As Mother and Lady of the Nativity of the Lord, I prepare praying hearts so that, during this end of the year, the consoling Love that My Son Jesus brings to you can be reborn with greater consciousness. This divine Love that was and is capable of giving life for all, to generate, also within these times, the redemption of the human race.

Therefore, My children, with My rosary in My hands, we will prepare in prayer and devotion, trusting in the Birth of Christ as Light in the heart of humanity and as spiritual Protector of families.

So that this may be achieved, I come on this day to tell you that I will accompany you in this important exercise of the special novena for the reconsecration of families, so that the principle of the universal family and its attributes may be the light that guides and conducts the families of the world; knowing that this special novena that will be prayed will collaborate in the union and understanding that should be lived by families, that in this time go through division and lack of love.

May each bead of prayer that will be offered for the needy families of the world be a star that ignites in the heart of the soul that needs help.

May this novena be the great offering to be placed at the Feet of the Creator for each one of My praying children.

From here on, I will be very thankful for all sincere offerings that will be delivered in each prayer.

For the union of families, I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



While the world and the nations get involved in chaos, My children, I call you to enter into My Heart and find peace. I call you to cross the thresholds of human indifference that exists within you, as upon the whole planet. I call you to lose fear of what is true and unknown so that, in this way, you can look at your own inner world and find what you truly are.

May you contemplate the infinite and know that this very infinite dwells within you. And just as the stars hold in their shine a great mystery that seems to be distant from your lives, within you there is also a divine essence, whose shine, My children, holds not only the mysteries about yourselves, but about that of all life, about the Plan and the perfect Thought of God for humanity and for all creatures.

In spite of all conflicts and sufferings, in spite of all stimuli that you receive, day by day, causing one to suffer, to lose hope, to live indignation and to feel the pain of injustice, I call you today to go beyond all appearances and find that which is true, although it was nearly always hidden from human eyes.

In these times, My children, nothing else will be hidden from you, and in your hearts the divine mysteries and gifts can become unveiled, you can discover your true potentials, you can know what you were created for, what is the purpose of your lives; a purpose that is beyond the experience of forgiveness and redemption, and that is held in the expression and in the manifestation of love, in that which Christic Love awakens within you, and in everything.

These are times to be conscious of the urgency of the planet, to know and perceive that the chaos announces the Apocalypse and the Laws are being fulfilled, and they manifest that which was written. But it is also time to know the correct way to deal with the planetary situation, and this, beloved children, is not written in any Sacred Book, because it is part of the Revelation of these times; it is part of that which you must live and experience in this evolutionary stage of humanity, which you were not ready to live, and not even to know about in other times.

The Keys to cross the thresholds, that separate you from the Truth and divide the cycles of the old and new human being, are found in Our words; they are found in the state that the Divine Word places you within.


Once upon the eternal time, there was an infinite and loving purpose of the One; He wanted to reflect His experience through a Creation formed and constituted by many types of life.

In this way, first the universes, its galaxies, suns and stars were created, then the nebulae were created and, within them, the dimensions and the planes of consciousness had already dwelt.

Later, when this first Creation had matured, in a vibratory and spiritual sense, the Father, with all of His Love, fixed His gaze in a point of the Universe, where a planet, which had shone the most, generated a greater spiritual condition that was capable of sheltering and receiving a Project.

For this, the Father asked this treasure of the Universe, which was spontaneously expressing itself, to receive one of the most special elements and fluids of the Creation: the water element, so that that which would happen later could have the necessary support to develop and evolve.

This element would bring to the human consciousness, which was the last fulfilled Project, the inner and also material capacity to remember its origin, not only since the maternal womb, but also its superior origin.

The water element is the fundamental basis for the emotional and sentimental balance of the human being. Therefore, in the creation of the planet Earth, the Father wanted to grant to His children the greatest quantity of oceans and seas so that they would not feel the spiritual disconnection from the maternal womb.

So the human Project was accompanied since the beginning and has been the most privileged genetic Project, because this very project, in order to be corrected and redeemed, received the incarnation of the Son of God, so that the human race might find a direct path along which to return to its true essence.

In this way, other human beings offered for the Project to last and achieve the greatest degree of perfection, which was possible through everything that Christ taught, which was the path of Love and Forgiveness.


When the Creator sent His children to the Earth with veils over their eyes, so that they would not remember their origin, He also created the Centers of Love and of Light, which would someday awaken in aid of humanity, to allow them to remember and return to the Heart of the Father.

The Centers of Love reveal the mysteries of God and His Love for humanity; they reveal the fondness of the Father for His children of the Earth, in spite of the vastness of the Creation.

The Centers of Love reveal that the Creator not only placed the best of Himself hidden in the hearts of humanity but also, children, in the depths and hidden layers of the planetary consciousness. Just as the Creator delivered a part of His Essence to animate human consciousness, He also deposited, throughout the entire planet, a part of the most sacred that exists in His Creation, in this and in other Universes. These are the Centers of Love.

Just as you look at the sky and see only the stars, in spite of the infinite life that dwells within them, on Earth, children, your eyes often cannot perceive the mysteries that hide, the life that offers itself, the Grace that develops and renews, time and again. But the moment has come to know it, the moment has come to experience this higher life, more than knowing about its existence. The hour has come to live the Centers of Love, just as the hour has come to experience what you truly are as children of God.

The Time of your Father, of His higher reality, now approaches the Earth, and for this moment you must be prepared. Let the revelations manifest and let them go beyond the planetary events.

For a long time, I have come to meet you to reveal prophecies that speak of the reality of the planet and about the future of the nations not only so that you, My children, could awaken to what was to come upon humanity, but also so that your consciousnesses could believe in Me, and thus could at least wonder about the celestial reality from which I come, and that, like so many other mysteries, hide from humanity.

In this cycle, I come to reveal to you something deeper, more spiritual and unknown and, just like the prophecies that I delivered to you in other times, that which I reveal to you today will also manifest.


The light of the mystery is revealed in this time and is born from within the Sacred Centers so that the human consciousness may receive the impulse of awakening and of cosmic reality.

It is in this way that these Sacred Centers, fruits of Creation and present in various points of the planet, are the most potent powerhouses of light that attract, to the Earth and to humanity, the Grace of being able to have the Greater Knowledge radiated by the great constellations and stars.

It is in this way, My children, that the human being again remembers, and for the memory of the origin to arrive, of who they were and the reason for having emerged from a pure and supreme Fount, Founts present in various spaces of the Universe.

Each being of this planet is a star, which had once lived an experience in some place of the Universe, but for this experience to be more enriched and so that it could bear its fruits, most of My children had to arrive on this blue planet to deepen in love and in forgiveness.

But their history will not end in this life, there is something that exists beyond the sphere of the Earth which is called “macrocosm”. To there they must return, with a learning fulfilled and a mission accomplished.

The Sacred Centers are within the reach of human beings to allow them to remember all these things. For this reason, the light of the Center of Figueira is the first essence of love that, with power and fortitude, will be unveiled in the heart that opens to receive it.

Let the light of the Center of Figueira be a bridge of elevation and an impulse of transcendence for all human conditions.

From each Sacred Center will emerge, not only the light of their essences, but there will also be the appearance of the Hierarchy as a member of a Greater and evolutionary Order of the entire Cosmic Universe.

It is time, children, to recognize, through these impulses, the last revealing impulses that will come to humanity to lead it toward the expansion of consciousness with the aim of someday assuming evolution, the care and the love for this planet, which is the receptacle of great and unknown Sacred Centers that God Himself created so that all of His children might be accompanied and could thus come to meet Him.


To My dear children of the Planetary Light-Network


Now that you carry the spiritual symbol of the Confraternity, of the Brotherhood and of love among beings, stamped upon your chests, may your souls definitely dare to take this last and great step toward the path of the apostolate of Christ.

May this star that confirms in you the existence of the Mission and of its fulfillment on any part of the Earth be the impulse of light that will place you selflessly at the service of others and for the Kingdoms of Nature.

May the Sacred Heart of My Son, His Flame of Fire and His Holy Cross, impel you in this cycle to always say “yes” and to abandon any sign of tepidness.

Now is the time of the presentation of the apostles and of the missionaries that will build the Plan of God, first within themselves, by means of prayer, of service, of instruction, and of healing; and then to build it and share it with the rest of humanity.

Now is the time that more stars of light ignite in the firmament and begin to be part of the new Planetary Light-Network which, despite the circumstances or the events, will defend from itself any act of disobedience so that unity with the Divine Plan and the Supreme Hierarchy may finally be lived.

My children, the path of redemption is open by means of the service and the testimony that your hearts can live, in perfect union with the Hierarchy.

May this new symbol that today you carry on your chest be revered, valued and loved, in the same way that you would receive the presence of the Hierarchy in your homes.

In truth, children, it will be the spiritual Hierarchy Who, in this new cycle, will want to govern and guide you so that more and more consciousnesses may be removed from the world system and from the planetary illusion.

The Hierarchy hopes that the majority of souls can learn to live in a brotherhood that is divine, humble, powerful and unconditional in its surrender, in its service and in its constant and infinite donation. 


Feel, all the time, how God contemplates His Creation and, among all the infinity of the galaxies, universes and stars, how He especially loves the Earth.

Feel the unknown value that the planet Earth has and remember the experience in which He was a participant during the Life of Jesus.

Remember how God, being so great and powerful, made Himself small to be able to incarnate amongst humanity and teach them about the stages of love and of forgiveness.

Be aware of all of this, time and again, and affirm that, above each trial or difficulty, this truth of love always prevails, which is eternal and is transmitted from generation to generation.

Bring to your consciousness the meaning of all that the Father did for His children and how His Love, which is invincible, continues to work and act throughout the times.

Hang on to this Divine Truth; live through it so that every day you may be a servant as similar as Christ, Our Lord, was.

I thank you for responding to my call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May My Heart of Peace be the guide that leads you to Christ

My Children,

I come in a time of chaos, ignorance and indifference toward God, toward His Plan and His Truth, to open the eyes of a generation that is getting lost in the wounds and memories of the past.

I come to reveal to you a Divine Purpose, which forever erases from your consciousnesses the obstacles that separate you from God.

And this same Purpose reveals to you, not only what the Heart of the Father offers you, but mainly, children, it brings you closer to the Truth of the Heart of God; Truth which has been hidden throughout human evolution, and now must be revealed.

I come as the Mother of the World, as your Universal Mother, so you may understand that not only eternity after this life is full of mysteries, but life itself holds secrets that have not yet been revealed, holds truths that are beginning to emerge at this time, as a last opportunity for souls to awaken.

My Heart offers you nothing more than awakening to the path of prayer, surrender, service and sacrifice.

But it is this very path that will open, in your lives, the doors to the new, and will finally bring the meaning which your souls expected to know about the existence of life on Earth.

You can already feel and perceive your own ignorance, not only before the Universe and Creation, but also before yourselves.

And what I come to do in these times, My children, is to open your eyes through the power of prayer, so that, transformed under the spirit of humility, you can enter into the truth that dwells within you, a universe as vast and as broad as the one you see in a starry night in the sky of the Earth.

As the immensity of the sky, as the infinity of the stars, so it is within each of My children, because He who created you, in His image and likeness, is infinite and unknown.

The likeness to God is not limited to the appearance of humankind. The likeness with God is kept in a deep mystery that dwells in your hearts, and that keeps in itself the true reason for which God created this humanity.

Each being of this Earth, My children, is a renewing potential of the Divine Consciousness.

From your most profound and sincere experiences of love, the Creator derives His renewal, the re-creation of His Divine Creation.


Declaration of the Divine Love, continuation

Oh, beloved Chilean people, who has printed on your blue and red flag, the star that must be the symbol of a celestial motherland!

Oh, sacred mountains of the Andes, which keep in in their mineral heart the greatest treasures of the original history of this humanity!

Oh, My children from Chile, who reflect on your faces the legacy of the peoples of the past!

Lift your white flags of peace and that, upon the cry that the Universe will emit, your inner stars receive the sacred call of the redemption!

May the Vigilant of the Legacy wash their faces in the Fountain of My Grace, so that they may be healed of everything!

May the Guardians of the Treasures of the Universe receive the balm of My Peace to be able to be healed!

May the Commanders of other times be forgiven and receive the spiritual Absolution from the Son of God!

Children of this ancient sacred people! Peoples of the beginning and peoples of the end! Open your hearts to be liberated!

Throw from your hands the weapons of destruction! May each radiant Sun, which dwells in this people, be erected again to the Glory of God, so that everything may be restored, so that nothing is lost. So that, from the silence of the Andes, the Sacred Word of Our Redeemer and Savior Jesus Christ may be heard.

Follow your Mother of Heaven on the path that will lead you to the blessed motherland, because thus your people, wounded by the causes of yesterday, will be redeemed of everything.

Trust, children, in everything that I bring you!

Trust in the renewed hope and in the end of this national captivity!

I Am the Mother who moves the whole Universe so that Her smallest and needy children have an opportunity!

May the soldiers of the Stars gather today at the foot of the great Celestial Altar! And may the doors to the abyss of this people be closed now!

Because the inner Christ will emerge from your beings and thus you will be one with My Son, so that He, in His Celestial Glory, may be one with His beloved people!

I want the Star of My Brotherhood to now be the motto and the symbol of your people!

I want, from this country, beings redeemed by the Love of the Creator!

May the Commanders of once now raise their hearts to Heaven!


Divine dialogue between the Most Holy Mary and the Angel of Portugal

Angel of Portugal: “Sweet Queen of the Stars, Spiritual Ruler of all souls, lost and not lost; consent, Celestial Majesty, to raise each one of Your children into the arms of the Celestial Father.

At least, Adorable and Holy Virgin, shine with Your Divine Love upon each essence so that it may at last find God, the Supreme Lord”.

Most Holy Mary: “Welcoming Angel of Portugal, legionnaire and server of Archangel Saint Raphael, I send You and all of Your blessed armies, in honor of the Archangel Saint Michael to free all the consciousnesses that are chained by My adversary.

With Your Peace, Angel of Portugal, dissipate all illusion of the consciousness, and I ask, servant angel of God, that you pray for all My children, especially for those that believe they are living their spirituality and do not have God because of their great pride.

Angel of Peace, untiringly protect My beloved Portugal, and also have it inwardly know that all these peoples must still settle their errors committed against My indigenous peoples”.

Angel of Portugal: “Yes, My Lady, Most Pious Mother Who consoles the afflicted, Who brings hope and renewal to those who are spiritually hungry.

Yes, Mother, this is My humble reply before Your precious request for mercy. Remember, Holy Celestial Mother, those who blaspheme the Heart of Your Beloved Son; implore, Holy Virgin, for each consciousness of this world, so that nobody lose the peace of the Lord”.

Most Holy Mary: “Servant of My Father, who serves the Higher Universes, valued Angel of Portugal, I will respond to your holy petitions; I will ask My Beloved Son to placate the justice of God and that His Sacred Heart help to dissolve human indifference, the action that commits all the errors of the world.

O Holy Angel of Peace!, help the angels of all the nations, give impulse to each regent angel of each nation, so that it may show itself to the world. Holy Angel of Portugal, Consciousness that adores the Holy Body of My Son in the Eucharist, radiate the codes of light that spring from the untiring Heart of Christ and cause each soul to discover the sweetness of the Love of My Son.


​​I bring Light to the world; a light that comes from God for all of the souls of Earth.

I am the Spokesperson of the Universe; I am She Who announces the second coming of Christ, first in the simple hearts so that later they may see Him coming in His Glory.

I am that Star of the Infinite that illuminates the paths of those who go astray, and that brings wisdom to those who understand nothing.

Dear children, I am that Sun that in the name of God awakens sleeping hearts with Its rays.

I am that invisible and spiritual balsam that brings hope and healing to all beings. I am the Regent, I am the Governing Mother of the children of God. I am the One Commissioned by the Holy Spirit to awaken the suns of God that are present on the surface of the Earth.

I am Your Mother and Lady of Coromoto. I am the Guide of all of the peoples and the Liberator from all oppression.

I am the same Faith manifested in the heart of His children.

I am the Grace and the Mercy for those who cry out and repent.

Dear children, I am the Spiritual Mother of nations. I am the spiritual Guardian of the Purpose for each country. I am the Instructor for those who want to learn through My Love and My truth.

I am the perfect company for the angels of each nation. I am She who directs the choirs of Heaven, I am She Who asks for redemption.

Beloved children, on this day, through the power of Grace and of Glory I come to renew hearts that are thirsty for peace, but awake to receive the call of God. A call that is not widely heard by all because the blindness of material life hypnotizes My children and does not allow them to find union with God.

But in you, dear children of Venezuela, I find the cry, the supplication, the true aspiration of again finding freedom among the peoples and their principles.

Today I come here, dear children, to remind you that the Love of God is the primordial power for the times that are coming. The Love of God is the shield against all adversity and test.

Today I come to remind you of the spiritual principle and the purpose of this nation, which is that of expressing the joy of loving the Plan of the Creator through culture and the peoples.


May the pains be far away from your heart, because I, your Most Holy Mother, am with you.
May the arts of My adversary be far away, because My mantle protects your walk and your task, as well as those of your brothers and sisters.

May the sins of ingratitude and denial be far away from you, because inside of My Heart you will only feel peace and the eternal flame of the Creator's Light.

My children,

On this day in which I am with you by the Divine Grace that the Father has granted Me, I come to bring Peace, Forgiveness, Grace and Mercy to My children of the world once again.

A new cycle begins to My soldiers, to the apostles of Christ and to all humanity.  My Son has announced the definitive beginning of His Return.  He returns, first of all, to the hearts of the children who are faithful to His Mercy, those in whom He prepares the path of transformation and of the emerging of the spiritual gifts that He sowed in each one of you, over two thousand years ago.

Such gifts will flourish in each soul, at each step taken in the sincere transformation of each being.  Remember that He does not need you perfect, only good and pure of heart, faithful to His Presence and to His Guidance in this life, which will be the step that will place some of you in Paradise.

At each step that each one of you takes in the discipleship of Christ, this world and this humanity take a step towards their liberation and their salvation.

For this, My children, beloved children, children who are strong and firm in renounce and in sacrifice, always remember that your path, the one you are traversing together with My Son today, will be the seed for the New Humanity, that humanity which is so much awaited by all.

Do not fear anything, because We, the Divine Messengers, have left inside of you the keys for the indissoluble union with the Heart of God, the ones that open up the doors of Liberation, of Redemption and of the eternal Peace for all.


Stay in My arms today, child of Mine, because My mantle of light will make you invisible to the eyes of My adversary.  Stay between My hands, because My Maternal Love will make you stronger than the sorrow of the world.

Do not let the great door of purification be opened because God, Who is in the Heavens, has already counted the seconds and the minutes where each child of Mine will have to face the last battle.

Stay with Me and pray by My side.

Although the storm is greater than the very fortresses that I have constructed with My Love, the ground will not tremble because the foundations that I build are unmovable.  Stay today between My arms and do not fear anything; the cycle of surrender and of humiliation shall be lived by each child of Mine, because in order for the next time of peace to be born, all of My children will have to live their purification.

Let today, child of Mine, Your Heavenly Mother wash your body and your impurities with the divine water of My Grace; lie down and surrender yourself into My arms so that I may purify you and convert you in the model that God has asked of Me; in the model of the great redemption.

Rest today, child, between My arms and do not look that much the constant falls;  I come to raise you from the ground, and bring you to the eternal lap of the Heart of My Son.  His Mercy is as great as His Justice; for this come with confidence towards Me and do not give up before the great time.

For My children I fulfill the Works of God, for this I protect you like a lioness protects her cubs, nothing will be able to frighten you.

Open space, child of Mine, so that the impurities of the old will be banished.  In the same way that My Heart prays and implores for each one of you, My hands of a Mother undo in time the knots of egoism and of foolishness that live in each of you.  Prayer is the source of every solution, it will always rekindle the heart that is dim and without inner light.

The red dragon draws its armies closer before facing the Lady Dressed of the Sun.  In turn, the stars of My Crown are launched to the Earth in order to demarcate the spaces where the dragon will neither be able to step nor find anyone of you.

When the Lady Dressed of the Sun has thrown Her last star of salvation to the Earth, the great door will open, the great cycle will be untied and it will not have an end.


I Am the Sacred Star of the Sea, My Love is the bright star that lights the path of the seafarers.  My Star of the Sea lights the devotion of the hearts that were wounded and lifts the lost wayfarers again to the Kingdom of Peace.

In My ocean of Graces exists a place for all the souls, to drink of the Source of Mercy and of Healing.

I Am the Star of the Sea and My paths are in your paths to help you find again the greater commitment that you had with God.  The one who comes to Me will not be lost, will never feel alone and, even more so, will be able to unite their spirit to the Spirit of God.

The whole world has forgotten that the seas are part of the Creation of God and that in them He has deposited His Spirit of Peace and of Serenity.  From the beginning the Lord has commanded to the seas that they be mirrors that reflect the Kingdom of Peace, but many of the oceans now are places of destruction and of contamination.

I want and desire to awaken in you a greater consciousness and love for the elements and for all the Kingdoms of nature, they too are part of the Spirit of My Maternity.  And you, My dear children, through prayer will permit that your planet remain pure and alive for some more time, even though the damages caused to the Creation of God throughout the centuries are innumerable.

I ask you to place in your hearts the need to pray more and to help so that beloved blue planet, where I come from, may be a future dwelling for the children who will populate the New Earth.

My Divine Mercy and My Pity have always tried to change the course of the planetary events.

As Queen of Peace I give you not only the Peace your hearts need, but I also give you the reality that you are living in this world, a world that was donated out of love for you and about which you will have to testify before God the Most High.

For this, dear children, may your eyes be opened to be able to dispel the illusion that many live.  I come to announce Peace, but I also come to announce the Truth, this is what My Son has asked Me, and together, Mother and children, we will be able to intercede for this beloved planet.

I thank all for awakening to the Supreme Consciousness, Your Eternal Father and Creator!

I bless you always,

Mary, Queen and Lady of the Star of the Sea

As the Star of the Heaven and of the Universe, your steps are guided under the light of My Immaculate Heart. Thus your feet walk on this path towards the meeting with My Son. This is the path that you have built in the pacification and in the faith of the heart.

Dear children, today I call you to happiness in your hearts and to not fear for anything, because your Celestial Mother is with you, is at your side, observing that walk of each soul, observing the choices of each heart before the Plans of God. Because each one of you keeps in the heart something that is revered by the Angels of Heaven, tavese each one of you keeps in the heart something that is reverenced by the angels of Heaven se your Celestial Mother is with his preciousness that you guard is called purity of the heart.

Although the world forgets day by day to strengthen the spirit through prayer and through love of God the Creator, today I invite you to search within yourselves, for the immaculate purity of the heart. Out of Love God has given to you His Favored Son, who left for you the path of Truth and of Salvation.

For this, dear children, today reverently, adore and glorify the presence of the Son of God in your lives.

For this day of important reparation of the Heart of Christ, I ask you from love, to surrender your lives to Jesus and that you may encounter the merciful Love of Christ, the door for your salvation and redemption.

My children, as new instruments of Christ, as new fires of His Merciful Love, you must awaken for this time because the souls, as sparks of Love for Christ, will help through service and through consecration in the salvation of the essences.

Today, dear children, I want you to be reminded that you are a precious essence of God, and that beyond your comprehension and your rationality, is the expression of the Love of the Father in each one of His creatures. If at least the souls could remember that they are essences created by God, the steps in consciousness could be united to the Will of God.

Dear children, as the Mother of Redemption, I leave today for each one of your hearts My crown of stars, so that guided by My Immaculate Love, you will confirm the value of your faith and of your absolute trust in God the Creator.

As Mother of the Universe I bring to you the gift of the Holy Spirit and the light of the stars. As Mother of the Universe I give you My Peace so that the love in your hearts may be awakened in this time.

Today I invite you to distance yourselves from the abysses of life and to take a greater leap towards the Light of fraternity.

Dear children, the world carries much pain. For this you, through prayers and good actions, must carry the emblem of My Eternal Peace so that the conflicts in the hearts may end.

You cannot lower your arms, but raise them in the direction of the Universe of the Creator and clamor one more time for the Divine Mercy. In this way God will listen to you.

Dear children, today I call you to awaken the humility of the heart through the Divine Light of Jesus because only through Jesus will your lives be able to learn the steps of humility.

Dear children, calling into your lives the essence of humility you will be able to know which is the task that God sends to your hearts. Today God, through My Immaculate Heart, reveals to you the task of the prayer of the heart so that you may be able to live within yourselves celestial peace.

Dear children, today I invite you to be prayer in life and in actions so that through this prayer all of the causes that are in need of forgiveness and of mercy may be dissolved.

My children, as long as your lives may be able to reflect good actions, faith will awaken as light for many of My children and humanity will stop fighting amongst themselves and for their own merits.

Whenever you feel lack of peace, dear children, vigil upon your exercise of prayer. The time deserves the collaboration of all of the Marian servers consecrated to My Immaculate Heart.

I thank you!

Live in My Eternal Peace, only Peace!

Thank you for answering to My call in spite of the circumstances.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

Dear children:

Embracing the Star of Universal Peace that announces the new time today I call you to include in your task of prayer all of humanity so that it may be able to walk inside of a new cycle; all the planet so that the Light of God may be able to continue illuminating; and all the Universe so that together we may commune with all the Creation.

My children, a special request is that you pray for all of My children in India because My Maternal Heart has already began the path of salvation in all the world, before the return of My Son.

Dear children, for this reason today your hearts must focus in this important maternal request so that in this way the plans of God may manifest themselves in each part of this humanity.

My children, your prayers will collaborate with the cycle of the New Time that is coming. In this way your hearts and your souls will be able to be prepared for the Good News of Christ that emerges for the second time.

Dear children, I invite you to enter into the time of deep changes in the consciousness so that our true spirit of peace may wake up in time before the events.

Little children, for this to happen your life must be united in prayer to the Creator Universe of God and in this way your aspiration for the Infinite will be genuine. From there comes the Holy Spirit. From there is born the Source of Wisdom for all the Creation.

For this, dear children, may your hearts open themselves for the new because the moment has arrived of uniting the hearts in the Love and in the task, preparing your beautiful inner temples to receive My Son, the Savior.

I thank you for answering, day by day, to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

Dear children,

Never stop contemplating all the divine beauty that God has created for love of the Eternal Love.

Dear children, may the essence of love and truth spring from you so that your hearts can be open to the essence of donation. My children, never stop seeing the love of God in your hearts, embrace the essence of forgiveness in your inner worlds so that the new Spirit of Love is planted in you.

Dear children, never lower your arms, raise your aspiration to infinity, aspiration for a life in the Kingdom of God, aspiration for living the Reconciliation and Mercy of My Son.

Little children, never lose the joy of being in Me and seeing in you the power of My Immaculate Love. Accept to be in My path, your souls recognize where My Maternal Heart comes from, they recognize My presence before your consciences do.

I am the Lady of Heaven, I am the Mystical Rose, I am the Mother who helps the pilgrims and I am the Immaculate Heart that is donated to you, to love you and to forgive you.

Dear children, My Voice is announced to the world once more so that My children do not lose the path to salvation and to the rescue of the heart.

I am with you in this path of pilgrimage to eternity. May pain, bitterness and desolation not be a burden in your lives; may your hearts, invaded and permeated by the Holy Spirit, receive Peace. Peace that comes from the Universe, Peace that the suns and stars emanate, Peace that is irradiated from all galaxies, Peace that comes from Infinity, which you do not know.

From Infinity My Maternal Heart comes to you to show you the way to a humble and peaceful life, a path to the Universe, to everything that the Father, Adonai, has created for your love and glory.

Dear children, glorify God! Love God! Search for God in your lives! In this way your little essences and all the essences will be in the Celestial Kingdom of the Universe.

Beyond your terrestrial life there is eternity, the eternal present, the Omnipresence of God in all the Universes.

Dear children, pray, pray and pray! Your lips cannot get tired of praying so that the Mercy of Christ can aid humanity.

I thank all My children for the loving welcome in this Nation of Paraguay.

Love and Peace for everyone.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

With My hands joined in prayer and in contemplation for each of My children, today I call you to reflection because as a Mother I want you to understand how important the preparation of your heart is for the time that will come.

Dear children My hands do not get tired of perpetually praying for the merciful needs of this humanity and for all the causes that need a greater intervention.

My children, may your prayer become the mediator between you, Christ, My Son and God Almighty; in this way and with a reverent attitude you will learn, My dear children, to plead to God on behalf of the entire world.

Great is the need for pity, forgiveness and mercy for all humanity. While only a few open the ears of the heart without searching for miracles and hear My call, I ask all My children to pray, pray with the heart, pray with all the true love that can spring from your hearts!

Now, My children, it is necessary to pray, pray, pray, so that a little more Grace can come to all My children. You my little ones, must be as stars of light that come to the Earth as help, that bring peace and light to the darkest corners of the world.

In time of changes, many prefer not to hear; now My Maternal Voice calls you to open your eyes to the announcements from Heaven.

Dear children, may your groups of prayer be sources of the expression of My Maternal Love for each of you and may this divine love you receive through My Immaculate Heart be irradiated to all the souls of the world.

All humanity must receive the Grace of Salvation. For this, My children, let us pray without delay!

I will be thankful!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Raise your heart in aspiration to Heaven. You know I Am Your Mother who loves you and gives you joy that is equal with Jesus. May all despair disappear from you in this moment, may you light up My Maternal Peace in your little hearts.

Embrace the perfume of My words. I Am the Queen of Peace who shelters all the children of God. I Am the Messenger for our soul of the Holy Spirit, who wants to bring you to the Redeemer.

Do not get discouraged for anything in life, be born now before the Creator. Accept the changes that are approaching, live today the true love of the heart. God hears the supplications when the prayer is sincere because it acquires the strength of the love of the heart.

Raise your arms My dear children, that the redeemer Jesus may arrive again to your lives.

I know that the world cries out for Peace. God sends His Servant to proclaim love in My children and the forgiving of all past. Gather unity among your hearts so that you are participants of the New Spirit of Peace that My Immaculate Heart is emanating to the world.

Know that I know you all very well, as My Heart of Mother knows Jesus. I know what you need and in what you must mature. For this My children, be truthful so that your eyes may see closely the footprints of the Return of the Sheppard of Love.

Prepare as if it were a great supper, your hearts will rejoice when they hear the call that My Heart will announce.

Return to God everyday so that My stars of Peace and Announcement may be the guide for your consciousnesses. Let us hold vigil in prayer so that all may be participants of My Maternal Light.

I love you and await you in prayer.

I thank you!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.