Tuesday, May 8 of 2018

Daily messages

My dear children,

For these difficult times do not forget the use of the Scapular of Peace and the Sacred Medal of the Glorified Christ, because both symbols are pervaded with divine codes of the Creation, which help the conversion of souls and the inner awakening of hearts.

The Scapular of Peace, as the Sacred Medal of the Glorified Christ, also help fulfill the divine promises that the Celestial Universe itself proclaims through Our Sacred Hearts.

So that their Graces of Forgiveness and Mercy may continue to work lovingly on souls, in nations and even on the whole planet, today, on this extraordinary day, your Heavenly Mother comes to remind you about the importance of the collaboration and the monthly contribution for the concretion of the sacred objects; which, in this time, should be available for the most simple and needy children who do not have the material means to acquire them.

It is the mission of all Children of Mary, as of the consecrated groups of the Divine Messengers, to collaborate in the monthly concretion of the sacred objects; in this case, the Scapular of Peace, the 72-bead Orandium and the Medal of the Glorified Christ.

For such, and for the first time, your Celestial Mother will request from the secretarial sector of the Children of Mary and from the House of Our Lady of the Poor, the elaboration of a simple leaflet and of a deposit slip to be sent out, monthly, to the homes of My more than two thousand consecrated children as Children of Mary; so that, together with the Mother of God, you may carry forward the periodic concretion of the sacred objects, especially of the Sacred Medal of Christ.

In the deposit slip that you will receive monthly, and after a moment of prayer, you will feel how you will be able to contribute, knowing that these objects, for the coming cycle, not only will need to be with each one of you to be carried as a divine protection, but also that the sacred objects of the Scapular of Peace and the Medal of the Glorified Christ will need to be within reach of other cultures, nations and peoples; as is the case of the Middle-East and the Far East.

It will be a way of expanding the spirit of the Campaign for Peace in the world, as well as of expressing a spirit of true fraternity and solidarity by all the Children of Mary, who are already consecrated.

In truth, the sacred objects, which the Sacred Hearts have been manifesting throughout the times and throughout the centuries, are spiritual symbols of redemption and healing, as well as gifts that intercede in the conversion of sinners and in the awakening of souls in the world.

In the next cycle, the Medal of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph will be coined, it will be a faithful copy of the current presented face of Saint Joseph.

My dear and Chaste Companion will reveal the promises of this great medal, since it will help in the awakening of the spirit of service and in the protection of all missionary souls and lives.

I wish, dear children, that you would understand the value and the significance that the sacred objects have in themselves, because they shorten the process of purification of the consciousness and attract new codes of light and love for those who have awakened and those who will awaken in these coming times.

For the first time, your Mother will send the angels through the deposit slip so that the devotees and Children of Mary, in many parts of the world, may help in the concretion of the requests of love of the Sacred Hearts.

Remember, children, that, in essence, each sacred object brings with it a mystery of God, a treasure to be revealed and known.

As of now, I will be thankful so that you remember this request every day, and every month in which you receive the deposit slip, in order for you to be the precursors in the manifestation of the Plan of God.

I thank you for understanding Me!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace