Dear children,

Do not stop rowing this boat of salvation and rescue of the end of times; there are still precious souls to rescue and to stretch out your hand to so that they may be able to climb into the Boat of the Lord.

Do not stop navigating, because there are still places to redeem and convert for the Glory of God.

Do not stop navigating; there are inner ports that still wait for the reappearance of Christ and want to hear the words of love of His apostles.

Do not stop navigating seaward to go to meet the shipwrecked, of those who lost themselves  in the sea of despair and guilt. To all of them God wishes to give His infinite Mercy.

Continue rowing, children, there is still pain to alleviate and healing to give to solitary and sick hearts.

Take in your souls and on your lips the power of the Word of Christ so that, announced to the world, the souls may awaken to the call of the Greater Universe.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

When you feel alone, I will be with you.

When you see you that life is a shipwreck, I will be with you.

When you doubt your faith, I will strengthen you.

When you feel that you are carrying such a heavy load, I will alleviate it.

When you will search for My Son, I will show Him to you and I will help you to drink from the Fountain of Mercy and of Redemption.

When you see that everything is empty, I will you with the Spirit of My Love.

When no one can help you, I will place you under My mantle and, so that with the Angels of the Heaven, you will praise God, the Fountain of Love and of Forgiveness.

When you feel happiness, My Heart will be with you.

When you feel sadness or desperation, call me because there I will be and I will place you in My arms as Jesus, to irradiate the Light of God and thus you will no longer feel alone, you will feel the maternal comfort of My Heart.

When you cultivate prayer in your heart, there will be God because the souls still are in need of Forgiveness.

When you do not find the path, clamor for My Heart and I will irradiate the Light of My eyes, so that you will walk to My Son, the Redeemer. Then you will be as the new sheep, who aspire for the guidance of the Great Shepherd and together with the hearts of all of the world, you will supplicate for redemption.

This will be the moment in which your heart will be guarded inside of the Sacred Heart because in this way you will be protected from all pain.

Now, on this day aspire to be in God and in vigil, in eternal prayer for the souls.

Believe in the power of Mercy and elevate your supplications as flowers to the Heavens, because in this way I will collect them to give with love to the Creator as an offer of a soul in redemption. And when you see again the dawn remember that is born the Light of God for each being.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children:

With immense bliss and joy from the heart, I give My blessing and maternal peace to all My beloved children of Argentina. For this reason, My children, I gather all of you around the Divine Sacred Heart of Christ so that your souls may reaffirm their alliance with the universe of Love and of Peace.

Dear children, today is one more moment to remind you of the commitment of each one of you to the universe and to the life of prayer, needed and fundamental for this end of time of humanity.

Dear children, as Queen of Peace in Medjugorje and in the world, today I ask you to pray through the fountain that exists in your hearts.

Today once again I ask you to pray to avoid wars, persecutions and disorder in the life of humanity.

Today, dearest children, I ask you to pray to avoid suffering, pain and desperation that my Immaculate Heart perceives day by day in this world.

Today I call to prayer to alleviate My Flagellated Heart that is hurt by the grave offenses of humanity.

Dear children, today I am calling you to awake your little conscousnesses in the face of the events that are unfolding in this world.

As Mother of the Graces, today I ask you to place your hearts under the Redeeming and Merciful Rays of My Beloved Son, because it is in Christ that will be found relief, because it is in Christ that you will find light and forgiveness, because it is in My Son that you will find the reconciliation that your lives and the lives of humanity need.

For this My little ones, because you have awakened the hope and the joy of serving God, because of this you know that many of My children must live the redemption from the heart.

Dear Children, for this day of the meeting with Me in Lujan, Sanctuary of Love and of Faith, I ask you that through prayer you unify yourself with Jesus, that you call Jesus, and that you search so that His Divine Spirit of Love may be with you, may visit you, may guide you and may support you through all.

Dear Children, for one month more I say to you:

Thank you for answering My call, to all the pilgrim hearts of Argentina.

I thank you.

Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Raise your heart in aspiration to Heaven. You know I Am Your Mother who loves you and gives you joy that is equal with Jesus. May all despair disappear from you in this moment, may you light up My Maternal Peace in your little hearts.

Embrace the perfume of My words. I Am the Queen of Peace who shelters all the children of God. I Am the Messenger for our soul of the Holy Spirit, who wants to bring you to the Redeemer.

Do not get discouraged for anything in life, be born now before the Creator. Accept the changes that are approaching, live today the true love of the heart. God hears the supplications when the prayer is sincere because it acquires the strength of the love of the heart.

Raise your arms My dear children, that the redeemer Jesus may arrive again to your lives.

I know that the world cries out for Peace. God sends His Servant to proclaim love in My children and the forgiving of all past. Gather unity among your hearts so that you are participants of the New Spirit of Peace that My Immaculate Heart is emanating to the world.

Know that I know you all very well, as My Heart of Mother knows Jesus. I know what you need and in what you must mature. For this My children, be truthful so that your eyes may see closely the footprints of the Return of the Sheppard of Love.

Prepare as if it were a great supper, your hearts will rejoice when they hear the call that My Heart will announce.

Return to God everyday so that My stars of Peace and Announcement may be the guide for your consciousnesses. Let us hold vigil in prayer so that all may be participants of My Maternal Light.

I love you and await you in prayer.

I thank you!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

The soul that vigils in prayer will be in the Kingdom of My Heart.

Dear children: today is special because we have prepared the ministry of My coming to your hearts, for the 12th and 13th of this month. Let us sow in the hearts the message of the Good News, because My call will spring again as a fountain to the hearts.

I wait for you as on every day, invaded by the light of the restoring prayer.

My little ones:

Each encounter and each Apparition in each one of your hearts signifies a unique moment of rescue of souls that are forgotten, in desperation and in suffering. For this, My dears, I count on your prayers, so that they may fill the Earth with peace, and open the Heavens where is found the Most Beloved and Merciful Redeemer of all the creatures.

For the days of the 12th and 13th of this month permit that My Maternal Love may invade you to the depths, so that you may recognize in this way My universal presence. Especially My dears, allow yourselves to feel in your hearts the victorious coming of My Celestial Light.

Reunited in prayer and in peace I shall find you, listening from the Heavens to the call of all My children. I trust that each one of your little hearts will accompany the triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

Who adores you in the Glorified Christ,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.  

Daily Message received in the city of Medjugorje, Bosnia & Herzegovina, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

I do not wish you to someday feel frustration, discomfort or despair because of being tired, for I reached the cross being more exhausted and destroyed than all of you; that is why, on this day, you have the opportunity of suffering for Me.

I know that for your inner nuclei, it is sometimes too demanding, but it is time for you to see that you lack nothing, absolutely nothing, and that My Father Himself, through your Heavenly Mother, takes care of even those details.

Remember all those brothers and sisters of yours who have nothing, who receive nothing and who are in worse conditions of spiritual and material life.

I have called each one of you so that you give Me something from within you, and many have not yet given it to Me.

I do not seek your material or intellectual development. What I always seek is that your hearts, fully offered for humanity, also be with Me at this time in which perhaps your cells want or aspire to do other things.

I promised you My Kingdom through sacrifices bearable to you. Now is the time to offer yourselves completely into the Hands of your Redeemer so that miracles and greater interventions may take place.

I promised to tell you the truth; I recognize the other efforts, but today I need you to individually place yourselves before Me and ask Me: "Lord, what more should I do?".

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,


Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


When a place is consecrated to My Sacred Heart and in this space the souls participate in this consecration, a door of peace is opened to the entire world and thus many of those who have fallen in desperation receive a Greater Grace of absolution.

In this path of consecration the Father bows before His People to radiate to them love, gratitude and the future; in this way humanity is day by day liberated and transmuted by the doors that she opens before the celestial universe.

The greater help by the angels is concretized in this time by means of the merciful power of prayer; in this manner the souls receive from the Kingdom all that they need as an impulse to continue walking, and not even a possible effort by the hearts will disturb the walk to take the steps to God. 

In this era of Divine Mercy those who pray and those who do not pray must consecrate themselves every day to the infinite source of My Merciful Heart.  In this way you shall be able to construct inside each essence an indestructible and solid temple in the face of the great battles of tribulation.

But I need the hearts to be able to represent Me as suns that radiate the infinite power of My Mercy; for this today I want to leave for those of Mine an open door, that each one will cross on his own time.

I only say to you that there is not much time for you to decide; the clock marks a new cycle of changes and of renunciation for those who always have said yes to Me; for these I will be able to fulfill My precious plans of redemption and of peace.

I wait for you at the Door of My Divine Mercy.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for seeking the perfect union with My Invincible Heart.

In union with My flocks,

Christ Jesus of Mercy


My Merciful Heart, at three in the afternoon, generates an explosion of Light and of Graces over the hearts that await My Divine Mercy with faith and trust.

But My Powers also are poured over the hearts that are blind in spirit and that cannot see the greatness of My Humble Presence.  I need all of the flocks.  For this, in this era, My Heart will make use of the brave ones to be able to reach the essences that are most distant from the path of the spiritual redemption.

Now has arrived the moment to revert the evils that the world awakens and which humanity, asleep in its majority, embraces as if they were sheep without a shepherd.

For this My Mercy comes to restore the deep spaces of consciousness. My Heart is approaching with the intention of alleviating the great despair of many souls, those which lack peace because they lack the prayer of the heart.

My divine wish is that all may be able to glimpse that the Great Lord. He who belongs to them from the beginning is returning, but this time to give testimony to the true presence of God and to the Greater Life. 

For this the good flocks must unite themselves as only one in order to help Me, removing from the critical thoughts indifferences, opinions and judgments, because it will cost the soul that may not be willing to be empty of itself a double effort to find peace.

It is time to die to oneself and it is time to see the reality that anguishes the great number of hearts that are lonely, as in a spacious desert of loneliness and thirst. The Source of Life that represents the Sacred Heart of Jesus comes to quench your spiritual thirst and It wants for humanity to repair the Blessed Heart from the very serious offenses that hurt the Heart of the All Powerful.

If there is a true and permanent response on the part of the people who pray, humanity will receive the Grace of Forgiveness, and it will have some time more of peace if it establishes the devotion towards the Merciful Heart of Jesus.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My Words with attention!

Christ Jesus.


You who despair, look at Me in My eyes!

You who are perturbed, look at Me in My eyes!

You who live the Calvary of the worldly life, look at Me in My eyes!

You who feel that all is lost, look at Me in My eyes!

You who think that you will not be saved by Me, look at Me in My eyes!

You who lose strength and courage to follow Me, look at Me in My eyes!

You who are on the path of transformation, look at Me in My eyes!

Do not stop contemplating Me, and look at Me in My eyes!

Confirm your permanence in Me, and look at Me in My eyes!

Satiate the thirst of your spirit in My Heart and look at Me in My Eyes, because I will comfort you, and with you I will support the cross that you must carry until the end of the goal.

Always seek Me and look at Me in My eyes!

I am here, look at Me in My eyes!

Strengthen your faith, and lose your fears, look at Me in My eyes! And always say yes to Me, in spite of your loneliness, of your tiredness, of your restlessness.

Look at Me in My eyes! Because you will know the power of My Mercy for you.

Look at Me in My eyes! And do not forget Me.

Look at Me in My eyes! And find the Saving Light of My Heart.

Look at Me in My eyes! And confess yourself with Me, I know you very well.

Look at Me in My eyes! And abandon yourself in Me!

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus


Pray and let your prayer open the doors of Heaven for the Creator to elevate the souls that became lost in the seas of this world while they were seeking hope and consolation for their lives.

Pray for those who emigrated from their countries in search of peace and of a grace and however, did not find encouragement, but loneliness, despair and the suffering of feeling lost in the seas of the world.

Cry out for Mercy for their souls to be relieved. Cry out for Mercy so that nations be pacified. Cry out for Mercy so that hearts get to know piety and repent for their errors and sins, redeem their past and design their future with acts of peace.

Pray, child, for not only souls agonize, the planet also agonizes and cries with the same tears of your Heavenly Mother, for it can no longer bear the evil that oppresses it through the error and indifference of beings.

Pray, for the Divine Justice is approaching the world and those who are blind will not have many opportunities of seeing the Truth and the Grace of God anymore.

Pray for your heart to be filled by the Divine Piety, and thus make your intercession each day more sincere and truthful before the Father.

Pray, for the Grace of God is already upon you and it must expand all over this world. Allow the Mercy of the Father to flow through your clamor for peace.

Feel the urgency. Feel the pain of the world. Feel the grief of God and offer your heart to repair this planet.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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