"Humanitarian Colombia" is a mission that promotes peace and humanitarian service for those who are most in need. In this instance, for all who are exiled from their nation and take refuge in other countries, in search of a new life, far from the horror and conflicts that these certain nations live.

"Humanitarian Colombia" is one more hand that extends towards the humanity of the Earth, so that, as a bridge of service and fraternity, souls may reencounter the meaning and hope of being part of a new race.

This mission constitutes the synthesis of all the humanitarian missions that were done in the last times.

Given the important service intervention and social aid that Fraternidade performs through its body of original missionaries and of missionaries in training, this new mission will attend to the other part of one of the many social and humanitarian imbalances that exist.

Fraternidade, as a missionary essence of service of unconditional love for the one who suffers, is called by the Consciousness of the Spiritual and Instructing Hierarchy to reunite its humanitarian and spiritual efforts with the aim of relieving human and inner suffering.

The fraternal foundations that Fraternidade has already manifested, attending to the migratory crisis in Roraima, Brazil, opened the doors of consciousness so that the true missionary and selfless spirit could come, this time, to Colombia, so that this network of light, of service and, especially, of love among brothers and sisters, may reach those who wait and cry out for it.

For the new mission "Humanitarian Colombia" the Hierarchy will broaden the action of its planetary work and Fraternidade, which will be united to the UN through UNHCR and UNICEF, will try to rebuild the human and voluntary spirit through works of service and social assistance.

With the presence of the monastic Grace Mercy Order, the missionary life will count on the arm of spiritual assistance of union and contact with the Hierarchy, so that everything that will be removed and worked from the psyche, and the inner world of consciousnesses, may find a path where it can be led and released.

Fraternidade, by assuming the two fronts of planetary work through the mission "Humanitarian Roraima" and now through "Humanitarian Colombia", from the next cycle and in the course of the year 2019, will begin to embrace, with the missionary life and together with the Hierarchy, other humanitarian works in Africa, Asia and Oceania.

The formation, actualization and training for emergency cases of the new volunteer missionaries will help in the future of a new consciousness, based on the protection and safety of the fellow being and of the one that suffers the most.

For this initial mission of "Humanitarian Colombia" the Youth Campaign for Peace and some of its members will be summoned to participate and establish the first foundations so as to relieve pain through love.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


My dear children,

For these difficult times do not forget the use of the Scapular of Peace and the Sacred Medal of the Glorified Christ, because both symbols are pervaded with divine codes of the Creation, which help the conversion of souls and the inner awakening of hearts.

The Scapular of Peace, as the Sacred Medal of the Glorified Christ, also help fulfill the divine promises that the Celestial Universe itself proclaims through Our Sacred Hearts.

So that their Graces of Forgiveness and Mercy may continue to work lovingly on souls, in nations and even on the whole planet, today, on this extraordinary day, your Heavenly Mother comes to remind you about the importance of the collaboration and the monthly contribution for the concretion of the sacred objects; which, in this time, should be available for the most simple and needy children who do not have the material means to acquire them.

It is the mission of all Children of Mary, as of the consecrated groups of the Divine Messengers, to collaborate in the monthly concretion of the sacred objects; in this case, the Scapular of Peace, the 72-bead Orandium and the Medal of the Glorified Christ.

For such, and for the first time, your Celestial Mother will request from the secretarial sector of the Children of Mary and from the House of Our Lady of the Poor, the elaboration of a simple leaflet and of a deposit slip to be sent out, monthly, to the homes of My more than two thousand consecrated children as Children of Mary; so that, together with the Mother of God, you may carry forward the periodic concretion of the sacred objects, especially of the Sacred Medal of Christ.

In the deposit slip that you will receive monthly, and after a moment of prayer, you will feel how you will be able to contribute, knowing that these objects, for the coming cycle, not only will need to be with each one of you to be carried as a divine protection, but also that the sacred objects of the Scapular of Peace and the Medal of the Glorified Christ will need to be within reach of other cultures, nations and peoples; as is the case of the Middle-East and the Far East.

It will be a way of expanding the spirit of the Campaign for Peace in the world, as well as of expressing a spirit of true fraternity and solidarity by all the Children of Mary, who are already consecrated.

In truth, the sacred objects, which the Sacred Hearts have been manifesting throughout the times and throughout the centuries, are spiritual symbols of redemption and healing, as well as gifts that intercede in the conversion of sinners and in the awakening of souls in the world.

In the next cycle, the Medal of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph will be coined, it will be a faithful copy of the current presented face of Saint Joseph.

My dear and Chaste Companion will reveal the promises of this great medal, since it will help in the awakening of the spirit of service and in the protection of all missionary souls and lives.

I wish, dear children, that you would understand the value and the significance that the sacred objects have in themselves, because they shorten the process of purification of the consciousness and attract new codes of light and love for those who have awakened and those who will awaken in these coming times.

For the first time, your Mother will send the angels through the deposit slip so that the devotees and Children of Mary, in many parts of the world, may help in the concretion of the requests of love of the Sacred Hearts.

Remember, children, that, in essence, each sacred object brings with it a mystery of God, a treasure to be revealed and known.

As of now, I will be thankful so that you remember this request every day, and every month in which you receive the deposit slip, in order for you to be the precursors in the manifestation of the Plan of God.

I thank you for understanding Me!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Flower of the Youth Festival for Peace

My dear youth,

Each Festival concretized in this cycle is like a flower that is manifested to praise the Creator.

Now, through this new Festival in Belo Horizonte, your Heavenly Mother can already tell you that you are entering, as consciousnesses, in a time of greater maturity, where each one of the youth responsible for the manifestation of the Festivals will have the opportunity to take on with consciousness this mission and this spiritual task.

Until this moment, the Festivals were precious and hard-working, they were training to learn to take on with responsibility a part of the Plan which is presented to you by the Hierarchy.

For that reason, the Youth Campaign for Peace should continue expanding and it should continue being enlarged in the Festivals that will come.

Thus, in the previous times, I have delivered to you precious attributes that spiritually will work the consciousness of the coming Festivals. Keeping in mind what each new Festival should express, you will help your creativity and harmony with the essence of each meeting to deepen in you.

Each new Festival will be a goal to reach.

Each effort and the dedication that you place, as you have done lately, will help mature even further your principles and above all your consciousnesses.

The Youth Campaign for Peace, which houses one of its principles that is the Youth Festival for Peace, in this new cycle and after here, Belo Horizonte, should start to work within the universities, colleges and commercial areas so that the greatest number of youth can know the Youth Campaign for Peace.

The praying task of the youth is contributing to the essence of the youth of the planet to have the Grace of awakening and of protecting the new patterns of conduct that will form the consciousness of the New Humanity.

Thus, the participation of the younger ones in the Youth Campaign for Peace will expand the operational field of work and, most importantly, as brothers and sisters, you will learn to awaken a consciousness of greater love for Nature and for the planet.

Each new Festival that takes place in a city indicated by your Heavenly Mother, is a spiritual network that is built in the consciousnesses so that certain spaces of the planet may be protected from interferences and exploitation.

That is why each new Festival, each Youth Campaign for Peace that is realized and spread, helps to elevate the human consciousness so that some day it may find inner healing in its being.

I encourage all My dear youth to have some represent the Youth Campaign for Peace participating, fraternally, in the next World Youth Day to be held in Panama with the company of My beloved son, Pope Francis.

Thus, you will join other youth of the world who also seek the elevation of consciousness and above all, the peace to learn to overcome the obstacles of these times.

Among the youth that form the Youth Campaign for Peace, you will meet, pray and feel, in a spontaneous way, which one will represent in Panama.

May this fraternal unity, among brothers and sisters, build the new consciousness.

May the Festival, based today in Belo Horizonte, bear fruits of maturity to take the upcoming Festival to Buenos Aires and to unite the youth of different nations.

Do not forget, children, to invite the youth of Chile for the next task in Argentina.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you on this day,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Santa Fé, Argentina to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Through the act of consecration of new clergy, My Son is able to move forward with His Work of redemption on the planet, because from the consecration of new souls to the Sacred Heart, this creates a spiritual bridge by which humanity can be aided through a most powerful Grace.

It is thus that the act of consecration of new clergy in this cycle represents the deactivation of global human illusion and of all that leads souls into separating themselves from the Love of God.

That is why, when such a new soul consecrates itself to the Heart of Christ, giving and surrendering its life to the life of the spirit, it must be kept in mind that this consciousness, as from the moment of its consecration, enters into another Law, and in this way, is separated from the continuous tendency of the race to open doors to damnation.

It is through the young souls that are consecrated that your Heavenly Mother has the permission to intercede and to bring from the Universe, great flows of Grace to be given and poured out in impossible situations and in irreversible cases.

All this is possible when souls recently consecrated to My Son accept entering the Christic path and in this way, in the name of Christ, take on suffering and sacrifices so that the planet and its humanity may have a new opportunity.

The path of consecration to Christ is one of the paths to the sanctity of life and the conversion of the spirit of each being.

Consecration represents, in this time, one of the principal means by which Christ is able to concretize the Plan of Rescue.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Today the pain of the planet and of Mother Earth, of Pachamama, is relieved by the essence and spirit of the youths of the world, who give to the Creator the offering of being in communion with all that was Created.

It is in this way that your Heavenly Mother liberates from the prisons of the Earth all the manifested Kingdoms and the great devas of Nature find again the path through which they have come to serve.

Each mineral, as well as each flower, each animal and also each elemental, feel in its consciousness the relief offered by the youth, who, with love, unite with all Creation.

Part of the unpayable debt of humanity, which has dominated and destroyed the lower Kingdoms, is alleviated, and, through the energy of Grace, impossible things reach the light and redemption.

All this is possible because the Father sees the sincere heart of His younger children, who try to reintegrate to this planet the culture of the sacred and the reverence for all that is Created.

Today the Mother of God unites with each young soul that recites with fervor and loves their union with Nature. In this way, the offering of that young soul, beyond embracing the essence of the Kingdoms, helps the sphere of the Earth, and the planet feels loved.

May this communion continue on for a much longer time; may surface humankind awaken to the truth of being in deep contact with what it still does not know: with the matrix essence of the Kingdoms of Nature.

I thank My younger children for continuing to fulfill the call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


To all the youth gathered for the first time at the Youth Festival for Peace:

Praised be Christ, dear children!

After the last months of preparation and of having faced tests and challenges, finally, My request is fulfilled and a new phase in the planetary rescue will be accomplished through the integration of the youngest ones within My Campaign for Peace.

I would like, My children, to thank the unconditional support of Association Mary for having opened the doors to the youth and, mainly because some consecrated ones offered to fraternally collaborate in the awakening and in the maturation of the consciousness of the young founders of this spiritual impulse that is being born concretely today for everyone.

Many of the youth present today in Florianópolis, as well as the youths from different Light-Communities, will be able to create this bond of fraternity and service with the Higher Plan of the Celestial Father.

Thus, dear children, this first meeting is the redeemed seed of light that is just sprouting and showing all its potential.

On this day on which there must be joy, love among brothers and sisters and enthusiasm for complying, I invite you to give the best of yourselves and a little more, so that, willing to learn, you may come to know your inner virtues and discover that everything is possible by willing and serving.

This first Youth Festival for Peace has been considered by the Hierarchy as preparation and, at the same time, as a spiritual and material decoupling of all the human ties that My adversary creates among good souls.

This first impulse of the Festival in Florianópolis promises to be the incipient cycle in which new doors will open for the youth that wants to assume its mission for the end of times.

Therefore, you must sustain this first impulse of the Festival until the next six months come to an end, when in the month of January of 2017, the second Youth Festival for peace will bring twice as many people as there are present today.

I invite all the founding youth to work as the Spiritual Hierarchy does, in a cyclic and paused form, so that the true fruits may be able to emerge and mature through the task.

The next six months will be, among prayer, service and diffusion, the preparation for the second Youth Festival for Peace, which will have more social and public importance,as its spirit is, through music, art and the elevation of consciousness through service to the Kingdoms of Nature, to separate from vices all the youths who are submerged in them.

Be aware that, in the meeting of today, My Heart will be with each youth, hoping that the seeds of love and peace may sprout in each being that is present there.

I thank you for responding to My call!

United to each young heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May the youth on Earth awaken, transcending old human patterns and recognizing their universal identity.

May they awaken to the love and unity with God, finding a meaning for their own existence.

May the youth on Earth awaken, renouncing the pleasures and superficialities of the world, to experience true rejoicing, which is heavenly. May they awaken to the mission that eons ago, in the Cosmos, they committed themselves to fulfill.

May the precursors of the new world awaken, those who will not measure efforts to make good triumph and who, with their examples, will convert and awaken new spirits.

May those awaken who, in the impetus of their youth, will break barriers and erase borders, recognizing the unity that exists among all the creatures of God.

May the youth on Earth awaken to a higher life, to the love of the Cosmos and to the Plan of the Creator. May they recognize that this time is definitive and may they fearlessly walk to the establishment of peace.

May those awaken, who will imitate the example of Christ and will unite cultures, creeds, races, nations, languages and religions with a single purpose: to establish peace and to manifest a new world.

May those awaken, who will unite the times, who will open the doors of the Earth to new laws and universal rays, who will remove the veils from the human consciousness and dissolve its blindness, making it recognize the true light.

May the children of the New Humanity awaken, those who, in universal history, will be known as the ones who have transcended the old patterns through love, who have defeated darkness with the light of their own essence and who have manifested the Divine Purpose, taking to the universe, to the redeemed Earth, a civilization of new Christs.

May those awaken, who will not fear to take the steps that the Creator expects and to live that which today seems impossible to humanity; those who, living love and unity, will permit that Christ, who was their example, continue His evolution and transcend material, mental and spiritual life, managing to be the Life that dwells in all, in the sublime universes, in the Consciousness of the Father.

May the youth on Earth awaken: the youths of body, mind, heart and spirit.

May all those who hope to represent the New awaken.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


To the youth of the planet,

Children, this is the beginning of a new cycle for the planetary consciousness. Next August will mark the time of even deeper definitions for souls, and the Youth Festival for Peace comes to open the doors of this cycle for all young people of the Earth.

You must be aware that your mission does not start or finish in this Festival, because it is the beginning of a path which will be endless, profound and painful for many, a path of transformation, of definition, a path to discover the truth about yourselves and lose the fear of expressing it.

I tell you that it will be a painful path because the current youth is very involved with superficialities, in a poorly profound life from a spiritual point of view. It is a youth educated to think only in themselves, in their own advantage, in their own pleasure. It is a youth built in an era of permanent involutive stimuli, a youth that represents the last cycles of the old humankind and that is completely impregnated by the patterns left by all the previous generations.

This is the youth that must live the transition of the planet and bear the currents that will descend to reform the Earth and to attract a new life. This youth will have to say "no" to all the patterns they carry in their consciousness - as a compiled set of human experiences of all eras of humanity – in order to be nothing and be reborn in life as children of God.

Thus, children, see that the Youth Festival for Peace is only a door that opens in the consciousness of the youth and that very timidly shows you the rising of a new Sun in the horizon.

Being the beginning of a new spiritual cycle, although it may not seem to be so, the Youth Festival for Peace will place your consciousnesses before an inner synthesis, perhaps even sooner than the Festival happens.

That will be so because those who first say "yes" are the spearhead that breaks the old barriers and opens the consciousness for the new. These must be the example for those who will come afterwards, and to be so they will be forged in the invisible of the spirit.

May the young people awake for a new time and a new life. May they prepare their spirits to sustain the planet with peace and inner harmony, and may they be the sowers of the future, preparing life of those who will be the youth of the new Earth.

I leave to you this impulse that expands your consciousness and elevates you so that you may start to be aware of the life of spirit and do not remain so tied to appearances and to matter. The current youth is already a prisoner of appearances and many young people do not know who they are because they only know what they want to appear to be. As an impulse for all the human consciousness, be true and transparent, and do not be afraid of loving and being as you are.

Recognize that there is a great spiritual mystery behind each request of the Divinity because – when you work for God - everything has a Higher Purpose.

I leave you My Best Wishes for a good awakening for all.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

On this day, when your Celestial Mother gathers you to love the Plan of God, I invite all the young people of this city and of all of Brazil to be the precursors of the Youth Campaign for Peace. In this way, My dear children, I will be able to draw closer to many young hearts that are deluded and distanced from God by the influences of My adversary.

I wish, My children, that in this city the Youth Campaign for Peace be born, and then spread throughout Brazil and the whole world. Here I find young people with a potential for loving the Plan of the Creator and accomplishing it for all the young people of the world, especially for those who live in error, with drugs and in perdition.

As I am your Celestial Mother, I hope that you will accompany Me, My dear young people, on this mission of taking the Mercy of God to the youngest; for they are the seedbed of the New Humanity; they are the successors of the first apostles of Christ. Thus, beloved youths, accompany Me in this sacred task of taking peace to the world and of bringing an end to wars; in this way, you will build within yourselves a true fortress, full of the Love of God.

Today I come to Florianópolis to form a new flock, a flock of youths, who through this impulse, will attract more youths who in this time must find the christic path, the one they have always sought.

Through your sincere and true offering, dear young people of Florianópolis, you will make it possible for the most lost hearts to again find a spiritual meaning to their lives. It is for this reason that your Celestial Mother is summoning you for this Youth Campaign for Peace, so that in the month of July, you are united with the great spiritual impulse of Mercy in the jubilation of the Lord.

Dear children, the campaign I am proposing will work on the spiritual, essential and divine planes of each young person, for they must discover the path offered today by My Son to all the youth. In this way, you, My children, deciding to carry out My Plans of Peace, will little by little open the doors of the universe so that the angels of the Celestial Universe may intercede for all youths.

I would like your consciousnesses and your purity to expand and for you to be at the service of the Redeemer; in this way, the lives of the lost youth will be redeemed, because My Son will find apostles determined to follow Him on this mission for good and for peace.

On this evening, My Heart will shine upon you like the sun, and your souls will be touched by My universal Grace; in this way, you will be inspired to build the new world and will help your Celestial Mother so that the doors of evil will be closed.

My dear young people, today I give you My maternal embrace; I give you My Peace and My divine Hope.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In union with the spirit of the missionary youth,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear children,

In order for the Campaign for Peace to be a true reality in the world, peace must first be present in your hearts.

The Youth Campaign for Peace hopes to have its birth in the city of Florianópolis, but the expectation is that this campaign will immediately be disseminated to the States of Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul, which together with the State of Santa Catarina, will be the epicenter of this campaign, that will later expand through the whole of Brazil, Latin America, and finally throughout the whole world.

As from the beginning of the Campaign for Peace with the Youth Festival for Peace, and when all the youths of Brazil congregate in Florianópolis for the first meeting, it will be the moment, My children, when it will be disseminated to the different regional universities of Santa Catarina, Paraná, and Rio Grande do Sul; from the student body will spring forth the first impulse that later will spread to the rest of the universities of Brazil.

This is how, dear children, that the first Youth Festival to be held in the month of July in the city of Florianópolis will have moments of service to humanity and to the Kingdoms of Nature; also moments of art and of music, sources of expression for the youth, which must express fraternity, harmony, and love for the planet.

When the first Youth Festival takes place, it being an ecumenical meeting that will be sponsored by companies that can contribute for the Youth Campaign for Peace, through the youths that will participate in these meetings, the universities of Brazil will be able to extend this invitation for peace to other universities in the world.

It will be in this way that the first Youth Festival for Peace will have its own recording label, so that all that is created by the youths may be disseminated to other places on the planet; this recording label will be the same that the Association Mary will found to support the musical art created.

This impulse of the Youth campaign for Peace expects to reach unbelieving hearts so that they may believe in God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who is in union with the spirit of the young,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children who are present,

With Archangel Michael in your presence, today I especially address those who have never had the Grace to know Me because, on this day, Your Mother of the Universe comes to meet with you to pave the way for conversion, mercy and forgiveness.

Each one of you present here, children, up to now have lived a path in this life; now, the Father of the whole Universe calls you to an inner awakening and to again find a true spiritual life through the sublime impulses of prayer, service and fraternity.

On this day, My Grace of a Mother gathers you to teach you the way to your true freedom, and thus, before the Sacred Son of the Universe, you will learn to love and again smile at life, far from inner suffering.

It is for this reason, My children, that Your Mother has chosen each one of you so that you may become consecrated to My Immaculate Heart; a pure and good Heart that gives Itself to you to take you out of the prison of material life, of deceit and error.

Beloved children, on this day in which the Universe has opened a door of freedom and peace in this place, I call upon you to take that sacred step in the name of all the youth of the world that are led along the path of perdition and false reality.

I adore you all as souls, My beloved youth; in this acute time of the Earth, allow the Christic seed of love and redemption to definitively awaken within you.

You, by taking this first step that I ask of you, will know the true light of Heaven that today has lovingly touched this place because of a blessed and full Mercy.

I do not want to convert you, My children. I want to lead you to the truth, service and surrender for humanity.

May My consolation be upon you so that, encouraged by Me, you may attain peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unifies you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

At the end of the message, the Divine Mother, in the presence of Saint Joseph, asked that in this place called “Pedra Branca,” a small grotto be built in the forest with the image of the Queen of Peace. The Divine Mother also asked that the floor of this place of prayer be built with the help on the Light-Network and that the Light-Network itself continue to support the task of prayer with the groups of youth.

Our Lady said to the youths present:

“Dear children, here I will be the Mother of all those who are lost. I wish to have mediators of prayer between Heaven and Earth here.”



Dear children,

The triumph of My Immaculate Heart through the Campaign for Peace will be the rescue and salvation of the young ones.

That is why the semiannual meeting of youth in Florianopolis intends to gather the souls that need to return to the Heart of God.

This meeting will be encompassed within the festival of youth, in which prayer, art and music, as well as service, will be united in the proposal of peace.

For this, the youth of Florianopolis will promote and impel the semiannual meeting, they will try to gather souls so that at some moment they may become servants of Christ.

This first Youth Festival or Meeting for Peace will be in the month of July of 2016 and will be concomitant with the World Youth Day, in the spirit that the young ones celebrate the Jubilee of the Mercy of God.

In the next semester, the festival will be in the month of January of 2017, when the youth of different parts of Brazil will congregate and will already have been able to deepen in the spiritual task initiated in this meeting.

The participation of the Grace Mercy Order as well as the group that pilgrims will be fundamental in these meetings.

From the month of July of 2016 on, and for a period, the Meeting of the Youth will progress within the proposal of peace.

The young people of Florianopolis are invited to prepare this first meeting in the month of July, and the song to be offered is “Blessed are the merciful”.

A good preparation for all My children.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who congregates you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

The Youth Campaign for Peace hopes to establish a biannual meeting in Florianopolis for all the youth. This spiritual impulse will try to lead the youth towards a praying state of upliftment and redemption.

This biannual meeting will be encompassed in an event of music, art and prayer; in this way, each young person who unites to this meeting and through Association Mary will be able to postulate to present with a group of youth a musical piece of elevation and harmony that they have prepared.

In the same way, young artists will present works they have made and will show everyone the messages of peace, hope and faith that they have originally painted with their own hands.

At the end of the meeting there will be an ecumenical communion officiated by priests and there will also be a moment of adoration to the Eucharistic Body of Christ.

This meeting will be integrated in the Campaign for Peace and will be called “The First Meeting of the Youth for Peace.”

In the time between each musical presentation as well as the contemplation of art performed by the young ones, there will be profound moments of prayers guided by the young people themselves.

This meeting will also offer universal prayers for the elevation of the planetary consciousness.

In this first stage Florianopolis will be, every six months, the headquarter of the Youth Meeting for Peace, and the Campaign for Peace will be the basis for this ecumenical movement.

This meeting will try to carry out a process of spiritual conversion and the young ones will have the opportunity of being instructed and guided in the search for the spiritual path.

This is an ecumenical meeting, which means that it will be open for those who truly search for peace and goodness, without drugs, without addictions or external interferences.

The spirit of this Meeting of the Youth for Peace will be to rescue and to lead everyone towards Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who prepares you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Youth Campaign for Peace, which should be born in Florianópolis and later extend to the whole world, will give all My children the opportunity to rediscover the meaning of elevated spiritual life no longer through drugs, but rather in a life of altruistic service and prayer, safe sources that they will find for the elevation of their souls.

This Youth Campaign for Peace hopes to meet the needs of the young ones through Instruction about the true values of a worthy and spiritual life in this time.

This will be possible, dear children, because the Youth Campaign for Peace will attend to the request of the young ones about the understanding of spiritual life and of the Universe in its totality: of the macro cosmos.

The Youth Campaign for Peace intends to have as a base the source of expression through music that radiates peace, harmony, balance, and in some cases, states of union with Christ and with the Celestial Divinity.

For this, creativity through instruments will cause the young ones to feel motivated to create music that helps in the harmonization of the planet, just like some groups of young people will encourage themselves to express their union with Christ.

The art of the young ones within this Campaign for Peace will be expressed through images that appeal to the need of peace in the world, as well as in the expression of elevated messages of love, brotherhood and hope, searching to dissipate ideas of violence, mistreatment to the fellow beings and war.

It is for this reason that this Campaign supported by the Association Mary will allow to help the young ones to transmit to their fellow beings these values that they will learn, and in this way all the youth will one day perceive that it is not necessary “to search for God” through the influences that the adversary imparts.

A life of prayer will be born in a part of the youth, this will be the fundamental base for principles of redemption and healing to take place in humanity.

We will continue working on this project.

I thank you for responding to My call!

For the Campaign for Peace in the world,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

The Youth Campaign for Peace hopes to embrace, as an evolutionary proposal, all the young people from Brazil and from the world so that they may feel motivated to serve for the sake of humanity and for the end of war.

It is for this reason that the Youth Campaign for Peace, which will be supported by the Association Mary, will try to answer the demand of the young ones, of those who need to renew their lives and their habits through service, charity and the good.

At this moment the young people of Florianópolis are being called to diffuse and expand the work of the Heavenly Mother. Thus, through the Youth Campaign for Peace, the young ones will have a space to be able to express their moments of prayer, service and also of art and music as means for elevation and spiritual creativity, based on mutual respect, fraternity and union within the same purpose of peace.

For this, Association Mary should be the means that motivates and impulses the search for an ordered, peaceful life, of service and prayer for the planet.

Through art they will search to express the inner beauty of each soul, and prayer and the manifestation of music will be the place of encounter and peace with humanity.

The Youth Campaign for Peace will have its own website and at the same time will be the diffusor of the meetings of prayer for the young people, and also of all the moments of service and charity towards their fellow beings.

This campaign must aspire to live, as a base, the importance and urgency of having peace at these times and to radiate it to the whole world, so that in this way My Immaculate Heart may triumph.

This mission has the proposal to help all young people to find a spiritual meaning in their lives and their habitual environment.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In Campaign for peace and salvation,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I would like that through the Campaign for Peace the young people of Florianópolis and of the whole world would perform activities of peace, prayer and service to establish again the spirit of love and reconciliation in the consciousness of humanity.

Through the Campaign for Peace, the young people of the world will have a space in which the works of mercy and prayer that they carry out will be echoed.

For this, dear children, the Campaign for Peace through the young ones will carry out meetings of prayer, gatherings of fraternity and selfless service for those in most need.

In this field, the Association Mary will be the guide of these meetings with the young people who postulate to promote the spirit of peace in the world, non- violence, non-discrimination and the ecumenical and Christian union among the youth of Brazil and  the world.

The Campaign for Peace should lead everyone to know the call of Christ, Mary and Saint Joseph. Through fraternal actions, the missionary spirit for the world is expected to be awakened in the young ones through humanitarian services and also the expression of art and music as a movement of elevation and union with the essence of Nature.

This Youth Campaign for Peace intends to remove from abysses, vices and bad habits those who are in the spiritual and material illusion.

The Campaign for Peace intends to awaken patterns of good behavior, harmony and the common good in the young ones.

Therefore, the young people of Florianópolis with the youth of all of Brazil can be the first promoters of the message of peace that comes from Heaven, and thus make it known that in truth, the young ones can live a spiritual life without drugs, alcohol and harmful habits.

This Youth Campaign for Peace will start when the young people have their hearts prepared to welcome this call.

Christic life must express itself in the young ones.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who encourages you to serve,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Again and again, as Your Mother and Guide, I make you submerge in the unfathomable ocean of the Mercy of My Son so that all your debts and souls may be washed by the Grace that springs from His Infinite Heart.

Every day I make you approach this great source of extraordinary Graces that My Beloved Son offers, and thus they also reach all hearts in the world.

Today the Mercy of My Heart has brought you here, to this city of Florianopolis, so that the youth, the new apostles, may also be touched by the source of Grace of My Son on some plane of consciousness.

It is not by chance, dear children, that in this next 33rd Marathon, laws and celestial principles will be combined, which will strengthen and unify the mission accomplished here by the groups of prayer, which are united to this Marian and Christic work.

It will be in this cycle of last atonement that the youth of Brazil will have an important mission through their collaboration with the plans of peace of Your Heavenly Mother, and Florianopolis will be, in this case, the epicenter for this mission of youth prayer to start developing itself to a greater degree.

If the plan is carried out in this way, this will significantly help the nation of Brazil, and from there, from each praying and young heart, will spring the spiritual help that is necessary for these times.

Dear children, within young people lies the apostolic seed that My Son left safeguarded a long time ago, and this seed will start to sprout so that they can express their true mission.

In Brazil, the Christian and ecumenical youth is expected to be one of the next pillars of the co-redemptive work of Your Heavenly Mother; for this to be possible, we must pray and wait for visible signs that will awaken this holy task of the youth in Brazil.

I am closely accompanying this purpose of Mine.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who awakens you to the essence of the mission,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more