Tuesday, April 5 of 2016

Daily messages

I would like that through the Campaign for Peace the young people of Florianópolis and of the whole world would perform actions of peace, prayer and service to establish again the spirit of love and reconciliation in the consciousness of humanity.

By means of the Campaign for Peace, the young people of the world will have a space in which the works of mercy and prayer that they perform will be echoed.

For this, dear children, the Campaign for Peace through the young ones will carry out meetings of prayer, gatherings of fraternity and selfless service for the ones in most need.

In this field, the Association Mary will be the guide of these meetings with the young people who postulate to promote the spirit of peace in the world, non- violence, non-discrimination and the ecumenical and Christian union among the youth of Brazil and  the world.

The Campaign for Peace should lead everyone to know the call of Christ, Mary and Saint Joseph. By means of fraternal actions, the missionary spirit for the world is expected to be awakened in the young ones through humanitarian services and also the expression of art and music as a movement of elevation and union with the essence of Nature.

This Youth Campaign for Peace intends to set aside abysses, vices and bad habits of all those who are in the spiritual and material illusion.

The Campaign for Peace intends to awaken patterns of good behavior, harmony and common good in the young ones.

Therefore the young people of Florianópolis with the youth of all of Brazil can be the first promoters of the message of peace that comes from Heaven, and thus make known that in truth the young ones can live a spiritual life without drugs, alcohol and harmful habits.

This Youth Campaign for Peace will start when the young people have their hearts prepared to welcome this call.

Christic life must express itself in the young ones.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who encourages you to serve,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace