empty of love, empty of God and of His Holy Spirit is creating the current youth of the world, those that no longer find a meaning for living, because their souls, that came to the world in this time to fulfill a specific mission, are not finding, in that which the planet offers, what God has entrusted to them.

Therefore, look after the youth and the children of the world and make yourselves responsible for those who are by your side. Show them the life of spirit, of prayer, of spiritual quest, of things that transcend life in matter.


For these times of transition between the old and the new human being, the original human being, you must know a divine universal attribute: the Ray of Omnipresence.

The Ray of Omnipresence is the one that allows the Consciousness of God to be alive and present within all things.  The Ray of Omnipresence is the vehicle of God Himself in His Creation.

And why must you know it?

Because when humanity is very far from God and when the Divine Messengers are no longer among humanity as now, you will need to know that the Creator is in everything, and not just know it, but you will also have to experience and live this.  In this way, you will never feel alone nor helpless, because the Ray of Omnipresence will be visible and palpable to the heart.

In order to know the Omnipresence of God, you must seek it from now on, and I will tell you how.

In the concentration of the mind, of the heart, of the soul and of the spirit, silence, and only be in the present, without thinking of the past or of the future.  Feel the present moment, feel the elements of nature, such as the air for example, because regardless of where you are, the air will be present.  Feel the air as the bearer of the Ray of Omnipresence and perceive that the same God fosters life by means of the air and animates the universes with it, within the center of the entire Creation.

Discover the Presence of God within the life that sustains you, inside of your own body, giving movement to the elements that compose the being.  The God that inhabits the perfection of matter and conducts the functioning of an organism is the same one that inhabits the Cosmos, conducting the Plan to the different galaxies.

The Omnipresence of God is discovered when the same God is perceived in the small and in the great proportions of life.

The Creator is alive in all that was created by Him.  Find Him within each one of you as in the center of the Creation.  Find Him within your neighbor, as in all things.  In this way, you will be able to feel guided, even when alone and, if in a moment of need you listen to Him, the God that is in everything will be able to lead you to the fulfillment of His Will.


In the presence of My Holy Daughter, Teresa of Jesus, I am glad to see you liberating the world with the power of devotion and of the joy of serving God.

This is the spirit of a true life of consecration and it is what Teresa of Jesus always taught the world, through My example: that joy must never be absent in the heart of those who surrender themselves to God.

Joy must be present as an essence in everything that you do: the joy of silence, the joy of transformation, the joy of sacrifice, the joy of correction, the joy of praying, the joy of serving, the joy of being a living part of the Plan of God.

If this joy were alive in the heart of all servants, it would be like a fire that keeps love alive in the heart of all beings and transforms all rigidity and every difficulty in simplicity and lightness.

Today, beside My daughter Teresa, to whom I never failed and who never failed Me, I come to bring you an impulse for the consecration of life and that you make of the day-to-day of your beings the eternal joy of walking to God.

When the Divine purpose is clear both in the consciousness and in the heart, the soul never loses joy because – even before the current scenarios of the world – it knows the truth to which it walks and it is always seeking to elevate the sorrow and the sadness through joy.

Dear companions, both Teresa and My humble Heart have been upon the Earth and know the difficulties of reaching the true surrender, but both of us reached in life two virtues, with which we could fulfill the Plan of God for Us and which we continue to live so that we may be eternal servants of the Lord: those virtues are perseverance and joy.

Be tireless before the obstacles that the world places to you and that your own interior makes emerge, and make life become light and simple through joy.

Therefore, you might be a source of the Presence of God in the world and, in a time in which despair is the common living of the hearts, you might be a breath and a balm of love for those who suffer.

I love you and, together to Teresa of Jesus, I want to show you the simplicity of the life consecrated to the Plan of God when the heart is truly tireless and joyful.

We leave Our blessings over the whole world and may Our joy bring lightness for the afflicted hearts.

Your Father and Companion, Saint Joseph, in the presence of Saint Teresa of Jesus


Throughout the history of humanity, few were the hearts that opened themselves to discover the truth of the superior life, because humility has always been an attribute very rarely found in the human heart.

So it was that many preferred to believe that there was nothing beyond their own existence and even God was a myth for these hearts, such were their ignorance, their pride and their arrogance.  And, often, the few who managed to find a ray of light of this great Sun, which is God, fell in the pride and in the ignorance of believing themselves knowledgeable of all truths. So great was the pride of these beings that they separated themselves from God, believing that they were fully living within His Heart.

It is for this reason that today the Divine Messengers come to speak to the humble, the meek and the simple ones.  It is for this reason that we have approached you, talking to you as if we were talking to little children, because you should be like this in order to be before the teaching that we would bring in the end of times.

The arrogant believed that they already knew everything that we were telling them and did not realize that they could know the path, but – arriving at the doors of Heaven – they would not have the keys to open them, because humility is the master key that unites the hearts to God.

Understand that without humility you will never be able to follow the Plans of God, because only a humble heart can follow indications that it does not understand, that it does not accept and that, sometimes, go against everything that it has always believed.

Now that many have already been faithful to the celestial indications, you might start to understand some truths, and the puzzle will begin to be assembled before your eyes in order that you may strengthen, thus, your trust in God.  Because larger tests of faith will come to your lives and the small tests that you have experienced until today will prepare you for the days that will come.

Never forget that you must be like children, that you can never lose the spirit of humility, because thus we will be able to reveal to you great mysteries of this Divine Creation.

I love you and I bless you always.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Who are we?

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A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.