Monday, November 18 of 2013

Daily messages

When a place is consecrated to My Sacred Heart and in this space the souls participate in this consecration, a door of peace is opened to the entire world and thus many of those who have fallen in desperation receive a Greater Grace of absolution.

In this path of consecration the Father bows before His People to radiate to them love, gratitude and the future; in this way humanity is day by day liberated and transmuted by the doors that she opens before the celestial universe.

The greater help by the angels is concretized in this time by means of the merciful power of prayer; in this manner the souls receive from the Kingdom all that they need as an impulse to continue walking, and not even a possible effort by the hearts will disturb the walk to take the steps to God. 

In this era of Divine Mercy those who pray and those who do not pray must consecrate themselves every day to the infinite source of My Merciful Heart.  In this way you shall be able to construct inside each essence an indestructible and solid temple in the face of the great battles of tribulation.

But I need the hearts to be able to represent Me as suns that radiate the infinite power of My Mercy; for this today I want to leave for those of Mine an open door, that each one will cross on his own time.

I only say to you that there is not much time for you to decide; the clock marks a new cycle of changes and of renunciation for those who always have said yes to Me; for these I will be able to fulfill My precious plans of redemption and of peace.

I wait for you at the Door of My Divine Mercy.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for seeking the perfect union with My Invincible Heart.

In union with My flocks,

Christ Jesus of Mercy