The more you contemplate and adore God in the Eucharist, the more He will be in you and will reveal Himself within you.

The Eucharist is not just the Lamb given up for Love to repair the sins of the world. The Eucharist is the complete and perfect Heart of Christ, where the mysteries of Creation and the essence of the Love of God are kept; a Love that, containing all things within, multiplied so that life could have form and spirit, renewing and recreating Divine Existence.

The Eucharist is the revealed presence of the Most High. There lies Who God is, His mysteries, His Love and His hope. Contemplate and adore the Eucharist and within It lies the Portal for returning to the Origin, to the Truth, to the Light

God hides in His mysteries and reveals Himself to those who seek Him. Seek your Creator and Redeemer in the Eucharist and, in silence, let Him guide you to His Heart, into perfect unity with His Truth and Love.

The mystery of the Eucharist is revealed to the humble, in the silence of their hearts. In humility, stand before this consecrated element and, in the same way that God filled the bread with all that He is, let Him also consecrate and transform the elements of your being into unity with Him.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The Universe of God is sublime, and its mysteries are incalculable. But, before reaching the celestial heights, children, you should learn to deal with your human condition and live the transcendence of illusions, available to humans by the time of Earth and its mysteries, until you can cross the layers and veils that separate you from the Truth and the Time of God, so you may discover not only the celestial mysteries but, above all, yourselves. 

If I spoke to you only of sublime things, you would make from the Truth an illusion in your minds, you would have it as a story, but not as an experience, as a philosophy, but not as life manifested in everything that you are. This is why, sometimes, I speak to you of the Universe and sometimes I go back to your human condition, to create a bridge between what you think you are and what you must find out about yourselves.

The Truth already is. It manifested in the Origin of life and has hidden in the essence and microcosmos of each being. To find it, you should search for it as you search for the things of the world today. Just as you make an effort for the victories on Earth, make an effort for the triumphs of Heaven.

Search for the example of those who have already walked this path. Drink from the experience of those who were tested and transcended human life, to find Christ hidden and alive within themselves. Those you call saints, children, are not God, and it is not their miracles that will make them reach God, but rather their example which can inspire you and bring you light for the darkness of consciousness.

To reach what is High, you should elevate yourselves. To reach that which is within, you should deepen. And this is an eternal and tireless mission, until you return to the Origin of life.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph 

Monthly Messages

Take My hands, My children, and let yourselves be led by My Immaculate Heart to the Origin of Life, to the Place of protection and of Peace where your essences rested before the manifestation of the Divine Thought for your lives.


Take My hands and come with Me to the Original Source of Life, where the deepest Love of your Creator Father dwells, where unity is a living reality because nothing is separate from God.

Although you have trodden a path of evolution and so often feel separate from God, today I come to show you, My children, this Original Space in a time in which there is no past nor future, but only the eternal present in the Heart of your Creator Father.

There, unity is maintained and essences remain safeguarded with their original principles.

Lakes of Light, Fountains of Peace are your true dwellings. There are no forms, only colors, sounds and vibrations. Although the essences resound in their own note, unity manifests itself through melodies that form unique music, which is the song of God, the song of life’s manifestation.

Let your ears hear and let your souls remember this Space of protection in the Womb of Creation. There, My children, where the Feminine Energy protects you, where the truth of what you are makes you pure, there is nothing corrupt, there are no stains, there is no pain, only peace and unity with the Creator.

Let your hearts live the experience of being with Me there, because a part of your consciousness has never left the Fountain of God.

This space that I show to your heart today is the connection with the Divine, this part of your consciousnesses that dwells there, and that will always allow you to return to God and not lose unity with the Father. It is the magnet that attracts you to the Origin, the purity that makes you return to the truth of your existence.

Today, My children, receive the Grace of being in God, of being in Peace, of being in My Immaculate Heart, and I, being in you, show you oneness in life.

May the celestial melody resound in your hearts and rekindle the hope to return to the Source, rekindle the momentum to be pure and to let yourselves purify and renew, so that someday you may find the truth about yourselves again; a truth that is prior to all existence, prior to planets and suns, prior to material life, both in Heaven and on Earth; a truth that dwells in unity with the Divine Consciousness. 

My Grace touches you today, your Divine Origin blesses you and thus, I heal you and love you, renewing your commitments with God so that, after knowing that there is an Origin that waits for you, you can make this superior reality known to the world.

I love you, My children, and that is why I am here.

I embrace you and have all of you in My Immaculate Heart.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Each nation of this planet holds in its spiritual registries a part of the history of the Cosmos, which must be transformed. The Earth, children, was thought of and created by God to be the place where love would triumph, beyond all errors, where forgiveness would open the door to healing, where Mercy would open the door to the Redemption of all souls.

There is an existing reality that precedes life upon this world, a reality that is written in the stars, but which few knew how to enter into correctly, and still no human being understands completely.

When God manifested the planet, throughout human evolution, He gradually presented opportunities for different children of His, souls that were in need of healing and redemption, to come to Earth to experience a learning process. In each nation, the Creator placed a part of His children, each one bringing with them the occult registries of the history of the Universe so that, through the redemption of souls and of nations, as consciousness, the history of the Universe could also be healed.

Thus, each people that you encounter holds more than a culture, a planetary history, a human evolution; in the depths of their consciousness, children, they have a universal registry that, little by little, designed and influenced the expression of those peoples and their needs to be healed and redeemed, so that all of Divine Creation may be redeemed through the experience of life on Earth.

I reveal this to you so that you may understand that life holds broad mysteries still unknown to humankind, but the time has arrived for coming to know them so that you may consciously accomplish your part in this time.

For this reason, when you pray for the nations, also pray for all that they spiritually bring with them to be healed and redeemed. When, with your heart, you accompany the pilgrimage of the Messengers of God through this world, children, know that much more than the history of the Earth is being gradually healed. It is the history of the Universe and of Divine Creation that gains the healing to return to God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The time of this world goes by and, in the Universe, the Time of God is approaching.

The cycles are transformed, the laws are exchanged so that other laws will be the impulses received by life.

Within the beings, spirits scream, and those who realized strong commitments with God can no longer remain in their ignorance and in the common living of their days.

The rays that spiritually descend from the Heavens moves, within the souls, the need to awaken; moves within those already awakened, the need to mature; and moves in those who are mature, the need to deepen. Nothing will remain as it is.

The Time of God will bring restlessness to all beings because their cells will be changing vibration, their essences will approach their origin, their spirits will see in the horizon the possibility of returning to God. Everything will move you towards evolutionary life.

Listen to the voice of your hearts. Know how to respond to your souls and, before a divine call, always say "yes".

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Series – Divine Revelations of these times

In the Humble Cave of Bethlehem - Part I

And it was through the powerful Light of the Star of Bethlehem that your Mother and Lady, in the humble Company of Her Spouse, Saint Joseph, after having sought a simple place for the Birth of the Child King, We accepted a gift from God, which We did not expect but, at the same time, We perceived it as a visible sign during the Birth of the Child God.

It was the supreme decision that the Living God, made man and consciousness, wanted to be born in a humble manger within the caves near the village of Bethlehem.

This was so the Sacred Family, through the inner guidance of Archangel Saint Gabriel, could settle and prepare for the expected Birth of Who, throughout the times and generations, would free humankind from a possible self-destruction and a total loss of attributes and the Commandments that, as a people, in that time, united them to God.

It was for that reason that the Birth of the Messiah, the King of Israel and of the entire Earth, was prophesized and announced by the wisest contact-beings who understood, on an internal level, the cosmic vision of the local space of this Universe and, through angelic intercession, deciphered the estimated day and hour of the arrival and Birth of the Child Jesus in Bethlehem, even without previously knowing the Sacred Family.

My Husband, Saint Joseph, touched and internalized by the Birth of Christ, and by the fulfillment of the Sacred Prophecies, testified that all of His great effort and striving for the preparation of the arrival of the Little Child would be small.

Behind the Birth of Jesus, the Most Holy Mary, your Divine Mother, already knew, from the thirteen annunciations of Archangel Gabriel, that the arrival of the Child King would mean a most important Celestial, Divine and Cosmic intervention, a situation that would change and transcend all past human errors, from Eden, with Adam and Eve, up until the end of times, until the fulfillment of His second return to humanity.

This intervention, which took place in the humble and simple scenery of the cave of Bethlehem, represented the restoration of the Alliance that had been lost between humanity and God; but it also meant the re-establishment of the codes of Love-Wisdom which, from the spiritual plane, would help the material plane of the entire human race.

The first Source of Creation, which arises in the immaterial plane, lived a process of materialization of its forms and matrixes in order to contribute to the Birth of Jesus on Earth.

This movement of very high vibratory-spiritual science also meant a strong movement of cosmic and solar currents, of emanations and divine impulses which assisted so that, through the Birth of Christ, not only one of the Divine Aspects of the Trinity could descend onto the Earth, but also a state of contact between all beings who, at that time of the Birth of Christ, had total confidence about the arrival of their savior. 

For this reason, the annunciation of the angels to the shepherds and the wise interpretation and attunement of the Kings of the East generated, in all of the spiritual consciousness of the planet, the possibility of placing the Earth, once again, in a rescuable disposition.

When Jesus was born in the manger of Bethlehem many other spiritual, internal and even physical events occurred, since the descent of the immaterial energy of God embraced and encompassed many planetary events.

All of those who, with sincerity and devotion, remember the Birth of Christ, year after year, re-enter into the same cosmic and divine currents from which, more than two thousand years ago, the process of rescue and redemption of humanity was originated.

To celebrate the Birth of Christ every year is not living the past or returning to a true story, but rather it means to return to the Origin of the Origin, not only as a  planet, but also as a being, through the Birth of Christ, in order to have access to a state of spiritual atonement and to be able to regain the purpose that brought each being to the Earth, in spite of all the mistakes lived.

It is this impulse that until today enables the continuity, on the planet, of the existence of Christic beings who will generate, step by step, the fulfillment of the Plan.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


While the Sacred Book of God opens to reveal the true history of the Creation, the Universal Son listens attentively the words of the Sweet Mother, and, after Her Message has been propagated, the Redeemer gives continuity to the history written in the Greater Universe.

The “degrees of love” were the most direct path for Adam and Eve to be able to transcend and overcome duality.

It was thus that sometime later the Universal Project, which had begun on Earth with the first settlers of humanity, had to transit different schools of learning that began to arrive in the form of experiences and processes of life.

The place called Eden was the location within the Earth that was put to test.

The next generations of Adams and Eves,  aware of duality and free will, began to define within themselves the importance of giving continuity to the Greater Will that had brought them to the Earth.

They knew they were Children of God, that they had a Higher Father Who had given them everything He had so that they might be happy. They knew He was a Father of pure love that had created everything that exists in Heaven and on Earth so that the Adams and the Eves would love Him and recognize Him.

In this scene of Eden, as the Bible expresses, the tempting presence of the symbol of the serpent was not absent; a parallel movement that the adversary articulated to convince the Children of God that they, by having more freedom, could choose more, and thus satisfy themselves.

This whole plan of the fallen angel tried to boycott the Original Project that, in the end, was interfered with.

But the other Archangels of the Mental Universe helped the following generations of the Adams and the Eves to continue ahead and fulfill this yearned for Project of God, which holds planet Earth as the scene.

In that time, the Archangels made the Adams and Eves become aware that they had not been faithful, that by the error of their first parents, Adam and Eve, they had acquired duality and, as a result, they acquired original sin, which means to be born with a spiritual stain of impurity, due to what had happened in the past.

But within the aspiration of God, this Project of His first children began to be accomplished when they themselves discovered within that they could live a love as great and similar to the one the Father expressed for all through the manifestation of Creation.

For this reason, the Archangels made the Faithful Children of God become aware that they could overcome their choices and differences if, in truth, they loved life and everything that exists.

It was thus, some generations after Adam and Eve were capable, with their limited knowledge, of loving Creation, just as the Heavenly Father loves it.

In this school of being able to experience the first steps of Christic Love, there has been no shortage of temptations and tests, which lead to defining the future continuity of the first settlers of Earth.

The Archangels gave an infinity of impulses, spiritual and practical keys for the Adams and Eves to keep the principles that had brought them to the Earth alive so that later they might represent and be the reflection of a first terrestrial Brotherhood, which would faithfully follow the attributes of God.

In that time, these first people of the Earth attained this aspiration of God and managed to live very civilized patterns of behavior, which led them later to express, as states of consciousness, Christic codes in personal and family life.

In this way, God, as the Father of all that was created, testified in the origins of the Earth that, in spite of the plan of duality, of the fallen angel, the first human beings were able to overcome all barriers of consciousness through the unconditional surrender to the Designs of God and, especially, through the primary living of Christic Love.

The passage of the first settlers of the Earth and the result reached by the intervention and the work of the Archangels gave, as a result, the continuity of humanity so that it could be increasingly close to God.

We will continue these revelations in the internal Books of God.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Before the existence of this Solar System and the group known as the Nine Galaxies, which make up the grouping of a universe of lives, God, as Creator and grand expression of Love-Wisdom, deeply wished that some of His Children, the Creators of the Material Universe, also called Archangels, the great Co-Creators of this life system, would offer each of the Nine Galaxies the opportunity to experience evolution by means of “self-knowledge” and the so-called “degrees of love”.

It was in this way that these great Co-Creator beings carried forward all the universal projects received by them as subtle spiritual impulses of light, and then offered to the created systems, known as “Milky Way”, the opportunity of deepening in “spiritual knowledge” and in the “degrees of love”.

All this happened before the fall of the adversary.

In this time, in all the Universes, the first one thousand years of peace were lived, a period in which the development of life, the inner schools of learnings and, above all, the awakening of the different "degrees of love", granted this Local Universe, in which this Solar System exists, including Earth, the opportunity that on a planet of very high spiritual characteristics, like the Earth, one of the twelve most important Projects of God's Love could be carried forward.

For this reason, the planet Earth went through different cycles. The seas, which used to be acidic, became alkaline so that they later might become containers of mineral and crystalline components, living as a high degree of oxygenation.

The continents, which used to be desert and cold, experienced a biological re-adaptation to later become seedbeds of new species. 

In this way, planet Earth, and all of its atmosphere, converted into a great womb of light, to finally gestate the consciousness of humanity, which was later known as Adam and Eve.

In this first experience of love, the Heavenly Father internally aspired that this Project, so yearned for by His Heart, would allow to correct and recreate Creation so that increasingly higher degrees of love may be lived.

Some time later the Universe began to live the first failures in evolution due to the very intense fall of the disobedient angel.

From there, the whole Universe, a place where peace, good and harmony were lived, became the sudden scenario of the first steps of duality, a current contrary to the principle of the Maximum Will; a duality that would begin to place at stake the freedom that had been granted to all creatures, with the aim that they might learn to love, just as the Heavenly Father loves them.

The planet Earth was one of the last places in which this spiritual current of duality descended to test, through Adam and Eve, the Project of a humanity essentially united to the Kingdom of God.

For various inexplicable temptations, the Project was being altered and changed, as the contrary spiritual currents gradually broke the scenery of the so-called “Eden”.

Why did the Heavenly Father allow this?

In a mysterious sense, Adam would have had the opportunity of taking his first step in the evolution of the degrees of love and of the awakening of consciousness, if he had been unconditionally obedient to God.

As for her, Eve, would have had the possibility of being the promising consciousness that would experience the Feminine Aspect of God by means of the spirit of Motherhood, a state that would concede the pure birth of the following creatures that would come after her.

At that moment, the Earth, as the first human experience, underwent its first and great test, which, had it been victoriously faced by Adam and Eve, as representatives of humanity of that time, would have allowed this race to attain a degree of love similar to that of Jesus.

This is the reason why God Himself, present in the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, that is, in the Son, decided to incarnate on Earth, after so much time, to give Himself to His Children in Love and Wisdom and to teach all about Truth.

It was during the preparatory time for the incarnation of Jesus that the Father extracted, from one of His purest Founts of the Spiritual Universe, one of His most elevated and pure Aspects, which was the spiritual basis for the Divine Conception of whom later would be known on Earth as Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

Thus, the Archangels, at the request of God, were the ones who prepared this scenery for the coming of the Messiah, That One Who, having given testimony of love and of life, would demonstrate, in his maximum humility, how duality could be overcome so that every living being on Earth may finally learn to fulfill the Will that brought it to the world and to transit the school of forgiveness and redemption, inner paths that will one day again place the human consciousness where it once had been before making the mistakes.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Trees and life II

When the Lord created the planet and manifested it through His purest Thought of Love for life, He put into each detail of Creation a deep spiritual science in which everything that lives and inhabits the Earth contributes towards the renewal of Love and towards the return to the Heart of God.

The duality, chaos and evil created by humankind are fruits of the deviation of the human consciousness from the Heart of God. Through their choices, beings choose to be in God and discover, in communion with Creation, the path of return to His Heart, or they choose to remain in the illusion and entanglements of human limitations.

The Creator allows certain things to exist in order to guide humanity towards overcoming and the mastery of oneself and not towards the abysses of the world, through which souls enter every day.

Nature is still a mystery to be unveiled by the human consciousness, and that will not happen through their limited science, but rather, through their heart that is capable of entering the divine science and understanding it through the simple presence of the Spirit of God.

Trees, children, are the bond that keeps the Earth united to Heaven and do not allow the human consciousness to totally separate from God. In spite of human actions, wars and indifference, trees silently penetrate with their physical roots, into the depths of the Earth and, with their spiritual roots, reach the center of the planet, maintaining the union between life on the surface and the essence of the Earth.

With their treetops, trunks, branches, leaves and physical flowers, trees maintain the path of elevation to the Heart of God. And with their spiritual treetops, they reach the Heavens and nourish themselves in the Sublime Sources so that, by transforming the air that life breathes on Earth, they may also bring the graces and the spiritual food that allows consciousnesses not to lose peace and the possibility to love.

Trees were born to serve and they love their service thus, children, despite being outraged so many times, they do not cease to grow, bloom and offer their fruits in this world.

Contemplate the donation of trees and, sending them your eternal gratitude, let your consciousnesses be guided to the essence of the Earth and to the highest of Heavens, remembering in this way the true reason for their existence.

Trees do not forget what they were created for. Through them, you should also start to remember.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The Healing and the forgiveness of the past – Part 1

In the beginning, when God created His creatures, He thought of leaving in them something that, being valuable for the Spiritual Universe, they should learn to find within themselves.

This Gift and, at the same time, this potential that God deposited in His children, would give an impulse to the great change throughout the times and would generate the renewal of Creation on the spiritual, mental and material levels.

Thus, His creatures were evolving and living universal and internal experiences, but after the great fall of the adversary, the errors and faults began to manifest themselves.

All these events that happened once in the Material Universe were the result of the lack of obedience to the Divine Will; this caused the school of duality to manifest itself.

From then on, many humanities underwent different learning experiences and tests, which in most cases, led them to the internal and spiritual decadence.

But all this was happening because the creatures, created in the image and likeness of the Most High, were forgetting to go within themselves to find love, which is the matrix that heals and forgives all.

Each being of this planet carries a spiritual history that is still unknown to them, which, however, their spirit holds with total consciousness, beyond the fact that the conscious world of the being does not know anything.

This cosmic history is registered within the Universe, which must still be healed by means of the school of love and forgiveness, that this planet offers.

This is the time of the great and true miracles that will allow souls to liberate themselves from the chain of errors and all consciousnesses to be rehabilitated by living the path of redemption.

It will be in such simple way that the history of the past will be healed by the Fount of the Love of God.

The time and moment has come for the Universe to be able to breathe and liberate itself from hundreds of stories and facts that have led creatures of God to the path of suffering.

It is in this way that the Spiritual Hierarchy comes to extend its hand and to sustain those consciousnesses that accept, in total trust and love, to forgive and heal the spiritual past that was once lived and experienced in other stars.

The Mirrors are preparing to put in evidence the history kept in many humanities in order to attract inner reconciliation and the much necessary relief after eras of events that led consciousnesses to separate from Love and from the Truth. 

For this reason, children, the time will come of the end of an end, of the beginning of a new stage in the higher and spiritual life of souls.

The Spiritual Universe will open as a repairing and healing fount so as to be able to reach those regions of the Material Universe and dissolve all errors from universal memory so that all consciousnesses may no longer feel the weight of carrying an indelible past. 

May, on the contrary, consciousnesses be able to believe again in the prodigies of love so that the life of souls may be different.

The Love of God will be this vital balm for the spiritual reconstruction of the Universe and for the emergence of a New Humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Be grateful for everything, because gratitude, child, is this superior energy that is born from the Heart of God, it mirrors itself in His angels and archangels, and descends to the Earth to permeate men and teach them how to return to God.

Gratitude is a sublime vibration that transforms and transmutes the human condition, lifting it to unknown realities, so that, thus, it may live revelations not only about itself and about life, but also about the whole Creation.

Gratitude is the recognition of the Love of God; it is this divine energy that is constantly born within those who recognize the Grace of the Creator Father.

Enter, child, into the sublime laws that rule the evolution of this Universe and of all Universes because God, being only One, manifested Life in the dimensions and the first emanation that He sent you was gratitude: gratitude for existence, for life, for creatures.

Find that sublime emanation every day, being grateful for all things, and elevate yourself to the Origin, into the Heart of the Father, letting Him awaken within you that which is perfect and which hides in you because it only manifests through gratitude.

Be grateful for all things and raise this world to the Heart of God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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