Make of humiliations an opportunity for your consciousness to understand what really is meaningful and valuable in life.

You are not on Earth to be honored, elevated or glorified by the eyes of humankind; but rather you are on Earth to experience a love that transcends understanding and the senses, that transcends logic and limitations, that transcend all love reached within the world and beyond it.

For this reason, when you are humiliated, let any need for recognition for glory, for a human response for your efforts, for your love, be broken down within you. Allow your heart to be placed in what is real, in what is eternal, in the Love of God, which is not based on human merits, and remain there, in the experience of humility that each situation in life leads you to experience.

Through your example, let the world come to know the Love of God. Follow in the footsteps of your Lord, Who, as a response to the scourging and the Cross, poured out Blood and Water, forgiveness, redemption and Mercy, for all beings, without distinctions. That is your eternal example; do not want another.

Do not seek to be elevated like the saints in the eyes of humankind, because what brings about sanctity in beings is not the opinion of humankind, but rather the sacrifice, the love and the unity with God, many times experienced in anonymity, in the ignorance of the world.

Thus, take your cross, embrace that cross with love; pray and ask for the Grace of knowing how to be in the likeness of your Lord, each day. And when you are humiliated, do not look to the thrones of the world, attained by human glory. Look to the Throne of Heaven, upon which is seated He, Who was abused, misunderstood, humiliated, scourged and died on the Cross, but He rose, not because of what He received from beings, but from the unfathomable Love that emerged from His own Heart.

Christ returned to the Father, not because of what He received from the world, but because of what He knew how to give, for He gave everything, all of Himself, for love. This is your Way, your Truth and your Life.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Twenty-sixth Poem

Lady of the Stars,
Mother of the Higher Universe,
lead us to understand, through the heart,
the mysteries of our existence
so that, in the awakening of our consciousnesses,
we may truly collaborate
in the redemption of our origins.

May we constantly seek holy humility
so that our personalities may humble themselves.

May we aspire to live resignation
so that we may transcend our pride.

Empress of the Celestial Universe,
make us small
so that we may be deserving
of Your beloved Son’s revelations.

May we forever lose
interest in manipulation and human control.

May our consciousnesses be placed
at the Feet of the Celestial Father
so that we may lovingly learn
to ask for forgiveness for all errors committed.

With empty and resigned hearts, Lady of Light,
we will learn to allow Christ to enter within us
so that His Spirit may renew all things.

Let us come to know, Queen of the Universe,
the gifts that You constantly lived
in order to be in contact with God.

Banish from our minds
all beliefs in power and sovereignty,
because we will always be
like small grains in the universe.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


A soul that had made many mistakes felt itself to be impure and unworthy before God, and facing the sins it committed, it asked the Lord a question, saying: "Lord, I have sinned many times; I have fallen and, instead of standing up, I submerged even more deeply into the abysses of life. Today I stand before You; You called me to sit at the table of redemption. Tell me, Lord, is it possible that a sinner like me will be called by You? How will I be able to take the steps that You need? How will I heal the infidelities and the deepest sins of my being?"

And with eyes of Mercy, the Lord responded: - "What did the leper do to be healed by My Son when he saw Him approach among the multitude? What did the woman with the flow of blood do to be free from the weight of her impurities while, to her despair, she saw My Son walking by? What did Zacchaeus do to be seen and, in spite of all his errors, be worthy of a single Gaze of the Son of God?

The leper, little soul, uncovered himself, and stood humble in the face of the multitude. With his foul smell, with his wounds, with his broken heart and remaining without hope in a world where, for him, there was no salvation, the only solution was to appeal to Christ, dirty, impure, sick, rejected.

The woman with the flow of blood also risked herself among the multitude. She did not want to be humiliated, but knew that the only way of being healed was to appeal to Christ. That time, it was the Lord Himself who made her noticeable, not to humiliate her, but rather to let the world know that to be healed and become clean, it would be necessary to expose the sins and the wounds to God. It is through the doorway of humility that one reaches the Feet of the Creator.

Zacchaeus knew of his bad behavior, he knew of his sins and imperfections, but in his soul, what spoke more loudly was the need for forgiveness. This is why he showed himself and, in front of the multitude, humbled himself, climbed a tree, where everybody could notice that in spite of all his errors, he was there, facing all the judgments and criticisms, simply by the need for being before Christ.

And the Lord, when He sees that sinners go beyond their sins, also goes beyond in His Love, in His Mercy and in His Grace. For this reason, little soul, nothing is impossible. All illnesses have a cure, all sins can be forgiven; but for this, you need to set aside your pride and vanity and humble yourself before God. Be transparent and sincere, show the Lord your wounds and allow Him, with a single compassionate glance, to heal you."

May this dialogue, children, inspire you to not fear to be exposed, to be humbled, and thus, to be healed, forgiven and redeemed by Christ.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


More and more, child, seek to imitate the emptiness and the nothingness of your Lord.

Allow yourself to be an instrument in the hands of God and it does not matter if you are lifted up and acclaimed, it does not matter the sacrifice and the weight of the cross, the humiliation, the solitude or the abandonment. 

Allow your consciousness to penetrate into the truth of every event. While you serve and your service is lifted up before the eyes of humankind, may your heart be placed in the truth that everything you do is for the manifestation of the plan of God on earth.

And when the Lord asks you to renounce, or gives you tests and humiliations that forge within your being the unity with him and the inner emptiness, allow your consciousness to be molded according to His will.

Know that all the great deeds, as well as the great renunciations, build the plan of God with the same intensity, just as your Lord, who began to build a bond with the souls upon the mounts, amid miracles, but consolidated the covenant between humanity and God, empty of Himself, on the cross on Calvary.

Deepen every moment in your surrender and in the sense of the truth of your faith so that you always remain in this truth.

The situation of the planet will place many tests, misunderstandings and challenges in your path, but your heart must be in the Christ of Calvary, empty, with Him, going through the Passion of this world to culminate as a chalice full of God poured upon the Earth.

You have My blessing for this. 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When a heart loves the Law and the Grace of God, it lives under His Love and His Mercy. It lives hidden in the shadow of His Presence and, even though it may infinitely fall, it knows that the Hands of its Father will be stretched out to lift it up from the ground.

When a heart loves the Will of God and believes in His Plan, it lives according to this Will and fears leaving His path. This heart, in the face of temptations, asks for help and Mercy from the Lord to keep its spirit pure and its path of the return to God straight.

A heart that chooses to leave the Law and Divine Grace is one that yields to its will, to its most human thoughts and desires, forgetting the purpose of its life and choosing to leave it behind in order to experience its most human aspirations.

This heart, children, is not fragile in the light of God; it is fragile to the world and condemns itself by believing that its soul is invincible while facing temptations, the Law and the Grace.

This heart, that does not recognize its own deviations at the right time to correct its steps, is so distant from the Law and from the Grace of God that it becomes lost and closed off to feel the Presence of its Father; it closes its eyes not to receive His Love and does not perceive Him, until His Justice begins to descend from Heaven, like rays that break its blindness and its illusion.

But in this moment, this lost soul, in its repentance and in its humiliation, will need to find a new path that will allow it to again meet the Will and the Grace of the Father.

Nothing is lost, not even for the most sinful soul, when it surrenders, humbles itself and opens in a heartfelt way before the Father. At a certain point in its lost steps, the Creator will find it and put it in a new place, where it will be able to live His Grace. But for this, children, it is necessary to surrender to the Love of God.

I do not tell you these things so that you are fearful, but rather so that you may understand that the soul that chooses the world when called by God to live His Will, spiritually leaves the Grace and the shadow of Their Lord to live under His Justice and the illusions of the world.

Despite this, all paths may be corrected. Many are the paths that lead to the Love of God and to the awakening of the consciousness. Some choose to live it through Mercy; others, in spite of being children of Mercy, choose Justice.

The laws are fulfilled according to human choices. Thus, know how to perceive that your small and large actions; your feelings and your heart, are the measure that puts you in the place you choose to be, to learn in this world.

For this reason, know how to be in the correct place.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Sometimes, going through the doorway of humility means bowing your head so that, completely bowed down, you can enter into My Kingdom. This state is achieved with great and deep humility, which will allow you to always recognize that you are nothing and your life and consciousness belong to God.

But in order to reach this point of resignation and of surrender, what will always allow you to experience humility will be your allowing, in silence, for the events to be presented and not rushing over them, trying to gain or be right about something.

Neutrality is an important ally of humility, but neutrality does not mean omission nor indifference. To experience neutrality, humility is necessary, and absolute trust that everything that happens to you on the path of redemption is to renew you and take away the obstacles and constant resistances of the human aspect.

Thus, in this moment, seek to know how humility is within you and how much attention you pay to it so that it can, with its wisdom, govern you and make you a real disciple of Mine.

Begin by aspiring to be humble in the small actions of life and accept everything the Universe sends to you as an opportunity for truly loving by means of service and willingness.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


On September 18, 2019, after this daily Message, our Lord presented us with a new spiritual exercise that He called: "Rosary of the Humility of Christ."

He invites each one of us to do this Rosary daily, or in those moments when we most need it, when we most need to seek and find, within ourselves, the connection with the spirit of His holy Humility.

For this, He transmitted this Rosary in the following way:

At the union bead, we will pray:

Lord, make me an instrument of Your Peace
so that Holy Humility may dwell within me
and thus your Divine Will may be fulfilled.



At each decade

Spirit of the Humility of Christ,
dwell within me.



Elevate yourself through My Eucharistic Presence and, in this way, you will overcome and transcend all the obstacles of your own human consciousness.

For this reason, stay united with Me from the heart so that, in spite of the opposing movements, you may learn to surrender and be humble as did many sages and masters.

Quiet down completely while you traverse some spiritual tempest because, above all things, you must believe in and live the triumph that My Project achieved in your life, and in the life of your brothers and sisters.

Thus, keep faith in the Heights. Do not stop invoking that which is superior, non-material and grand that comes from the Universe.

Day by day, unite with universal Life and you will know, by yourself, how to rise up from the ground. But remember that who lives in My Love and practices it, will manage to be redeemed someday.

Dare to say "yes" to the Universe and do it for those who retreated and did not manage to faithfully follow My steps.

I am always here with you, as long as you call Me.

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Purify your mind, your gaze and your heart in order to find God. To be in the Father it is necessary to constantly elevate yourself and choose, again and again, to be by His side.

Drawing closer to God is an art in these times. While the attacks and stimuli of the world grow, the inner world of humankind, so focused upon superficial things, does not know how to struggle to be in God.

It is part of the planetary passion to know how to choose God rather than the things of the world. To choose God is to embrace your cross, to yield, to be humbled and to divest yourself of all the goods that humanity so seeks, every day.

But all that is achieved when the soul understands that there is nothing more beautiful, sublime and real than being in God, and all mundane matters lose their value within and outside of hearts. Renouncing will no longer be a burden, but rather a need. Loving will no longer be a struggle, but rather a firm and only purpose that causes you to be renewed on the path with the cross, in spite of falls, difficulties and challenges.

Let your soul be nourished by God, know God and live God, so that it may know through your souls own experience that nothing in this world can be compared with His Love and His Will. No human aspiration will be greater than His Purpose, and your heart will no longer lament for not managing to defeat the temptations of the world, because your only purpose will be Love.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Today, child, Not only prepare your heart to be before your Lord, Master and King. Prepare yourself to be truly His companion; prepare yourself to assume a deeper degree of commitment to Him; prepare yourself not to be a Cyrenian, but to carry your own cross, in the name of humanity.

Prepare yourself to no longer be Mary at the Feet of the Lord or purely Martha, serving Him tirelessly. Prepare yourself to take your own steps upon the Calvary of these times and renew the sacrifice of the Lord with the offer of your own life.

Prepare yourself to be another, new, to finally allow to be born within you this love that humanity hopes to feel and receive, but needs to learn to give.

Prepare yourself to be humiliated and silenced. Prepare yourself to be judged and not fear. Prepare yourself to be flagellated and to renew yourself. Prepare yourself to walk with the cross of this time and understand with love those who you find on your path. Prepare yourself to love unconditionally and forgive the unforgivable. Prepare yourself to live a Love that does not fit within you. Prepare yourself to renew the Love of God.

Then, let the Thought of God be expressed within you. Renounce your wills and plans. Renounce your wishes and aspirations, and listen deep within your heart to the Voice of God, which will guide you to this new human.  

Pray, and prayer will be your greatest strength, mainly so that you can overcome, in yourself, the temptations that come from your mind and emotions, from the old human that will shout within you in order not to lose their reign.

Pray, serve and love your brothers and sisters. There you will find your safety, your protection and, above all, there you will find the Purpose of God for you. 

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Walking toward Bethlehem is moving toward a meeting with the unknown, empty of expectations and completely certain that the Plan of God and His promises are being accomplished.

Walking toward Bethlehem is following the Will of the Father, manifested in the events of your lives, with peace and gratitude, in the certainty that everything is fulfilled according to celestial designs.

Even though the path is long and tiring, even though the inns have their doors closed, and humiliation is the chalice that God has given you to drink, continue to walk and trust.

Walking to Bethlehem is gradually setting aside your dreams, aspirations and desires; setting aside your plans and thoughts about how the Plan of God is to be accomplished, because the Creator will always surprise you.

Walking to Bethlehem is gradually allowing yourself to be transformed and polished by the path so that, when arriving at that humble manger, you finally understand the Will of the Creator and give thanks for His Wisdom.

Walking to Bethlehem is being able to welcome within yourself the difficulties and tests, and even after so many humiliations, being ready to forgive, just like the One Who is being gestated within you, and will come to forgive all things.

Walking to Bethlehem is being able to say 'yes' to God and persevere, even when humankind says 'no' to you.

Walking to Bethlehem is giving permission for a new life to emerge and not being afraid of all the corrections and transformations that this new human will cause within you and in the history of the Earth.

Reaching Bethlehem is giving birth to the first step of a new cycle. It is there, in Bethlehem, where you will understand the Divine Will for this planet, for you will find humility, simplicity, unity among the peoples, cultures, religions and hearts, and, above all, the love that renews all things.

Allow yourselves to be guided toward Bethlehem, and there, everything will begin to be accomplished. This path is held within you. You have My blessing for finding it.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


For unity to be on the planet, there must be unity in the hearts, between each being and God and among the builders of the new life, the so-called servants and consecrated of this time.

Do not be afraid. The world agonizes and the nations tremble, the trials of the planet have begun, but if in your hearts there is peace and unity, nothing that will happen in the world will shake you or destroy your faith.

I come to help you set your eyes and your hearts on high, on the Divine Purpose and on the Plan of God that is designed through your lives.

I am not asking you to be estranged from or ignorant about what is happening and will happen in the world; I only ask you to keep your hearts in God, because the time and the hour for carrying the cross of the world and the cross of the triumph of Love, inside and outside of you, have already come.

Just like your Lord, Jesus Christ, you will live humiliations and loneliness, you will live agony and sadness, but above all, you will live the unity with the Mother of God, you will live the love and the faithfulness of those who will accompany Her steps until the end.

Grow and put the purpose of your lives in the establishment of a Greater Plan. You are no longer children before the Father. Christ calls you companions; I call you friends, because this is what you must be in this time; faithful before the Greater Will, fearless before the trials and willing to carry, together with Christ, His last cross, which is the cross of the world.

When your Lord carried the Cross on Calvary, He opened the doors to a new time, instituted Grace and Mercy for the world and granted humanity a new opportunity so that it could build within itself a new human, a new life.

A lot of time has passed since that event; a lot you have already learned as beings and as humanity. Now it is time to seal your commitment and open the doors so that your Lord may return to the world, not only to bring Peace, but to teach you how to carry, with Him, the cross of the last days.

Do not run away from this cross anymore. Do not leave Him alone. Be faithful and be companions, as He hopes.

Withdraw your hearts from the suffering and put them in the establishment of love. Let everything be an opportunity to surpass yourselves and to love more, just as your Lord surpassed not only Himself, but also His Father, for the love of all of you.

Place your spirits and hearts within the goal of loving.

You have My blessing for this. 

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The inner voice of My Heart speaks to you today so that you may feel the depths of My Words and the importance of My Message.

What I want to say to you today is something simple, but full of love, especially to those who, because of different circumstances and reasons, have abandoned their participation in the redeeming Work of My Son.

I want to say to those souls that they still have some time to repent and correct their paths; they have some time to perceive the opposite they have generated for themselves with their actions and emotions.

Before the planet continues to become violently purified, I want to tell these children to reconsider, to not defy the Will of God and, even less, modify the Projects of My Son, because what before was full Mercy for you, could change into an inexhaustible stream of Justice.

I want to tell these rebellious children not to flaunt something that does not belong to them, and also not to seek allies at this planetary moment, in which the reality of the nations becomes more serious. I ask that they leave what is petty, that they not continue to condemn their souls to the earthly abysses nor compromise the mind and the spiritual lives of their brothers and sisters through their comments, actions and disagreements.

As a Mother, I ask all the rebellious children to stop; they are provoking the wrath of God. You do not know it nor have knowledge of it. Repent from the heart and abandon that rebelliousness and indifference that has consumed you like fire.

Do not continue to stain the paths or souls of your brothers and sisters. Do not allow yourselves to be deceived by My adversary. If today you are in this situation, children, it is not anyone else's fault, the responsibility is yours. You moved away from the Love of God and do not want to recognize It. You support your emotions more than the very Plan of God.

No longer hurt the Heart of My Son. He is in silence, just as God is in silence, but the Celestial Father, at some moment, will respond to you in the way you least expect. Thus, cease to vilify the Plan of Salvation. Leave in peace your brothers and sisters, all those who chose through wisdom to follow Christ rather than to follow the resistance of those who rebelled.

I ask that you to no longer blame anyone. Recognize your errors and repent. I do not want to see you in purgatory.

No longer look for justifications. Do not abuse the power you believe you have in your hands. I know you will think that the Most Holy Virgin would never tell you all this, but here I am as your advocate because you no longer have any merits for being saved.

For this reason, I also come for the miserable in spirit, for those who believe they know Truth and yet do not have it because their hearts are empty of Divine Love.

Retreat, retreat in time. Humble yourselves and ask for forgiveness, the Mercy of My Son can still safeguard you. Be humble so as to be able to hear.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When God announces His designs and reveals His Will, ask Him for the grace of knowing how to respond to His Call.

Child, place yourself always before the plans of God with humility. Who are you to analyze the Divine Will and evaluate if that Will corresponds to your life or not?

These are times of definition, and you already know it. Therefore, place your head on the ground, as well as the desire to know everything, to understand and to control everything, and open yourself to the mystery of these times, which throws you into the unknown, not only externally, but also internally.

Do not hold on to what you already know about yourself. Do not remain only consolidating what you are and the memory of everything that you have already done for God's Plan and for the planet. Today everything must be new and tomorrow everything must renewed.

Enter with your heart into the rhythm of the new cycles and let Your Father and Creator make emerge from you that potential that today is hidden from you. Launch yourself into the new, launch yourself into service, launch yourself into overcoming and do not fear weariness, do not fear fatigue, do not fear the result of the Work that the Father fulfills in you, because only He, Who created you, knows the true reason of your existence and can lead you to it.

Ask the Father why and for what He created you and let His answer echo within your heart. Do not fear to know His Will and to walk toward it. Do not fear to get rid of your plans and embrace something superior.

Remember, child, that - after manifesting His Grandeur and the apex of His Grace - the Son of Man lived rejection and human incomprehension; He suffered all the resistances of the retrograde condition of humanity and revealed to you the key to the transcendence of all things: Forgiveness, Love and Mercy. And, to get there, he crossed the door of humiliation, of overcoming, and of faith in God and not in Himself. He surrendered His Will to the Father and, even knowing that His Heart was participant of all the Powers and Gifts of God, He chose the Will of His Father and remained in nothingness.

You, child, have the potential to achieve many goals. As a creature of God, you can do many things, but I tell you: nothing is more appreciated by the Father, at this moment, than your fulfilling His Will, surrendering yours; that you live His Mystery, surrendering what is known to you; that you defeat your human fear and be, for your brothers and sisters and for the world, a witness of the faith and love that is born within you.

Live the Plans of God with joy. Adhere your heart to His Will and inspire others with your example of faith. Because today God calls you to no longer seek spirituality for you, but to be a bridge of spirituality for the world.

I bless you and invite you to follow the footsteps and example of He who guides you.

Your Father and Friend,

Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Child, let the Heart of God show itself in your heart, so that you may know that you are not just this human smallness in which you entangle yourself every day without knowing how to get out.

Let the Living Heart of God show itself in your heart, not only so that you may live a spiritual experience but rather for an emerging need that you need to meet in order to manage to be on Earth.

What do you fear purifying, if you have been called to this world for this? Why do you fear acknowledging the truth about yourself, if you lived all your evolution on Earth for this moment?

You came to the world to heal your spirit, grow and be a miracle of conversion not only in the concepts of the Earth but for the whole Universe.

You already know that the Infinite waits for you. You already know that you must become something new and unknown. Why, then, do you not surrender to what God has for you?

My little child, soul in redemption, let what God has thought be fulfilled in you. And be it in humiliation or in exaltation, be it in solitude or among multitudes, embrace what He designed for your life, because everything is so that His Will may be fulfilled.

Be it among humans or alone with yourself, let the Heart of God that dwells in you emerge from your heart. Do the exercise and live the Grace of feeling the Presence of God inside of you, because it is He Who will give you the strength to be among multitudes or in the trial of Gethsemane. It is He Who will give you the humility to be acclaimed and honored and to carry the cross with the same love and the same inner emptiness.

It is God, child, in your heart, Who will live each test, as well as each triumph. It is He Who will renew Himself though your heart. But if you do not believe and do not live this, you will be alone in this world, with your human condition, without knowing where to go, even if the path reveals itself in your own inner being.

Do not want to be alone with yourself, but rather with God. Do not want to be yourself, but rather an expression of the Father.

Christ, child, achieved all that He achieved because He was One with the Father and He knew it, He lived it and He proclaimed it. He experienced being a living part of God and told you that this was the Way, the Truth and the Life. There is no Way, Truth and Life outside of God.

Do not be dead, walking through this world without knowing where to go. Be born to Life; let God, who is Life itself, express Himself in you. Give to the Father the place that corresponds to Him in your heart. You just be a simple servant, His instrument in this world.

I bless you and invite you to surrender your heart to God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph 



Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

While My beloved Son entered and left Jerusalem to preach the Gospel in the Temple, the angels of Heaven also entered and left, accompanying the task that Jesus was spiritually carrying out.

With the Presence of Jesus in the Temple, the angels worked in the capturing of demons so that these would not interfere in what My beloved Son would experience during His Sacred Passion.

The angels themselves held back different groups of demons that tormented, punished and possessed the innocent so that, in their defeat, they had to observe immobilized each moment of the Passion of Our Lord.

In the same way, when Jesus returned to Bethany, those demons waited for the next trip of My beloved Son to Jerusalem.

In the days before the Last Supper, united with the Archangel Michael, Jesus gathered together all those demons so that, through an act of humiliation, they became aware of knowing they were being defeated by the Love of the Son of God.

All the demons were placed in their own abysses by the hosts of the Archangel Michael so that from there, they could be purified and come to know of the victory that the Son of God would experience through His death.

For that reason, in those days there was a revolution in the hells, for those that were burned and dissolved by the degrees of love that Jesus had awakened in souls. In this way, the impure spirits were defeated.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I know that the forces that emerge from your interior, in purification and transformation, sometimes are so strong that blind your eyes for love and for forgiveness.

I know that after eons of existence feeding prides and vanities, power and property, it is very difficult for the consciousness in evolution to say “yes” for a learning of humility, when it precipitates in your lives.

Many are those who say they want to be humble as the Lord in His manger in Bethlehem, but – before the tests that God sends them – they react and not only do not accept them with humility, but also feel deeply offended and seek a way to attack those who have unconsciously served as instruments for God to test them such as they always ask for.

Understand, dear companions in Christ, that the Lord cannot allow everything to be given to you without bringing to your lives the tests that consolidate the Christic purpose in your interior.

After receiving so many impulses from Heaven, when you are disregarded, humiliated, calumniated or mistreated – according to the understanding of each one -, simply receive the opportunity as a celestial gift and, without fear, let the structures of pride fall to the ground, at your feet.

I know that many realize that they have not passed the tests that God has sent them and that the resistant structures of pride were greater than their aspiration to humility, but it does not matter because we do not ask you for perfection, but for persistence. Now, get up from the abyss of ignorance and recognize your own learning; place yourselves before the Father, available to new lessons and move forward.

I want you to understand something at once and forever: humanity needs your examples of humility, which are codes that are becoming extinct from the human consciousness, because the reactions and protests are already well known by all.

When someone put you before a situation of humiliation, accept it with humility, because – no matter who is right or if this situation is fair or unfair – the Lord expects His soldiers to bend their heads and win the battle, overthrowing pride and living humility.

Remember what I told you today and be attentive to the situations of life, because if you say “yes” for a Christic path, you cannot expect anything else but to imitate the One who was humiliated, rejected and placed on a cross, to make you learn to forgive humanity and to open the flow of His Infinite Mercy to the world.

I bless you and I expect you to be willing to restart without fear to make mistakes, because only with the experience of the mistake and recognizing your own faults you will be able to help and warn others.

I love you and I accompany you always, day by day, step by step.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Human life is like a hard stone. It must be broken little by little until it becomes dust and until all aspects represented in it are dissolved.

The human stone is the hardest to break because within it has a strength that resists being transformed or to be ground like the grain.

There is still a harder stone in the human being, that is the stone of the heart, the one that cannot be broken at once because it would lose all the meaning of its existence. The stone of the heart is harder because it gets stronger through the feelings it generates, which does not allow it to find the path of peace.

There are few stones that break by themselves at once. What disintegrates the pride of these stones is humiliation or sometimes feeling the Fear of God.

There are stones that are so hard and strong that they do not break easily. If this action of breaking inside does not work in the consciousness, sometimes not even with the instruction received, it then cannot change, because it strengthens itself and, in truth, misses the Grace of finding a lighter path of transformation.

Now My Son has His great tool of Light in His Hands, about to break many stones of hardened hearts. If He gave only one blow, the effect could be intense. If He gave a medium blow, the impact would have little effect. Therefore, Christ needs some stones to be well destroyed so that pride may soon die and the soul may find the meaning of its true mission.

There is no hard stone that can resist the blow of Christ. For Him to be able to reign in a superfluous consciousness the Master must expel with one blow the resistances and extract all of its roots.

The universe knows that resistance is an energy that condemns or that makes the soul suffer continuously. I tell you, My children, prepare yourselves because the hardest and most resistant stones will surprisingly be broken.

The Lord tries so that the aspects of life will not drown the evolution of the soul. This way, in certain cases, the Law of heavenly power avoids more things from being triggered.

Dear children, the effect of a precise blow of Christ upon your hard stones can generate several consequences and inner movements. The Master knows that a blow of His Hand breaks everything because it is not a blow of punishment or fear, but it is the energy that will remove the inner and outer things from their place.

Nobody can oppose this. Therefore, the hardest stones, more resistant and with pride, prepare themselves to experience a total breakdown of their structures. There is no time for superficial things.

Those hearts that know they are resistant and do not manage to change, should know that they will be helped to unblock human vices. The time for patience is gone, humanity has entered into a hard and acute cycle of purification.

The Universe of Christ will do all that is possible for His sheep not to be lost, but there will be no space to accumulate hard stones in the stable of the Heart of the Lord. Everything will be ground, thus embrace prayer and implore so that you may always be guided.

We thank the repentance of those who do not manage to do so and are humble in asking for help. Soon they will be free of their own pride.

The scale of the Law has My Immacultate Heart upon one of the scales, My Consciousness generates the weight of love and purity to save souls.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who awakens you to consecration,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace




The School of humility of the Virgin Mary: The humility to be able to listen

Dear children,

In My school of humility it is essential to be able and learn how to listen to spiritual instruction. For this, the spirit of humility must permeate your consciousnesses so that you learn how to listen to everything which is needful to be heard. If your hearts listen, you will be humble, and in this time you will be able to understand what will allow the transformation to happen.

To find the spirit of humility and of surrender, first you must banish everything that your consciousnesses listen to in themselves. If you do not do this internally, you will never be able to generate the space needed in the consciousness for humility to act and have you be part of the inner transformation.

Dear children, consecration to God is not enough; the Father needs for you to learn to detach from your own forms and modalities, which have made of humanity a civilization without true instruction. For this reason, through the school of humility, you must gradually detach from every inner thought or feeling which opposes the higher action of humility. To achieve this detachment, you must recognize and accept the lack of humility existing in you, thus opening the heart so that it may govern above every mental or intellectual form.

Humility as essence is a powerful tool which allows doors to be opened to the healing of the heart and the deepest wounds, wounds which in most souls are caused by a state of incomprehension, and above all, by a lack of peace.

Every adversity or disappointment generated by the personal consciousness is the reflection of not feeling loved as one believes one should be, and of a lack of closeness to the higher principle of humility.

The school of humility allows the consciousness to recognize itself as it is and to see its difficulties as a possibility for exchanging them for attributes it has never experienced. The lack of humility generates a void in the inner world of beings, which cannot be filled by anything, not even by love. This happens because of permanence or the resistance to some true changes.

The lack of humility generates states of frustration or lack of concretization of goals in the material life in the consciousness. Therefore, for higher humility to draw closer, the consciousness must humble itself, and that is what arrogance and pride do not want to do from the moment in which they must be deposed from their power.

The invocation of humility presupposes facing some aspects of life that must die. When this search is honest, the Grace of God intervenes to dissolve the permanent difficulties. In humility there exists a door that leads straight to peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who heals you in the essence of humility,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

As the Mother of Providence today I bring to all the principle of the spiritual wealth, that which is saved in Universe as divine knowledge and wisdom.

As Lady of Providence I pour over the world the Graces that will make possible to get know the true treasure that each soul keeps in their inner world.  For this, children, despite the time of your purification, remember that the Love of God is kept in the inner world of each of you, a Love that moves the whole universe and that permeates all existence in this and others universes.

As the Mother of Providence I try to make My children recognize that My presence in your lives has the reason of awakening you to the quest for the spiritual wealth in each one. Children, this wealth that God, your Father, granted to the spirit of each creature, is beyond all arrogance, all false power and all material property. It is this divine treasure that the Divine Messengers come to awaken, to mature and to reveal in the life of each being.

But children, for you to be worthy of receiving the Grace of discovering your divine and spiritual treasure, you will have to overcome tests, surrender, humble yourselves, and furthermore, to live at least the path of humility; then, My children, it will be this cosmic and spiritual treasure that you will live in your dwelling, in that space of the macrocosm that God has saved to each soul.

In this way, dear children, when at the end of your days you have discovered this spiritual treasure, you will know that everything will have had a meaning and a higher reason in the experience of this world. If the souls put their attention in the divine treasures that they keep, it would not be necessary to suffer, mature nor to grow through the power of a higher pressure.

Your Celestial Mother teaches you to value the simple and true that is the life of spirit and as each soul has the inner potential of expressing God in their life and in the whole planet. It is this sacred spiritual treasure that My adversary does not want that be awakened, but My plans will be fulfilled above the adversities and fears generated in the souls, as far as each heart permits Me.

Children of mine, if you awaken this divine spiritual treasure, you will find the true meaning of being born to life and you will know that you have come here to fulfill a mission in the name of the Love of God. But most souls forget the meaning of the purpose that created them and, it will be through the praying word that essences will remember that they have come to the world to fulfill a mission, even though they may not be aware of it.

This last time that you are living will mark the next steps to humanity that will be purified, converted and transmuted by the powerful action of the Universal Laws, something that no one will be able to detain. Many of you that are already conscious and are able to work spiritually, seek this divine treasure, because it will permit you to find your lineage and the mission that must be manifested beyond the ego.

The things of Heaven are opposite to the realities of the Earth. Your Mother of Providence grants you this indication today, that you seek in time within each one of you, the true, and not the illusion that the whole world reflects by being each time more indifferent and blind. I tell you, children, that even with very few ones the Plan of the Most High will not be transformed.

For this, dear ones, the triumph of the heart through the awakening of your spiritual treasure, will generate a positive action in all of humanity, which is hypnotized. My aspiration of Mother is that you soon die to yourselves, as the apostles of My Son learned to die to themselves, surrendering the most profound fears.

The purification will set you free and thus, you may be seeds cultivated in the Promised Earth. As your Mother, I am here to guide you in faith.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who prepares you internally for the New Humanity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The triumph of the heart is the visible result of a repentant being before the Lord and it is this repentance that leads to entering the path of rehabilitation.  While the spirit of repentance does not emerge in the souls, Heaven and the whole Universe will not be able to help the hearts.

The act of repentance cannot be forced or pretended.  The true repentance is born from an expansion of love that it is capable to move, before the Celestial Universe, the state and the principle of all the Laws that rule it.

The triumph of the heart is the effect of a conscious humiliation, which has the immediate result of changing a severe justice for a repairing and redeeming Mercy.

For this, children, the repentance of each being can be the safe door for the love of the heart to triumph once again.  You are invited to live this act of repentance so that the precarious spiritual condition of humanity may at least find a new path to be able to live the emergence of the new humanity.

Beloved children, may the triumph of the heart not be a theory or a wish, but may it be an act of consciousness and of reflection, capable to put in first place the love as an emblem of redemption and forgiveness.

As your Heavenly Mother I piously wish to conduct you through the path of rehabilitation of life and all the consciousness; the Doors of Heaven will not be closed when you simply trust in My call.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who converts you through the Love of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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