My dear children,

On this radiant day, by the Solar and Eucharistic Presence of My Son among you, as Mother and Pilgrim, I approach you, My dear children, so that in perpetual prayer we may continue to pray to God through the light of the heart, for all urgent causes that need divine and spiritual intervention.

For this purpose, today your Celestial Mother and Holy Queen of Spain, with the Scepter of God,  banishes oppression, which throughout the centuries My slave children of Africa and the Middle East have experienced. 

Today, I am here as the Mother of the shipwrecked and those who have disappeared. I am here as a Mother who cries with the mothers of war and the mothers who have lost their beloved children and relatives in the earthquakes.

I come, in the name of the Most High, to close the great spiritual and regional wound that has not yet been healed since the terrible earthquake in Syria and Turkey.

As My Son told you yesterday, I come as Mediator and Intercessor to elevate to Heaven those who were discarded in the Mediterranean Sea and those who have gone missing in Turkey, Syria, New Zealand, Japan and Brazil in these recent days.

Dear children, does anyone else hear the cry of Mother Earth and all her elements?

This is why I came last Saturday, to ask the world for sincere penance, true repentance and deep reparation, so that the outrages of war and the fury of nature may no longer take place in the world.

Therefore, now and more than ever, seek inner balance, seek to be peacemakers of Christ and, with your prayers, in service, embrace and love all those who suffer, for this is the hour when the prophecies announced by Christ to His apostles, before His Ascension, will be fulfilled.

Pray for your families and for the families of the whole world so that the sacred cell of the Project of God may no longer becomes a model of lack of love, betrayal, revenge and hatred.

It grieves My Heart to see the present and sad situation of families. I ask you to truly pray.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Since the beginning of life, while the Creation was still a feeling in the depths of the Heart of God, your Celestial Father had already manifested the principles of Healing and Redemption, Gifts that come from His Love, for all that was being generated within Him.

The Creator knew, My children, that by sending His children to learn, experience and grow, among the dimensions, He would also need to create the forms, by  which they could return to His Heart.

Therefore, upon manifesting life, the dimensions and all forms, for beings to be able to evolve, your Lord also drew upon your paths the return to His Sacred and Infinite Heart. For this reason, He filled the hearts of humanity with occult gifts, and filled the planet, in which they dwell, also with occult sacred spaces; spaces that hold the Gifts of God, the fruits of His Love, those which allow creatures to return to the Heart of the Celestial Father.

Aurora, beloved children, is not only a place of peace. Aurora is a Consciousness of Healing and Redemption in which your hearts can experience, to return to God. Aurora emerged from the Heart of your Creator, even before your lives were manifested.

Contemplating the challenges of the planet and the veils that would be covering the eyes of His children, preventing them from seeing and knowing who they truly are, the Creator manifested the Consciousness of Aurora; a Consciousness that supports you within It, as the womb of a mother supports her children. Aurora gives you all that you need; within its Heart, the veils are torn, so that you can contemplate the truth about yourselves.

Aurora, My children, reveals to you your more impure human condition, so that you may first come to know the wounds that are to be healed, and know where that which must be transformed lies. But then, from the Heart of Aurora, emerges the balm that assists you, that closes that which was open, that heals even the deepest parts of your beings, liberates that which was impure and prepares you so that, through your surrender and service, the Consciousness of Aurora may expand and reach the four corners of this world.

Contemplate, beloved children, the Consciousness of Aurora within you, but also feel that you are inserted within it. In the Heart of Aurora, all life finds Healing and Redemption to discover the truth about itself, and thus return to God.

Open your hearts, so that not only this place may express Aurora, but that your lives and this planet may also be fruits of the Gifts that your Creator deposited within Aurora.

Just as this place is sacred, the whole planet is sacred, dear children, but in order to recognize the mysteries of God upon the planet that receives you, you must first live them within yourselves. In order for the veils to be torn, those which cover the sacred that exists in the world, first the veils that cover your own eyes must be torn.

Allow the hands of Aurora to extend, in front of your faces, and pull the veils that were making you blind, so that you can see, feel, experience and live who you are and, more than that, what the purpose of this life is.

All that I tell you is filled with a profound and inner truth, which is a truth you can come to know through the surrender and relinquishing of your lives.

To live Aurora, you must surrender before God and cry out for His Gifts, for the Gifts that He gave you, through the sacred places that hide in this world and in all Creation.

The Time of God has come, beloved children. A time in which, not only chaos will be fulfilled as it was predicted, but Redemption will also be fulfilled.

With My words, I lead you to live the Scriptures, I lead you to be live the prophecies, because it is through you that everything will be fulfilled.

I carry you in My arms to the desert, because you still do not know who you are. The moment will come when you will have crossed the desert, and I will show you the Truth of God upon the horizon, and you will discover, My children, that not only can you be in My arms, but you can also walk with Me towards the Promised Land.

After the desert, I will show you the New and Eternal Jerusalem, which is in Heaven as on Earth, and as two realities that unite into one, the Promised Land will emerge and everything will be fulfilled. Everyone will know who they are, everything will become clearer, and what weighed in your hearts before, as doubts and fears, will dissipate.

From the lights of Aurora will emerge lights of a new life, and from Heaven the principles of the New Humanity will also descend to Earth. This will be the Kingdom of God, beloved children; an ever present Kingdom, revealed to the children of the Supreme, those who know that they are His companions and fruits of His Love.

May My words resound within you, not just as a promise, but as a truth that leads you to cry out to Aurora, for Healing to take place and Redemption to be fulfilled, so that your eyes may be worthy to see and your hearts may be worthy to feel everything that I have told you today.

I bless you with the power of Aurora and the Grace of the Spirit of God.

I love you and thank you for coming to meet me with your hearts.


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May peace reign in your hearts today, My children, so that you may approach God and thus your inquietudes and fears, your abysses and anguishes may dissolve.

May faith reign in your souls and love reign in your spirits today, so that you may know that when you respond to the celestial call, in spite of all battles, all miseries, doubts and fears, the Love of God will always triumph.

Today, I come, with the rosary in My hands, to ask you to keep praying for this world. My eyes see things that you cannot imagine, that you would not accept nor believe that they exist in humanity. But your hearts and your prayers can actually reach, My children, not only the lost souls, but the deep and unknown situations that have their spiritual roots in the innermost core of the consciousnesses of the nations.

Now that you have learned to be in My Heart, to love Me and to recognize Me as your Mother and Protector, as the One who accompanies, not only the cross of Christ but the cross of each child of God, now, My beloveds, be more aware of your mission with Me.

May each day lead you to deepen, not only into the transformation and the surrender of your lives, but also in your service to this wounded planet and to its sick humanity that lacks love. This takes place by means of increasingly deeper prayer, of increasingly more sincere singing, of more selfless service, of a more complete surrender of yourselves, each day.

Pick up your rosaries, every day, and pray with Me. Pray, pleading to the Father for this world, for that which your eyes cannot see.

The Time of God now draws near toward the Earth, and the promises of a new world now approach their manifestation, in which the Kingdom of your Father is expressed. The promises now approach their manifestation and will soon become alive, the promises that together unite all true religions and allow them to become fulfilled, in one truth.

But before that, beloved children, the Book of the Apocalypse and everything that was taken out of it, by the hands of humanity, will also be fulfilled.

Many hard and deep trials will touch the consciousness of nations, like that of humanity, and in order to make of each one of these moments true triumphs of God, and not of chaos, you must be in permanent prayer.

It is possible, children, to experience the cross and allow a new Love and Divine Mercy to triumph within it, just as it is possible to live the Apocalypse and the Armageddon and make of this a confirmation of your souls before God, of the potential that is in your hearts, as His children.

You were created to love and to renew Love, and this happens beyond all circumstances of the world. It is just necessary, children, to pray from the heart, to serve with love, to surrender, to be in God, to seek the Father, each day, in each instant.

My Heart inspires you in silence, guides you to this purpose and accompanies your steps. My Love sustains your cross, My Grace helps you in your falls, My Peace renews you and makes you discover who you truly are.

Therefore, on this path, pray, My children. Pray for the world, pray for peace.

I bless you and thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Songs of Figueira - "Devotion"

"Devotion" is a song of Figueira that implores for and invokes the cosmic Mercy and a universal grace, permeated by the one and absolute Divine Creator Spirit.

"Devotion" is a call, a request of the innermost and deepest worlds of the soul of one who, in surrender and resignation, offers themselves to the Creator to be transformed, redeemed, and blessed by the Higher Law of Love.

The song "Devotion" presents itself to us as the key to access the Gifts that Christ offers, as is the spiritual Water, one of the millenary nourishments of Creation that sanctifies and quenches the thirst of humankind.

Through the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, we find Christ as the principal saving model for humanity and the planet; we find Him in the inner world of each being, as the universal Redeemer and Intercessor between humanity and God.

For this reason, Christ is presented in the song "Devotion" in His true Aspect, something yet not recognized by His Church on Earth, but testified to in the different Gospels, and just like the Transfiguration of Jesus, a mystery yet to be revealed.

In this sense, the song makes an appeal for the life of the surface to be corrected from the deviation that it has lived, time and again, due to ignorance, pride, and human power.

In this way, the song invites the devotee of Christ to drink of the true and pure Fount that the Master offers to all beings, so that each soul may be completely satiated by the Redeeming Love that the Divine Person of Christ, in fusion with His Divinity, offers in this song.

The Water He offers not only purifies and cleanses, but also redeems and uplifts the consciousness in state and in plane in order to find the spiritual meaning of its existence.

Thus, the Master appeals to everyone to love one another as brothers and sisters so that there are no confrontations and struggles between beings and peoples.

In the song "Devotion," it is prophesied, in simple words, the importance that love prevails, in order to dissolve conflicts and, later on, wars.

After thirty years of the creation of these songs and poems of devotion to the Hierarchy, a warning is revealed, especially in this song "Devotion,"  to prevent human catastrophes.

And, in truth, the opposite took place because the human being allowed themselves to be defeated by the power and the arrogance to conquer the world, forgetting the rules of love and allowing themselves to be submerged in error.

Renewing the appeal of this sacred prophecy, expressed in this song, the last Christs will be those who will place human life again on the right pathway, a life that has been perverted, separating itself from the true reason of its existence.

The last Christs will be those who will give their lives for the rest.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Behold, the Angels of the Lord will open two doors in Heaven, through which all souls will have to enter at the moment of their definition.

When Mercy and Justice have already descended upon the world, when peace has consolidadted in the hearts of those who have opened to receive the Love and the Kingdom of the Mother of God; when darkness has settled into the heart of the ungodly who cry out, who will weep for a new opportunity, the Angels of the Lord will open two doors in Heaven so that all souls may enter through them.

The first one will be narrow, simple, and luminous; the second will be as wide as the sea, but its destination will not lead to the Kingdom of the Heavens nor to the kingdom of the world, but to restart, to the void, to nothingness.

Up until the last moment of time, of this world, the Creator will try to rescue and awaken His Children; but those who insist on deceit and, with the malice of their hearts, condemn themselves, will shape their own destiny and build for themselves the path to the wide and uncertain door, empty of light and of God, for at that moment, the Father will only be able to observe His children.

The Angels of the Lord do not feel like humanity does; within their hearts only the Law dwells; their hands signal the destiny chosen by each being, their rays hasten the steps of the beings.

All those who honored and respected the king of darkness will return with him into his abyss. In his kingdom there will only be moans and darkness until the end of the Thousand Years of Peace when the day of Redemption will also come for them.

Prophecies will cease to be prophecies, which are called threats for those who do not know God. His promises will be true for everyone.

Those who have honored the King of kings, the Son of God, the Truth of beings, with Him shall see the fulfillment of His promises and in Him will serve until the end of their days, until the day of Unity, of the return to the Heart of the Father.

Empty your hearts of the sins of the world and do not surrender to the temptations of these times. Remember that, like this prophecy, everything that you live today has already been prophesied to you, and no one has been left unadvised of its definition.

''Persevere'', says the Lord, in the voice of His Messengers. Hold firmly to one another's hands. Life in the world is losing its meaning for those who do not discover their only meaning is the renewal of Love.

Do not listen to the voice of those who sow discord; rather, cry out to the Father so that unity may reign and, embracing your brothers, strengthen one another and make your fortitude indestructible.

The narrow Door of the Lord will open for beings and inside of it, infinite will be the Mercy, eternal will be the Life in Christ.

''Confirm yourselves! Renew yourselves!", says the Lord, in the voice of His Messengers. Those who do not want to continue walking toward the Light shall fall, by their own weight, by your side, but you keep your eyes lifted to God. The Creator should be your eternal goal.

Your Father and Companion until the end of days,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


What was revealed to the world through parables and prophecies is revealed today through cosmic knowledge and the wisdom that God manifests in the voice of His Messengers.

In order for His Son to establish a new cycle and announce the coming of the Celestial Kingdom and the new and eternal Covenant with the Creator Father, the Lord echoed His teachings in the Voice of Jesus through parables and prophecies, because this was the way in which humanity could hear Him, at that time.

Today, children, God prepares you for the establishment of a new cycle, a new time; He prepares the consolidation of the Covenant with Him. This is the cycle of definition, and only the ones that have crossed the door of Redemption will remain on Earth and in the worlds chosen by God. When everything has been defined, His Covenant will no longer be for a few, it will be for all.  

Those who cannot take the necessary steps in this cycle will cross the thresholds to a new life that corresponds to their choices and they will learn, once and again, about sacrifice and renunciation, until they open themselves to learn with love.

These new schools will not be a punishment from God to make His children suffer; they will be the fruit of the Grace of the Father, for the merits generated by those who say “yes” so that others may have an opportunity of starting over. There will not be an eternal punishment, but rather eternal possibilities of starting over, until all creatures, wherever they may be, live Redemption and take their steps on the evolutionary path.

I know that this is all very mysterious to you and that you can little understand something you do not know, and do not live.

What I tell you today is not for understanding, but rather to be held in the heart and placed in the consciousness, because the time will come when the paths will divide before your eyes and two doors will be offered to you for crossing: the narrow door of love and surrender, and the broad door of the restart of the evolution of beings.

In order to know how to choose, you must come to know the decisions you make. This is why I prepare your beings, because none of these paths will be easy and simple, but only one of them will bring your hearts to fullness and restore the Divine Consciousness, leading God Himself to the renewal of Love.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph  


Enter My Heart of Peace

Enter into My Heart of Peace so that I may reveal to you at this time the Grace of My Presence and that, through the testimonies of your lives, I may speak to the world.

Take the rosary in your hands to cry out for peace and you will see peace established within your hearts and in all those who approach you. This will be the living sign of those who respond to My Call.

Know how to love and understand despite human judgments, and the peace of your hearts will speak louder than all the criticisms emitted by the world.

Live in My Heavenly Church and in My Heart of Peace; enter into My Kingdom and there learn from the divine mysteries that Creator reveals to pure hearts.

In this way, the wisdom of your spirits, acquired in the Celestial Kingdom, will be permeated by a Truth that does not come from this world, and neither the wisest of the wise nor the most learned of the doctors of Science and philosophies, of this world will know how to explain the Divine Science that dwells in the heart of My Children.

Answer my call without fear and let yourself be guided.

Do not be afraid to break within yourself the prejudices and resistances, because I am not leading you to the old. I come to renew your lives and human consciousness.

I come to teach you to be reborn in spirit and to deepen in the Presence of God that, since the beginning of your creation, tries to lead you to the Truth.

I come to help you, finding the way to the cure of original sin, so that you convert not only in your spirits but in your deepest human condition which prevents you from reaching God.

My children, set aside for an instant, all the concepts of your mind and feel the Presence of God in My Words.

Humanity is in its last time of awakening and repentance.

Now is the moment to surrender at the Feet of God and cry out for forgiveness, because His Comforting Spirit is still upon the world, attentive to the supplications of humanity, to cleanse you from every stain, and prepare you for a new time.

Because soon there will come a day when the heavens will be opened with all its power for a second time, so that the Son of Man returns to Earth and by looking into the eyes of His companions, He brings Justice to some and Grace to others who, being consequent with His Gospel and faithful to His promises, waited with love for His arrival.

The prophecies will be fulfilled, as they have been fulfilled throughout the history of humanity, and I am here brighter than the sun and as alive as your hearts, to teach you to elevate not only your  supplications but also your souls through a true prayer that transforms and leads you to the Kingdom of God, even if you are alive.

Every mystery that I reveal, every Divine Space that I made known to you, is for you to aspire for something beyond this world, it is for your souls to renew the hope of reaching God, it is for your hearts in eternal aspiration to know Heaven, and to reach it and attract it to Earth.

In your prayers, My children, contemplate with love what I show you and let your Divine Mother awaken within you the purity that makes you worthy of being in God, and participating in His Truth.

With these words I bless you and deeply thank you for responding to My Call.

Pray for peace and raise your hearts to God, because the world needs it.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages
Message for the Apparition of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

The Return of the Mother of God 

Silent as the breeze and brighter than the Sun, the Mother of the Sun, the Morning Star will also return.

First, children, it will be My silence that will prepare your hearts and let you mature and live those experiences that confirm your spirits in adherence to the Plan of God.

Before everything happens and the triumph of God manifests, you will see within yourselves the fruits of the last years of Graces and of teachings, and the very expression of your lives will be the testimony of this Work and of the Divine Presence that has guided, led and instructed you for so many years.

The day will come when Our Sacred Hearts become silent, so that the prophets, the apostles, the saints and the Christs of the last days and of the new times may manifest themselves.

Our Hearts will become silent because it is part of the Plan of God that you can grow for yourselves and make the seeds of Grace and Love bear fruit.

Just as God became silent in the Heart of Christ for Him to manifest Love and Christification in His human Heart, so will God become silent in the hearts of those who listen and respond to His call today.

But this is not to punish you, My children, this is so that there may be born within you a unique love, which arises from the human potential when it faces a great need of love.

Before Our Hearts become silent, we will have given everything to humanity, and nothing will be lacking for you to fulfil the Plan of God.

The silence of God will have a time and during this time it will seem eternal and painful. You will look for the Father within and outside yourselves and you will seem not to find Him, even though He will always be there.

His silence is the symbol of the dark night that the whole planet will experience, because it is necessary.

There must be night so that the sun may rise again.

There must be darkness so that light may have meaning, and so that daytime can exist.

So children, do not fear, but have faith in the new promises of Christ and in the revelations of your Heavenly Mother.

When the night comes upon the world and silence and solitude take over the hearts of humankind, remember what I will now tell you: brighter than the Sun, a Star will be born in the firmament, which will be the announcement of the return of the day, of the physical and spiritual day, which will illuminate again the inside and the outside of beings.

This Star will bring with it a deep feeling of peace, of support and of hope; it will bring the relief that hearts need to go through the last and most intense moments of this dark night.

It will remain silent in the sky until the Sun can be born again, until the Son of Man has the permission of His Father to return to the world and, as the Great Farmer, to seek the fruits that were born in the hearts of beings, and multiply them.

The Morning Star, which announces the arrival of the Sun for this moment will remain silent. But, after everything is fulfilled, My Feet will also touch the Earth and, with My Son, I will come to concretize the Plan of God and reveal My true Face to you.

The mystery of My return, My children, is to finish uniting peoples, races and religions and to bring toward My Immaculate Heart those who through ignorance denied My universal Motherhood.

I will return to receive from My Son the most lost souls, I will wash them in the Fountains of Grace and lead them so that they may have a new destiny and may receive a new opportunity.

The return of the Mother of the World will happen to seal the union between Heaven and Earth, between the different Faces of God and His creatures.

And there, My children, will be revealed to you all the truths that are hidden today, because I will cause to reflect in the mirrors of your hearts the true story of Creation and only then, when everything is fulfilled, will you understand the true meaning of this experience on Earth.

From that moment, the Scepter of God will be placed upon Earth, and a new world and a new being will be established.

Feel the Grace of My words and awaken your faith in the new and eternal Prophecies of God, for they will be fulfilled as, from the beginning, all that the Creator said through the prophets was fulfilled.

I bless you and thank you for listening to My words and responding to My call!


You Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

My Rosary of Light extends to the world

My Children,

Today My Rosary of Light extends to the world and calls you to the true prayer of the heart so that, more than celebrating with Me another anniversary of My Apparitions in Fatima, your hearts may know how to intercede with Me for this world full of pain and anguish.

Today My Rosary of Light extends to the world and to each human heart, calling everyone to pray and repair the Heart of God, wounded by the wars and conflicts, wounded by the outrages committed to the Kingdoms of Nature, wounded by not being able to pour over His children the source of Love and Grace that comes from His Sacred Heart.

Today My Rosary of Light extends to the world calling you to pray a little more for this planet, so that the prophecies I announced in Fatima one day are not fulfilled, are not manifested before your eyes.

The world still runs the risk of seeing My Words fulfilled, because they have not been attentive to the warnings I made and to the requests that I made so that  a greater time of mercy could be upon the Earth.

My children, today My Rosary of Light extends to the world and calls you to pray more for the life on the planet, because it is losing itself, it is degenerating and distorting itself by the distance that there is between humanity and God.

Today My Rosary of Light extends to the world so that you pray for the end of wars and of conflicts, pray for the perdition that youths live so that they may find the path that takes them to the Father and no longer lose themselves in the distractions of this time.

Today, My children, as the Lady of the Holy Rosary, I extend these beads to the world and I call you to pray with Me for a greater time of peace.

Find in prayer the door to unveil the mysteries of this time.

Find in prayer the balm to cure the illnesses of this era.

Find in prayer the secret to live peace and establish peace in the world.

Find in prayer the path that unites you as human consciousness.

Find in prayer the understanding that makes you transcend cultures, races, and religions and discover the Unity that there is between all creatures, because all of them are living parts of only One God.

Today, My children, your Celestial Mother extends Her Rosary of Light to the world, showing you that prayer and union with God is the only safe path in this time of tribulations and of chaos.

Pray to understand the events of the world and pray so that you can be a light for those who are blind. Humanity needs living examples to follow, and My children must be those examples.

Today your Mother and Lady calls you to take another step in the conscious prayer for life on Earth, and thus, My children, you will be able to enter into the Mysteries that I keep for the hearts that awaken.

I would like to reveal to you many mysteries, I would like to give you many Graces, I would like to bring you divine knowledge of which you remain ignorant since the veils covered your faces when you arrived to Earth.

But today, beloved children, before the need of the world, I just extend My Rosary of Light to all of you and call you to pray with Me for peace.

May cultures, races, nations and religions unite; may hearts unite in the likeness of God; May your hands unite with My Rosary of Light and thus peace be established inside and outside of men.

I bless you and thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima


I am the Sun that lights this world, at its last time, before night.

I am the Trumpet that sounds in the Heavens, warning the souls that the cycle of definition for your lives, as for the whole Universe, has come.

I am the Hand that detains Justice, for there to be a greater time for Mercy for souls. But My Heart cannot transform Laws, if your hearts do not decide to follow Me unconditionally at this time.

I am also part of the Living Word of God for this world, and for the whole Creation. The Voice that sounds beyond the Divine dimensions, and from which the sound of Purity comes, but also Truth. Because it is time for you to know the Truth, not only the Truth that brings you the Graces that descend from Heavens, but also the real awakening, consciousness and definition.

To be part of My Work at this time, children, is more than having a rosary between your hands. It is wanting to be part of the commands of Your Heavenly Mother, who with the Scepter of God in hands will open the path in the darkness to rescue even the last of lost souls. And without fear, nor conditions, She will face the abysses with the support of Divine Will, to establish Her Peace, where it does not exist nowadays.

The seals no longer exist in the books and in the sacred parchments. The moment has come for definition of the souls, and this will be seen in your smallest actions and choices.

I know it is difficult to say “yes” to the Cross of these times. I know that many are called to live what they have never lived before and to give of themselves what they have never given. But, how to renew God Himself but with extreme surrenders, with new Laws, new Life, a new “yes”?

The awakening for this time is unknown, not only for humanity, but for all Life, all Creation, and even for God, who will renew Himself through His children.

For this reason, I tell you: Little is not enough, the known is not enough, the lukewarm is not enough, it is not enough to have affinity with My words.

Those who listen to Me in these times, came here for a reason and their lives were transformed for a reason that transcends themselves. It is not only for you to feel Peace that you are here and listen to Me. The Peace that lives in their hearts is an instrument of strength, for them to live something new, for them to be the Light of the world, set on the tables at the center of the dark nations.

I want to take this Work to a destiny that none of you has ever imagined, My children. And for you to follow Me, it is necessary to define yourselves.

I will lead you in this world, even when darkness seems to have taken over all things. Your strength and wisdom will come from My Heart and will fulfill your hearts and your minds. In a world of confusion, you will not have any doubt because you will be in other Laws, in another time, within the time of this world.

The lost ones will walk beside you and will not understand where the clarity of your paths comes from. The example will speak louder than the thunders and the trumpets of the Apocalypse.

There will be no understanding outside My Mantle, outside of the Laws of the New Life, which I am gestating in those who say “yes” to Me.

My Voice, children, does not bring you a new prophecy, but a reality. I want you to open your eyes to a truth and a need that is beyond your daily needs, your worldly tasks, and everything that up to now you thought was important for our lives.

I do not mean that your lives are not important, but today I place your eyes on Mine, and I show you the real need of this Creation and not only of this small world.

The crevices of the heart are already opening on Earth and all will be permitted. It is only necessary to say “yes” to Me.

May the meanness end today, as well as competitions, the half-surrenders and the lukewarmth in the hearts. My Son will come to place on your forehead the definite seal of His Apostles, and before Him, I come to the world, as a morning star, before the sunrise, to tell you, My children: define yourselves and awaken.

It is time for your lives not to be yours anymore, but to be placed at the feet of God, as a true offering, and to there be nothing more important than to fulfill His Plan, not even your own lives.

To some God will ask for everything, but these will be the real heirs of His Kingdom, the carriers of His legacy, the pioneers of the New Life beyond this world, renewed parts of the Divine Consciousness, as healing cells in the wounded and sick consciousness of Creation, which degenerated by its own choice and its paths.

You are called to be part of a New Law, precursors of the New Life. Define yourselves and let yourselves be led. The unrestricted obedience and the absolute adhesion in your hearts and your consciousnesses will reflect in your actions and will speak to the world.

Those who have ears, let them listen to the Voice of the Mother of God, who in the name of the Creator and of Her Son, speaks to the world.

I bless you and thank you for awakening and for defining yourselves at this time.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

Everything that the Universe may tell you or reveal through instruction will lead you to the Truth and your eyes will not be blind; on the contrary, through divine instruction, you will manage to see a part and a little more than what you can normally see.

In this way, you will be able to be up to the events and in a spirit of premeditation, you will know what to do and how to proceed.

Thus, knowing everything the Universe reveals to you through instruction, you will walk firmly and even though at some point that instruction may seem extreme for the life of a being and for the definition of a consciousness, you will learn to thank it every day for not being absent or far from the Truth, which only tries to place you on a new level of awakening.

Know, then, to love the instruction just as it is and you will be able to be prepared to receive and hear new revelations, which in these times will only try to place souls on the correct path of definition and surrender.

In spite of everything, humanity has been warned many times that there would come a time when the Time of God itself would separate the chaff from the wheat and that everything would be said.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who always blesses you,

Your Master Christ Jesus


My child, find in your heart the essence of these times and your strength.

Understand the tests of the planet not with sorrow, but with Peace. Finally, it is being fulfilled on Earth as was prophesied from the beginning.

May your faith be on the Plans of God and on nothing else. Let His Victory be a deep certainty in your heart, in spite of the apparent defeats that are to come.

Divine Victory does not manifest itself like human victory, and in order to know how to understand the Plans of God and allow yourself to be guided by Him, it is necessary to love Him above all things.

Remember what I tell you today so that you do not regret before the cross. Just as the Son of Man knew everything He would suffer before those events were manifested in His Life, God makes you aware of the tests of this planet through the words of His Divine Messengers.

Place these words in your heart and let them forge that strength in you that you will need not only to endure the times that will come but so that you can make of each test the reason to multiply the Love within your heart.

It is of no use merely to bear the cross, for many were those who died on the cross throughout human evolution. The sense of your surrender must always be Love. There too lies the reason for your existence and the mystery of human Creation.

Love, in spite of all things, and see, in everything, the opportunity to serve and of surrendering for Love of God. Do not lose a single second of the school of this world. May everything be to make worthwhile the Grace that the Creator has given you, of being upon the Earth.

Even though life may be to you a mystery still to be revealed, embrace the circumstances of your life with gratitude and everything will be fulfilled.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The Christs of the New Time

They will come from different places and different beliefs. The New Christs will have no preferences nor material or spiritual desires.

The Christs will come from the inner worlds to help in the transition of humanity. Some will awaken unexpectedly but others will remember their spiritual commitment with the Lord.

The Master and Lord of the Universe will call them by their spiritual name and the new identity of the self-summoned will be revealed.

The Christs of the New Time will unite in love and will go beyond forms, concepts and even their own doctrines. When everything is about to happen in the world, nothing will have value, not even the great intellectual philosophies.

The Christs will find the path of the heart and will have no limits; overcoming themselves, every day, will lead them to love the Purpose and, thus, prepare the return of the Great Master.

The Christs of the New Time will synthesize within themselves all the travelled journey, they will understand that without the essence of Love-Wisdom they will be nothing, that no project or aspiration will have any value without being impregnated with the sacred flame of Love-Wisdom first.

They will come from different nations, they will speak different languages, they will bring with them different cultures, roots and even experiences of conversion and redemption.

The Christs of the New Time will be anonymous and their silent work with peace will move all events. They will be so similar to the ancient Apostles and so guided like the great saints of the last times.

The Christs of the New Time will be aware of what to do, where to be and who to deal with. Their work will be planetary and will not be limited to human forms, concepts or legislations, because they will be in the Law of Wisdom and Discernment.

The school of the New Christs will be in service and in humility; they will live their deserts, they will transcend their emptiness, and they will be filled with the Spirit of God.

The New Christs that will represent My Son for this last cycle will have nothing to gain nor nothing to lose; renunciation will be the great key in overcoming all tests.

The New Christs are the new apostles, the so-called saints of the last days or, more clearly, they will be the last witnesses of the Bible.

They will have to give their faces to defend what they believe. They will not step back before any difficulty, they will trust that each challenge or difficulty will be the perfect way to realize the Return of the Lord.

This is why the New Christs will be tested, they will have to witness their faith and defend the internal principles that Christ Himself will leave as a message in their hearts.

No one will know whence the New Christs will come or whence they will arise, but they will appear and be of help for the most acute moments of humanity.

If you feel you are on the path of being a New Christ or if you live that aspiration, meditate it in your heart first, because the time will come for the last defenders of the Divine Plan to be called to justify evolutionarily before the Church, the government or the Armed Forces that Christ, the Master and Lord of the Universe is returning.

From the mouth of the New Christs will be born the most correct and wise words and nothing and no one will be able to oppose that transforming Christic energy that will change the decaying course of present humanity.

Meanwhile, let us pray that the New Christs have the courage to carry forward the last part of the history of the old humanity, so that the New Human awakens and the Promised Land manifests before the redeemed hearts.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Sacred Prophecy


Prayer: A Door to Liberation

With the divine Rosary in My Hands, I come from Heaven to reveal a simple mystery in which the Power of God hides.

Pray and you will be free.

Pray and you will be free from the pains and bindings of the past. Pray and you will be free from the concepts of the mind, from division, from the lack of forgiveness and love, from the incapacity to reconcile with your fellow being and with God.

Pray and you will be free to be reborn and leave behind that which causes you pain. Pray and you will know how to comprehend your paths, because God presents you the different situations of your lives, and how to make the apparent difficulties a service for the consciousness of all humanity.

Pray and you will be free to understand the celestial mysteries. You will not doubt the Truth and will not fear knowing it because you will not limit the greatness of God to the small human comprehension.

Truly pray and you will live your own union with God, your own inner contact that will raise you to the Heavens even if your feet are on Earth.

What I come to ask you, My children, is that you pray and in the simple act of praying, the virtues will be revealed to you, the Light of the Divine Word will free you from darkness and the Gift of God will guide you so that in spite of the tribulations of the world, you will never lose faith and love in your hearts.

While all is allowed in these times of definition, place your rosaries in your hands and speak to God, cry out for His Mercy in these times of miseries and imperfections, and let the Father respond to the heart with a simple feeling, with a breath, with a relief or even with the sharing of the pain that He feels for this world so lost.

What I come to ask you, My children, is that you pray and open your hearts to a new time, for it is the moment of unity, of living in communion for the Peace and Redemption of this world.

It is the moment for the religions to unite, to pray with the heart for One God and for each one, in their own language, to cry out to the Father for the Purpose of God to be fulfilled.

It is time for respect to exist among races and beliefs, for the religions to learn to pray for one another so that the Purpose that God had, when He inspired each one of them, may be fulfilled at this time.

If all religions resume their purity and return to the purpose of their origin, which is the expression of Love and the establishment of Peace, the hearts will be worthy to recognize He Who will come to unite all things on a unique path and put an end to divisions and human wars.

They will recognize the Last Prophet, Who will return so that those who did not recognize Him in the past can surrender to His Love in this last time.

The Son of God will again place His Feet on Earth, and His last promise will be fulfilled, so that Love may have life within the hearts of human beings and God may renew Himself through His creatures.

In the meantime, My children, pray for the divine Light to illuminate your paths, pray to know how to fulfill the Will of God, pray to free yourselves from what prevents you from walking towards the Heart of the Father.

Pray to grow in spirit, and finally, pray for the Love of God to triumph definitively among the dimensions and, so that, not only the Apocalypse but also the one thousand years of peace may become a reality.

Just as you see the chaos foreseen in the Apocalypse be fulfilled, you will also see the final triumph of God in the radiance of His Son.

Just pray for humanity to persevere in its faith and to overcome the tests of illusion until it reaches the essence of the Truth.

Unite your rosaries to Mine and you will never get lost.

My Feet of Mother and Pilgrim will always mark the rhythm of your steps until you surrender them to the Heart of the Heavenly Father.

I bless you and thank you for praying with Me for the establishment of Peace and the liberation of this world.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


The Last Covenant

My time among you is already ending and when that happens the Almighty Lord will test your faith to know if you have in truth communed with the Word of God.

My time among you is already ending and when that happens it will be the culminating moment in which the Sun will set, and the Red Moon will rise, which will announce the last and awaited cycle.

My time among you is already ending and when that happens it will be the moment in which your love must be expanding in all directions; it will be the moment in which your service and your sacrifice for humanity must be greater in order to congregate the souls that are thirsty in the search for God.

My time among you is already ending and when that happens the Mother of God will retreat into the desert, expecting the great and last abyss to open, a moment in which the Universal Judgement will have begun.

But all those sealed with the sign of Christic Love will be protected, and even though the world is in its greatest purification, peace will not be lacking in these hearts; nothing and no one will be able to change it, because it will be a peace that will come from the immaterial spirit of each being.

My time among you is already ending and when that happens you must bear witness and defend from yourselves everything you have lived with Me because this will awaken faith in atheists and in those who guide the nations of the world. The faith of the witnesses of Mary will allow many uncertain doors to be closed and the last Grace of salvation will be given for all.

My time among you is already ending and this dictation is not only words; when this happens, you must have My Work of Peace move forward in the world, and you must not stop nor retreat. May your faith be neither poor nor oscillating.

On the contrary, children, when I Am no longer among you, all the treasures of instruction must be awakened and active within each of you.

My time among you is already ending and when this happens you will see the sign of the Universe approach the Earth; it will be an indescribable and unknown phenomenon; this will be the moment of the great planetary redemption.

My time among you is already ending and nothing will stop it, because as it was written, it will be fulfilled. The Word of God is a living Source and from it comes all the Graces for those who have faith in what We say and announce.

When My time with you ends, the Real Time will open, and all will be consummated, because the Master and Lord will have arrived to clean the Earth and sow new principles that will be light and love for the New Humanity.

My time among you is already ending and when this happens, all will change, and you will see colonies of salvation and refuge rise in some nations during the time of Armageddon.

Before My time ends, you must be confirmed in your fidelity to Creation, and the unbreakable unity among your hearts and lives will defeat the final beast.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The triumph of Light and the defeat of evil

The silent triumph of the Plan of the Most High is approaching, and it is imperceptible to the world of illusion; but there exist essences that feel, in the depth of themselves, this moment.

It is the triumph of Light and the defeat of evil.

When the scene of events is stablished in nations and peoples, when revolutions and conflicts are installed, those will be the signals of the triumph of Light and of the defeat of evil.

The culminating hour is approaching and the Mother of the World places all Her children under Her invisible mantle of stars. She arrives to the most impenetrable places of the consciousness, since those will be the signals of the triumph of Light and of the defeat of evil.

Nothing and no one will be left behind. The veils of illusion will fall and the spiritual blindness of humanity will be healed; because the angels of eternal service will wash the eyes of human beings with the water of the Divine Fountain, and those will be the signals of the triumph of Light and of the defeat of evil.

After so many intense spiritual battles, the soldiers of good will be strengthened, and even though the great and last beast comes out of the abyss to the surface, those will be the signals of the triumph of Light and of the defeat of evil.

Meanwhile, the Universal Mother gestates in Her sacred Womb the New Humanity, the new planet which will be free from its millenary debts and that can be prepared to truly live the Plan of God. Those will be signals of the triumph of Light and of the defeat of evil.

You will then see the great Archangel of the Celestial Militia descend from the Superior Universes and, at the sound of the seventh trumpet, the end of time will come, not only for the enemy, but also for all the Universe that will learn about redemption.

The strength of the breath of the Sacred Spirit will open the doors so that everything is revealed; the most hidden mysteries will be unveiled, and the human race will become aware of the time it lost in order to be able to unite to God.

Those who have responded to the call without understanding will be happy, because an impenetrable protection will be in them; those who were distracted with the world will cry because it will be too late and even through the Divine Spirit has called them, they will recognize too late what the Universe many times wanted to dictate to their hearts.

But the most difficult time will cease because the New Light will penetrate the planet with all its Rays and, from nothing, all darkness will dissolve in any state of consciousness. This New Light will be the New Face of the Master among the Masters, it will be the Sacred Sun that will bring with It the thousand years of Peace and, then, the Earth will be populated by beings of kindness and love.

Those who have not incarnated these principles in themselves will no longer be on the planet; they will have, in the next world, their dwellings prepared for them to learn again to be beings of good, beings of Light. And the Earth will live its maximum joy when the Solar Son, together with the Resplendent Ones, bless the beginning of the New Earth.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Spirit of God will speak through humankind

When the human heart, My children, understands, through the consequences of its actions, where its arrogance and ignorance take it, the Spirit of God will speak through humankind.

When religions realize that what is most important is to establish the Kingdom of God, rather than maintaining structures and institutions, the Spirit of God will speak through humankind.

When governments understand that there is no government distant from the One Who created and knows all things, the Spirit of God will come and speak through humankind.

When parents teach their children to live in communion with the Kingdoms of Nature, with the Universe, and with fellow beings, the Spirit of God will speak through humankind.

Humanity will become tired of living the consequences of their successive mistakes, the fruit of actions they carry forward without God. In that moment, My children, the simple will look to Heaven and the Spirit of God will speak through humankind.

When humankind no longer wants to aggrandize themselves, because they understand their human smallness and misery, they will seek the Word of Life in the Heights, and it is then that the Spirit of God will come and speak through humankind.

That moment will come when the consequences of human ignorance become visible to all the eyes of the world, and even those who longed for power will fear having it in their hands, because they will know their own frailty and inability to act without God.

The Spirit of God will speak through the simple, who at first will be heard by only a few, because they will be among the smallest, and many times, they will speak through the silence of their actions.

The Spirit of God will speak in the healthy of spirit, prepared by Him to come to the world, after having known the Universe, Creation, and the Divine Plan. They will be aware of human misery, but also of the greatness of God, which is hidden in their inner potential. That will make them humble and strong in Christ, to speak fearlessly to humanity, and through service and fraternity, proclaim the institution of the new life.

When hearts are no longer able to find consolation and many have lost faith in God for not finding guidelines in humankind where they sought them, it will be in the simplest and most hidden that the Spirit of God will emerge, will return and will live, as the prophets and patriarchs of the past. And He will speak, will announce and once more open the hearts of those who had lost their faith and hope. Humanity will find again the guidelines of love in the pure and the simple, who will shine not for themselves, but for the Spirit of God that will be with them.

When faith will seem to have vanished from the temples and churches, and love is scarce in the human beings who try to guide others on their own, rather than in God, it will be in the pure and in the simple, children, that the Spirit of God will speak, inspire, and unite religions and cultures, that on their own will not find the strength to remain in the world. Their examples will renew the faith and the hope for the return of My Son. They will speak of the Living Christ, and their word will be fire rather than only sound. They will open the paths to the Universal King and will be the first to prostrate on the ground, even before the Heavens open for the coming of the King.

The non-believers, who will still deny the Return of Christ, will see them prostrated, without anything happening, and they will slander them, mock them, and will exalt themselves. But the pure will not stand up, and until the Heavens open, they will not raise their heads. They will be humiliated in silence, so that humanity may perceive that it is through humility that the path for Christ is once again prepared. And behold, the Spirit of God in that hour will be silent through humankind. His silence will speak louder and will have more fire than any spoken verb.

When those who were speaking with the Spirit of God fall silent, and prostrated, calmly awaiting the return of Their King, when it seems that all has ended without a triumph and without hope, when humankind faces the void and the unknown, then, children, it will all begin.

The signs will emerge and will make the impure and the liars tremble. In that hour, the Spirit of God will no longer speak through humankind, but will only be silent and gaze through their eyes, so they will know how to recognize the One Who will be God Himself, resplendent over the world.

Until that moment comes, be pure, be simple, and strengthen your own faith in God, recognizing your own smallness and the Divine greatness; because the Spirit of God will come and seek the humble hearts, to announce to the world what very few want to hear.

I bless you today and always, and I leave you the Grace of My renewal and the principle of My humility, so that you may have them be fruitful in your hearts and consciousness.

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Community of Luz-Saint-Saveur, High Pyrenees, France to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

The Signs in the Sky

The world will wake up one morning and will see the sign in the Sky that will indicate the moment of the return of Christ.

Many eyes will open and hearts will be redeemed before this visible sign of the universe.

While the sun rises on the highest peak of the hill, the sign of the universe will become more and more visible and it will not be erased. It will be the moment in which all will be transformed, and that which had remained hidden, out of nowhere, will be seen.

This sign will leave three more signs, visible throughout the world. They will not be able to be mistaken nor interpreted as natural phenomena, because they will have such a high degree of splendor that they will resemble nothing of this world.

In the meantime, a star, similar to the great Star of Bethlehem, will announce the opening of the portals of the universe.

When you see this great and unknown Star shine so bright in the sky, kneel down upon the ground and make penance, manifest deep repentance in the name of humanity because this will be the sign that Christ is now returning.

Similar things to what happened at the Birth of Jesus will occur at the final hour, because when the Child of God was born, He was Alfa, now, at His Return, He will be Omega.

Prepare your hearts with time for this moment.

Allow purification to take place so that you will be free of yourselves.

In total, four signs will be shown throughout this universe so that humanity may understand it is time to awaken and abandon illusion and inertia.

These signs will bring with them something new and innovative. But, at the same time, they will move all that is obscure, unjust and unloyal from East to West and from North to South.

It is thus that, because they are the signs of the universe upon the planet, they cannot be erased, altered nor hidden.

These signs will have the strength of hundreds of horses and an expansion greater than all the oceans.

This will be the moment in which you should be praying without distraction because the impulses will remain and that which is in vain will be transmuted.

The signs will reveal unknown mysteries, open inexplicable doors and allow the sleeping humanity to awaken and finally turn its attention toward God, as it will be unable to escape anywhere.

This way, regardless of how human beings become conscious of all their sins, all will be revealed in this world.

So, the great world lie, created by the beings of the surface, will be removed, and all will become conscious of the illusion that has been created for centuries.

When Christ returns many things will move, even the most incredible ones. Because as Christ is the living Law, where this Law is present, there will not be anything unfair or hidden.

Therefore, purify your hearts with time so that these events may not surpass your expectations nor surprise you from night to morning.

Keep watch, just as the guard does, who takes care of the house during the night.

Enter into vigil and prayer because this way you can be guided, step by step, until the end.

The signs of the universe will allow the planetary reality to become clearer and more evident in the face of all lies, frauds and injustices that will be revealed.

May the hearts be merciful as God is merciful because, this way, you will not fall into temptation.

I come to ask you, in essence, the same that Jesus asked His Apostles while He agonized in the Garden of Getsemani, because, at this time, your full correspondence, attunement and unconditionality will be necessary.

The most humble will help the most asleep.

The wisest, who will be moved by the Holy Spirit, will help the most ignorant.

The simplest will show all the way out towards the new and future cycle of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima, transmitted in Villa de Dornes, Ferreira do Zêzere, Santarém, Portugal to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

A great world event

At the doors of the Fatima Sanctuary, all the angels, saints and the blessed experience a great celestial celebration, since one hundred years ago, your Heavenly Mother came here to establish peace and the end of war.

The third secret of Fatima, revealed to the shepherds, represented the end of a cycle and the beginning of another with the call to prayer of the Holy Rosary and repentance through an act of penitence and reparation.

The call was not widely accepted, and only the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart taking place in the 1980's produced a break in the universal dominance of the adversary over the great world and human forces.

If that request of Mine had not been concretized, humanity would have experienced a third war even worse than the previous ones. That consecration benefited the whole world, and peace was able to expand for some time more in all the human race.

In the countdown to an end time, and after one hundred years of prayers, repentance and of penitence of devotees and good believers who embodied the message of Fatima, today, fully into the XXI century, a century full of innovations, modernities and intelligent destruction on the part of human beings, this cycle of peace began to decline, and the great planetary crisis among the peoples and the nations exploded, generating a great imbalance in the scales of the Law.

For the Eternal Father, this meant a new and possible divine intervention so that a worse world imbalance not occur in humanity. Thus, your Heavenly Mother returned to Medjugorje, and for more than thirty years, prepared Europe, Asia and Oceania for the moment they were to face.

On the other hand, given the grave psychic and material crisis the planet is experiencing in these times, which is reflected on all the life of the spirit, the Will of God went further, and He decided that the Mother and ever Virgin Mary would appear in the south of the Americas, in a remote place in the north of Uruguay, to deliver a prophetic and preparatory message, thus indicating what She symbolizes for humanity: the Aurora of the dawn in the life of each being.

So it was that, with all care and, at the same time, with all the difficulties, the Mother of God prepared to respond to the divine request of appearing regularly during a cycle in that distant place of Aurora so that, through strong and symbolic universal revelations, humanity would be able to find a path by which to return to God, and thus be redeemed through the reconciliation that the Heavenly Mother lovingly was offering the world.

After all this, the situation became worse in various regions of the planet, the objective of the adversary was concretized and a great wave of persecution of Christians began. Much innocent blood began to run through the world, and the crisis between religions and cultures became worse up to this time.

Once again, the Mother of the Most High Father came to the world and to humanity to intercede, in a cycle where the precarious situation of the human race is rapidly falling apart.

For this reason, your Heavenly Mother returned to Europe to be present among the multitudes and the Holy Father, on this 13th of May of 2017, which will mark a before and an after in hearts open to the call of Fatima.

Just like a hundred years ago, the Most Holy Lady of the Rosary returns to the world to give it Her motherly blessing, so as to avoid a serious situation for the whole human gender.

The Voice of Heaven is pronounced today through the words of the Holy Father in the Sanctuary of Fatima, as well as with the presence of thousands and thousands of pilgrims that once again show their doctrines of faith and of love for God in an ecumenical and fraternal sense.

It is for this reason that, on this 13th of May, at the doors of the Kingdom of Fatima, your Heavenly Mother will expand Her Divine Consciousness in order that a large part of the planet and of humanity will receive the spiritual, inner and human relief they need so much.

For everyone, this event will mean the expression and the descent of powerful celestial codes which the eternal Virgin Mary, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, will pour out over the psychic consciousness of the planet, thus generating an epicenter of love and of positive energy for all the world.

It is for this reason that, on this day, your Heavenly Mother asks that each prayerful and devoted heart remain united with Her, so that the greatest number of souls and of needy consciousnesses may experience this event.

For all My children, I leave the warmest vows of service and of union with the Divine Plan.

Let Fatima, as essence of peace, be reborn in all hearts!

Who blesses and loves you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima


The Nativity of Jesus

In that time, when the presence of Christ was fundamental for the redemption of humanity, the Sacred Family, after spending three days in Bethlehem, at the request of God, went to Nazareth, where the Divine Family would prepare to accompany the first and important years of the life of Jesus.

At the moment of the birth of Christ, after the visit of the kings of the East, the Sacred Family was also sought by other consciousnesses, who, as pilgrims of God, came to meet the little child in Nazareth.

We remember that the prophecy about the birth of the Messiah was also confirmed by the sacred star of Bethlehem and by all the angels who announced the birth of Christ in different towns throughout the whole of Israel.

So important was the coming of the Messiah, that even those most distant from the truth and from love would become aware through dreams that an infinite light had come to the planet.

The Sacred Family always remained austere, humble and simple, this was its main mission, to show itself as it truly is so that the principles of the Mercy of the Universe might reach humanity through Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph.

Remember, dear children, that more than two thousand years ago, humanity was on the verge of self-destruction and of definitely leaving the Plan of the Creator, because it might have entered into a deep decay.

The birth of Jesus brought to the world the possibility of reintegrating its spiritual bond and its filiation with the Father, something that was being corrupted by the actions of humankind.

Jesus, in Nazareth, while still a boy, worked on the first inner steps for the redemption of humanity and in the building of a new consciousness on Earth through re-orientation of the Divine Source.

The Grace of God was always present, especially in Nazareth, when the Sacred Family lived a stage of deeper union with the Creator which came from the presence of Jesus as the little Savior.

As a boy, Jesus was aware of the urgency of rescuing humanity. When the Little Child was three years old, with love and simplicity He embraced the manifestation of this Purpose that the Father would confer upon Him at the age of thirty three.

Even as a boy, Jesus worked together with the angels that surrounded Him, within the inner worlds of humanity.

Let us see an example of this:

I can tell you, dear children, that, at the age of three, Jesus already offered, with His little consciousness, some sacrifices that were very visible to all, such as that of not drinking water nor eating for days.

We knew, as part of His Family, that the Father in that time was already fulfilling His Designs, because the whole life of Jesus was filled by the Holy Spirit, it was God Himself made man and human consciousness Who was coming to rescue the consciousness of humanity.

As a child, Jesus was developing spiritual and supernatural actions at the moment of making contact with the Source of the Father, which, with love and gentleness, sprang from His little Heart.

The Boy Jesus granted many Graces, states for the consciousnesses that allowed the human condition and its debt before the Law to revert. The Little Child worked silently, and, in spite of being so little, the Archangels oftentimes worked through Him. For example, at one stage in the life of Jesus, the Archangel Gabriel granted a certain kind of miracle to souls, which not only transformed their lives, but also liberated the bonds that they had upon having made contact with the Little Child Jesus.

The Sacred Family dedicated the first years of the life of Jesus to carrying out service, and one of the main occupations of Saint Joseph was what you know aof s carpentry, which, in truth, the humble carpentry of Saint Joseph was the temple of miracles and conversions.

The service that the Sacred Family physically offered to humanity, in the first years of the life of Jesus, was to reestablish within the human consciousness the necessity of serving others, a fellow being, with the purpose of reactivating the spirit of charity and fraternity.

Saint Joseph committed Himself so that this simple carpentry in Nazareth would be capable of receiving suffering souls, to convert them into souls filled by the relief of the Lord.

While Saint Joseph was carrying out His work in carpentry, at the same time, He would teach the children of Nazareth to build something evolutionary in their small consciousnesses. Thus, Jesus, on many occasions, would participate in these meetings, and the union and the love that existed between Jesus and Saint Joseph were capable of turning this carpentry into a moment of elevation and devotion to God, to the point that, in an inexplicable way, the works of carpentry were miraculously finished by the angels.

The Sacred Family, through the essence of service, was able to help reverse human spiritual precariousness with a powerful energy of love and charity.

The Most Holy Mother would dedicate Her moments of prayer to engage in a deeper union with God and also to relive within Her Spirit the sacrifice that Her Beloved Son would live and a moment of which, through the revelation of the Archangel Gabriel, Mary was already aware of.

By the time Jesus reached the age of twelve, the holy archangels showed the Holy Mother the spiritual and conscious preparation that the Divine Son would live in that time.

From that moment, the Holy Mother became resigned as a slave before Her Eternal Father, leaving the young Jesus in complete and humble freedom, so that His mission might be fulfilled, just as the sacred prophecy indicated.

Throughout this first stage of the life of Jesus, the Sacred Family was being guided by the holy angels towards the needs that had to be provided for in the consciousness of humanity. In this sense, the Sacred Family gave to the human consciousness the opportunity of being reintegrated into the Project of the Creator through the sacrifice of Christ.

Many were the Gifts and the Graces during the first stage of the life of Jesus, which created the main basis for all that the Small Child would live in His holy adulthood.

Since the birth of Jesus, humanity had the opportunity of connecting with the essence of love, even after Christ made His final surrender on the Cross.

In this time, in which the values of the Sacred Family have lost the attention of the humankind of the surface, the Celestial Messengers come to this meeting, to a meeting with a humanity once again precarious in all senses, so that, through love and mercy, it may awaken from the deep sleep of illusion and remember that it must love its fellow beings, that it must serve them and help them to heal their consciousnesses through acts of fraternity and brotherhood.

The Sacred Family draws closer to humanity for the purpose of repairing the human consciousness and removing it from all the mistakes that it commits through wars, conflicts and indifference, as well as the destruction and domination of the Kingdoms of Nature.

The Sacred Family invites all, so that, on this Christmas, the Inner Christ may be born from an intimate communion with the Creator, thus, the Earth will be polarized to the Light that has been lost.

I thank you for responding to My call.

For all those that will make an effort to fulfill this last part of the pilgrimage, I will be very grateful.

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more