Saturday, February 24 of 2018

Daily messages

My Words will remain, but time will pass

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and the moment will come in which all the divine knowledge of the Sacred Hearts will be the guiding star, when we are no longer among you.

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and in that hour you must have been confirmed in unity and in faith so as to know what to do and where to be.

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and for the majority it will be too late to become aware that all that was said by the Voice of Our Sacred Hearts is essential for the transformation and the redemption of humanity.

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and everything will be happening, inside and outside of creatures. Inexplicable things will be shown and the majority will know who they really are.

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and some will remember the sacred keys of instruction that we have brought for the great change within the human consciousness.

My words will remain, but time will pass, and many will not be able to return to the previous moment because they will not have taken the step in trust and obedience to the Higher Law.

My Words will remain in the consciousness of the peoples and the nations, but time will pass; each impulse given is decisive and definite and will never again be repeated.

My simple Words will remain in humanity, but material time will pass and everything will be shown inside and outside of human beings.

Merciful and compassionate hearts that can withstand the fire of imperfections will be essential, because there will come a time in which souls will be able to be free themselves, for the last time, from their prisons and chains of yore.

This will be the moment in which your Heavenly Mother will come from Heaven to open the last Seal of the Armageddon, and everything will be unleashed in order to define the emergence of a new and purified humanity.

My Words will remain, but time will pass, and only those who dare to lose control of their lives, the power and pride of their actions, will experience overnight the great inner changes.

For this reason, My Words will remain so that all may remember them, but the time of the world will pass and the Source of Graces will unexpectedly close. In this hour, your hearts must have alraedy truly repented and have become reconciled with fellow beings. This will be the only way in which the beast, who will come out of its abyss, will not find you divided, distracted or indifferent.

My Words will be strength for the simple, a shield for the peacemakers, encouragement for the humble, and victory for the divested of self.

My Words are now the last, and they will remain to guide those who want to be guided by the Mother of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace