Sunday, June 16 of 2013

Daily messages

Peace for all of the souls and the Good of My Father for all of the beings of the Earth.

With Mercy and infinite Pity I descend to the world to radiate with My Light the hearts that are empty and without love. For this I make use of willing instruments, which may be able to live My Message and carry My Word of hope and conversion to those that are most in need.

When My Instruments manage to unite themselves to My Merciful Heart I will be able to rejoin the new flocks in the new cenacle that I will prepare from the Universe for the Earth. So that this may happen it is necessary to live the Commandments so that life may be able to be corrected and definitively united to the Supreme Will of My Father.

In these times My Presence congregates the disciples so that united as only one, they may represent truth and the example of My Message for the world. When you cultivate a meek heart, you will live a peaceful life and, by living in the peace of My Father you will be radiating humility and mercy.

But it is still necessary to renounce to the adversities and vanities of the current world. In this way your souls, by means of merciful prayer, will be able to redeem and convert themselves, once they are in Heaven, into blessed and holy ones.

When My Heart called to the twelve, It gathered in those times the most immature and difficult humanity. Now I gather the new soldiers so that through My Unfathomable Mercy, you may achieve the conversion and the forgiveness that you must aspire to from My Father of the Universe.

The soul that decides to be for ever with Me in spite of the onslaught of the contrary winds will lose nothing, will get free of itself to be able to find the true path and the safe mission that waits for it.

Some unite themselves to Me through prayer and through the heart. Others consecrate themselves to Me through service and constant donation. Other souls surrender to Me their souls in trust so that I may be able to work and make wonders of love and of peace. But all have the same place in My Heart, it is enough to just look at Me in the eyes and say to Me, yes.

Under the Mercy of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for imitating My Teachings from the heart.

Christ Jesus, the King of Love.