Friday, November 29 of 2013

Daily messages

Remember that I come every day to this world to bring you, through the holy prayer of the heart, a little more of My Peace and the Peace of the Universe.

For this I need strong souls that day by day are encouraged to live a sacrifice similar to the one that I lived once on the Cross; since now you must know that I always will be that Galilean who will help you to carry your own cross.

Now, in a cycle of intense definitions for the souls, My Heart tries to prepare you, through the consciousness, for that which is coming.  That One which will come to the world will purify it; at the same time nature, created by the wise hands of the Creator, will see itself liberated from all suffering that has been caused by this humanity.

You, with the Rosary in the hands, have the great key that will open the door to the liberation of matter and, in consequence, of the life of the spirit.  I open to you My Merciful Heart so that you may take refuge in It, because there is nothing more important than being able to live every day the union with God the Father.

Under the Glory that comes from God, be blessed.

Thank you for having hope in My Heart!

Christ Jesus