Sunday, February 25 of 2018

Daily messages

The Second Coming of Christ

The day will come in which human suffering will end and souls will come to know the full joy of being in God and God being in humankind.

False beliefs will fall and, in the depths of souls, the temple of the heart will be raised and will receive the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Gifts that will repopulate the Earth with true and evolutionary principles.

In that hour, the Return of Christ will be close. In the most critical moment of humanity, when the Mother Earth is in its birthing process, bringing to light the New Human, the moment of the Return of Christ will come.

The times will stop and the cycle will stabilize so that the Son of Man may enter.

The real time will absorb the illusory time and a new time will begin after the Beloved Son has come to seek His followers of love, and judge those who, for a long time, have done evil.

In that moment, all will be revealed and the souls of the Earth will no longer have veils over their consciousness.

Many will realize all that they could have achieved, but it will be too late.

Others will repent, and on their knees before the Beloved Son, will ask for forgiveness and for Mercy.

But, in that moment, it will be God Himself Who will judge through the mouth of His Son, and the Beloved Son will only proclaim what His Eternal Father dictates in that instant.

Meanwhile, and with a little more time, repent from the heart and you will be safe, because those who accept living the school of Redeeming Love will manage to become a part of the New Earth.

When My Son comes for the second time to this world, everything in humanity will be unleashed, with the power of more than one thousand horses.

Nature will speak for itself and will come out of its constant silence.

The Kingdoms of Nature will express themselves and in each part of the Earth they will leave a significant message that no human being will be able to destroy or erase, because what is shown to them will awaken the consciousness of those who are asleep.

In the same way, many more things will happen. The Sun, the Moon, the stars and all of the firmament will give definite signs.

Natural and spiritual phenomena will show that Christ is returning to humanity.

The most asleep souls will awaken. Others will define themselves for the rest of eternity.

The majority of the men and the women of the Earth will realize that they had been lost and asleep for decades.

One last Grace will be granted to the world, a Grace that will arrive without anybody knowing it and will come unexpectedly to the world at the moment in which the seventh Celestial Trumpet sounds.

In that hour and at that time, that extraordinary Grace will come to men and to women in order to save them and, in this way, the Woman Dressed with the Sun will open the last door so that the last of the redeemed may enter, in consciousness, to the Sacred Enclosures of Love.

When the last door closes, everything will happen and it will not be controllable.

There will be no system, government, nation or people that will be able to stop it, because it will be the higher current itself of the Universe that will remove everything that exists so that the planet may become free of the weight of its atoms generated by the majority with their human and spiritual density.

For this reason, children, let us pray so that the majority of the non-believers and of the non-redeemed may repent from the heart and reverse their painful lives.

Let us pray so that the nations of the world convert to the Plan of the Creator and carry forward real actions in an equality of conditions.

Let us pray and not stop praying, because the unexpected Return of Christ is close and your hearts, in this hour, must be uplifted in worship in order to be able to recognize it.

May God bless you and grant you sacred discernment.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace