Friday, September 28 of 2018

Daily messages

Songs of Figueira - "Devotion"

"Devotion" is a song of Figueira that implores for and invokes the cosmic Mercy and a universal grace, permeated by the one and absolute Divine Creator Spirit.

"Devotion" is a call, a request of the innermost and deepest worlds of the soul of one who, in surrender and resignation, offers themselves to the Creator to be transformed, redeemed, and blessed by the Higher Law of Love.

The song "Devotion" presents itself to us as the key to access the Gifts that Christ offers, as is the spiritual Water, one of the millenary nourishments of Creation that sanctifies and quenches the thirst of humankind.

Through the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, we find Christ as the principal saving model for humanity and the planet; we find Him in the inner world of each being, as the universal Redeemer and Intercessor between humanity and God.

For this reason, Christ is presented in the song "Devotion" in His true Aspect, something yet not recognized by His Church on Earth, but testified to in the different Gospels, and just like the Transfiguration of Jesus, a mystery yet to be revealed.

In this sense, the song makes an appeal for the life of the surface to be corrected from the deviation that it has lived, time and again, due to ignorance, pride, and human power.

In this way, the song invites the devotee of Christ to drink of the true and pure Fount that the Master offers to all beings, so that each soul may be completely satiated by the Redeeming Love that the Divine Person of Christ, in fusion with His Divinity, offers in this song.

The Water He offers not only purifies and cleanses, but also redeems and uplifts the consciousness in state and in plane in order to find the spiritual meaning of its existence.

Thus, the Master appeals to everyone to love one another as brothers and sisters so that there are no confrontations and struggles between beings and peoples.

In the song "Devotion," it is prophesied, in simple words, the importance that love prevails, in order to dissolve conflicts and, later on, wars.

After thirty years of the creation of these songs and poems of devotion to the Hierarchy, a warning is revealed, especially in this song "Devotion,"  to prevent human catastrophes.

And, in truth, the opposite took place because the human being allowed themselves to be defeated by the power and the arrogance to conquer the world, forgetting the rules of love and allowing themselves to be submerged in error.

Renewing the appeal of this sacred prophecy, expressed in this song, the last Christs will be those who will place human life again on the right pathway, a life that has been perverted, separating itself from the true reason of its existence.

The last Christs will be those who will give their lives for the rest.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus