Sunday, October 25 of 2015

Daily messages

​​I bring Light to the world; a light that comes from God for all of the souls of Earth.

I am the Spokesperson of the Universe; I am She Who announces the second coming of Christ, first in the simple hearts so that later they may see Him coming in His Glory.

I am that Star of the Infinite that illuminates the paths of those who go astray, and that brings wisdom to those who understand nothing.

Dear children, I am that Sun that in the name of God awakens sleeping hearts with Its rays.

I am that invisible and spiritual balsam that brings hope and healing to all beings. I am the Regent, I am the Governing Mother of the children of God. I am the One Commissioned by the Holy Spirit to awaken the suns of God that are present on the surface of the Earth.

I am Your Mother and Lady of Coromoto. I am the Guide of all of the peoples and the Liberator from all oppression.

I am the same Faith manifested in the heart of His children.

I am the Grace and the Mercy for those who cry out and repent.

Dear children, I am the Spiritual Mother of nations. I am the spiritual Guardian of the Purpose for each country. I am the Instructor for those who want to learn through My Love and My truth.

I am the perfect company for the angels of each nation. I am She who directs the choirs of Heaven, I am She Who asks for redemption.

Beloved children, on this day, through the power of Grace and of Glory I come to renew hearts that are thirsty for peace, but awake to receive the call of God. A call that is not widely heard by all because the blindness of material life hypnotizes My children and does not allow them to find union with God.

But in you, dear children of Venezuela, I find the cry, the supplication, the true aspiration of again finding freedom among the peoples and their principles.

Today I come here, dear children, to remind you that the Love of God is the primordial power for the times that are coming. The Love of God is the shield against all adversity and test.

Today I come to remind you of the spiritual principle and the purpose of this nation, which is that of expressing the joy of loving the Plan of the Creator through culture and the peoples.

Dear children, do not tire; the world suffers worse things than those you are experiencing. In this time, offer the Almighty the incalculable sacrifice of austerity, that this represent in the Universe the ultimate offer for the redemption of all the sins that are the cause for what is happening today.

Dear children, I bring you the true inner liberty that has neither form nor appearance in the eyes of the world. I bring to you the possibility, in these times of crisis, of finding again the filiation with God and His Purpose that are beyond material life.

Dear children, I have come to Venezuela to listen to your prayers, and to accompany you as you cross this desert that you are traversing.

My children, I am the Liberator of these people. I am She who brings the Mercy of God to you and to this entire planet.

For this effort of yours of having prepared My coming to Venezuela: I thank you now and always for responding to My call.

Who blesses and encourages you to proceed onward in the name of the Love of My Son,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Coromoto