My dear children,

Your Celestial Mother is preparing, on this day, to again enter the Middle East, through the Mission of Turkey and the Mission of Israel.

For this reason, My children, from now on, I call upon you and I invite you to pray much more, with all your heart, so that each step and each footprint that My Son will leave imprinted at each stage of this pilgrimage may mean and represent, not only for the Middle East but also for the whole world, the possibility of being once again before the Christic Codes achieved by Jesus in this humanity.

For this reason, My children, in a spirit of reconciliation and joy, I invite you to follow this spiritual itinerary of redemption, which My Beloved Son will offer to all during the coming Sacred Week.

Thus, My dear children, you will also be living tabernacles in which the Love of Christ can be deposited within this world moment of transition.

For this, My children, do not forget what I asked you a few weeks ago, that consciously you may live the Sacraments of Confession and Communion; a deep penance so that many situations may be avoided in this world.

In these coming days, humanity will be before the spiritual and internal deeds that Christ left imprinted in the soul of this planet. Do not miss the opportunity to recognize within yourselves the Love of God so that love triumphs in this humanity, so that redemption triumphs within hearts.

Now, I will continue on my way to Israel. My footsteps of Light aspire to open the doors of the repairing Grace upon My children in these coming days.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace.


My dear children,

On this radiant day, by the Solar and Eucharistic Presence of My Son among you, as Mother and Pilgrim, I approach you, My dear children, so that in perpetual prayer we may continue to pray to God through the light of the heart, for all urgent causes that need divine and spiritual intervention.

For this purpose, today your Celestial Mother and Holy Queen of Spain, with the Scepter of God,  banishes oppression, which throughout the centuries My slave children of Africa and the Middle East have experienced. 

Today, I am here as the Mother of the shipwrecked and those who have disappeared. I am here as a Mother who cries with the mothers of war and the mothers who have lost their beloved children and relatives in the earthquakes.

I come, in the name of the Most High, to close the great spiritual and regional wound that has not yet been healed since the terrible earthquake in Syria and Turkey.

As My Son told you yesterday, I come as Mediator and Intercessor to elevate to Heaven those who were discarded in the Mediterranean Sea and those who have gone missing in Turkey, Syria, New Zealand, Japan and Brazil in these recent days.

Dear children, does anyone else hear the cry of Mother Earth and all her elements?

This is why I came last Saturday, to ask the world for sincere penance, true repentance and deep reparation, so that the outrages of war and the fury of nature may no longer take place in the world.

Therefore, now and more than ever, seek inner balance, seek to be peacemakers of Christ and, with your prayers, in service, embrace and love all those who suffer, for this is the hour when the prophecies announced by Christ to His apostles, before His Ascension, will be fulfilled.

Pray for your families and for the families of the whole world so that the sacred cell of the Project of God may no longer becomes a model of lack of love, betrayal, revenge and hatred.

It grieves My Heart to see the present and sad situation of families. I ask you to truly pray.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


My very dear children,

In this next to last day of daily messages, I would like to express My maternal and sublime gratitude to all the hearts which united in prayer in the four corners of the Earth, and those who lovingly made the humanitarian mission to Turkey possible, where exiled brothers and sisters were helped.

Dear children, around the month of July of 2016, a second mission will take place in Turkey, but this time the mission will have Greece as its main entry point and as the doorway that receives the shipwrecked refugees from the Mediterranean Sea.

It will be through the new mission to the Middle East and Greece that the missionaries of peace will come to know the deep pain of the hearts that through the seas seek a way out of the terror of the impending war.

The first mission in Turkey brought very positive results from a spiritual point of view, and the most outstanding was that your brothers and sisters in the Middle East were able to remember that there are hearts that still love and believe in God. This has meant that the doors are open so that new humanitarian missions can be carried out.

The whole group consciousness that is part of the Work of the Divine Messengers was called to take a step, far from comfort, to make a sacrifice, so that this last mission in Turkey could bear fruit on the Sacred Tree of the Mother of the World. That step was taken by all, but I still know, as Your Mother Who loves you, that all the prayer groups have yet more to give and to offer to Heaven.

It seems promising that the second humanitarian mission to Turkey and Greece will be able to establish a possible base for humanitarian work and permanent service in Turkey through the international assistance of the Turkish association that supported the first mission. In order to reach this level of service, the Divine Messengers expect that in the next meeting of the Children of Mary, the impulses are sown that will again cause the group consciousness of the Planetary Network-of-Light to take a step towards the global assistance of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you and loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees


​​​Dear children,

On this day that the missionaries are returning to Brazil after an intense experience of fraternal charity, I would like to ask everyone to prepare their hearts and their inner beings from now on to receive their account of all this last missionary experience.

Each of the missionaries who went to Turkey will bring back engraved in their memory a stage of their life; a stage that will remain indelible and that will help them to strengthen their surrender to the arms of the Celestial Father.

My dear children, a door of light and of mercy stayed opened in the Middle East so that the new missionaries will be able to serve in the main migratory crisis of the 21st century.

Dear children, beyond everything the missionaries experienced in name of everyone who with their prayers and donations supported the mission, the possibility to learn to love the human condition and above all, to give love to the hearts that live day and night in the terror of wars, will be kept as a spiritual wealth.

At this time in which My missionaries have already left Turkey to return to the Americas with all this life experience, I once more ask that you prepare your hearts to know the truth about what is nowadays a demoralized humanity, lost and blinded by the actions of the adversary. But I will not get tired to tell you, dear children, that My Heart triumphed through each small sacrifice performed by each missionary when they opened their heart to receive the great pain of the world.

Dear children, tonight I bring to your consciousness the importance to perceive the planetary reality.

Your Mother is today with all the missionaries.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you and loves you,

Your Mother Maria, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees


Dear children,

The art of My adversary may leave you tired or defeated because of so much praying, but know that never will the Love of My Son stop being present in the heart of the one who cries out for Him.

In this crucial time when humanity is defying the hand of destiny, I ask you to offer each situation for the full triumph of the Project of the Creator for this still unredeemed race.

Dear children, at this moment Your Heavenly Mother is finalizing the first stage of the mission in Turkey, where many experiences and inner growth happened so that all, as one mind and one heart, could grow.

The mission that was carried out in Turkey in these last times has left doors well open for Christic charity, and above all, for peace to be re-established in the hearts that cry out. This was possible because the missionary heart is one alone, and responds to the commands of Heaven.

Dear children, while millions of souls in the Middle East are trying to escape from planetary horror and from war, know that the opportunity for liberation and mercy that they received through this mission meant the permanent offer for transmutation of the psychic maladjustments and of the precipitate actions that are causing to a change in the destiny of many families.

My children, in this hour may your feet be firmly on the path of My Son, in this way you will be invisible and will be protected from any wile of the adversary.

We are already working with all beings of goodwill so that the involutionary kingdom may be banished from the human consciousness, and above all, so that the meaning of living in this world and with this humanity can be re-established.

Everything must be re-built, but first hearts will be purified so that they do not miss the opportunity of being reborn to higher life.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who maternally uplifts you to the Universe,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of refugees

Message for the Apparition of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

In the beginning of everything, there was only Love and Unity as a Unique Consciousness. It was natural that this Consciousness expressed Its Love creating and, mysteriously expressing Its Unity by multiplying itself.

This great Consciousness was like a Sun, it was life itself. There were no forms in it, colors were not distinguished, sounds were not distinguished and, at the same time, it contained in Its creativity all the forms, all the colors and all the sounds.

In the expression of the Love of God, He divided Himself into three, three aspects of His Unique Face, three forms of manifesting His Divine Love: God the Father, who unites; God the Son, who creates; God the Holy Spirit, who gestates and supports Creation, who manifests and divinizes all forms.

It was in the manifestation of His infinite Love that God created the different races and civilizations of the universe and their diversity did not prevent them from feeling one with God. The Father gave His creatures the Grace of returning to Him, and not only in spirit; for He also granted that, by transcending forms and densities, in the sublimation of matter, in the ascension of evolution, those who experienced love so profoundly would become Love itself and would gradually return to be one with God, completely.

One experience of love leads to another, still more profound and this is how creatures ascend in the levels of the divine evolution.

To show to the Cosmos the perfection of His Thought, God created the human beings and created Earth. In a parallel time to the time of the universe, creatures who knew nothing about the universal life began to develop from the beginning of the material evolutionary scale; they did not have access to the knowledge of the Cosmos and did not even recognize the existence of other lives apart from their own planet.

To this small project, before His vast Universes, God sent His Son from the beginning. He was part of His part, essence and spirit divinized by His Origin, but without knowing it.

To discover the existence of God, it was necessary to experience love. And so it was that the human consciousness received the impulse to evolve, not by its skills or by its technologies, but rather by the love experienced by a few and that led them to transcend the barriers of the mind and reach the wisdom of the spirit, to discover and experience new laws.

The great discoveries of humanity were offered by consciousnesses that, at some level, experienced love, the love for the unknown, for the superior, for something they often ignored, because they hardly knew what the object of their love was, they just loved. But also those who did not know how to love had access to these discoveries and used them to make great harm to matter and to spirit out of them.

This is how, throughout the human development, the permanent contrast between love and evil always existed because in part, this is the human school: the transcendence of evil and of all its influences to reach love.

Children, why do I tell you this story and take you to Universes so distant from the reality you experience? Because the Lord allowed evil to be expressed on Earth with all its potential so that, at the limit of its consciousness, humanity could also express love.

You are in a time in which the manifestation and expression of chaos and evil are abominable and never seen before, and this means that the time has come to experience a degree of love also never seen before.

The time has come to surrender life for love again, so did My Son. The time has come to renew the sacrifice of Christ and, as He told you, to do greater things than He did when He was on Earth.

Do not let the expression of evil cause terror in your hearts, but rather, given the present planetary situation, allow your souls to feel the imperious need to balance what the world experiences, to serve and love as you can, to overcome the limits of your own surrender, to abandon yourselves in order to let yourselves be filled with the Love of God.

The collapse of the Earth, caused by the actions of chaos, dictates the urgent time of experiencing love and no more of learning how to love. It is no longer time to contemplate the Cross, but to embrace it.

It is time to pray and serve; it is time to know and be; it is time to understand and experience the laws of God.

May the learning of your brothers and sisters in mission in Turkey reveal to you the great need to experience love in the four corners of the world.

I love you and bless you,

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Through spiritual struggles, peace will be achieved; this is why the next path to follow in this planetary situation is defined at this decisive hour.

Dear children, today I need you to keep your faith ignited, the faith of the heart and the soul, so that in this way, the love of your hearts defeats My adversary. He does not know love, and fears divine and higher love.

Therefore, My children, with spears of love in your hands, battle for peace by radiating love and compassion in the face of so much human cruelty.

My children, the humanitarian mission in Turkey has moved the spiritual planes. All that produces chaos, as well as terrorism, and the annihilation of innocent people, generates a form of permanent spiritual battle in which the legions of light and the forces of chaos produced by the actions of humanity battle to define the reign.

The Almighty knows that all this is happening and that, day after day, this compromises humanity.

The prayers of all is a powerful weapon that causes terror and fear to disappear from hearts, because the weapon of prayer is full of the true love that your hearts can feel.

My children, let us continue working for peace; let praying soldiers form up in the first ranks of Armageddon, for the planet must be rescued.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

In command and prayer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees


Dear children,

Today I wish to ask you to pay attention to an important point in the humanitarian missions, about something that has produced special spiritual results between the missionaries of peace and the refugees. That is to say that in spite of the cultures, in spite of the languages or even the nations, an inner bridge of fraternity and love has positively been created in the middle of a crisis that does not seem to stop because it is so serious.

On the subject of fraternity and love, today I wish you all to pay attention and see how the inner ties between souls are established spontaneously when everything is real and humble.

It is at this stage of the mission where each one of the refugees that came under the humanitarian and spiritual care of the missionaries of peace is able to remember and recognize that love and peace still exist, and that it is not solely the war and darkness created by the adversary that endure. It is in this way, dear children, that this spiritual and intimate recognition of each child of the Middle East makes it possible for that part of humanity to not lose the hope to carry on.

Through the humanitarian mission in Turkey, not only the refugees but also the servers of the Turkish association are waking with the inner impulse that the missionaries of peace are giving through service, in listening to each refugee, and above all, through the fraternal love that is being expressed.

Today I reveal to you that between the missionaries of peace, the servers of Turkey, and the refugees from the Middle East will remain an inner and true tie of brotherhood that will help in the manifestation of the New Humanity.

These are the new patterns that the New Humanity will gestate in its consciousness after the whole planet has been purified.

Dear children, it is in this way that the inner work of the Hierarchy expanded spiritually, from the moment in which the missionaries of peace responded to the call of remaining more days at the service of the humanitarian needs in Turkey, and at the service of the refugees.

The wounded hearts must be heard, that is the important task that the missionaries have fulfilled under the guidance of the Celestial Mother.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unites you with the Heart of the Redeemer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of Refugees


Dear missionary children,

In these last days in Turkey may the fire of your prayers intensify in the simple offering of your hearts for the conversion of sleeping hearts.

My children, Your Heavenly Mother will receive the plea and the love of each one of you in Heaven so that I may, in Glory and Mercy, intercede for the greatest number of souls possible.

My Heart rejoices because it has seen the effort of all those who pray and of the missionaries to establish a greater time of peace in this world.

Truly unite heart to heart with each one of your praying brothers and sisters, so that will be established on the inner planes the great network of light and love that will equally unite all of you through the holy impulse of My Immaculate Spirit.

Just as Saint Joseph, the Worker of God, has asked each one of you, pray for all that is happening today in the Middle East; in this way you will allow the Sacred Hearts to spiritually assist the souls that have no escape and that are imprisoned in the hands of enemies.

Dear children, each one of these souls, completely forgotten and incarcerated in the distant deserts of Syria, hope that at least somebody will remember them and will pray so that, in spite of martyrdom or decapitation, they may soon come to meet God.

Those souls are truly brave on facing their enemies, because at the most culminating time of their lives or their deaths, they give testimony to the sovereign presence of Christ in their hearts, and nobody can take this away or erase it from their souls, because in those moments Christ is also dying again with each one of them so that the enemies can be saved someday or at least at the expected day of the Final Judgment.

This is an everyday reality and it does not stop. Now, dear children, do you understand the importance of truly praying?

Know then that the most forgotten souls wait for the prayers of all praying beings. Let us be one in these times, one in Christ, and one in God, for the victory of the Kingdom of Adonai in the world.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who awakens you to the Higher Truth,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of refugees

When Our Lady finished transmitting Her daily message, She remained a time in silence until, opening the Heavens, She began to show us all of Creation, from the existence of the One Source, the presence of the Son, Jesus Christ, touching upon each one of the Archangels, the angelic legions, the suns, the stars, and other things. And in that moment the Mother began to transmit the following prayer:

Universal Prayer of Faith for Planetary Purification
Prayer to be recited during the cycle of purification and the Armageddon of humanity, at least once daily

I trust in the Almighty,
because His Hands of Mercy extend towards me.
I trust in the presence of the Powerful Son,
because Jesus Christ, Our Lord, will redeem us.
I trust in the authority of His Ministry.
I trust in the divine preaching of His holy Words
and, above all, I trust in the Omnipotence of His Christic Love.
I trust in the Omnipresence of the Holy Spirit,
because Its seven Gifts can descend over the whole planet.
I trust in the power of Its Science,
because it reveals the whole Universe to us.
I trust in the existence of Divine Wisdom,
because day and night it guides the Hierarchies and creatures.
I trust in the Fear of God,
because I know that the Father will never allow me to be separated from Him.
I trust in the seven Gifts,
because they are the visible rays in the manifestation of the Work of God. 
I trust in the Sacred Feminine Source.
I trust in the universal sovereignty of the Mother of the World.
I trust in the conception and in the incarnation of the Son
that Mary, forever Virgin, gestated in Her most pure womb.
I trust in the Reign of Peace and in the living of all miracles
that the Most Holy Mother has accomplished in me.
I trust in the truth of Her Words
and in the sublime manifestation of Her holy maternity.
I trust in Her Omniscience,
because She is the creator of all works of light in the world.
I trust in the power of Her Infinite Love
and in the intercession of Her Consciousness, for each one of us.
I trust in the charity of Her Guidance and in the humility of Her Works.
I trust in Her Celestial Authority,
because She converts hearts and saves lost souls.
I trust in the existence of all the Archangels,
because they serve Our Father God.
I trust in the Celestial Commands and in all the legions of light
that carry out the project of the redemption of humanity.
I trust in Archangel Michael,
because He is our protector during the battles.
I trust in Archangel Gabriel, 
because He is the Announcer of the Divine Word
and the Judge of all fallen angels.
I trust in the magnitude of Archangel Metatron,
because His Divine Fire illuminates our spirits and guides our paths.
I trust in the divine science of Archangel Raphael,
because He cures and heals all that has been created.
I trust in the power of Archangel Uriel,
because He protects the inner worlds
and strengthens our essential union with the Creator.
I trust in the presence of the Guardian Angel,
because They obediently serve and protect each one of our steps.
I trust in the continuous prayer that Their divine voice pronounces.
I trust in the protection of Their wings in the face of the attacks of the enemy.
I trust in Their holy patience, in Their divine consolation
and in the sacred refuge that They have for us.
Yes, I trust that all of this exists and I will fear nothing,
because I am a child of God and I am part of His Sacred Creative Work.
May the Most High have pity on me when I do not respond to Him.
May He give me the strength and courage to purify myself.
That in surrender, in trust and in renunciation,
I may discover the true way out towards inner freedom.
May the Will of my Father be fulfilled in this sacred humanity.


Dear children,

At this moment Ankara is the main focus of My adversary, but do not fear this because the power of the prayer of the heart closes all uncertain doors.

The fraternal work that Turkey is carrying out in assisting the refugees of the Middle East, and the fruits of charity that this work gives, cause the heart of the adversary to shudder because once again the Love of God triumphs.

In spite of the last attempts taking place in Ankara, where once again innocent souls suffered the loss of their lives, the triumph of the love and service of the missionaries and of the servers of the Turkish association, through stillness and calm, spiritually allowed these souls to also be sheltered by the angels of Heaven.

God expects this persecution and evil to end before the definite justice of Heaven comes; that human beings at least become aware of all that they are destroying in planetary life and in the Kingdoms of Nature. This is why all humanity has left is to pray and pray with their hearts, pronouncing each word with fervor and with the aspiration that all wars end soon.

As I once said in Fátima, the guerillas will become tired of fighting, chaos will no longer be able to oppose war1 at the moment when the hearts of the world decree before the Universe that they do not want war, only peace.

The adversary does not rest, but even though its plans are being fulfilled, they are becoming weaker because they are false plans, and in the end, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Love of the Mother of the World, will triumph through all the souls in the Middle East that offer their lives to the service and the rescue of those persecuted and those that are hurt.

The victory of the Kingdom of God will first be seen in the simple hearts of those who give of themselves; in them the gaze of Christ will be reflected.

May the humanitarian works continue; it is time to serve humanity for its salvation, for the descent of Divine and Inexhaustible Mercy.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who blesses and guides you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of refugees

1In these final times the forces of chaos and evil battle between each other.


My dear children,

At this stage of the humanitarian mission in Turkey, in which you come to know the inner sorrows and the deepest sufferings of the souls, it is time to place all your missionary experience in your heart, and thus confirm within each one of you that the presence of the suffering Christ in your fellow beings is real and authentic.

Dear children, My Son also shows Himself in the faces of the brothers and sisters who have experienced atrocities and tests that carried them into exile from their country of origin.

My children, at this stage of the mission, in which armed conflicts are escalating, I only ask that you feel God and think of God. The Universe will shelter you in this last part of the mission, where a result will become defined in each one of you, an inner experience that will help to mature within you the next steps.

My Immaculate and Maternal Heart gives shelter to each of your refugee brothers and sisters, so that at least one drop of hope can be placed in the spirits terrified and martyred by the wars.

Dear children, all will come to an end, but we cannot say what it will be. The time points to a profound union with God, so that Divine Will may manifest in the life of each one. This will lead you to live the path that, after this humanitarian mission, will be proposed for the life of each one of My missionaries.

With joy, promptness and love the brothers and sisters of the Figueira Community will be waiting for you to begin the cycle of your recovery after this mission.

In the month of March, dear children, you will enter into the spirit of the General Meeting where new opportunities will be presented for all.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who blesses you from Heaven,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of refugees


Dear children of Mine,

Through the humanitarian mission in Turkey, a new kingdom is being built in the heart of the people who have been lovingly sheltered by My missionaries of peace.

This means the triumph, at this moment, of the spiritual life and of love in the existence of millions of people. Thus, children of Mine, you will comprehend that by fully living the selfless service, the doors of the Heavens will always remain open for those hearts that need redemption.

Now, dear missionary children, that you have learnt to perceive the human condition, may your arms be even more open to shelter spiritually in the Heart of the Divine Messengers those who expect to feel truly loved.

The humanitarian mission in the Middle East has reached an unparalleled spiritual repercussion because in all of this task of service and of Christic love you had always to work in order to surpass yourselves in behalf of each consciousness of the Middle East, in behalf of those who live the oppression of an armed war in their own flesh.

Dear children, Your Heavenly Mother accompanies you in this last spiritual stage, in which more codes of redemption, of mercy and of forgiveness will be sown in more hearts.

Children of Mine, all of this task has not only had repercussion on your through the mission, but also on your brothers and sisters of the communities, especially of the Marian Center of Aurora which has been the depositary of certain currents which had to be liberated. This is a difficult and hard reality that very few are willing to live at any time and with no time limitation for the spiritual salvation of humanity.

The work of the Heavenly Hierarchy is broader than what it seems and it is not restricted to one region of the planet where one serves, but also to planes of consciousness which during the humanitarian missions are supported by the Marian Centers founded by the Mother of Heaven.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who unites you to the Source of Love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees


Dear children,

On this day of My Immaculate Conception, may the desperate hearts of the Middle East receive a ray of My Grace through the works of charity and service being carried out by My missionaries of peace.

Dear children, on this day when your Heavenly Mother revealed Her Immaculate Conception to the world, I would like to ask each one of My children to remember their latent original purity deep within their spirit. It is this sacred original purity that most of My children lost as a consequence of wars and of the exile to distant regions.

Yet, My children, all those who pray in this world to My Immaculate Conception are still keeping alive this purity that God conceded to each one of you from the beginning.

Dear children, work every day without delay, so that one day your surrender and offering of self be the testimony of your original purity on facing My Son.

My wish is that through the humanitarian missions, not only the values of human dignity are recovered, but also the spiritual values of the original purity. This you will achieve when the spiritual presence of the Celestial Father is reflected in your beings through love, service, fraternity, and the surrender that all are called to live in the name of My Son.

My children, while the mission in Turkey continues, I wish the missionaries of peace to carry engraved on their hearts the pink flame of My Love, the Divine flame of your Mother, which will guide them into finding the original purity in their beings.

While the world is being purified, it is necessary that there exist peacemaker souls that radiate the original purity of the Creator through fraternal acts of service and love of others.

There is a great purpose in all of this: to recover the innocence lost by humanity through ignorance and error. It is thus, dear children, that the humanitarian missions will be a direct bridge to the experiencing of love and forgiveness that is lacking in the whole world.

Today I universally bless you from the Sanctuary of Notre Dame of Lourdes.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children on mission,

Turkey has shown itself to you as an organized nation, from the humanitarian point of view, to be able to help in the great immigrant crisis that has still not ended.

While the disagreements and immigrations continue, the world will not have peace. For this reason, your Heavenly Mother implores the Eternal Father to establish His Justice in the face of so much cruelty and annihilation of good souls.

My children, the time is indicating that we must continue to pray without ceasing to open in the Heavens the extremely powerful stream of Divine Mercy that will be able to lead to Heaven the souls that were imprisoned and decapitated by the adversary.

The board of the Armageddon is still at stake to define who will win the last battle in the coming time.

While chaos manifests in the world, and above all in the lives of the refugees, dear missionary children, may your main purpose be maintaining inner peace wherever you go and the warm smile of love and of fraternity that My children of the Middle East need. It is in this way, My children, that your Heavenly Mother is able to embrace everybody and place them under Her protective Mantle.

Dear children, the Turkish nation has been a school of maturity and of inner definition for each of you, just as it was for your Heavenly Mother when She was in this region to finalize the synthesis of Her existence.

May your synthesis be to define yourselves as a missionary group for the end of times, available to accomplish the call of the Celestial Hierarchy, just as you have done until now.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses and guides you, together with you on mission,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees


My dear missionary children,

After your hearts and consciousnesses came to know the serious reality of the refugees, of those escaping by boat to Greece in search of a better life, now, your Heavenly Mother will lead you to meet new and profound needs of spiritual and internal service.

I mean by this, dear children, that all the refugees, as well as the children that you met in this mission, reflect in their eyes the result of a total spiritual, moral and physical abandonment in each of their lives.

Thus, missionary children, you are before a spiritual situation of the refugees that will not only be solved with service and with words of affection, you are before a sea of internal and external complications; you are before the visible result of what the human being on the surface, without consciousness and without love, can do with the life of others.

It is at this point and in this non-evolutionary step that humanity finds itself today, very insensitive to the suffering of others and quickly forgetting humanitarian needs; a situation that humanity only sees as world news.

At this moment the insensitivity to the migratory crisis of millions of refugees can no longer be hidden; it is a situation that becomes more extreme every day and because it is so serious, the end of it is not known.

Dear children, that is why I have brought you to Turkey, so that with your eyes and hearts, you could see and feel something human, something of your fellow human beings that is unexplainable.

At this moment the humanitarian mission in Turkey will experience a spiritual deepening, and even though some of My missionaries face, with their pains, the pain of millions of Syrian refugees, My hand will not cease to be upon you to radiate and help you until the end of the mission.

Dear missionary children, I beg you to ask God for forgiveness every time you find a situation of suffering, which is the result of this civil war.

Ask for Mercy and do not tire of asking, so that I may also relieve the lonely hearts.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who awakens you to the Greater Consciousness,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees


Dear children,

Today, your Heavenly Mother faces a great spiritual battlefield to be able to rescue the souls of the Middle East, after they were decapitated by evil. 

This rescue means that the Most Holy Universal Mother sends the angels so that, with spears and swords of Light, they may battle against the kingdoms of the enemy, extended throughout Syria, and so that suffering souls may be taken to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Dear children, the prayer of all devoted groups will allow your Heavenly Mother to help dissipate the kingdoms of darkness that subdue millions of souls, incarnated on Earth today, and who go through all the effects of the current war.

As a counterpart, My missionaries of peace work with the refugees, with all the hearts that managed, in some way, to escape from the prison or death imposed by My adversary. These souls who escaped with the help of their Guardian Angels had to go through immense difficulties of life, survival, hunger and health.

That is why, My children, the humanitarian mission, extended today until the first days of the month of March, will try to pour as many celestial codes of love, healing, trust and Mercy over these consciousnesses that will be helped by the missionaries in different regions of Turkey, where it will take place.

I want to tell you, dear children, that in each region that My missionaries will visit, they will find unknown spiritual and physical needs, because beyond humanitarian service, which is what opens the door to the Celestial Hierarchy, there exist planes of consciousness that need much inner prayer and assistance. 

Dear children, the reason for extending the stay of the missionaries of peace in Turkey has the primary objective of being able to cover more Arab regions through the next missions that will come to reach all; but also to be able to establish the Plan of Peace in the Middle East so that finally, the Immaculate Heart of Mary replaces the plans of terror and death that occur today in this region of the planet.

This is how, dear children, the work of this mission will be wider and deeper than it appears.

I will be grateful that everyone collaborates as they can, this mission is part of My campaign for Peace in the world.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unites you to the Greater Purpose,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees


Dear children,

At the doors of the humanitarian service in Turkey, the Missionaries of Peace will continue towards the attendance of new spiritual, social and moral needs; all of them will be covered through fraternal love.

Es así, queridos hijos, que Vuestra Madre Celeste está en este momento trabajando en unión a los misioneros con grupos de almas especiales, las que desde el principio de sus vidas esperaban una ayuda espiritual mayor.

Thus, dear children, Your Heavenly Mother is in this moment working in union with the Missionaries of Peace with groups of special souls, which from the beginning of their lives have waited for a bigger spiritual help.

See, My children, how the true humanitarian service, without profits nor personal advantages from any part, the service from the heart, reaches the deepest of the spirit of each being.

The Mother of the World encourages the Missionaries of Peace so that they may reach the same degree of donation and surrender that My beloved Son lived. Along this path of absolute and abnegate donation from the children of God, the celestial doors remain open and these are the internal doors that indicate to the servers the next place of service.

When prayer is also filled by service and faith, dear children, the doors of the Law of Manifestation and of Absence of Need open themselves and the spirit of providence transforms the spiritual and material poverty of the consciousnesses.

Service is a gift, but at the same time it is a mystery that presents itself in the life of people so that they may be encouraged to transcend themselves and above all so that in the service to the neighbor true love be lived.

The Mission of Peace in the Middle East, in this moment, is permitting that the souls with different creeds recover through some path their intimate filiation with the Celestial Father. When this filiation and feeling of belongingness to the Divine are recovered, the suffering soul in need gains inner strength to move ahead and thus to advance in the name of God.

The religions in this moment will become a point of conflict for humanity, because as it has been so far, the faith and trust of the poor souls in the Lord will be at stake. This faith and this testimony of each child of the Middle East have permitted the Heavenly Hierarchy to send the servers of the Plan from the Americas on a humanitarian mission.

This clamor from the suffering hearts has also permitted, dear children, the humanitarian missions to expand throughout the whole Middle East, over the Arabian countries.

Through service, the flame of the Love of God will never go out because service keeps alive the soul that donates itself without interests or complaints; thus through the service of My children My Immaculate Heart will also triumph.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who encourages you to constant self-donation,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of Refugees, transmitted in the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit, Cordoba, Argentina to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

Today, together with the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, your Heavenly Mother has many rescued souls in Her lap, consciousnesses that suffered decapitation and the annihilation of their lives.

Today, Saint Joseph and Your Most Holy Mother cover with Their mantles those who through the actions of the world have been left abandoned and did not receive humanitarian assistance.

So I am asking My missionaries to continue to bear with the fire of this planetary hell that opens up to submerge poor souls in despair and continuous pain.

Your Mother is showing you this reality so that you may learn, dear missionaries and servers of the Plan, that the Celestial Divinity enters into the deepest abysses of the planet to close them and establish some more time of peace.

Peace will be a reality when each of My children, in each part of the planet, labors and cooperates with the works of service and of humanitarian aid; because it will be through the path of absolute surrender that the part of humanity that does not want war or conflict will be able to balance the physical and spiritual misalignments that are caused by the armed confrontations and the worldwide acts of persecution.

The current account of this humanity is unplayable; but, dear children, the humanitarian service, the forgetting of self in attending another, the letting go of comfort of those of Mine who pray in order to sacrifice and give of their self for humanity will allow, I assure you, the Law of Mercy to descend that is much needed by the whole world. 

It is for this reason, dear children, that the mission in Turkey was extended, so that the true alliance of love and of service among beliefs and cultures of East and West could spontaneously occur.

At this time, Your Mother has need of the continuing union of the groups of prayer so that, through the powerful fount of prayer, the missionaries can count on the necessary support and protection.

Dear children, I thank all who opened their hearts to help both missions.

It is urgent that the whole world learn to serve another. In this way, the roots of evil will be taken away from the planet, and the hells will be closed when there are hearts willing to carry out the Designs of the Celestial Messengers.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who uplifts you to the Consciousness of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of refugees

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees, transmitted in the locality of San Esteban, Córdoba, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

May the Divine Conception of My Original Purity be of spiritual help for those souls that aspire to reach God and be in His Fatherly Arms.

Service to humanity, dear children, detaches the incapacity to love from the consciousness, and holds the doors of the heart open to God.

Every day, when missionaries serve, they must bear in mind that they are doing so for the Plan of God, for the fulfillment of this highest Work for peace in the world.

It is My Original Purity, the Purity of God, that will help you find the eternal path of elevation and of love for the world.

Dear children, the service in Turkey has the inner intention of opening doors even further so that hearts, on some plane of consciousness, may reencounter God.

The gifts that favor peace, love and fraternity can become unforgettable for the souls that receive not only humanitarian help, but also the love from heart to heart.

My dear children, in these times I need you to learn to serve spiritually, seeking in this moment to fulfill the Purpose of the Creator in all of humanity.

The missionaries in Turkey, together with the humanitarian associations that take care of the refugees, established an ecumenical bond of service for peace, with no conditions and in favor of no one. This fraternal act of cooperation and charity demonstrates to the universe the possibility that the paths of service may expand even more and that other consciousnesses may be able to serve in order to forget themselves and put their attention on the needs of the other.

The Divinity is relieved by the voluntary work; this shows an open path for new opportunities. Service to others will take you to find inner purity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who leads you to eternal service,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees


Dear children of Mine,

The hope of the apostles of Christ must be what renews the entire planet. It is for this reason that the humanitarian missions to regions that are so needy have the preferred motive of repairing, through inner hope, faith, and love to God, the consequences generated by evil.

Dear children, the tonic for these times is an inner attitude of the soul that truly trusts in the Lord, which is unknown to My adversary.

My Children, the humanitarian mission in Turkey will try once more to recover the faith and the hope that My children from the Middle East have lost.

Hope and faith are an inner spiritual attitude that flows in the hearts of beings, just as do the Laws of the Universe. The hope of the apostles and of the followers of My Son is something that cannot be taken away because it is the essence of a deep conviction united to the Heart of the Celestial Father.

Turkey is a nation that could gestate in consciousness the vortex of hope, something that could greatly help Syria, which is experiencing an unprecedented battle.

Christianity is the confirmation of the faith of good souls; for this reason, dear children, through living this inner christianity without the need to proclaim it, you will be on the path of trust in God, an infinite virtue of the Celestial Father.

Dear children, at this moment My missionaries of peace are being guided to establish this spirit of faith and hope in the essence of those who were left behind by the cruelties of the world. It is thus that today I invite you to renew the sacrament of faith, so that through this Your Heavenly Mother may have the joy of expanding Her work of peace in the world.

Dear children, know that I never abandon you and that in these times I am with whoever opens their heart to Me so that I may heal them; My last Graces are still being poured out.

Who will accept them in deep faith?

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who renews you in the sacrament of Faith,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees


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