Monday, June 17 of 2013

Daily messages

My Sword will cut the bad feelings from the heart of all of those who afflict themselves for some reason.

My Feet will trample every time on the serpent of temptation and of disunion so that, from dusk to dawn, My Disciples do not separate themselves from My Purpose.

My Rays will strengthen the spirit to liberate it from weaknesses and I will offer to it My Universal Will to proceed.

I will erase with My Hands and I will fade away with My Fingers all the ties with the past.

With My Heart I will illuminate the dark night of those who have decided to be with Me.

Pay attention, those who permit themselves to be involved with the things of this world, because for them it will be more difficult to pull up the roots that they have planted with their actions. Have only one thought in mind so that the barriers of the mind may be destroyed and only construct the bridges of the Brotherhood.

And if you still have not liberated yourselves from sin I forgive you for not having loved yourself as I have asked you and for not uniting yourselves as I have beseeched you. I only ask you to be consistent with My Redeeming Presence, in this way the Lord will thank you for having cultivated a spirit of humility and of peacemaking.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My words with the heart!

Your Inner Master, Christ Jesus.