Friday, April 27 of 2018

Weekly messages

When God announces His designs and reveals His Will, ask Him for the grace of knowing how to respond to His Call.

Child, place yourself always before the plans of God with humility. Who are you to analyze the Divine Will and evaluate if that Will corresponds to your life or not?

These are times of definition, and you already know it. Therefore, place your head on the ground, as well as the desire to know everything, to understand and to control everything, and open yourself to the mystery of these times, which throws you into the unknown, not only externally, but also internally.

Do not hold on to what you already know about yourself. Do not remain only consolidating what you are and the memory of everything that you have already done for God's Plan and for the planet. Today everything must be new and tomorrow everything must renewed.

Enter with your heart into the rhythm of the new cycles and let Your Father and Creator make emerge from you that potential that today is hidden from you. Launch yourself into the new, launch yourself into service, launch yourself into overcoming and do not fear weariness, do not fear fatigue, do not fear the result of the Work that the Father fulfills in you, because only He, Who created you, knows the true reason of your existence and can lead you to it.

Ask the Father why and for what He created you and let His answer echo within your heart. Do not fear to know His Will and to walk toward it. Do not fear to get rid of your plans and embrace something superior.

Remember, child, that - after manifesting His Grandeur and the apex of His Grace - the Son of Man lived rejection and human incomprehension; He suffered all the resistances of the retrograde condition of humanity and revealed to you the key to the transcendence of all things: Forgiveness, Love and Mercy. And, to get there, he crossed the door of humiliation, of overcoming, and of faith in God and not in Himself. He surrendered His Will to the Father and, even knowing that His Heart was participant of all the Powers and Gifts of God, He chose the Will of His Father and remained in nothingness.

You, child, have the potential to achieve many goals. As a creature of God, you can do many things, but I tell you: nothing is more appreciated by the Father, at this moment, than your fulfilling His Will, surrendering yours; that you live His Mystery, surrendering what is known to you; that you defeat your human fear and be, for your brothers and sisters and for the world, a witness of the faith and love that is born within you.

Live the Plans of God with joy. Adhere your heart to His Will and inspire others with your example of faith. Because today God calls you to no longer seek spirituality for you, but to be a bridge of spirituality for the world.

I bless you and invite you to follow the footsteps and example of He who guides you.

Your Father and Friend,

Most Chaste Saint Joseph