Daily Message received in the city of Fatima, Portugal, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesus

If you are afraid of the unknown, it is because up until now you have not loved the Will of God.

Thus, trust in all that is beyond your knowledge, control and limits.

Trust in all that comes from the Universe as instruction and let all of this become your Guiding Star in this time.

This is the great moment of knowing the unknown, of deeply knowing about your real story so that your consciousness can each day draw closer to living the degrees of love.

Open so that what is unknown may be a part of your life and so that, in this way, you may be able to understand the amplitude and the infiniteness of the Universe.

By living the unknown, you will discover how small you are in the face of all the Universe and how small your story is in light of so many galaxies and stars.

The path toward what is unknown will cause you to think about your inner process of redemption and to generate the relief that this planet needs from all the weight it has carried since distant times.

For this reason, unite with the unknown and be a precursor in the healing of humanity through your unconditional "yes", through your absolute trust and your faithfulness.

Dare to be transformed by the unknown.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Dear children,

Aurora is a superior current of energy that supports, and, at the same time, transmutes the processes of redemption.

For this to be possible, Aurora acts through the key of gratitude since, by means of this attribute, the whole process of spiritual healing can occur. 

Through the healing current of Aurora, souls liberate themselves from all the prisons that jeopardize their steps in awakening and in the degrees of love.

Aurora reveals to us the existence and the reality of our beings. It supplies the inner needs that souls have for being able to break the shackles and, thus, reach the freedom of the spirit.

Aurora is a current that unblocks the ways of the warrior so that the victory of the battle lies in the fiery heart of those who unite with the Hierarchy.

Aurora shows the truth and does not repel it, no matter how hard of a truth it may be, since the reason for all evil is in the absence of love, and in the absence of goodness within souls.

Aurora transmutes the precarious and dissociated conditions of the being, it takes the consciousness out of illusion when the consciousness opens itself to leave this planetary space.

Aurora elevates us while it loves us. Its permanence in the universal space is indestructible.

Aurora is like the Guiding Star that appears in the firmament of the night to instruct the poor and humble heart.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


A Good Mother - Part I

A true mother is able to give everything to her children, no matter if her children correspond to her or not.

A true mother does everything in silence, and in this silence many times she is silent in order not to challenge the contrariness of these times.

A true mother shelters the suffering of the others and makes it part of herself.

A true mother knows the immaturity and stubbornness of her children, and even so, a true mother will always show the reality and the good side of the history and of the whole experience.

A good mother does not complain, but yes she indicates; she does not submit nor control, but warns, suggests and guides, because her maternal and feminine heart will always dictate many things.

A good mother will always give good to her children, and a little more.

A good mother is one who always says yes and who cries in her solitude. 

She waits for her children will find the way to maturity, kindness, and transparency.

A good and true mother fears for the perdition of her children, and when her children do not listen to her, it grieves her heart.

That is why the Father gave you a mother, no matter if she is right or wrong. God gave you an earthly mother and a Spiritual Mother.

These mothers expect that their children never forget them, to carry them engraved with fire in their hearts, because a mother is the intermediate thread that will unite them to God, in Her feminine aspect.

All those who, in the consecrated life, had the grace of having a spiritual mother, is to recognize her, especially the youth. Because in these moments to be on the lap of a mother will be like being in the Arms of God.

A lot of humility and confidence is necessary to understand, feel, and realize what a good mother feels for her children.

I invite you to relive the hearts of mothers, for all the mothers of the world who agonize day and night because they cannot help their children. 

God gave you His greatest universal treasure: to have a mother close to you, just as Jesus had Me, so that in the most difficult and arid moments I would support Him.

A true mother always has a place for her children, because her children are the first reason for her existence.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace 


My Words will remain, but time will pass

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and the moment will come in which all the divine knowledge of the Sacred Hearts will be the guiding star, when we are no longer among you.

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and in that hour you must have been confirmed in unity and in faith so as to know what to do and where to be.

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and for the majority it will be too late to become aware that all that was said by the Voice of Our Sacred Hearts is essential for the transformation and the redemption of humanity.

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and everything will be happening, inside and outside of creatures. Inexplicable things will be shown and the majority will know who they really are.

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and some will remember the sacred keys of instruction that we have brought for the great change within the human consciousness.

My words will remain, but time will pass, and many will not be able to return to the previous moment because they will not have taken the step in trust and obedience to the Higher Law.

My Words will remain in the consciousness of the peoples and the nations, but time will pass; each impulse given is decisive and definite and will never again be repeated.

My simple Words will remain in humanity, but material time will pass and everything will be shown inside and outside of human beings.

Merciful and compassionate hearts that can withstand the fire of imperfections will be essential, because there will come a time in which souls will be able to be free themselves, for the last time, from their prisons and chains of yore.

This will be the moment in which your Heavenly Mother will come from Heaven to open the last Seal of the Armageddon, and everything will be unleashed in order to define the emergence of a new and purified humanity.

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and only those who dare to lose control of their lives, the power and pride of their actions, will experience overnight the great inner changes.

For this reason, My Words will remain so that all may remember them, but the time of the world will pass and the Source of Graces will unexpectedly close. In this hour, your hearts must have alraedy truly repented and have become reconciled with fellow beings. This will be the only way in which the beast, who will come out of its abyss, will not find you divided, distracted or indifferent.

My Words will be strength for the simple, a shield for the peacemakers, encouragement for the humble, and victory for the divested of self.

My Words are now the last, and they will remain to guide those who want to be guided by the Mother of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Remove all anguish and sorrow from your heart, and do not think you will not manage to do so.

Although it may seem unknown, dare to say 'yes' to the Universe in complete trust.

Take your steps toward Christ. Even in the moments of greatest tribulation, let My motherly Hand draw close to you so as to guide you.

Let that which is oldest in you gradually die while in your essence what you really are and what you came to fulfill on this blue planet awakens.

Trust that you will be able to carry on walking. Let the Sacred Flame of My Heart illumine your path and thus you may carry forward the inner purpose that the Father entrusted to you.

Meanwhile, my child, recover your hope from the beginning of your awakening, from the moment in which your heart had the feeling to follow this sacred but unknown path. From there, you must gain courage and inner strength to learn to transcend yourself, to learn to be uplifted and to find the justifiable sense of having to be here.

Now your life is like that moment in which Peter, the Apostle, had to confirm whether or not he was with Jesus, since, in spite of his denial, within the essence of Peter there existed that trust hidden by fear.

Open your heart and go through that threshold of fear that does not exist and say 'yes' to the Sacred Heart. Always say 'yes' even though you do not understand.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Carmel, transmitted in the city of Ávila, Castilla and León, Spain to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón, for the birthday of Sister Lucía de Jesús

I am the Guiding Star

As the sun rises at dawn, so does the Guiding Star of the Lady of Carmel.

I come, on this day, bringing within My arms My small and beloved Son, who also gives you heavenly blessing and encourages you to follow Him in faith and love.

I am the Guiding Star and souls can take their steps through My Light.

I am the Guiding Star and through me the hearts of the world can find the way out.

May the souls see, in these times of tribulation, the Guiding Star of the Lady of Carmel so that humanity may be encouraged to experience its moment of redemption and forgiveness.

Today I extend My Guiding Star beyond Spain and radiate, at this time, the heavenly codes of redemption, so that hearts may find Christ on their paths and experience Him within as the only truth.

I am the Guiding Star and I raise the planetary consciousness so that humanity may also be raised.

The Guiding Star of your Lady at this time returns brighter so that humanity can finally awaken.

This Star is not physical nor visible, it is the spiritual and inner Star of your Lady of Carmel that manifests itself in order to generate a greater conversion within the souls of humanity, those who do not repent nor surrender to the Lord.

The Guiding Star of your Lady can communicate the universes and unite the dimensions of the consciousness.

It can dissolve abysses and guide the fallen souls towards eternal Light.

The Guiding Star of the Lady of Carmel can penetrate within the unconsciousnesses of human beings and change future events.

This holy Guiding Star can help dissolve the past to improve the conditions of the present and open the doors for a better, spiritual and inner future.

The Guiding Star of the Lady of Carmel builds newness and solidifies unity among consciousnesses.

She can renew the present and, at the same time, liberate the past.

She attracts towards humanity the principle of healing and manifests forgiveness within Her essence as a path toward reconciliation.

The Guiding Star gives back to the world the meaning of its existence and makes it conscious of the steps that need to be taken, in Christ, in the future.

She gathers the self-summoned and makes them conscious of their real mission.

The Guiding Star of our Lady of Carmel birghtens the path of those who navigate in the sea of love and guides those who are submerged in the ocean of the Mercy of God.

Throughout the ages, I have shown you My Guiding Star in different forms, a star that I infuse and propagate, multiplying it as light within the hearts of My children.

Today, I bless the path of My child Lucía de Jesús, who has risked to live this service for humanity with her Heavenly Mother. May the age that she has turned today represent maturity for new stages of her mission.

May the Guiding Star of the Lady of Carmel guide the paths of the seekers of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from São Paulo, Brazil, to Lisbon, Portugal to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I am the Guiding Star of the night, which lights the paths to lead My children toward the portal of Love.

Your Heavenly Mother, as promised, is returning to Portugal through Her pilgrim group, so that the great expansion of consciousness of the Kingdom of Lys-Fatima may be carried forward.

To all of you, as well as your brothers and sisters that will come on the sacred pilgrimage, I lead you to the inner gardens of Lys, so that original purity may once again be established in each soul.

Today, with gladness, rejoicing and inner devotion, your Heavenly Mother prepares Her coming to Portugal, so that more hearts may ignite again with love, truth and original purity.

Thus, I invite you, My dear children, to be joyful and available in each moment of the pilgrimage through Portugal, because in this way, you will have the Grace and the Mercy, as so many pilgrim brothers and sisters, of receiving the blessing of your Celestial Mother.

We continue in faith, in trust and in joy, because once again in Europe, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses and protects you under Her Divine Mantle,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am that fresh breeze of love that all can breathe.

I am that marine wind that caresses the face of the sailor on the Ocean of the Mercy of God.

I am that powerful current that brings Peace to all hearts.

I am that star that guides the path of the flocks of My Beloved Son.

I am that principle of peace and of love for the world. That is why I come to pour out My Celestial Spring, and so that praying hearts live the fullness of being in Christ.

I establish in each of My children a greater Purpose that all are called to fulfill in this hour.

I am the Mother that brings the joy of the celebration in Christ.

I am that perfect motive for praying and being in God.

I am that infinity that never ends, which brings to all the Love and the Grace of God.

I am that bridge that rises to the Heavens so that all may cross it.

I am what is best for you. I am the Mediator. I am the Queen of Peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you and absolves you in Mercy,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


It has been a little more than two thousand years of your time since the Great Star of Bethlehem guided the path of the initiated Magi Kings, those that received the original blessing from the Son of God.

This special encounter in Bethlehem with the Saints and Wise Kings of the Spirit marked a before and an after in the life and in the evolution of humanity.  They prepared from the heart the glorious coming of the King of the Stars.

The kings that arrived from different parts of Middle East and the Far East were more than three.  I remember that My Beloved Mother Mary, when I was only six years, old told Me that the Holy Kings had been sent by the Spirit of God to anoint, by means of the sacred offerings, the Son of God.

It was in this way that in that time the Kings reopened the path of healing and of spiritual redemption of all the lost humanity.  In truth they were the ones that prepared the path for the Messiah together with the mission that John the Baptist fulfilled.

Many of the hearts in that time, many of the souls, were blessed by the loving action of the kings and as good and humble initiated ones, they sustained the Plan that God wanted to implant since the birth of Jesus.

Also, on that night the shepherds of Bethlehem received the visit of the Angel of Peace, the one that announced the Glory and the Salvation through the birth of the Messiah.  Mary and Joseph, rejoiced by the Holy Spirit, were taken in the inner levels before the Altars of the Creator.  Even though it had been only a few days since My Sacred Mother had given birth, She was crowned and blessed by the Spirit of God.

Today I reveal to you this mystery because in this year that begins My Merciful Heart will come to search for the new apostles.  It is already time to open the doors for inner liberation and for the path of peace.

Imitate the sacred example of the Holy Kings of the East because it will be necessary to rescue reverence and the sacred in humanity.  I thank all of those that are present for sharing with Me these days of prayer and of peace for humanity.  God is happy for your efforts.

Who loves you always and protects you,

Your Holy King, Christ Jesus


For this Nativity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, may all families unite for a moment to My Infinite Mercy and, during the hours of Christmas Eve, may they keep in mind the needs of those who are most unprotected.

While you are together, as a family in your homes, remember the lack of spiritual and material food that so many experience; while you are seated at the table, remember and pray, above all, for those who will not receive love nor compassion, from anyone.

During this Nativity, I sincerely wish, from the depths of My Sacred Heart, that all of you can enter into the Spirit of Solidarity and Peace.  It will be necessary that families, gathered in Christ, to reflect throughout these days about the deep love that can encompass the hearts of the whole world.  

I invite you, in truth, to celebrate with Me the Nativity supper, with your prayers and pleas to the Celestial Father.  For this, may the coming days of Christmas be considered as sacred celebrations, so that they can provide to all an appreciation for the reverential and the sacred, through the Birth of Jesus.

Unite to the Christic Spirit and allow the Grace of God to act through your hearts because, in this way, the world will be relieved of all evil.

Under the Light of God, be blessed.

Thank you for letting yourselves be guided by the Great Star of Bethlehem!

Christ Jesus



May there always remain a great space in your hearts so that My Redeeming Light may be able to enter and prepare a new dwelling for God.

Today with celestial joy and rejoicing I descend in the Spirit of Truth upon these precious hills with the spiritual mission of consecrating Argentina to My Sacred Heart. On this day of Glory the Sacred Hearts will deposit Their Celestial Relics in this place so that a new cycle of Mercy and of Pity may be able to be born in the souls that most need My Spiritual Redemption.

I reunite on this day all of the flocks from different origins and I call them with joy to celebrate with Me the new supper of love and of forgiveness, the supper that will prepare you for My Return, so awaited in all of the universe.

I Pour My Rays of Light upon this Center Consecrated to the call of My Most Holy Mother and I dedicate My special attention to the hearts that with faith and braveness will be encouraged to carry forward the activity of this new space of light and of brotherhood consecrated to the Divine Hierarchy.

My Shepherd Heart is ennobled from seeing the effort of My disciples. Among the tests, challenges and triumphs in the daily life I invite you to walk without fear at My Side because, know that My Steps of light will always indicate to you the moment to proceed or to meditate with wisdom and attention.

Always invoke the power of the Shield of My Heart so that the superior universes may be the guiding star that may illuminate you during the night and may thus protect you. Know that My Heart is with you and that today My Divine Mercy is poured over the whole world, especially upon this, Your Sacred Dwelling of the Celestial Father.

May the Holy Spirit inspire you and may It be your inner guardian.

Under the Infinite Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My Words in the heart so that they may grow as light in your little consciousnesses!

Merciful Christ Jesus

Message for the Vigil of Prayer of Mary, Queen of Peace, transmitted in the city of Salta, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías

My dear children,

On this day of prayer for the nations of the world, together and united with the Eternal Father, let us especially pray for the nation of Argentina, which must definitely be taken into account of salvation and redemption.

Dear children, this is why My maternal Heart announces itself daily in your lives, to remind you of the importance of praying the Rosary every day, in a spirit of conversion and peace, throughout the whole world. The more groups of prayer fulfill the simple but magnificent divine requests, the more circumstances in humanity can be avoided, many souls will find peace and the conversion they look for so much.

As Mother of the universe, every day I bring you the only guiding Star that will lead you into finding love and peace. This guiding Star is called Christ Jesus, the saving and redeeming King of the universe.

Seek Jesus, aspire to be within the most beloved Heart of My Son; He has His Divine Heart of Light perpetually and eternally open for those who say 'yes' and dare to enter the redeeming Temple of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

My children, for this reason, today I call on you to convert into true disseminators of My call for peace and for redemption; the most correct path will be through your hearts that will be able to transmit the love that many do not possess, the peace that so many souls search for in the world, the serenity and the faith that many hearts have lost in this time.

My children, through your pure, humble and simple hearts, Jesus, the saving King, will be able to radiate His Gifts because, He once said: "By the power of the Love of God, My saving Spirit will be present among My companions, laborers and servers of Mercy."

So, My beloveds, let this meeting in Salta with the Immaculate Mother of the Divine Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, bring you closer to the meeting with the Savior, with My beloved Son, Jesus of Nazareth, now King Jesus of the universe.

Dear children, as pilgrim Mother, I will accompany your steps every day of your lives. For this reason, you will be able to unite with Me through the Holy Rosary and all the prayers that proclaim the Light and the Peace of the Lord.

On this day, may your hearts be renewed through the prayer of the heart, because from your hearts can emerge the flame of life and peace that represents My Son, the Savior of the world, Christ Jesus.

I thank you for attentively listening to My new call!

Who always loves you from Heaven,

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



My children,

In this important time, remember the one and only Guiding Star that illuminates you, that governs you, that loves you, that conducts you towards the Infinite Universe of God. Remember the Master of masters. Remember in your lives the Instructor, the Shepherd, the Essence of the Love of God.

My children, love Jesus Christ, live in Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ!

Dear children, today I call you to pray for peace, the peace that is urgent in the essences and in the souls of all of My children. Today I invite you to serve the Creator with the heart, to give yourselves to God with the heart and to remain in the arms of God, your Omnipresent and Eternal Father.

Dear children, little children, do not fear, do not fear for anything! Embrace Jesus with your arms, feel His Unfathomable and Magnificent Heart of Mercy, keep your life under His rays and keep vigil in prayer for the existence of each brother and sister.

My children, if you accept to give your life, your soul and your existence to Christ, what will you lose? What will you find in your hearts? Today I will tell you. Dear children, your lives in Christ, in My Son, will find comfort, relief, love, trust in God and eternity.

Dear children, as the Mother of Divine Eternity I ask you: trust! Trust in My Maternal and Universal call, because God only asks Me that your hearts be resplendent and consecrated at the feet of the Creator.

My maternal soul searches for souls that aspire to find peace, forgiveness and redemption. My children, My voice reverberates silently in your hearts for only one reason: to live in Christ, awaiting His celestial arrival.

In union with all of My children, I thank you for your response throughout this last year.

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


I will not tire of coming into your lives because as the Mother of Mercy, the merit for all the souls of the world is salvation.

Dear children, with your hearts open you will reach eternity, therefore today I invite you to consider the life of prayer as primordial. In this way your lives will be within the Kingdom of the Creator. My children, as the Lady of Peace today I ask you to pray, to pray with your hearts because the whole Uni- verse of God is attentive to the supplications of all My children.

My dear ones, sustain prayer with steady hands so that it, as Light in the world, may be able to aid those who need it the most. Open the Doors of the Heavens through prayer because everything is allowed when it is born in a pure way from the heart.

Today remain in Me and do not fear for anything; now is the moment to revere the One who has created you out of love and devotion. He is your Only and Omnipotent God.

Dear children, the time of Mercy is passing fast in the life of all souls. Do not delay in calling for the Divine Presence that is born in the surrendered and loving Heart of My Son. All are invited to live in this unfathomable Presence of Jesus. The Priest of Love, with His open arms towards the world, awaits you and tells you that now is the moment to prepare the Inner Temple for His return. The sacred words pronounced in the past by the Redeemer will become true in these current times.

My children, wait day by day for the silent coming of My Son. He is your Guiding Star; He is the Fount that will quench any thirst that your hearts have in these moments.

Drink from the Fount and wash your faces with the Divine Water that has sprung from My Son, because it will be in this offering from Jesus that you will find the Law of Love.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


The Love that My Heart has for you is great and infinite. This Love goes beyond your lives because it reaches the depths of your souls. Therefore, dear children, My Love is repairing, it is a fervent Love that ignites, encourages, renews and heals deeply.

The Gift of My Love for all creatures is the great power of the living and resplendent God, acting through My Immaculate Heart. It is a love that elevates the consciousness so that it may recognize that it is a soul of God, a flame of His Divine Spirit on Earth.

My Maternal Love for you is the same love I placed in Jesus when He was a child. For this reason, dear children, Christ gave Me out of love to you, so that I would be the Great Master of the Saving Love. Christ consecrated Me as the Guiding Star for souls, as the Intercessor before God, the absolute Guardian of hearts. This is My commitment and My mission with all of you: to accompany you, out of love, until eternity.

My children, today I invite you to trust this repairing Love, thus your hearts will be reborn and from them, all inner pain will be erased.

As the Mother of Love I give you My Trust because I only want you to be in My arms so that you may learn to love and to know the Merciful Love of God. You are still in time; thus you will be able to arrive at the Kingdom of My Son and your hearts will live Peace.

Do not fear, I am with you!

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

The one path of salvation: Jesus. The true and strong hope in everything: Christ. The firmness before the trials and the challenges that My children may live: Jesus Christ.

He is the Primordial Sheppard for your hearts. Christ is the lodestar that is announcing itself to the world for the second time.

For this, dear children, today I invite you to pray so that the lodestar of Christ, which is His Sacred Heart, may be among you as it was once among the apostles. Now not only your lives may be consecrated to the purpose of Christ for this time on Earth, but also each of you may in trust, be a faithful friend of Jesus.

I want, My children, that you may learn to love through the example of humility that Christ expressed when He lived in the world and shared His prodigies and teachings of love with Me, His Mother. As on the Cross, until the last moment, He contemplated the misery of humanity through His Infinite and Divine Mercy.

Dear children, I want to make you learn that through the daily act of prayer and aspiration to stay always in Jesus, this will help you transcend the human limits that in many children prevent taking the steps to the Eternal God.

You are still in the last time of Grace, for this I call you so that through sincere prayer you intercede for all the children who are far from God and even more, for all those who do not want to listen to this Servant of God who comes again to the world to give you forgiveness, salvation and aid at the end of this time.

For this, dear children through daily prayer your little consciousnesses prepare themselves for the new times, where faith and love in My Son will be the keys for the great salvation.

It is time, little children, for all to run to the Fountain of the Mercy of Jesus and that your hearts place themselves under the eternal rays of reparation and of forgiveness. For this, as Mother of Graces, I illuminate your path so that you walk through the right path towards the Savior.

I count on all your prayers. I bring you all in My Maternal Heart.

Thank you for answering My call.

Peace for all My little ones.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

In My sweet stars you will find the guideline that I come to announce to the world. They are as the loadstar of Bethlehem for each of My children, because the stars are as the dawn and the bright light for those who must revive to life in Christ.

Dear children, with immense delight I bring you to the Heart of My Son, who must be loved and venerated daily by this humanity.  In this way this preparation will allow you to receive the coming of the Redeemer for the second time to this humanity.

With all this dear children, today I want to invite you to contemplate the Merciful Face of the Living God through the presence of My Son and so that you may also witness the presence of the Most Beloved Heart of God through My Immaculate Heart.

Know dear children, that in My stars you may see the new dawn, the long years of peace, that promise written in the Heart of God the Father for all My children.

In the adorable and venerable Heart of Christ you will find the safe path that will lead you to the Kingdom of God.

Humanity may with prayer, remedy the past and the suffering that it has gestated for a long time.  Now My Marian soldiers must express hope and redemption for all those who still do not have them.

Also today I announce dear children, that My monthly presence for the days of May 12th and 13th, again in the re-emerging and beloved Portugal, will end on May 14th, with a pilgrimage of all those present in the apparitions to the Sanctuary of Fatima and Aljustrel.  In this exercise you will be as many other children relieving My Immaculate Heart and repairing the Justice promised to Europe.  The angel of the Lord will help you and He will consider this humble offer as on behalf of all.

Thank you children for replying My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.



Dear children,

With joy and bliss in the name of all the children of the world, let us pray for the salvation of the little souls that need Mercy and Love.

Today I invite you to prepare with Me the inner arrival of Christ to the Earth. From the Heavens, the coming of the Holy Spirit will be pouring Graces to the world in this final time of humanity. I invite you, My little hearts, to prepare My coming on the 24th of December. I call you to prayer with the purpose that your hearts may remember My pilgrimage to the ancient Bethlehem.

May your prayers and hearts be converted into the Great Guiding Star during the night so that My Heart may illuminate the world with peace. For this, My little ones, I summon you to prepare the heart during the days that precede the 24th of December. Prior to the arrival of Christ, the Immaculate Heart of the Lady of the Divine Conception will arrive to be before your lives once more.

I will bring the Holy Spirit with the mission of renewing the life of many hearts. I only ask, for this merit and for this special Grace of Forgiveness and Redemption, that you, My dear children, may raise the voice of prayer to the Heavens so that the Lord God may respond to the call of all of His children.

The Bird of the Sun, ignited by the Holy Spirit, will alight Its gaze of love and peace upon the hearts that open, in order to thus renew the present life. I want, My little ones, that your hearts prepare themselves for this advent on the 23rd of December, by means of the vigil of the eve.

There, your beings in prayer will meet Me and, in the bliss of receiving Me in your hearts, you will be traveling the path towards the rebirth and return of Christ, as it was in the manger of Bethlehem. It will be necessary that your hearts prepare themselves so that the other children may receive the Grace that My Immaculate Heart will radiate to many lives.

I invite all My children, those who will be in their homes with their families, to the reconciliation and the forgiveness of all the faults that are committed against the Heart of God. For this reason, My little ones, the exercise of reconciliation must be emanated first within your families so that all the hearts that still do not respond to My call may receive the Grace of the Holy Spirit.

I am preparing souls and hearts for constant prayer. The Lord needs to pour His Mercy over the evil of the world. Thus your hearts, in the vigil of the eve, will await the arrival of the Lady Clothed with the Sun, of the Virgin Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, on the 24th of December. Celebrate the presence of the Kingdom of Peace in your lives.

The world awaits its redemption. Humanity must reconcile itself with God to be able to return to the Kingdom in the Heart of the Lord.

Who loves you eternally,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more