Sunday, December 15 of 2013

Daily messages

Dear soul,

Guard soon your heart in the eternal refuge of My Temple.  In this way you will liberate yourself from impure thoughts and you will see with clarity the infinite light of My Heart.   I will be able to let you know My Sacred attributes, those that will impart special Graces for your life and for the life of others.  

Allow, soul of Mine, that My Redeeming Light penetrate the depths of your little spirit so that all of the days you may be more liberated from yourself and live in the eternal service to God.  Walk in safety by My Side and tell Me through this long walk what is your true aspiration.

O transfigured soul!  I only wish that your life imitate My Apostolate because still there are many who want to get to know Me through your peaceful heart.  Whenever you face the greater tests that you still cannot overcome by yourself, soul of Mine, draw in your thought My Divine Face so that in this way I may remove from your being all of the deceits that the enemy projects on you.

When only you call me or only think of My Heart, trust that the greater help will come to your life because a Good Shepherd will never abandon his sheep.

Dear soul, live Me fully without restrictions.  It is pleasing to Your Lord of Mercy that you pour your spiritual caresses directly on the Redeeming Heart.  And whenever you get discouraged, let that the problem be solved by My Unfathomable Wisdom, in this way you will find answers and infinite Graces that will come to you directly from My Chaste Shepherd Heart. 

Now commune with Me and surrender to Me the best that you are because My Project in your life is still unknown to your consciousness.  Abandon yourself to the Love of My Heart.  I will not hurt you, but I will give you My Kind Peace.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you, dear soul, for marrying My Heart!

Christ Jesus