Wednesday, June 5 of 2019

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

On this day, I want you to contemplate My Universe, beyond everything, and that through My Universe you may find the Truth, this Truth that comes from God and that will elevate you: the Truth of Transparency and of Wisdom; a Divine Truth that will unite you, that will strengthen you as consciousnesses and as a group.

I come from a very far away place of the Universe to bring and deposit My Peace in you, not only as Soul, but also as Planetary Consciousness, as a Race and as a Civilization.

Because it is a culminating moment that you face, in this time and in this cycle, in which you must place, above everything, My Consoling and Merciful Love. Just as I taught the apostles in the past, today I teach you, My companions.

You must keep being My peacemakers, My bearers of peace, My servers of good and of light who listen to the Word from the Heights, and who make it resound within you so that My Divine Impulses may transform you, elevate and conduct you toward the Purpose of God.

I know it is for everyone a moment of overcoming and of tests, of extreme trust and of an infinite fortitude that is attained through the prayer of the heart, a prayer that will always lead you toward My Doorway, so that through My Universe you may find My Wisdom, My Understanding and My Peace; attributes that I come to deposit in a world that is ill and wounded, that has completely lost the sense of spiritual life.

Therefore, in this age, in this cycle, at this time, I come to meet you and to meet your brothers and sisters, to remind you all of the commitment with Me, to make you see reality, a reality that arises from the Heart of God as an infinite fount that pervades all spaces, all universes, all galaxies and all stars.

You are part of a macrocosm, you must not stay only in what is superficial and material, or in what is mental or intellectual. You must go beyond the thresholds of consciousness to be able to attain Christic Light, that which gives the impulse to all spirits in the moment of the great awakening, not only under the gift of love and of wisdom, but also through the gift of humility and of resignation.

This will allow for balancing the world, and all errors committed by all peoples and all nations, which time and again distance themselves from the Purpose of God, establishing principles and ways of life that are not evolutionary nor transparent, that do not bring spiritual nor mental health.

Therefore, God will find, in spaces like this, where His own life manifests through the Kingdoms and the creatures, by means of the elements, all that He thought and created with attention out of love for you so that you could experience and recognize the happiness of God, to have creatures on this planet and in others that love Him, recognize Him, venerate Him and accept Him as their Celestial Father.

Therefore, I come today from an infinite horizon called “Universe of the Consciousness of God”, in which all of His Founts of Light and His Cosmic Founts are present to interrelate with this material universe and also with the mental universe, in which the angels are present and also have participated in this Divine Purpose for eons of time, since a time that is not known, nor identified by the human being of the surface.

What I bring to you from the Universe is something more than abstract, it is something more than nonmaterial, it is something more than spiritual. Through My Heart, I bring to you this principle that life originated from, and an existence which brought to everyone the meaning and reason for living here, and learning here together with their brothers and sisters of the path, and with humanity.

To find this meaning and this path, God mirrors Himself and reflects. time and again, in the Creation by means of Nature: by means of the oceans, the mountains, each Younger Kingdom, which brings to the Earth a spiritual principle and a principle of elevation which, up until now, humanity has not known, and only in this time is it awakening to know this wisdom which expresses itself and is kept in the Kingdoms of Nature.

For this reason, God sends His Messengers, the Sacred Hearts, on pilgrimage throughout the world, so that all races and all peoples can awaken and recognize God in all that was created, and can be in communion with Him without hurting Him nor damaging Him, nor offending Him, nor mistreating Him through the Kingdoms of Nature.

God manifests His Attributes in the Younger Kingdoms. God also mirrors His Will also through the Younger Kingdoms, which brings into their group essence the Universe of God, which is this Universe of Love and of Wisdom, which allows us to maintain an inner contact with the Source and with all of Its Gifts.

With this, I want to tell you, companions, that your intellectual and spiritual mission must go beyond appearances, human aspects or resistance. You must apply in your lives the Law of Love that I taught you by means of My Sacrifice, not only in public life, but also on the Cross and by means of each drop of Blood shed for the liberation and redemption of the world and its creatures.

Now is the time for all evil to be reversed and transmuted into Light, into the powerful Light that comes from the spiritual and cosmic Universe so that the consciousnesses of the Earth, human beings, may have a piteous opportunity of awakening and of again finding the meaning of being here, beyond the material or the intellectual.

Today I place you before one of the Wills of God, not yet revealed to the world, but which today becomes present through the Son, the Son Beloved by the Father, the Father that loves all of His children.

Place this message in your heart and try to discover its meaning and its essence so that, beyond everything, you can perceive the reality of all that I want to tell you at this moment.

After all the prayers that are lovingly offered today by you, making the Christic Love of My Heart expand for all souls and the planet, I come closer to make you bearers of My Peace and of My Love, so that you may feel Me close by, and so that you may listen to My Heart.

Today, I leave you My blessing and My Peace, My renewal and My trust, so that all this can touch the souls in the world and its essences.

I give you My Peace and under My Light, I bless you universally.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.