Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Thirty-third Poem

Morning Star,
that brings the Light of Love and Truth,
guide us along the path of redemption.

May our eyes be fixed upon Christ
so that we may be reborn
and inwardly healed of all that may be necessary.

Lady and Mother of Consolation,
embrace us and place us under Your protective Mantle.

May Your maternity awaken within us
the unity with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Celestial Mother,
we aspire to be the redeemed stars
of Your Crown of Light.

Help us to live the attributes of Your Heart.

Teach us to practice
the Instructions of Your Son in daily life
because, in this way, we will be the apostles of the Lord,
servers and collaborators
of His redeeming Work.

give us strength and courage
during the moments when we most need them,
so that we may live perseverance and faith
at each instant.

Make us true Christians,
disciples of Your Son’s Love
because we hope to serve Him and find Him
in each step of life,
so that in Christ we may fulfill
the Will of God.


I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Sixteenth Poem

Beloved Mother of the World,
liberate us from the errors
that we may have committed.

Give us strength and spiritual determination
to be able to redeem and transcend
our human aspects.

Do not allow, Holy Virgin,
that these errors be nourished
by more errors and faults.

Cut, with Your powerful Sword,
the ties with adversity.

Protect our souls, Divine Lady,
envelop us with Your invisible Mantle of Light
so that, united to You,
we may represent the apostles of Christ on Earth.

Universal Mother,
deposit Your thirteen attributes within our consciousnesses
so that we may apply them in our daily lives
as an example of transformation and conversion.

Holy Mother, do not allow
illusion and deceit to blind our eyes.

Allow us and help us
to always see the Truth
so that our steps may reach Christ.
There, able to enter into Spiritual Communion,
we will thank You and honor You
as our eternal and loving Mother of Peace.

Break the chains of the past within us
so that our souls may walk in freedom
towards the House of the Celestial Father.

Take us, Divine Mother,
before the eternal altar of the consecration of life.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Surrounded by the Twelve Stars of the Attributes of the Universal Mother, today I cause all the Divine Principles to descend upon My children and, as a result, upon the planet so that at this moment of purification souls may learn to be in God and to seek Him at all times. 

This will prevent My children from being distracted by the things of the world and allow them to be fortified, whole and available for the prayer that impels them into transformation.

My Twelve golden Stars come to the world to ignite the Attributes of God in souls and so that they may remember these Attributes in these times, which will protect them from all that the world will face.

Within these Attributes, you will find the necessary bases to affirm your life of consecration and to affirm your life of altruistic service for humanity.

From the Attributes of the Universal Mother will come the impulses that you need to make of your lives the spiritual model that the Father thought of for each one of you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message received it the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, transmitted by Mary Rose of Peace, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

I offer My Heart as a refuge and reparation for souls.

I offer My Heart as a fortress of protection and of shelter, but who will enter My Heart in order to live My attributes?

I offer My Consciousness and Existence for each one of My children so that they may recognize in themselves the Virtues and Gifts of God.

For this reason, I untiringly offer My Heart until souls learn to take the steps on their own in the spiritual security necessary for these times.

My Heart is the Temple that is offered to souls so that God may be adored and praised and thus, His Will be fulfilled in the Universe and on Earth.

I offer My Heart as a shelter for hearts so that the mystery of Love may be alive in My children and they learn every day to love God, beyond all else.

I offer My Heart as a refuge for the forsaken and as relief for those who need to re-encounter God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace 


My dear children,

My caress is like the passing of a soft wind.

My bosom is like receiving the warm heat of the sun in wintertime.

My Love is like the tenderness of a mother with her little child.

My prayer is like the rain that constantly falls.

My hope is like the flower that opens to sunrays.

My faith is like the celestial dome at night.

My supplication is like the call of the Universe to all beings.

My devotion is like the fire of the night.

My peace is like the waves that harmoniously strike the oceans.

My healing is like the sunray that penetrates the dark earth.

My unity is like the balance and harmony of the Local Universe.

My light is like the Sun at dawn until it reaches the highest point.

My happiness is the consecration of the children of God.

My joy is the concretion of priestly life.

My patience is like the fruit that slowly ripens in the tree.

My sweetness is like the sweetest fruit of the planet.

My mission is like the selfless service of those who tirelessly serve God.

And how are your virtues, My child?

Have you found the similarity of your actions in the Creation?

Let this principle of the Gift of God flow in you.

Allow the talents of these times to awaken, so that the Earth may be repopulated with simple, but true values.

Dare to say “yes” to the virtue of the heart.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Cathedral of Peace

Dear children,

Today I approach you to present, from the inner planes, the Cathedral of Peace, a divine space that was conceived by God Himself in honor to the Divine Lady of Heaven, in order to generate an enclosure for the elevation of souls and the continuity of Her service for humanity.

The Cathedral of Peace rises within the Consciousness of Fatima and as a spiritual counterpart it acts on the inner levels of the essences, bringing to them the essence of the Original Purity.

The Cathedral of Peace receive the great souls that were victims and witnesses of the Love of Jesus, through their holiness, dedication and unconditional service.

Inside of the Cathedral of Peace the angelic presence, in its different levels of hierarchy, sustain and raise the Consciousness of Light of the Cathedral of Peace.

This sacred space, which is present in the inner planes of Fatima, awakens in every human being who visits the Sanctuary of Fatima, an aspiration to find their inner truth and, above all, their state of purity.

The Cathedral of Peace is nourished by the Source of Creation and, consequently, the other levels of consciousness that are below it also receive spiritual and internal assistance.

The Cathedral of Peace itself attracts the Principles of Creation to the center of its celestial vault, which might be understood as Gifts that awaken virtues and foster the inner manifestation of talents in the souls.

In this sense, the Cathedral of Peace, which was elevated in honor to Our Lady, is the spiritual magnet that attracts to itself the divine attributes that humanity will need to go through the final stage of its transition.

From the Cathedral of Peace emanates the sacred impulses of the Mother of the World for all of humanity, and the angelic and human consciousnesses that accompany the mission of this Cathedral are intermediaries so that everything that the Celestial Mother radiates can reach the souls, regardless of their degree of awakening and commitment.

The Cathedral of Peace reminds humanity, from the inner planes, that it must return to the House of the Heavenly Father and find in it the spiritual values ​​that will make all consciousnesses worthy.

The Cathedral of Peace is a bridge that leads us to Ascension and to the encounter with our infinite inner universe, a place where God is present so that we may commune with His Divine and Paternal Presence.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Bless you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Cathedral of Peace


In the Valley of Peace, I make you all alike, so that you may be the smallest and humblest in the world. Thus, I will be able to accomplish My world work in humanity and many souls will be benefited by this Grace that I bring from Heaven.

This is why souls gather in the Valley of Peace, to celebrate communion with Christ and pray for the planet, striving so that the Source may descend into humanity.

In the Valley of Peace, souls are in surrender, in service and in love, available and open to receive any call to the point where, in sacrifice, they give all for love.

In the Valley of Peace, where I am always to be found, I gather the soldiers so that they may listen to the Will of the Father and carry it out as a sacred goal for humanity.

In the Valley of Peace, the attributes of the Mother of God are radiated, and, as impulses, they transform the hearts that trust in the Purpose.

In the Valley of Peace, souls open their hearts to receive Christ and, in this way, establish a deep alliance that helps them to fulfill the Purposes of the Father throughout their entire lives.

In the Valley of Peace, consciousnesses ignite their inner Mirror and make of this moment a great offer of love to the Creator.

In the Valley of Peace, souls live their freedom by being close to the Mother of God.

The Valley of Peace is the portal to the new consciousness of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who gathers you in the Valley of Peace, love and brotherhood,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

While the events of life and of the whole planet are rapidly developing in humanity, I invite you to seek the path of serenity, to then find peace.

The root of human history and of all terrestrial conditions is being removed; that which for centuries was controlled by power, by pride, or even by resistance, is being taken out of the hands of those who believe they have governorship over things. Thus, dear children, do not be surprised by what you may see and what you may know; the prophecy of My Son is being fulfilled: "Stone will not remain upon stone," and that is already a reality in the whole planet and mainly in the inner being of everybody.

An apparent lack of guidance will be generated; thus, for a long time I have been calling on you to live true prayer. It will be the attributes of the Universal Mother, in this definitive cycle, that will replace the shortcomings that souls will experience at the moment of losing control over things. For this reason, dear children, embrace the opportunity of being purified quickly so that, prepared by prayer, you wait for the glorious Coming of Christ.

I declare, children, that there will be no consciousness or space that will be free of purification. Faith and constancy will be the motto of the peace-bringers of My Son; this will make you stronger in love and in truth.

See what is emerging from yourselves and do not look at it with contempt, but rather with Mercy, because it will be the Mercy of God that will save you in this hour of planetary transition.

Live Mercy and practice it; it will be fundamental so that your hearts can follow the purification of your fellow beings.

I leave you My Peace because it is what you need today; do not lose it for any reason. Peace sustains everything, inside and outside of beings.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In the Mercy of the Father, you are contemplated by

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Unite your prayers with My supplications of light and let Me take care of all things.

Unite your aspirations with My plans of peace, thus you will realize how much there is to be done for this humanity.

Work with Me, and through My Heart with all those in need; through simple works, carry My divine Love to everyone.

Consolidate My twelve celestial attributes in your spirit and follow the Universal Mother along the pathways I indicate for souls.

Embrace charity and service as a legacy, thus you will see how many prodigies will happen through all those who give themselves to the rest and to My Heart.

With your hands, weave with Me the mantle of mercy, and through each act, restore what needs forgiveness and compassion.

Embrace charity and service as a legacy, thus you will see how many prodigies will happen through all those who give themselves to the rest and to My Heart.

Build you sacred temple in Me. May your life and your heart be the true oratory in these times, so that the lack of love is overcome and indifference is erased from the hearts that do not live God.

With your hands, weave with Me the mantle of mercy, and through each act, restore what needs forgiveness and compassion.

Do not fail to see around you the needs of your fellow humans, for My Beloved Son might be hidden within the suffering hearts.

Live My project of peace every day; that both in joy and in sorrow you see the Will of My Lord, and thus will learn to live your own cross not as a burden, but as the liberation from all error.

Trust, I am Your Mother. I do not abandon My little children, I pray next to you so that some day you do more humble things, just as My Son has done.

I love you and I pray for everyone in the Sacred Temple of the Heart of God.

Who blesses you in glory,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When the night precipitates over the Earth and light becomes a memory in the hearts that got to know it, it will be only Faith that will guide the path of the persevering, who will serve as an example for those who will be the most lost.

The Divine Mercy must not be a reality only during the moments of prayer. Initially, you must clamor for Mercy, but afterwards, children, you must be the manifestation of Mercy itself in the world.

You are children of the Divine Mercy because just the fact that you have awakened to a higher reality, being in a world completely asleep to the Truth, already demonstrates to you the acting of Mercy in your lives. No creature awakens to the life of spirit only through their own achievement. Yes, it is necessary that you accept to follow this path, but it is only presented to you through the work and Grace of the Divine Mercy.

Mercy walks hand in hand with Humility because in order to be merciful it is necessary to transcend all expectations over someone, over oneself and over the Plan of God, as a merciful heart shelters the others as they are, and delivers to those who deserve the least, all of the Graces of the Kingdom of God.

Those who are merciful forgive, regardless of the evil that has been done to them, and they make use of humility so that, before judging and condemning the actions of others, they recognize their own miseries and how many times they have made mistakes on their evolutionary path.

The one who is merciful knows that they only receive the Divine Mercy when they donate it to the world and, thus, discovers the Grace of seeking something that is not for oneself, discovers the gift of living in the Mercy only to be merciful and offers oneself to God as His channel in the world. Mercy must be an inner state of the self-summoned so that they keep it within themselves, regardless of the darkness that surrounds them.

The merciful heart does not need anything in exchange for its donation and does not need favorable conditions in order to render a service or to be in union with God because, by clamoring so much – Mercy has become a natural state of their being.

Just as some will live Mercy, others will live Faith, others Fraternity, others Unity, as permanent states of heart. Thus, even at times when you will apparently be alone, living your tests in this world, you will never be left without the Gifts of God and humanity as a whole will not lack the Divine Presence because the Creator will be living within those who, through prayer and through service, have discovered the perfect union with Him.

Live the Divine Gifts. Clamor, but also be each one of the attributes of God.

The one who loves you and guides you,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In the deepest depths of God, where the Purity of His Divine Consciousness dwells, lies a principle of life, a living molecule of Divine Consciousness from Adonai. As the Love of God could not stay within Himself. the Creator gave life to this Most Pure Principle, thus creating a Divine and Universal Consciousness that encompasses more than a small body or a material consciousness.

Mary is the Divine Womb, She is Life, She is what gives birth to the creatures of every kingdom and what sustains them throughout their evolution.

Mary did not come from humankind and then ascend to Heaven; Mary descended from Heaven and, through Her infinite Love, became flesh among humankind to accompany the Son of God.

Mary is not a part of humanity: it is humanity that is a part of Mary.

When the Creator thought the human project, a project that would experience in itself a powerful degree of Love, He needed a Pure Creative Source, a Consciousness that emanated the Love that the human beings needed in order to develop. And so the Angels and Archangels of the Celestial Father resorted to that Pure Principle of God – which was the energy of maternity, purity and love itself – to create, from that perfect Source, the codes that the human beings would carry within themselves.

It is in Heaven as it is on Earth. In order to give birth to Love within the planetary consciousness, just as it had been born in the Universe, the Creator manifested His Divine Purity in mind, soul and spirit. From there came the Mother of God, the Mother of Jesus.

Mary is the Grace of God, She is Goodness manifested in a sublime Consciousness.

Mary is the Maternal Gift that, even after having ascended to the Heavens, has not ceased to project Herself among humankind; She does not cease to represent, in the Universe as on Earth, an example for the material creatures.

What you have had before you all these years is the Perfection of God manifested in the Love and in the maternal Goodness of Mary.

Dear ones, I tell you this so that you learn to be before a Consciousness that, despite Her Greatness and Divinity, although She does not fit within a human form, She keeps manifesting Herself among humankind, She keeps expressing Her likeness to the creatures of the Earth, She keeps demonstrating the path to everyone.

Her Love is unchangeable, Her Perfection is incorruptible, Her Peace is eternal, because She hopes that someday you will joyfully accept to live in Her absolute Peace once again.

Allow yourselves to return to the arms of the One who created you as a part of God. Allow yourselves to be guided by the One who comes from the Holy Spirit of the Creator and who manifests Her Gifts in all creatures.

While there is still time, children, surrender to the arms of your Heavenly Mother and, like the Holy Family, let yourselves be loved and led by Mary. Her Love will reveal to you many mysteries and Her Purity will open the Gates of Heaven for you.

The One who loves you and delivers you, every day, in prayer, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear children,

As the Immaculate Conception, I wish your lives to achieve this divine conception of purity for it to be the interior light of the world.

Dear children, day and night, I bring you the Grace that your hearts participate in the mystery of love that consecrates everything and unites everything.

My children, in the path of the interior purity, may you as souls not lose time in the bandages of the material life, so you will be able to achieve the internal union with Christ so necessary for establishing the new redeemed consciousness.

Dear children, while you are taking the steps towards the preferred path of the original purity, the whole planet will be purifying itself intensely, since a whole race deviated from its true state and its real principle of a superior life. This purity about which I am talking about also reflects itself in the heart of humankind when they live the purification without resistance or pain.

It is time, dear children, for the attributes coming from My Holy Heart to be alive and acting in each one of you; thus your lives will conquer them one by one so that afterwards this reflects itself in the new cycle of the planet, in the manifestation of the Love of God for the whole Creation.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you in the name of the Purity of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The School of Humility of the Virgin Mary

Dear children,

Every day I offer you My simple humility for you to incarnate it in your spirits and to be able to find your own inner humility. I give you this impulse so that you may decide to discover this attribute of salvation, which has become very forgotten in recent times.

Dear children, during this time of planetary crisis, God needs a greater number of humble hearts so that the whole Earth may be repopulated with the attributes which may revert all the evils that have been generated by humanity.

Dear children, this is how God will ask the brave ones to become conscious and face all the aspects of human life, those that act against the evolution of the attributes of the Universal Mother. For this, beloved children, you will have to invoke the holy spirit of humility every day so that it may protect you from yourselves and from all tests.

My children, finally, it will be through the power of My holy humility, the Humility of God, that your hearts will be able to take such expected steps and thus evil will be removed from this arrogant planet.

Dear children, humanity has disfigured the true mission and conception of this planet. That is why you, as seekers of holy humility, not only will help the world and yourselves, but this will also reflect within all hearts that have already condemned themselves due to lack of humility.

I lovingly encourage you to walk in faith and to persevere.

In My school of humility, divine Purposes exist, that conduct you towards the goal of inner divestment. Walk towards this task.

I thank you for responding to My call!

From the school of humility, Who blesses you,

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted at the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

In the first days of August, the Light of My Immaculate Heart will in spirit assemble the sIn the first days of August, the Light of My Immaculate Heart will in spirit assemble the souls in the world that are in need of the spiritual and redeeming healing of the Aurora of My Heart.

It will be in those days of August that My maternal Spirit will want to lead you into experiencing the faith and absolute trust in the co-redemptive Project that your Heavenly Mother carries out at the Marian Centers, which in just a few more years, will be Mirror Centers of My Heart that will refract the attributes of salvation of the Universal Mother to the world.

For this reason, children, after all that you will receive in Aurora and from what each one participates in, I will expect you to leave My greater Marian Center in the certainty of My Love, and your faith renewed by your commitment to the Plan of Salvation, which each soul will be called to live and share.

The Plan of God, foreseen for the coming times, would show a greater result if consciousnesses responded at the proper time. Thus, My children, through My Graces, you are put in a place that perhaps you did not deserve, but through My intercession, I lead you to know the Will of the Creator.

Now that the times are urgent, in order to be able to sincerely follow the proposal that you are being called to participate in, your Heavenly Mother again will gather you together in the sanctuary of Her Most Pure Heart so that during the days of August, you may be true testimonies of a manifested redemption, while at the same time, be witnesses of this Work of Grace that you all share with My Immaculate Heart.

Children, I will await all of you in love and devotion. If your hearts are united with Mine, everything will be possible.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who nurtures you with the Word of Life of Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages
Message for the Annual Apparition of the Holy Mary of Aurora, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

In glory, joy and celebration, today I gather you in the cenacle of My Immaculate Heart in order to give honor and thanks to the God of Redemption, who has gathered you since the beggining to live within the path of conversion and forgiveness.

Let us give thanks to His infinite Presence in the pure and simple hearts that have heard the call of the Queen of Heaven, of the Holy Mary of Aurora.

Today, the closing of a universal cycle, in the work of the Mother of God with Her children of humanity is fulfilled.

Today, the Heavens open up to find the devout and humble souls that have responded to the call of Peace.

Blessed be all who are present in this Higher Kingdom of Redemption and Love, because on August 8, 2007, Heaven touched the Earth through the blessing of the Universal Mother, and Her attributes were revealed through Her Faces in the cycle of the twenty-two apparitions in August of 2011.

In this synthesis, that I give you today, My dear children, I wish you to be aware of the events that will be kept for a long time after I am no longer be here among you. But I shall not leave you alone. My Immaculate Heart shall be your strength and main reason to go to Jesus, the Christ.

As a mediator and Mother, in the end of times I call you, dear children, to this new cycle, to gather the inner forces of the heart in order to cross the infinite threshold towards the Heavens. There you will be able to live in peace with yourselves and among your families, even though you live in this world that suffers.

On August 8, 2007, I came to establish devotion to the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity in Uruguay and in South America, awakening a deeper devotion for the Mother and Lady of Lujan in Argentina, for Our Mother of the Thirty-Three in Uruguay, and for Our Lady Aparecida in Brazil. My Universal Heart knocked on the doors of the hearts from the Republic of Venezuela through Our Lady of Coromoto in order to rescue the consciousnesses of the original peoples of the Americas, along with the Divine Power of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

I have established the devotion to My Immaculate Heart throughout the world, for it is the portal for the salvation of the lost souls who are distant from the God of Love.

Today, dear children, may your inner celebration be deeply devotional and mystical, allowing the Love of God to transform you through My Presence on this day.

My main appreciation is for all My children, believers or non-believers, healthy or ill, happy or sad, who were called to My path of Peace and Redemption of souls.

Today, the light of the Marian Centers shines in a special way in the world, for My motherly Consciousness will appear to Its beloved children who faithfully trusted the Lady of Heaven.

Remember, dear children, that I pray day and night for your missions consecrated to God the Father.

For so much that you have given Me, I thank you, now and always.

I am the Aurora that can dawn within every being.

Peace and Mercy for the whole world,

Your Holy Mother Mary, Lady of Aurora

Message for the Vigil of Prayer of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, transmitted in the Fortín Santa Rosa, Canelones, Uruguay, to the visionary Sister Lucía

Little children of My Heart,

Today I want to dictate words of encouragement, of hope, of joy to you, so that united with the attributes of My Heart, you are able to move beyond the tests that God sends to your lives.

My beloveds, these are times of much suffering for the world, for all the Kingdoms of My Heart, and those who are willing, in prayer and in peace, to serve all these Kingdoms must grow and become stronger every day in My Maternal Heart.

Many tests are still to come, and they will be ever more intense and deeper, for the Lord aspires to purify the depths of His creatures.

To overcome each test, your hearts cannot lose their joy and the hope of continuing forward. The joy in the hearts of My children will make each fall light and will help them to get back up, always noticing the great need there is in the world, and how necessary it is to learn to fall and get back up every day.

My Heart addresses all the hearts of the world, because each being that lives on this Earth must awaken to be a soldier of My Marian army, that fights for peace through prayer.

All who live on this Earth at this time come from the Heart of God, and to Him you must return, when you have learned to overcome the tests of life through persistence in the Heart of God and through love.

My children, all the hearts of the world - each one within its lessons - experience hard tests in their maturation. Those that do not know Me are submerged in suffering, and become lost in this sea of pain and of darkness that grows in the world; but those who at some point have heard My Voice, must raise their arms and cannot allow themselves to be submerged in suffering.

Know  how to see, My dear ones, the difficulties of life as opportunities for maturing the spirit, of learning and of helping others that are in this same situation.

The warnings of the Messengers of God are always to propel you towards the Celestial Heart of God. So allow yourselves to be shaped by the Hands of the Creator through His Messengers. Be like light vessels to be shaped by the hands of the Potters of God, so that when it is the correct time, the Water of Life may be poured into your hearts and, through you, it may reach all of humanity and all the Kingdoms.

Today I also tell you that in your hearts, greater love and greater understanding for the Kingdoms of Nature must emerge. Through prayer, seek to know the greatness of these Kingdoms, and in them find My Heart, for in the Kingdoms, My Spirit already has an everlasting dwelling place.

My dears, with the heart full of joy, continue forward in spite of all the tiredness, in spite of all the tests, in spite of the feeling that your feet do not move from where they are. Do not worry, for if you just take one step, My Heart will take all the rest toward your hearts, but it is necessary that this first step be taken.

I love you and bless you always; I hold you in My Sacred Heart.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Special Messages

Today I cast the stars of My Crown upon the Earth, so that the celestial brightness that covers the Queen of the World may awaken those who are still asleep and those who remain in the darkness of the consciousness, in ignorance.

My children, when My stars cross the threshold that exists between Heaven and Earth, a new dawn breaks in the lives of all beings. Each of My stars symbolizes the living attributes of My Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus.

I bring upon My head a crown of 12 stars so that each time My feet touch the Earth, the hearts of the world may receive this luminous sign that descends from Heaven, this symbol of redemption that brings with it the Gifts of the Holy Spirit of God.

A great mystery is kept within My Crown of stars. Each of the new apostles of Christ will have within My Crown of stars the inspiration and instruction for their apostolate.

Contemplate with your heart the brilliance of My stars and allow this mystery of the Woman clothed with the Sun to enter into your consciousnesses. 

My beloved ones, through these stars, God pours out the awakening of His Holy Spirit into creatures, pours out upon the world the hidden teachings that live in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The stars that form My Crown are the keys to the awakening of your spirits, they are the keys to open the doors of the heart and to open the doors of Heaven.

Those of My children who seek the Creator, carrying in their heart one of My stars, will be recognized as children of God and His faithful Servant. The one who permanently assumes this celestial star on their chest will be recognized as a beloved child of the Woman clothed with the Sun.

If you receive this symbol of love within your hearts, you will be protected from all evil, and if you sincerely trust in this mystery that I deposit into your hearts, the dragons that roam the world will not find you.

Perceive, My children, the stars that descend from Heaven to Earth, stars that come from My blessed Crown and are here to seal the commitment of My children with My Immaculate Heart.

Be as the child from the prophecy of John, the Apostle, be in My arms, protected by the Sun and by the stars of My Crown; in this way, no evil will approach your hearts.

The Heavens count on the faith in the hearts of humans, they count on the response that each one can give to the Lord when they listen to My Words. Be faithful to the voice of your own heart when My Voice, full of the Holy Spirit, echoes within you. Be simple and humble to understand, always through the heart, the Words that I pronounce.

The most hidden mysteries that live within My Kingdom are unveiled through the purity of the heart and not from the cunning of the mind.

My beloveds, it is already time to unveil some mysteries to your beings. Those who open their hearts to listen to them will receive from the Spirit of God the necessary discernment and comprehension to understand and live the Will of God contained within these mysteries.

Those who try to hear My Words and find their veracity through the mind will suffer the darkness of ignorance and will not allow the Spirit of God to echo within their hearts, to search the depths of their spirits and tear the veils of their consciousnesses.

Receive My call today with love. Receive within your hearts the mystery enclosed within My Crown of stars, seek and ask the Lord that these stars may be present within your hearts, because if one of My stars finds space in the hearts of humans, the Holy Spirit can descend upon the Earth and ignite the human heart with Divine Fire.

I thank you, My beloved and little children, for allowing yourselves to be guided by My Immaculate Heart.

Mary, Mother of the World and Queen of Peace

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more