Monday, April 4 of 2016

Daily messages

Once and again as Your Mother and Guide I make you submerge in the unfathomable ocean of Mercy of My Son for all your debts and souls to be washed by the Grace that springs from His Infinite Heart.

Every day I have you approach this great source of extraordinary Graces that My Beloved Son offers, and thus they also reach all the hearts in the world.

On this day the Mercy of My Heart has brought you here, to this city of Florianópolis, so that the youth, the new apostles, will also be touched by the source of Grace of My Son on some plane of their consciousness.

It is not by chance, dear children, that in this next Marathon number 33, laws and celestial principles will be combined, which will strengthen and unify the mission that the groups of prayer, those that are united to this Marian and Christic work, accomplish here.

It will be in this cycle of the last atonement that the youth of Brazil will have an important mission through the collaboration with the planes of peace of Your Heavenly Mother, and Florianópolis will be, in this case, the epicenter for this mission of juvenile prayer to start developing itself to a greater degree.

If the plan will be accomplished in this way, this will help significantly the nation of Brazil, and from there, from each praying and young heart, the necessary spiritual help for these times will come.

In these young ones, dear children, is the apostolic seed that My Son has kept saved for a long time, and this seed will start to sprout so that they can express their true mission.

In Brazil, the Christian and ecumenical youth is expected to be one of the next pillars of the redemptive work of Your Heavenly Mother; for this to be possible we must pray and wait for visible signs that will awaken this holy task of the youth in Brazil.

I am following this purpose of Mine from nearby.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who awakens you to the essence of the mission,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace