Saturday, May 25 of 2019

Daily Messages

Each nation of this planet holds in its spiritual registries a part of the history of the Cosmos, which must be transformed. The Earth, children, was thought of and created by God to be the place where love would triumph, beyond all errors, where forgiveness would open the door to healing, where Mercy would open the door to the Redemption of all souls.

There is an existing reality that precedes life upon this world, a reality that is written in the stars, but which few knew how to enter into correctly, and still no human being understands completely.

When God manifested the planet, throughout human evolution, He gradually presented opportunities for different children of His, souls that were in need of healing and redemption, to come to Earth to experience a learning process. In each nation, the Creator placed a part of His children, each one bringing with them the occult registries of the history of the Universe so that, through the redemption of souls and of nations, as consciousness, the history of the Universe could also be healed.

Thus, each people that you encounter holds more than a culture, a planetary history, a human evolution; in the depths of their consciousness, children, they have a universal registry that, little by little, designed and influenced the expression of those peoples and their needs to be healed and redeemed, so that all of Divine Creation may be redeemed through the experience of life on Earth.

I reveal this to you so that you may understand that life holds broad mysteries still unknown to humankind, but the time has arrived for coming to know them so that you may consciously accomplish your part in this time.

For this reason, when you pray for the nations, also pray for all that they spiritually bring with them to be healed and redeemed. When, with your heart, you accompany the pilgrimage of the Messengers of God through this world, children, know that much more than the history of the Earth is being gradually healed. It is the history of the Universe and of Divine Creation that gains the healing to return to God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph