Sunday, November 25 of 2018


I come from Heaven to fulfill a promise of the Creator Father, a promise that belongs to My children of the Earth and that within this end time they must fulfill and concretize.

I come with the promise, My children, so that within yourselves you may discover what God inserted from the origins, before the beginning of this Creation, for this Material Universe.

That which exists within you is very valuable to God and has come with you into this life; it incarnated in you so that you may fulfill your purpose and your manifestation.

Today I speak to you of what is in the absolute innermost core and that someday must return to God, with all the learned experiences of Love, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation.

My children, during this time humanity does not pay attention to this. Life is very externalized and souls are very hypnotized by everything the world offers them.

But there is something deep within your beings, which is eternal, invincible and absolute.

This is what I need, My children, that in this time you are able to search. Because by discovering within you what God left, humanity will be able to rebuild itself spiritually and physically.

The Kingdoms of Nature will no longer suffer the consequences of the human being; all will be able to live in harmony and peace, just as God wishes.

But as you are in a time of transition that you have never experienced at any other time, seeking that which exists and that God placed within you, you will be able to move through these times with greater maturity and as adults; you will be able to perceive the clear reality of these times, and thus, you will be united with the Hierarchy.

My children, find again, within you the inner essence, that sphere of Light that the Creator Parents designed for your consciousnesses, that emerged from a Source, that was born from a great receptacle of light so as to be able to journey through the Universe and throughout the Earth to learn to love, to grow and to live.

My children, many of those essences in the world are contaminated; but I come with the Light of My Mirrors to be able to purify and sublimate them and I use the great oceans of this region to be able to mirror the attributes of God toward them, those which someday will make each one of you free and able to be in communion with Creation and with Life.

Through prayer, service, surrender, and the giving of self and a life of going within and inner meditation, with everything that exists in this vast Universe, you will be able to regenerate your lives, My children, and the powerful currents of the Universe will come to your aid to continue giving impulse to your consciousnesses toward the great change, the great change that humanity must experience in these definitive times.

That is why your basic preparation is the path of prayer and none other.

You must learn to communicate with God inwardly through the prayerful word.

And through the prayer that you have lovingly offered me today, My children, it is permissible for me to tell you all those things, because as your Mother and the Mother of Humanity, I wish for the good for each one of My children.

I have the loving and spiritual intention to withdraw you from illusion. Therefore, My children, dare to become immersed in yourselves so that you may feel and perceive how your inner essence is.

The guardian angels hope to be able to help and serve you unconditionally. This will greatly help the angel of this nation, the Angel of Brazil, who expects each of you to join Him, so that you may learn to go through these difficult times with a greater degree of neutrality, love, and attunement.

Through the discovery of your origins, My children, your spirits will rest upon your bodies and will create that perfect unity with the Celestial Father.

And not only will you be worthy of the Graces of the Universe, but also of the Graces of sidereal Knowledge, which is held in each one of the stars of this Universe, awakening the consciousness of its beings.

By establishing unity with your purest essences, you may be worthy of greater mercy and forgiveness. You may perceive, My children, that many habits in your lives are no longer necessary.

The nourishment of prayer and the inner strength of service for others is what will transform the world and bring love to all hearts.

With this simple practice, which I give you, for learning to look for your inner essence, you will also help your souls find the path of healing. They plead to the Universe for help, over and over again.

Learn, My children, to correct your paths and follow the Christic path offered to you by My Son, Our Lord, and you will be within the pathway of the Hierarchy and will continue to receive your spiritual impulses, which will lead you into understanding life as it is, and to be in inner contact with all the sublime spheres of the Universe.

In this time, My children, I need your essences to be healed because in being healed they will be purified; they will be able to receive the attributes of God, which are urgent and necessary for these difficult times.

The attributes will transform you; they will uplift the consciousness, and you will be able to face the planetary reality with different eyes, finding in each place and in each corner a need to be provided.

I need, My children, for you to continue to develop within you the path of love so that, in your lives, the path of faith may be strengthened, important pillars for these critical times in which incredible and inconceivable things will be seen on the part of the actions of human beings and of nations.

But I do not invite you to be in conflict or in despair. I invite you, My children, to be in the divine harmony of God. That is why you must discover within yourselves the value of your essences, so that the meaning of your existence and the higher motive that brought you to this life and to this world may shine again.

Coming to know all of these things, My children, you will be able to live the Will of God.

My Hands and My Heart are full of Graces to be poured out on the world and I hope that your essences can be purified and sublimated so as to be worthy of that Divine Grace and all your inner senses will be open. Your outer senses will quieten and will become calm in order to perceive divine reality and the true meaning that the Universe brings to these times and to humanity.

My wish is that you are always be able to do good in each place and at all times, because in this way, My children, you will allow other souls to be healed, and the sense of many more souls will change their lives, and the life of your siblings will have a meaning and a purpose again for this time.

I do not ask you, My children, for anything impossible. I ask for what you may really achieve in this cycle; but it is urgent that humanity be aware of what it is doing, that all beings may unite in love and in truth so that God not pour out His Justice, but rather his Infinite Mercy, because the Celestial Father has given you everything and continues to give everything to His children.

You need to respond to what you receive; that is why I come to warn you in the name of love, so that your paths may be on the path of Christ, always watching over the Truth, higher reality, and the consciousness that each one of you must discover in this time.

Do not feel fear for what is beyond this material Universe, because to the Infinite someday your consciousnesses must fly, that it may merge with the Father, with His greatest Source of Grace and of Love, and thus you may be able to experience a synthesis of everything what was lived and experienced on this planet.

But in this time, it is necessary, My children, that your gifts be able to awaken, so that your talents be at the service of God.

Through the path of persevering and constant prayer, you will transform your lives, little by little, and someday, through the Grace of God, you will be able to mirror to the world what you truly are, from where you emerged to have this experience of Redemption and of Forgiveness.

I invite you, My children, to enter the School of Truth, since many of My children, who were formerly with Me, decided to leave this School. But as a patient, loving, and persevering Mother, I wait for all of My children, so that each of them may enter that School of Truth and thus receive the knowledge they need to ennoble their spirits and fulfill the Mission that God has asked them to carry out on this planet.

That is, mainly, for the youth, which I keep in mind for these critical times very much. Because young people bring that bridge towards renewal that will allow bringing the healing of the Universe to all consciousnesses.

I stretch out My Hand to all the youth of the planet so that they feel encouraged to know Me and to feel Me, to discover who the Mother of God truly is, the Mother who always accompanies them and guides them since before you were aware of their existence.

That is why tonight, My children, I mirror the Great Love of My Heart for all those who need help, intercession, and Grace for these times.

As from now, I thank all those who have accompanied this pilgrimage, knowing that it is not only a physical pilgrimage, but rather, especially spiritual, which embraces many consciousnesses, nations, and planetary situations that are being deactivated, rebuilt, and transformed so that all those situations may be within the Purpose of God rather than for the purpose of humankind.

The opportunity to receive a great divine intervention depends on humanity. The response from part of humankind will be very necessary, so that this universal help may be able to reach the Earth, and everything, absolutely everything, is kept in balance.

Receive each of My words as if it were the last, because I know, as Mother, that you will need them so as to be able to continue walking on that course of the Earth towards a sacred encounter with the Redeemer.

For that reason, I also come here for those who today will consecrate themselves, for those who have already consecrated themselves to My Immaculate Heart.

This will be the moment, My children, especially for the Children of Mary of all of Brazil, of being able to respond and be receptive to the call of God in all that is presented and manifested as Divine Will. That will prevent many events in your country, and the doors of Divine Mercy will remain open for a people and a nation that is faithfully devoted to the Mother of God.

Those who today will consecrate themselves as Children of Mary are to approach.

Preparing ourselves with the song of consecration, we will renew our vows to the Mother of God, taking up our inner and spiritual commitment to the Work of the Divine Messengers and the Celestial Father.

Dear souls of God, beings assembled in the name of Love before the Sacred Altar of the Mother of God: May your souls today receive this maternal blessing that I bring you.

May your hearts feel the impulse of peace, of love, and of the good that today My Immaculate Heart emits, so that your commitment before God may be true and persistent, so that you may learn to protect your lives through the path of prayer, of service for others, and for the Kingdoms of Nature, so that in your families and homes you may awaken the principle of the Sacred Family, through acts of kindness, of charity, of love, and of good for your fellow beings.

Today, your commitment to Me will be for all the families of Brazil and the world, so that in your families there may be an oratory dedicated to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart, where My Presence may be there among you and in all the homes of the world, especially in the families that are divided and separated through a lack of love.

Brazil, as a people devoted to the Mother of God, has the possibility of carrying out many works. That is why I never tire of returning here again and again, to be able to bless My beloved people, who always pray to God for His Love and for His Grace, for His Mercy and for His Compassion.

Children, I love you and I only wish you to do what is good, so that the Good of God may be in your hearts and in the hearts of all your siblings, so that evil may be dissolved, the hells be closed, so that souls may be freed and rediscover the path toward God.

Let us pray. And today I will pray with you, My children, to the Celestial Father, so that this offering that is born of your hearts be received in His Kingdom and He may give you back His balm of Peace, of Healing, of Love, and of Forgiveness, so that as from now, your lives may be other. Believe that this is possible.

Let us pray!

Celestial Father ... (x 3 times)

Brazil will always be the Eden, where God will place His Eyes to contemplate the transformation of His children and the care of all the Kingdoms, so that peace, love, and unity among beings may always be present.

I bless you and consecrate you all as My children.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May a rain of Love and a spiritual Grace descend at this moment, not only to bless Brazil, but also all the Kingdoms, all the continents and the oceans that are united with the Creation of God in perfect unity.

Today I am glad to have had you here, because you have brought your offering to My Heart.

Do what I ask of you, pray every day and everything will be transformed and be healed. It is something very simple; thus, someday you will be like Me, beautiful in Love and grateful in Trust.

I thank you!

Continue forward on the Path of the Heart.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.