Sunday, September 23 of 2018

Daily messages

What was revealed to the world through parables and prophecies is revealed today through cosmic knowledge and the wisdom that God manifests in the voice of His Messengers.

In order for His Son to establish a new cycle and announce the coming of the Celestial Kingdom and the new and eternal Covenant with the Creator Father, the Lord echoed His teachings in the Voice of Jesus through parables and prophecies, because this was the way in which humanity could hear Him, at that time.

Today, children, God prepares you for the establishment of a new cycle, a new time; He prepares the consolidation of the Covenant with Him. This is the cycle of definition, and only the ones that have crossed the door of Redemption will remain on Earth and in the worlds chosen by God. When everything has been defined, His Covenant will no longer be for a few, it will be for all.  

Those who cannot take the necessary steps in this cycle will cross the thresholds to a new life that corresponds to their choices and they will learn, once and again, about sacrifice and renunciation, until they open themselves to learn with love.

These new schools will not be a punishment from God to make His children suffer; they will be the fruit of the Grace of the Father, for the merits generated by those who say “yes” so that others may have an opportunity of starting over. There will not be an eternal punishment, but rather eternal possibilities of starting over, until all creatures, wherever they may be, live Redemption and take their steps on the evolutionary path.

I know that this is all very mysterious to you and that you can little understand something you do not know, and do not live.

What I tell you today is not for understanding, but rather to be held in the heart and placed in the consciousness, because the time will come when the paths will divide before your eyes and two doors will be offered to you for crossing: the narrow door of love and surrender, and the broad door of the restart of the evolution of beings.

In order to know how to choose, you must come to know the decisions you make. This is why I prepare your beings, because none of these paths will be easy and simple, but only one of them will bring your hearts to fullness and restore the Divine Consciousness, leading God Himself to the renewal of Love.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph