Saturday, June 4 of 2016

Daily messages

Every day in Heaven I hear the voice of those who on Earth cry out for Me, so, under the authority of the Father, I descend in light and love to help those who are most in need, especially those who are deviating from the path that My Son calls you to live.

At this time there are many hearts who cry out for Me and I respond to all of them through the wisdom of the Celestial Father, for them to be safe under My protecting mantle.

Dear children, it is true that I do not get tired of calling those who definitely have to be with Me. Therefore, throughout times, I have been delivering visible signs so that none of My children doubts that it is I who knocks at the door of their hearts.

I call so that you may open your hearts to Me and so that I can transform each life into a perfect gift for God. Still at this time I come to unite and consolidate your hearts in Christ, the Lord, for Him to be remembered every day and for souls to be in perfect communion with His divine Spirit.

My children, as I am the Mother of all, I answer your requests and I do not fail to respond to whoever requests something from Me, something that is in the holy Will of God. I respond to the petitions that are fair and that benefit everyone, the whole planet.

My intercession for humanity has no limits, therefore I have open arms for you so that your hearts may reach Me and rest in My maternal arms.

It is still a time of mercy, still piety can reach the whole world.

Ask the Celestial Father for this entire Kingdom so that the Creation may concede extraordinary help for those who need it most.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In union and love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace