My dear children,

On this radiant day, by the Solar and Eucharistic Presence of My Son among you, as Mother and Pilgrim, I approach you, My dear children, so that in perpetual prayer we may continue to pray to God through the light of the heart, for all urgent causes that need divine and spiritual intervention.

For this purpose, today your Celestial Mother and Holy Queen of Spain, with the Scepter of God,  banishes oppression, which throughout the centuries My slave children of Africa and the Middle East have experienced. 

Today, I am here as the Mother of the shipwrecked and those who have disappeared. I am here as a Mother who cries with the mothers of war and the mothers who have lost their beloved children and relatives in the earthquakes.

I come, in the name of the Most High, to close the great spiritual and regional wound that has not yet been healed since the terrible earthquake in Syria and Turkey.

As My Son told you yesterday, I come as Mediator and Intercessor to elevate to Heaven those who were discarded in the Mediterranean Sea and those who have gone missing in Turkey, Syria, New Zealand, Japan and Brazil in these recent days.

Dear children, does anyone else hear the cry of Mother Earth and all her elements?

This is why I came last Saturday, to ask the world for sincere penance, true repentance and deep reparation, so that the outrages of war and the fury of nature may no longer take place in the world.

Therefore, now and more than ever, seek inner balance, seek to be peacemakers of Christ and, with your prayers, in service, embrace and love all those who suffer, for this is the hour when the prophecies announced by Christ to His apostles, before His Ascension, will be fulfilled.

Pray for your families and for the families of the whole world so that the sacred cell of the Project of God may no longer becomes a model of lack of love, betrayal, revenge and hatred.

It grieves My Heart to see the present and sad situation of families. I ask you to truly pray.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear children,

After a senseless year of war in Ukraine, after Our Eyes have seen the devastating outcome in Turkey and Syria, after the migratory situation unexpectedly changed due to conflicts and climate change, after seeing how My children in Brazil were washed away by the rains and the earth left nothing standing, I come, once again, to ask you not to tire of praying for urgent causes, because the worst has yet to come.

But if souls would sincerely respond to My call and, during this preparatory Lent, if they would do penance, pray and, every day, before the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, meditate upon the Sorrowful Passion of My Son and go to confession without fear of punishment, Your Heavenly Mother could assure you that, during the forty days that precede Easter, many situations could be avoided and alleviated.

Therefore, I come to ask the world to reconsecrate itself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus during each day of Lent and that, through a sincere act of repentance, may you allow the consciousness of the planet to once again be liberated from so many unexpected events and episodes.

Thus, the scales of Justice will not be placed upon Justice, but on the balance of the Divine and Unfathomable Mercy, because by the merits achieved by the Sacred Heart of Jesus, souls will, in this cycle of great tribulations, find the inner strength that they need to be able to purify themselves of everything, and thus purify the planet of all mistakes made.

Meanwhile, Your Heavenly Mother, together with the Angel of the Mighty Covenant of the Blood of Christ, will be attentive to the voice of all supplications so that the Eternal Father may miraculously grant the world the end of war and an extraordinary period of peace so that humanity, before the final day, may be repentant and reconciled with the Higher Law of Love.

Finally, I ask you to accompany Me during this Lent, in prayer, preparing hearts for the final synthesis which will happen at Easter.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

With joy and happiness, I return to My sacred Figueira so that, starting in June, the month of the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus, the inner fruits of the spirits of each child of Mine may now be at the service of the planet and of souls.

I would like that, in this next prayer meeting of the 1,000 Hail Marys, your most sincere prayers and pleas be directed to the Heavenly Father for the intentions and pleas of your Heavenly Mother.

I wish, with ardent devotion, that My praying children pray for the following intentions:

1. For a true and sincere peace treaty in the Middle East so that My Israeli and Palestinian children may reach a peaceful dialogue for the benefit of the common good, and for those who are most unprotected and helpless.

2. For a fraternal and real agreement in Colombia so that the poorest and most innocent are no longer the most chastised by the protests and strikes.

3. For Brazil to conceive a coherent government, according to divine mandates, so that those who have been struck the hardest by the national disorder of the pandemic may have the grace of rebuilding their lives.

4. For the displaced and indigent of Morocco, so that Europe stops its heart from becoming cold in the face of the current and unprecedented critical crisis, so that all refugees be helped and rebuild their lives with dignity.

5. For peace and the cessation of the dictatorial conflict in Myanmar so that religion not be used as a mask to hide the most traumatic actions that harm the entire nation and, above all, push the poorest into exile.

6. For the end of conflict within Syria, Venezuela and Ethiopia so that the life of human society is no longer used to impose misery and chaos upon the peoples and among the peoples.

7. I ask you to pray for the humanitarian missions so that all precursors of humanitarian service be protected, guided and inspired by the Holy Spirit. So that beneficial and lasting decisions be made for all who seek to start over after a traumatic and painful departure from their homelands.

If you pray for these intentions of Mine, I will be grateful to you, since My Heart is outraged by world corruption, which will have an end, at the Return of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who Blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Today My Hands are wounded for having come to meet those who were in danger and suffering persecution.

This is a sign, My children, that the time has changed for everyone and that the events have advanced before what was expected, and in a violent way.

The Lady of Coromoto is in vigil and in prayer waiting for injustice to finish, waiting for the power, that men believe they have, to be defeated. But the Divine Light will fight and triumph for the poorest, for the simple in heart, for those who do not want conflicts nor wars.

Venezuela today is the scene of everything that men and women on the surface can generate as they distance themselves from God and believe they can do more than the majority of their siblings.

This is the time when the Armageddon is rapidly being unleashed and the nations most sought after by evil are the focus of the big created conflicts.

It is time, prayerful children, for prayer to increasingly strengthen within you.

It is time for all beings of goodwill not to exclude themselves, but to assume prayer for peace in Venezuela and Syria.

When I asked you to pray for Venezuela and Syria three times a week, it was for you, to assume this commitment with enthusiasm, as it was in this time when more difficult moments would come, to Venezuela especially.

Today, My children, your priority of life is to pray for your brothers and sisters of Venezuela and Central America who have already been singled out by the hands of persecution and the created social upheavals that affect families and entire peoples.

My adversary unleashes his fury over South-America and, through indignation, resentment and suffering, he is gaining more territory and more reign. His most unimaginable beasts now walk over some nations and millions of children of Mine are subjected by the system and by power.

This is the war of everyone against everyone. But you, beloved children, who are more conscious, must make the greater effort to bring celestial peace to the Earth because thus evil will defeat itself when it no longer finds instruments for it to be able to operate through.

I know that, for My children of Venezuela, the captivity has been unbearable and painful. 

Everything that happens today, in My dear Venezuela, is the real demonstration of the systems practiced in the world by those who believe themselves to be powerful. But, just as it was in Fatima, the faith, the devotion and the love of those who seek peace will defeat the kingdom of My adversary.

As never before, your Mother and Lady treads, with Her Feet, on the head of the serpent and presses on it with the Power of God to dissolve, as soon as possible, all pain caused.

It is not time to fight with weapons. It is time to intelligently triumph with the instrument of prayer because nothing is defined yet.

I invite you to reinforce the commitment of prayer for Venezuela, but let this be in truth.

I would no longer want to see disgraces being unleashed in other nations.

Assume this moment today, it is the time of Armageddon.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Coromoto


My dear singers:

Today I implore you, from My Maternal Immaculate Heart, to unite your voices of love to all the voices of My dear and suffering children of Syria, so that, in this inner and special union, the cessation of the wars and conflicts may be established and there may exist a time of peace.

In order for the poor families of Syria to have the Grace and the opportunity to rebuild their lives, offer this meeting of music with all the sincerity of your hearts; and remember, children, that each song and each piece that will be offered today will be lovingly dedicated to all those who suffer the conflicts and the very harsh wars of this time.

While My Face is cover with tears for those who suffer persecutions and death, together with you, dear children, on this gala night, I will implore the Father and My Son, for a time of peace.

I will be by your side to preciously accompany each moment. Do not forget, children, that everything you offer will help in the redemption and conversion of humanity.

Through tonight's meeting of music, I will take to Heaven the innocent souls that were beheaded for just proclaiming their faith in My Son.

Know that the evil that is generated will defeat itself, it cannot triumph; because evil has no love or forgiveness.

I ask you today to be a single voice, that you can express the gratitude of being able to serve God in this time and, above all, the gratitude of being able to feel Him, of receiving His Graces daily, so that your lives may be confirmed in the apostolate.

I will be attentive to the offerings of My children, because as Mother of the persecuted I only wish, with ardor in My Heart, to bring relief to those who suffer and do not find a way out of wars.

I will thank you for your sincerity, knowing that after all and as difficult as is, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I thank you, children, for answering My call!

Who blesses you in this night of praise,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

I come to especially ask you to form a prayer group and pray for Syria, so that the Mercy of God may intervene as soon as possible.

For that, I ask you to join the regular prayer for Venezuela together with Syria, since both nations live similar things between themselves.

But this time Syria and its innocent people are object of more war and chaos expanding throughout all the places in that region.

I ask you, children, that this prayer be prayed in the native language of that country, so that the angels of Heaven may have a greater intervention in the innocent souls, who, at this time, are trying to survive this confusing reality.

As you have done it with other nations of the world, children, now you will offer half of a mystery of the rosary in Syrian and the other half in Spanish, so that, in this way, both nations, in spite of their reigning chaos, may be considered as a priority for the divine intervention.

I thank you for responding to this request because other nations of the world are taking advantage of the war in order to continue instilling fear and horror; but, in truth, those nations that incite and provoke wars, do not know that the return of the Law will be very hard on them.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Today, your Heavenly Mother faces a great spiritual battlefield to be able to rescue the souls of the Middle East, after they were decapitated by evil. 

This rescue means that the Most Holy Universal Mother sends the angels so that, with spears and swords of Light, they may battle against the kingdoms of the enemy, extended throughout Syria, and so that suffering souls may be taken to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Dear children, the prayer of all devoted groups will allow your Heavenly Mother to help dissipate the kingdoms of darkness that subdue millions of souls, incarnated on Earth today, and who go through all the effects of the current war.

As a counterpart, My missionaries of peace work with the refugees, with all the hearts that managed, in some way, to escape from the prison or death imposed by My adversary. These souls who escaped with the help of their Guardian Angels had to go through immense difficulties of life, survival, hunger and health.

That is why, My children, the humanitarian mission, extended today until the first days of the month of March, will try to pour as many celestial codes of love, healing, trust and Mercy over these consciousnesses that will be helped by the missionaries in different regions of Turkey, where it will take place.

I want to tell you, dear children, that in each region that My missionaries will visit, they will find unknown spiritual and physical needs, because beyond humanitarian service, which is what opens the door to the Celestial Hierarchy, there exist planes of consciousness that need much inner prayer and assistance. 

Dear children, the reason for extending the stay of the missionaries of peace in Turkey has the primary objective of being able to cover more Arab regions through the next missions that will come to reach all; but also to be able to establish the Plan of Peace in the Middle East so that finally, the Immaculate Heart of Mary replaces the plans of terror and death that occur today in this region of the planet.

This is how, dear children, the work of this mission will be wider and deeper than it appears.

I will be grateful that everyone collaborates as they can, this mission is part of My campaign for Peace in the world.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unites you to the Greater Purpose,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees


Dear children of Mine,

The hope of the apostles of Christ must be what renews the entire planet. It is for this reason that the humanitarian missions to regions that are so needy have the preferred motive of repairing, through inner hope, faith, and love to God, the consequences generated by evil.

Dear children, the tonic for these times is an inner attitude of the soul that truly trusts in the Lord, which is unknown to My adversary.

My Children, the humanitarian mission in Turkey will try once more to recover the faith and the hope that My children from the Middle East have lost.

Hope and faith are an inner spiritual attitude that flows in the hearts of beings, just as do the Laws of the Universe. The hope of the apostles and of the followers of My Son is something that cannot be taken away because it is the essence of a deep conviction united to the Heart of the Celestial Father.

Turkey is a nation that could gestate in consciousness the vortex of hope, something that could greatly help Syria, which is experiencing an unprecedented battle.

Christianity is the confirmation of the faith of good souls; for this reason, dear children, through living this inner christianity without the need to proclaim it, you will be on the path of trust in God, an infinite virtue of the Celestial Father.

Dear children, at this moment My missionaries of peace are being guided to establish this spirit of faith and hope in the essence of those who were left behind by the cruelties of the world. It is thus that today I invite you to renew the sacrament of faith, so that through this Your Heavenly Mother may have the joy of expanding Her work of peace in the world.

Dear children, know that I never abandon you and that in these times I am with whoever opens their heart to Me so that I may heal them; My last Graces are still being poured out.

Who will accept them in deep faith?

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who renews you in the sacrament of Faith,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees, transmitted during the journey from the city of Córdoba to Capilla del Monte, Province of Córdoba, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

The spirit of childhood is what must be recovered from the depths of the essence of each small Syrian soul.

It is for this reason that the missionaries must transmit, in their gestures and actions, the spirit of true joy, with the purpose of being able to reflect, in the most innocent, the reason for living on the surface of the planet.

In this way, dear children, the works of peace that will be carried out by the missionaries of the Federation will allow for the recovery of the true sense of reencountering the love that is lost, and the maternity they never experienced due to the lack of peace.

Dear children, this mission throughout all of Turkey will try to interpenetrate the deepest spaces of the spiritual consciousness of the souls with the purpose of recovering the dignity and, mainly, the filiation with the Celestial Father, something that, due to war, was deactivated from the heart of each child of Mine.

My children, the path that the missionaries of peace will tread will lead them towards the encounter with the different states of lack of peace, of love and of justice.

It is for this reason that your Heavenly Mother will accompany the missionaries so that, united to My Immaculate Heart, they may be guided directly toward the place where it will be necessary to rebuild the spirit of peace in the human heart and especially, reintegrate the feeling of being loved and not rejected into the littlest ones, as well as in adults.

At this hour, in which the first steps of the mission are already being taken, all are called, dear children, to be united to the essence of the purpose of this humanitarian mission.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who silently guides you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees

Special daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

A group of monks from Aurora gathered together to pray the Rosary and wait for the coming of the Divine Mother. When we were on the last mystery of the Rosary, I saw clearly that the Middle East was being spiritually worked upon by the prayer, and I saw the Most Holy Mother above all those countries, pouring out an intense white Light that was coming from the palms of Her hands, from Her Heart and from all of Her aura. The Most Holy Virgin was stretching out Her arms towards that region in an attitude of constant offering and, at the same time, She was supplicating for all of those nations through a profound silence, while observing everything that was happening there. 


When the Virgin Mary appeared where we were praying, She showed Herself enveloped in a Mantle that had the flag of Syria imprinted on it. Mary embraced this mantle with love and fervor, supplicating to the Father.

Like a great Mirror of Light and of Love, I descend to the world to withdraw it from the evil in which it lives, because the world is absent from the Love of God.

I descend in glory toward the darkest areas of the planet, so that My Mirror of Light can dispel the ideas and forms about a frightening war. Thus, your prayers will always be the lights that will shine and will not allow evil to reign in the hearts of humankind, an evil that has expanded throughout the world.

The victory and the triumph of My Immaculate Heart will take place through all the souls that, in the most critical hour of the Earth, when the great abyss is completely open, will be the consolation for despair, will be the inner strength for transformation, will be the living word in the essence of those who seek the union with their Heavenly Mother.

In that hour, when everything will be evident and never again hidden, firmness and prayer done confidently will be the path for finding the way out. Souls will have nowhere to run to during the time of the purification of the Earth.

We are already in the first hour of the Judgment; the whole Universe will know on which side each soul from the Earth will be. The harvest has already ended; the straw and the wheat are spread all over the field. The time has come for the angels of Heaven to present the offerings of the fruits of the children of God and the result of what each soul has sown for these end times.

Your Mother is in permanent prayer, waiting for the last trumpets to be sounded by the seraphims in the direction of the Earth, a time when the winds will blow strongly and the Earth will be purified.

I know that many of My children do not believe this will happen; what was written in the Sacred Books is being fulfilled and this is the proof that there are very few who have taken the step towards the Lord. But there is still time for true repentance and forgiveness; your lives should already be corrected and aligned with the principle of the Lord of the World.

In this very critical hour, faith must be the unbreakable pillar, the immovable structure, serene and meek, which can support other consciousnesses when everything happens.

God, in His profound silence and reflection, did not expect so much human indifference and such little response on the part of His children to the call for a great change.

The Servants of Adonai have already decreed each of the words entrusted by Their God, few have heard and it is already late; hearts still sleep in their castles of mud and the great current of the cosmos is drawing closer with strength to the planet and to the solar system.

For this reason, your Mother descends like a great Mirror, so that you may understand that it is time for the majority of the self-summoned to reflect good things, following the principles of the Law and the Truth, so as to be protected from self-deceit.

Heaven knows that souls know nothing about the Apocalypse, because this is an experience that unfolds in the end times that all are going through.

If you transform yourselves, you do not resist and you make My true Heart triumph in each of your lives; maybe, beloved children, many will not suffer what they have not sown well.

Be those mirrors so necessary in these times, mirrors that must be as an offering in the Hands of God so that He may reflect His principles of Love and of Unity, something that all of humanity has forgotten.

Thus, be consistent with the call and in this way, you will not deviate because of your own human impulses. The Father awaits you with His open Arms to make known to you the power of His Love, a Love that in these times is not sought.

I hope that in this time of definition and of Judgment for the whole planet, your hearts may be raised to the Lord; thus, He will receive a true response of love from your inner beings.

Today I am praying and observing the spiritual Judgment that all of the Middle East is going through; thus, you will understand, dear children, that something is about to happen.

All we can do is pray, pray and pray and never fail, thus your hearts will be protected.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In prayer and vigil,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees


Dear children,

As Mother, Help of Christians, I am in the Middle East helping souls that have no hope because they lost it from the moment in which their lives abandoned their beloved land.

Exile is the inner result of not managing to see God in all the situations that they experience, because the heart remains prisoner of terror and fear. It is for this reason that Your Mother is working there, amongst the refugees, for the recovery of a meaning to life and to existence of each being in the middle of the desolation of the end times and wars.

Dear children, this is why I invite you every day to place your Syrian brothers and sisters in your hearts, because they have abandoned their homes and what little they had in order to survive. All of them are going through one of the worst humanitarian crises, because not belonging to any nation and the rejection of part of the European nations has turned into a great lightless desert in the life of each exile.

May your prayers concentrate in invoking providence for each one of them, and especially for them to recover the dignity of life, because they are children of God. If all had the consciousness in such situations, the world would be relieved from its constant sinning, and doors of peace would open through its length and breadth.

Although humanity wants to excuse itself and not help as it should, My Immaculate Heart will finally triumph through the most simple and humble of heart, and they will come to know the New Earth.

I thank you for answering My call!

In the hope of a true change in the human consciousness, who prays for you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of refugees


Dear children,

I Am the Mother of the refugees because I keep in My Heart all who despair.

My Children, as does Your Heavenly Mother, today I invite you to place in your hearts each of the souls of Syria, who exile themselves into an unpredictable destiny, without refuge and without a place to live.

Dear children, the world has the wherewithal to shelter the abandoned for a long time; if this is not really done, it is through a lack of love in the consciousness and of true charity.

I need you to think every day about these families, and that through them you see the Sacred Family of Nazareth, escaping from the Herod of the current times, and seeking refuge far from human evil and from pride.

Dear children, open the doors of your hearts and reconsider; may the flame of constant sacrifice encourage you to work for peace as soldiers of My Heart.

The wrath of God is still being provoked, and the world has not seen Divine Justice. Because of that, I warn you so that, at least amongst yourselves, as members of the Plan and happy for having received My Grace, you have good attitudes, both fraternal and of unity, among brothers and sisters of a single purpose. If you, who were called by My Heart to live the conversion of life and of heart, do not change your patterns of behavior, no one in humanity will do so, and in the future this will weigh heavily on you, because you were aware.

Be attentive to your attitudes and your human actions; everything is being observed.

Recognize the Grace that you have received and thus see the events that take place in the Middle East. I lovingly ask you to not hinder the Plan, but rather, with a mature look you take the place that has been entrusted to you for this Armageddon; thus you will be ready to wait for the return of Christ in your lives.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who awakens you to Fraternity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Today when we were finishing the Mystery of the Rosary, we once again saw Our Lady silently helping in Turkey, on the path of the exodus of the refugees of the Middle East. She was dressed as an Arabian mother, with a light pink colored tunic that fell to Her feet; She was wrapped in a long white garment which covered Her entire head in a veil-like way, and She was barefoot.

The Divine Mother was walking along the route from the border between Syria and Turkey towards the countries of Eastern Europe, in the exodus among the refugees. And we asked ourselves: Why does the Mother of God walk silently among the multitude of refugees who are in exile?

Then we saw Mother Mary with a small child in Her arms, and suddenly more children could be seen in Her arms; She was carrying them all, and with the multitudes, She was crossing a large desert between Syria and Turkey to help the souls of all those brothers and sisters. She showed us that the souls were going through a process of great despair, of fear and uncertainty, and thus, Mary would place the head of each one of them close to Her Heart so that they would feel peace.

When the Divine Mother appeared to us with the same garments as we reported at the beginning, She named Herself as the Mother of the Refugees and transmitted the following message:

Your Mother walks through the desert, crossing all of Turkey from one side to the other, towards the countries of Eastern Europe, in search of inner asylum in the hearts that will open to recognize the Master within the refugees.

Just as it was in Bethlehem, dear children, the Sacred Family, which is this project of humanity, is fleeing the war that has been triggered upon the innocent.

My children, so far you do not know what it means to not have a home or a place to rest. As the Mother who brought salvation to the world, I have patiently suffered what is called exile, not only in Bethlehem, while we were looking for a place where the King could be born, but also while we searched for refuge somewhere in Egypt.

Dear children, today I want to bring to your consciousnesses this passage of the Sacred Family because humanity these days is more and more driven into exile and despair.

Your Mother, the Mother of all refugees, walks beside them, crossing half of the entire continent, searching for a place where we can be received. The Celestial Universe knows that humanity is not conscious of what this means to Creation.

Brothers and sisters have confronted each other in the name of struggle and conquest for a kingdom that does not exist, but only within the illusion of some minds. This cause of the refugees is leading to the action of the Law of Divine Justice, because in the majority there is indifference concerning all this that is taking place.

Dear children, this is why We have requested this next mission to the Middle East; because it will expose you all to a truth that cannot continue to be kept hidden. The feelings of being abandoned, exiled and without anything of your own, without knowing what will happen to the lives of millions of families, is something that still does not move the human heart, and this triggers the beginnings of a new world war. If this happens, humanity will completely self-destruct, and as happened with the atomic bomb, no trace of any life would then remain upon the surface of the planet.

Humanity uses its own power to carry out its works and distances itself more and more from God. This catches the attention of the entire universe because there is no consciousness of what is really happening.

As the Mother of the poor and of the abandoned, I have decided to be amongst My most needy children in order to take care of their souls and to mercifully help them find a way out.

I am in perpetual prayer, as are the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Saint Joseph, in order to prevent a severe punishment throughout the world. I need your hearts to become sensitive, that your spirits rise up out of yourselves to attend to the true planetary need, and the urgency of gathering inner strength to accomplish the Plan, which is being forced not to be accomplished.

At least support these brothers and sisters who decide to offer themselves so that the Plan also be accomplished in the Middle East.

Dear children, the greatest crisis of humanity lives within indifference; that is why I come to alert you all that you are in time to abandon your pride and personal power so that the world not be lost in a dark abyss.

I lovingly give you the keys for the redemption of this race and place My trust in all servers, hoping that they do not take Our words in vain.

Children, It is time to awaken! The times of the Apocalypse are here.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who makes you aware through the Only Truth,

You Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees


Dear children,

Listen to the following revelation and request that today from Heaven Your Most Holy Mother comes to make you.

Today listen to the voice of My Heart and not only to the words.   Today listen to the supplication of Your Dear Mother to this humanity.

I profoundly wish, My dear children, that a new humanitarian mission be taken forward by the missionaries of Peace of My Immaculate Heart.  This time the protected destiny of the mission will be the border between Turkey and Syria, to give spiritual and humanitarian help to the children without parents that are living the horror of a war and of an endless exile, that have no house to live and no food to eat.

Now, My beloved children, do you comprehend the sorrow of My Immaculate Heart?

I will also send My servers of Peace in a sacred mission to Hungary, which has become the secondary focus of an endless battle among injured refugees, decimated families and social revolutions because of the non acceptance of immigrants.

The boat of humanity is rapidly swamping and just a few manage to have the consciousness that if something is not rapidly avoided, something surprising may happen with this part of humanity.  For this I am inviting My children so that out of Mercy and Piety you leave aside your important preferences and accompany with your prayers and donations to Your Heavenly Mother and My missionaries of Peace.

Dear children, as it has never happened before, the Middle East has become the most serious point of conflict of the planet and it is the loving work of everyone to stop this war which is destructive of the human dignity.

Dear children, with supplication of Mercy today I come to this Marian Center to call you to a profound reflection of charity and brotherhood.  This mission to Turkey will have as a task the spiritual, prayerful and service treatment of the families in the refugee camps, and in Hungary, the moral and food care, as the health care for the families that come to these countries, thirsty for help and peace after having traveled paths and borders for days.

No one in the Middle East is being saved from this conflict against peace.  My plans through your prayerful hearts will be to help and rescue the greatest number of essences that are suffering all the time.

Children of Mine, with the scale of the Justice of God in My hand, I hope that your efforts, as the efforts of the whole world, be immediate and truthful.  The axis of the planet is in danger and this is because of the extermination of the Kingdoms of Nature and of Humanity itself.  Thus, you have forgotten that you all are brothers and sisters, children of the same Father, this afflicts the Sacred Hearts.

This mission will happen when the action of all the collaborators be made in group and the means for this important mission may be manifested.

The key of Grace is in your hands.  Who will open the door?

I thank  you all for answering to My call of Piety and Mercy!

Who calls you from Heaven,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Warning: the 14 missionaries that offer themselves to this mission will be surrendering their lives in the Hands of God.

Special daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted at the Sacred House of Mary, Mother Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

My eyes light up when they see the radiance of a life redeemed and changed by the power of the prayer of the heart.

My children, today I descend from Heaven to ask you for prayer for the children of Syria and the Middle East, for the smallest ones suffer the main punishment and injustice.

It is for this sacred cause, My children, that I come to implore that through the thirty-three days of prayer, you hold the intention of interceding for the children of Syria. They experience the consequences of exile, hunger,  rejection and  failure.

As your Lady of Graces, I come to rebuild this humanity, which has lost the values of reverence and sacredness, of fraternity and peace.

My eyes also cry for the smallest and most innocent ones, because the simplest families are the focus of the destruction of unity and love among beings.

The family is a Project of God; it is through family that the values of fraternity, cooperation and peace must be generated. The family can be the main group of prayer; like a mirror, it can reflect the essence of change and redemption to the Universe of God.

Dear children, that is why the Most Chaste Saint Joseph also descends from Heaven every day to help humanity, so that through His Chaste Heart, the values of the Sacred Family may be sown again. 

I descend every day to teach you to truly love, to motivate you to change the habits of a material life that deteriorates the families of each one of you.

That is why, My children, I come to beg you to pray; prayer must be the epicenter of the family. The Project of God in the families of the world must be realized. If the union in families should disappear, the inner and spiritual values that allow all creatures to evolve would disappear.

That is why Abraham, Moses and the Sacred Family of Nazareth worked for the sacred values of the Project of God, which was to have the whole of humanity become a true spiritual family. But the influences of these times, the modernities and the personal projects have distanced families from the Love of God.

That is why Saint Joseph will try to impart His holy spiritual help for all of the Middle East, with the aim that these important values be reintegrated into the heart of all beings.

My children, think of and feel what I am saying to you; each one of you is called in this time to protect and take care of the spirit of the family through good customs, fraternal acts and expressions of universal love.

Let us pray for the consciousness of the universal family that is this humanity. Let us pray for this project to be accomplished.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who is united with the praying families of the world,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message received of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Immaculate House of the Relief of Suffering, in the city of São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Pity to the whole world.

Mercy fills the hearts in despair.

Peace unifies beings with God and with His sacred purpose.

My crying has not yet ceased, but your appeals relieve My Heart. If the answer came from a large majority, you as humanity would be opening the doors to the intercession.

I wish that, during these thirty-three days of prayer, the praying souls venerate the Immaculate Heart of the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima, because it will be through the purity that God granted to My Spirit that the ungrateful human beings would have the chance to free themselves from captivity.

Dear children, today I also pray with you, asking for the Divine Mercy of My beloved Son. Thus, I establish in the simple hearts the Kingdom of God and lead the brave prayer beings so that, day by day, they can discover the universe of prayer.

Let us pray for the innocent children who are the main result of the lack of love and compassion for the young.

Take all children from Syria towards My maternal Heart. Plead to the Heavenly Father so that your Heavenly Mother can save you spiritually from the time of persecution.

I am in all homes that open the doors to Me through the Holy Rosary. I am in the simple hearts of My beloved children.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unites you in the Sacred Prayer Room of the Mother of the World

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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